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put; Brotherhood 2 Author: Brian Freyermuth Table of Contents ‘Quest Stracture Tee Background For the Lacations : Act One: In the Beginning Act Two: Lone Stat. - ne ‘Act Three: End Game... Miatilayer._. g ‘Confidential - Page 2 - 1/29/2004 Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 HAgain, Harold = F Brotherhood of Steel 2 builds on the grand : ef its predecessor The original Fallout: Besticchood of Steel was basically a high-octane action- BPG iba took the Fallout universe to a whole new level Dee sequel will takc this a step beyond, adding new SS onew towns, new player characters, new fepons.. you set the daft Basically you take ‘Ssecpthing that was fun about Brotherhood of Steel and hen crank it all upto 11. Des it wo cay that Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel 2 (or FBOS 2 25 we call it) is just a rehash of the first one. Mes for the player arc citing a major ‘Srerhanl. In Gict most Of the quest structure and character ‘Secure is gong back to what made the original Fallout fon Key Points Console: Playstation 2 Penpherals: Analog Conwoller (DU ALSHOCK™ 2), Memory Card (8MB \\for Playstation ® 2) (Geare: Action \ RPG. Combat heavy action mixed with four distinct characters, each with their own skill set. ‘Target audience: Males ages 18.28, both gamers und muss market. Gameplay: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, Hunter: The Reckoning, Gauntlet; Legends, Fatlout, Fallout 2, Pillow Tactics, Crusader. Diablo 2 Sie Mad Max, The Road Warrior, 50°s sci-fi films Sead Ks