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Professional Conduct In The Office Subject: Professional Conduct In The Office Resent-From: Mad_P. Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 16:46:34 -0500 From: Internal Organization: To: Mad RTI This is a reminder that we are a customer service organization working in an environment where the person next to you, across the hall from you, or across the room from you may be on the phone with a client. Today is the third time that a client we are working with was subjected to Joud personal conversations and such phrases as "I need to go home and stick a hose down my pants", and "Holy S_". The same client potentially heard phrases like "Hot Damn", and "F_" on previous occasions. This is unprofessional conduct and not approptiate in the work place. Please be respectful of the client and your colleagues. 475100 1035 A: