Written by Antonio Alvarez

PAGE ONE CAPTION: JUAREZ MEXICO It’s day time. A few hours after Wolverine was shot. The scene opens up with a family of Mexican people at the river. Mom and Grandma are busy getting the grill going while Dad is fishing. Three kids are jumping in and out of the water. All of a sudden one of the kids in the water screams in horror. PAGE TWO SPLASH PAGE Wolverine is making his way out of the river. He looks like shit and very, very unhappy. The family cowers together off in the back round. PAGE THREE Wolverine cleans himself off a bit and looks around and then turns to the family. WOLVERINE Where am I? Family members look at each other because they don’t understand what he’s saying. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Donde estoy... FAMILY MEMBER DAD Estas en Juarez! WOLVERINE Figures. (thinking) Where’s Jacob? Wolverine looks around and finally asks the family if they have seen Jacob. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) El nino....donde esta? FAMILY MEMBER DAD Nino? Cual nino? Estabas solo!


WOLVERINE (thinking) Came up alone huh? Okay. Have ta get back up the river. PAGE FOUR Wolverine takes off running along side the river. He finally reaches the area where he was shot at and jumps over the fence. Looking around and making sure that there are no agents in sight. He starts scanning the ground. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) (thinking) Only my blood here. That means Jacob is still alive. Just can’t explain what the hell they’d want with him. Either way their scent is still fresh. Just this time...I’ll be tha one getting the jump on them. CAPTION: LATER ON THAT EVENING We are now in the same area as before and agent De Anda is once again sitting in his truck looking for any illegals that might cross over. Suddenly, the two tires on the drivers side of the truck are slashed open. He doesn’t see Wolverine at all. The truck just slams left. DE ANDA Holy shit! What the fuck? He steps out of the vehicle to inspect it. At the sight of the slashed tires he starts scratching his head. That’s when Wolverine sneaks up behind him and pops two claws out. One on the left side of De Anda’s neck and the other on the right side. WOLVERINE Member me, bub? DE ANDA Oh my God! Please don’t kill me! Please! PAGE FIVE WOLVERINE What did you do with the kid? DE ANDA Please! Look I have money in my wallet, just please don’t kill me!


WOLVERINE Shut up! I don’t want yer money! What did you do with the kid? DE ANDA Look I don’t know nothing, okay? I’m just a messenger, okay? Please? Wolverine looks down and can notices that De Anda is pissing his pants. WOLVERINE I’m gonna ask you one last time... DE ANDA Okay! Okay! Okay! Look, the chief said that we were to take the kid and make you go away, okay? That’s it that’s all we did! WOLVERINE Why me? DE ANDA Because the chief....the Chief takes the kids... WOLVERINE What?!? DE ANDA I have nothing to do with it okay? I just know that he takes them and goes to see his partner in Juarez. I don’t know what they do and I don’t wanna know. Now please.... WOLVERINE (thinking) No. Not this and not now. Not this! Wolverine retracts his claws. PAGE SIX WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Who’s his partner and where can I find them. DE ANDA I don’t know, okay. Wolverine punches the agent right in the face sending the guy to the ground. He picks him up by his shirt.


WOLVERINE GIVE ME A NAME AND LOCATION! DE ANDA I don’t know his name okay? I just know that he meets him at the Tweety Twister. WOLVERINE What? DE ANDA It’s a strip club. It’s called the Tweety Twister. His partner owns it and that’s where they meet... look I’ve t-told you everything okay? Can you just please... Wolverine pops his claws out and sticks De Anda in his gut. Killing him. DE ANDA (CONT’D) Nnnngh! He drops the dead body and looks towards Juarez. PAGE SEVEN We are outside of the Tweety Twister. Wolverine is dressed in dark clothing that looks like he picked out from the local Salvation Army. He walks into the place it is almost packed. He sits at the bar. The bartender immediately walks up to him. BARTENDER Que quieres. WOLVERINE Cerveza. The bar tender brings him a cold beer. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) (to the bar tender) You speak english? BARTENDER I do. WOLVERINE Nice place ya got here. Got any smokes?


The bartender reaches behind the bar and pulls out a pack of cigarettes and matches. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Much obliged. Wolverine lights a cigarette and takes a long drag from it. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Who owns this place? BARTENDER (with one of those fuck off smirks) I do. WOLVERINE You work the bar often? Being that you’re the owner and all? BARTENDER What do you want gringo... WOLVERINE Don’t get excited, bub. Just a man looking for an owner, that’s all. Wolverine pulls out a wad of cash and drops it on the counter. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Who owns this joint... The bartender picks up the cash and sticks it in his shirt. PAGE EIGHT BARTENDER His name is Trujillo. WOLVERINE Where can I find...Trujillo. BARTENDER He’s not here tonight but he might be here tomorrow night. Come back then gringo. WOLVERINE Where’s the bathroom? The bartender points towards the restrooms. Wolverine gets off his seat and heads that way.


We don’t see Wolverine taking a piss but we do see a close up of him flushing and then washing his hands. Then he steps out of the bathroom and stops. He sniffs the air. We can now see that a lot of the clubs patrons are looking at Wolverine and cocking guns underneath their tables. The bartender has a shotgun and is smiling behind the bar. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) (thinking) Mmmmm, guns. Lots of them. Okay then fellas, let’s play. Wolverine walks over to the jukebox and looks through the selection of music. Real tight close up shots of him flipping through what they have and finally choosing a song by a Group called The Prodigy. The song; Firestarter. He then turns around to face the crowd and pops his claws out. Wicked smile on his face. PAGE NINE The next one and a half pages are shots of guns going off. Debris flying in the air. Wolverine going crazy and chopping up the bad guys and the strippers dancing as if there is nothing going on. One panel a chick dancing next panel a gun going off. Next panel a chick dancing. Next one someone’s arm getting chopped off and blood spraying the air. PAGE TEN The massacre continues and Wolverine is victorious. He leaves the bar tender alive but wounded. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) Now you and I are gonna take a trip and go visit this Trujillo character bub. Whether you like it... He places the tip of his claws right up to the bartenders face. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) ...or not! PAGE ELEVEN The bartender and Wolverine jump into the bartenders old beat up car. They drive out of the city and head towards a remote area in the desert. The bartender drives but is still wounded and scared shitless.


WOLVERINE (CONT’D) What does Trujillo and that border agent want with kids. BARTENDER Who? I don’t know no border agent, man. WOLVERINE Look don’t lie to me. I know the agents pick up kids and turn em in to their boss then he comes and meets up with Trujillo. BARTENDER I don’t know his name or who he is but he’s a gringo. He runs the border patrol and him and Trujillo they have this thing... WOLVERINE What thing? The bartender gives Wolverine a look of fear and Logan immediately knows what they use the kids for. Human trafficking and child porn. PAGE TWELVE WOLVERINE (CONT’D) (sad and angry) Fucking bastards. BARTENDER We’re here. Wolverine looks up and they are in the middle of nowhere. Off some two hundred yards he can see trucks parked outside of an abandoned warehouse. WOLVERINE You sure this is the place? BARTENDER I’m sure. They are inside. WOLVERINE (thinking) He’s scared. But he’s telling the truth. BARTENDER Look, I’m bleeding. Can I start heading back now? I have...


WOLVERINE No! Wolverine pops his claws out and kills the bartender. This should be just one panel. The view point is from outside of the car and then blood splatters the inside of the windows. PAGE THIRTEEN Wolverine hops out of the vehicle and makes his way towards the building. As he gets closer he notices two agents stepping out of the place so he takes cover behind one of the trucks parked outside. The agents keep walking towards the cars in order to take a piss. AGENT 1 So I told her to keep the house but the kids would be coming with me y’know? AGENT 2 Where are you going to stay at? AGENT 1 Probably with my sister. Just until things cool off and then we’ll see. AGENT 2 You think this might be it though? AGENT 1 I don’t know. I’ve though that before and look what happened. I’m here complaining about it again! AGENT 2 Very true. One agent heads towards one truck and the other towards another. They both start taking pisses on the wheels of the vehicles. Both men facing their vehicles and not each other. AGENT 2 (CONT’D) Fucking women. They can really fuck with you can’t they. PAGE FOURTEEN AGENT 1 You said it brother. I don’t think that there’s such a thing as a perfect woman out there, y’know?


AGENT 2 What, one that cooks cleans and never talks back? Both agents burst into laughter. Wolverine sneaks up behind AGENT 1 and covers his mouth. Then he pops one claw through the back of his throat. AGENT 2 (CONT’D) Maybe you just need to move to one of those little islands somewhere and just get you a nice submissive woman! The agent finishes and zips himself up. He turns around and doesn’t see the other agent. Before he has time to figure anything out Wolverine grabs the agents ankles and pulls him under the car. These should be birds eye view and the last shot is blood pooling beneath the truck. PAGE FIFTEEN Wolverine sneaks up to the entrance door for the building. He presses his ear to the door and hears nothing. He quietly opens the door and jumps inside. We are now inside of the warehouse. It is an old abandoned warehouse where they used to assemble car parts so there are a lot of old, rusty machines everywhere. WOLVERINE (thinking) Where are these bastards at. Place looks deserted. Wolverine continues to look around and then hears something, underground. He presses his ear to the floor and smiles. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) (thinking) Found you. Wolverine starts looking for an entrance to the underground area. Finally he spots a small portable office at one end of the warehouse. A light is on inside. He makes his way and then enters the office. It’s small and empty. There is a cheap rug on the floor. When Logan pulls on the rug he spots the entrance hatch. He lifts the hatch and goes inside. PAGE SIXTEEN The hatch opens and there is a long set of stairs taking you further down. The whole place is old and pretty shitty looking. The walls are tagged and stained and the light bulbs are dim.


When Logan reaches the bottom of the stairs he spots a long hallway with multiple doors left and right. Some doors open some closed. The whole place looks like one of those cheap hooker joints you see in the movies. Someone, somewhere turns on really loud music. Logan approaches the first door which is open. It’s a bathroom and one of the agents is in there zipping up. Logan walks in and waits for the agent to turn around. When the agent does so, he’s shocked to see Wolverine. AGENT 3 What the fuck? You’re supposed to be dead! The agent reaches for his weapon. WOLVERINE I was. Wolverine pops his claws out and blood sprays the walls and urinals. Agent 4 walks by the bathroom on his way out when we see Wolverines arm reach out and grab the guy and pull him in. More blood flies. Wolverine walks out of the room and approaches the next one. This one is a a plain room with nothing but a mattress on the floor. Stains all over the place. PAGE SEVENTEEN He goes to the next one and finds that it’s filled with VHS tapes. The next room has clothes hung up. Dresses, and the type of stuff that you would see at a theater. When Wolverine walks out of this one he’s spotted by an agent at the end of the hallway. The agent freezes at the sight of Wolverine. Wolverine rushes him. WOLVERINE (CONT’D) ROAAAAAR!!!! AGENT 4 Sonofabitch! The agent fires two shots but Logan reaches him before the third shot and rips the guy’s face off with one quick slash. One of the doors that Logan didn’t check opens up and out comes the supervisor from before. He has no shirt on and his pants are undone. SUPERVISOR What the fuck is going on out here? Logan rushes the guy and guts him. One fierce upward slash is all it takes to kill him. Blood and guts fly all over the place causing some light bulbs to flicker on and off.


Wolverine walks into the room the supervisor just came out of expecting the worse but all he finds is a computer. We don’t see what the supervisor was watching but it’s enough to anger Wolverine even more and make him smash the thing to pieces. PAGE EIGHTEEN Wolverine walks out of the room again and this time spots a few agents and the club owner, Trujillo, coming at him from the end of the hall. They all stop when they see him. And Logan stops as well. Logan can tell who’s who since the agents are all dressed in uniform and the club owner is in casual gear. TRUJILLO Who are you supposed to be. WOLVERINE I’m the guy that’s going to kill all of you. TRUJILLO Kill him. The agents fire on Wolverine but he jumps back into the room. When the smoke clears one of the agents approaches the room. Once he is a few feet from the door he presses his ear next to the wall to see if he hears anything inside. That’s when Wolverine’s claws come through the wall and through the agent’s head. Wolverine then breaks through the wall and uses the dead agent’s body to charge the rest of them. They open fire on him. PAGE NINETEEN We are now inside of the room where they keep all of the kids at. It is a big room. About the size of two dens. There are bunk beds everywhere with girls and boys all over the place. Some gaged and some free. All of them trying to cower behind sheets, pillows or other kids because of the commotion outside of their room’s door. There are gun shots and screams and suddenly all of the noise stops. The door knob turns and Trujillo slams the door open. It startles the kids. Trujillo clutches his stomach and looks down at it. Its starts to bleed all over the place. He looks at the children and opens his mouth to say something but no sound comes out. His throat splits in two and spits blood all over the air. Trujillo drops and dies. Logan walks in the room. A few gun shots on his body. Blood spatter throughout his body and face. His face at the sight of the kids turns from anger into pity. He spots Jacob right away amongst the kids.


WOLVERINE (quietly) Dear Lord.....

PAGE TWENTY This page should start with a close up of Wolverine’s face. The next panel a shot of the kids. The next panel a closer shot of Wolverine’s face. Next panel another shot of the kids and the disgusting conditions that they were living in. The shots should continue until the final panel. A really close up shot of Wolverine’s eyes. PAGE TWENTY ONE The scene opens up with a close up shot of a TV being watched. It’s the evening news from the building with all of the children. Live coverage. As the reporter speaks, the camera should pan away to reveal that the TV is being watched by Wolverine in the X-Men’s blackbird. Scott Summers and Emma Frost are around him. TV REPORTER Local PD has not given us a number but they are saying that it might be over 25 children found in this remote location out in the Juarez desert. Implicated are high ranking officials on both sides of the border. No word yet from the Mayor of El Paso or the mayor of Juarez. They have no numbers the death count of the agents found here and no information on why US immigration agents were in Mexican territory. The US Border Patrol has declined to comment. Scott Summers puts his hand on Logan’s shoulder. SCOTT SUMMERS You okay, Logan? Logan walks away from Scott and goes towards Jacob who is sleeping on the floor covered with a blanket. PAGE TWENTY TWO Emma walks up to Logan.


EMMA You did what you had to do and there was no way of knowing that there was something else going on out there. WOLVERINE They were only kids Emma. Only kids... Wolverine hangs his head. EMMA I know. I know they were. The horrors of this world are not limited to evil mutants or super powered beings. Or power hungry junkies...some of the worst horrors inflicted on mankind are usually by their own kind. Emma walks away from Wolverine. Wolverine looks out of the jets window into a gorgeous sunset. The end.

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