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SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL _ Code of Ethics Mombors of the Society of Professianal Journalists beliave that public enlightenment ic the forerunner of justice and the foundation of demecracy. The-duty of the journalist is to furthor thase ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of evants and issuss. Conscientious journalists from all media and specialties strive ta serve the: public with thoroughness and hanasty. Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist's eredibility. Mambers of the Society share a dedication to athieal behavior and adopt this code to daclare the Sociaty's principles and standards of practics, Seek Truth and Report It Minimize Harm Ethical journalists treat sources, subjects ard [iguteckag!ropertng and neorpracng iteration Collages as human beings deserving of respect Journalists should: Journalists should: > Test the acaray i ce Idee det ese who may he sta bese bows cmeage Use Ling With hb to sep es on gt sews phot se suns anes yilabiene > Ditty sek cat subjacent pe the theca alexatins f wenghing > entysourees hare este The pubis on ax mc iommetion pasion euros’ rity > Ate question sons exten. Made ceain ath lea, i te caeus souk and, sur bi reesere. They soe nt Te jmiciusalon rola highligh nce ue est Balance accra sp sir > Serer dict the cote of news pg uc td nearest ree Act Independently Journalist should be ree of obligation to any Interest other than the public's right to know, Journalists should: wie sobloonissul ber saris meio berg ne null at Fd vi othe pol ied soa ad Ihe ean asa ie ary grey eps, ss es, fe te a pete sg, pein nis lie sndsice the soy he vests an nagtado the hun pein: exquisite age sana ung > Destse unssataiconiss acpi ay eign, ny, pos dab phe appanranoe eral sas 1 be way seuns conn nfs fore trot, set tok ews én ep Be Accountable Gime ne was itl sores Journalists are accountabla-to thelr readers, Iistaners, cyl vali viewers and each other. Journalists should: seal ret equ exchange ews, even Mews vid betveenaecsy and evs np ar ee [Seat tot ep ot > Diingush sees fe aketseg. ant shun pests thal 1 acne the publica > adc el cue tha & bye hk eu ath tic bss cet opentodnpcinn > atk ta cal practices ef puma al there ai igh sla Wk Siem be Chi id od of iss Beso Fm the mero Sey of Newspaper ies ia Un 197 Sm Eda Cl wre sso code, hich as vise 1954 19857 The presen ers these Psat een eof is we dpi ere 195.