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Line mangers have an important role to play in ensuring the realisation of HRD

objectives. While the top management should make available the resources required for

investment on human resources, and the HRD department should provide for investments

and systems that can be used by the organisation to develop its human resources, it is

ultimately the line managers who translate these into action. This involves first of all

realisation on the part of the line managers that they have the responsibility to develop

and utilize their employees.

To understand the role to be played by the line managers in developing human resources,

it is necessary to understand the concept of development and the conditions under which

development takes place.

Development can be defined as the acquiring of new competencies. Such competencies

may help in performing the exiting tasks better or faster, or in performing new tasks.

These competencies include cognitive abilities (acquisition of new information, new

concepts, ideas etc.) attitudes and orientations, values and skills. These may deal with

managerial functions (co-ordination, planning projecting etc.) or technical areas

(designing a machine, servicing a product etc.) or behavioural aspects (leading a group,

building a team, motivating someone etc.).

Development of employees would require certain conditions. These have been discussed

in MS-2 Unit 1 and are summarised below :


The employee should perceive that his acquiring new competencies helps him

in fulfilling his psychological needs.


The employee should perceive opportunities for acquiring such capacities.


The employees should be aware of the capabilities he needs to develop.


The employees should have mechanisms of accessing his own rate of growth

in relation to such capabilities.


The employees should enjoy the process of growth itself.

A line manager plays an importance role in creating these conditions for his employees.

Quite often managers are under the impression that HRD department should ensure that

these conditions are met. HRD departments can only provide instruments or mechanisms

for use by the lien managers to create these conditions, but cannot create these conditions.

HRD department line mangers play complimentary roles. Each supplements (and

supports) what the other does in relation to development of employees. The

responsibilities of line management for HRD system are summarised below.

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