Authentic Communication Kills Failing Company How To Turn Around The Tanker!

Have We Lost Our Market Share Soul? Is Trust a Mere Psyche-term? What Are Your Hoops?

When relational communication is absent a divide happens that silently kills. Countries and companies fail right here internally and worse this is the silent and deadly killer. Bleeding externally will result in complete failure and finally death. So confessions are as critical for the person as it is for the INC it cleans while thwarting the most costly consequences especially if hidden over time. How bright are your truth lights? Our teenagers (long-term-employees) cringing when their parent walks into a room that’s full of friends. Why do they is it because they fear the parent will embarrass them, trust!

World markets get pneumonia why, trust! The mere mention of Greece going belly-up causes a world financial Domino-affect.
The world’s majority are about five years away from digging a hole in the back yard to store their retirement rather than deal with the uncertainty of the investment climate of today The why ultimately boils down to trust…but you say we have to keep some things secret. And I’m saying the truth sets you free… Think about it! Should Germany Come Clean Faster With Action? …Set the truth in motion could have saved billions Germany…is this slow motion act a strategic maneuver a manipulation? Is this the new marketgame? YES!

Sum up History in Four Words: Greed does it again!
At the heart of most conflicts is this deeper desire a greedy and selfish act born by desire. This is greedy/ selfish! The global markets will have to come to grips that what one country suffers the world suffers and so the opposite is true. The right thing also affects the world. The old love your neighbor as yourself is never more obviously a standard to live by if nothing more than by loving them your love yourself! Our disaster on Wall Street affects us to this day and the world…And why so a couple of men can have a KINGS TREASURE of wealth? BP will suffer as the world will suffer for years to come…because the Golf “accident”. If we had known the dark markets on Wall Street…? Now is the time to “Light it up”! © 2010 Taylor’d The truth could have saved us! Years ago the truth was canned on this derivatives market… we had a great chance to be free of this recessiondepression (baby depression) Growing into a teenager this world depression… Yet the truth (communication was thwarted in this case) More read>>> Authentic communication is all about the truth on all levels a kind of flatting of a company…no more Star dumb culture please….we are so star-struck today! The truth is without losers there are no winners and without light there is no dark…let us as people and companies desire more winners and more light… If BP America and the like would simply relax and see that 300 Billion is a good, no GREAT quarter and be happy/content this accident most likely be a zero…and BP would have the deepest-well-ever 15 more dads or moms would be a live…saved lives and billions…also the truth has been lost the trust is gone and this is priceless because the cost of this one act is actually much more than even the most telling news stories…More government more parenting… Moreover had the guys (riggers) on the rig stood up their lives may have been saved. • Now BP has billions to spend not millions. • CSPAN >>>> (link) has so diligently reported the truth. Check it out. BP is negligent if the report is factual and it is. • BP should be convicted of involuntary manslaughter on 15 accounts!

• This is clearly bad management! It’s time the worlds markets and leaders, CEO’s get a grip…and stop under valuing the truth. • Greed produces more greed…like an apple seed grows an apple tree not more money or a monkey (Darwin get lost>>>link) greed produces more offspring of the same…this is cyclical HELLO! Read your history books…

The world’s economy is totally reliant upon trust (truth) much more than Wall Street seems to understand. Are we addicted to lying?
The world’s majority are about five years away from digging a hole in the back yard to store their retirement rather than deal with the uncertainty of the investment climate of today… Traversing is far too risky and why? This brings us to corporate culture as in big affects small and the cycle is real and applicable too INC AMERICA America is figuring it out finally. I predict (actually this is already trend) more and more employees will tell the boss in sudden resignation notices (SRN). Is it time for you to tell your boss to reach out and “go braid a customer’s hair”…. Seriously some of these guys are removed! Almost like being high on a drug!
• • •

The lack of communication affects everything. Authentic communication is never more critical today… The reality is Google gets it…Bazaars gets it, a hand full of corporate America is cleaning up…and there is little competition… The book Good to Great wrote about this before Enron’s and the MCI’s.

Growth and trust are close friends. A thriving company cannot
write enough rules in the employee hand book and hold certified training classes fast enough to keep up with the pace of today’s markets…

Transformation is simpler today than ever before why for one simple fact we are starving as a world for authenticity…
Good solid communications takes effort yes and it may ignite pruning that is long overdue….but remember this is for the good (long term dynamic profit and PR)…pruning is a natural process of growth…ignoring this truth is like the dying rose in a vase that gets water but no attention to the dead peddles… if pruned of the dead peddles the rose lives longer. Or like the vine master on a winery who never prunes suffers sour grapes… even as the rose has been violently detached from its life source life and beauty last longer as we attend to the dead. Companies alike….a sports team the same… Like a vine master they know exactly the truth about what branches to prune so that next year’s harvest will be sweeter and more plentiful…Study GE (Jack>>> link) this is exactly what they did. QUICK-E GUIDE …Turn around your tanker… COMUNICATION EXTREME/ Profit Extreme Flatten the company and communications in every area possible now… I said Flatten the company…read your history books the truth is going to come out of any dysfunction that is scandalous! Every company has this guy…“that guy” who fires off a ten page complaint! Perhaps he has the passion and desire to help lead a company committee Think Tank for change… • Set up a reward system that is highly legitimate, satisfying for the employee and C staff… ○ Pay offs must be tangible (no more gold watches) many tangible accolades’ also. This process is a bit like rewarding a child for being good (catching him) rather than giving attention to the negatives (proactive rather than reactive). ○ From this day forward budget for radical change: expect swift changes, radical change/carefully watch for trends the good bad and ugly. The opportunities will be abundant!

Company Evaluation
Evaluations and evaluations process must be based in an incentives framework! And improvement must be measured! Set up ROI matrix with a human element that focuses on contentment and highly innovative productive employees…this will pay in untold priceless and unquantifiable ways, ways that thwart all kinds of problems… Vision comes from all places and often the trenches so turn the pyramid upside down when we will learn the CEO serves the people not the other way around... Garden for these priceless people and ideas. Feed them, nurture them. ○ Make sure this system is anchored and like glue no change in management can mess with it for its life time…make it a cornerstone in the culture that is steadfast! TREND- SENSITIVE Time to understand some common knowledge… six decades ago trust was in a different place worldwide…A special brand of naiveté prevailed than.

The X, Y Millennia’s don’t get the gold watch joke (unless as a kind of sad joke). • Gold is no longer the choice or used for personal wear like the seventies…silver is…and let us remind everyone the ○ The X,Y and Millennial-s saw their parent’s generation become “victims” of unsustainable ideas Social Security, Big Government, To Big to fail AIG…(fuzzy reporting fuzzy companies and fuzzy math…assumptions)… Therefore, distrust should be no SURPRISE! Lack in loyalty No Surprise for the average Old school INC!

Lack of (customer, employee) loyalty should be embraced studied and understood. Is this lack a trend phenomenon if so why…?

• Blindness is it the universities fault or corporate cultures? Is establishing blame productive to the ROI? • The Y, X and Millennial-s lived through the trust- holocaust of the eighties downsizing and layoffs. No more drama. Embrace it this I believe is the solution. Company who do will no longer be swimming upstream. Waste no more time and emotions you cannot win that game…It’s deadly…

Start a movement that is fantastical (big than life) meaningful (powerful).
• Hollywood like yet very real; far from faking people out; no stand-ins or posing for pictures! Only the real deal will work otherwise all may back fire and set back years of work. • Honest fluid internal communication. Sincerely, Robert Taylor Formally of Taylor’d Events 818-642-5856 Get out of the box. Jump into the circle. ©2010

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