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Nomad Hears Their Voices

Nomad Hears Their Voices


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Published by Joe Gonnella
From The Nomad Poems
From The Nomad Poems

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Published by: Joe Gonnella on May 30, 2010
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Nomad Hears Their Voices

When nomad stood by pond’s edge, dragonfly sang, leaves whispered of many who’d fallen. Nomad laughed, turned down the old path, forgetful of his journey, thinking only of rest and of food. When he came to the hill’s crest he looked down and over the slope, in the lake under a stand of oak, he saw them. Many, though not as many as there’d been, strong, though not as strong as they once were, geese, hundreds of them, roosting or walking or floating, with wingspan as wide as a man can stretch his arms, black and white and honking back and forth, volleys and volleys, singing songs of warning, songs of return.

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