PAMELA BARNElT ~b 415.846.

OFFICIAL NOTICE OF EX PARTE HEARING TO ALL PARTIES ON BARNElT V. DUNN ET AL, Case No.: 34-2010-00077415, California Superior Court, Sacramento

Ex Parte Hearing Scheduled June 2, 2:15 p.m., Dept. 54, with the Honorable Shelleyanne W.L. Chang presiding. Ex Parte hearing t o address FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION o f above mentioned complaint. See details on attached Order t o Show Cause of Injunctive Relief. Attached is also new evidence t o be presented at the Ex Parte Hearing. (Declaration o f Candidacy for Damon Dunn, Letter from Secretary o f State's office) Ex Parte Application will be filed and notice sent out t o all parties on June 1 2010. ,


Damon Dunn Debra Bowen, Secretary o f State, California Edmund G. Brown, Attorney General, California Orly Taitz, Affected Party, Possible Material Witness

1500 11th S-t,

5th flwrj Sacramentn, CA 958141Tel(916) 657-2166 Fax (916) 653.32141

May 12,2010

Pamela Barnett 2541 Warrego Way Sacramento, CA 95826 Dear Ms. Barnett: We are responding to your recent faxed complaint questioning the eligibility of Secretary of State candidate Damon Dunn to be on the ballot. You questioned Mr. Dunn's eligibility to run based on the conditions set forth in Elections Code 8001(a)(2). This section requires a candidate to not have been registered with any party except the one helshe seeks to be nominated from, within the preceding 12 months. The conflicting party evidence you cited was that Mr. Dunn was previously registered as a Democrat in the state of Florida. However, we contacted the office of the Duval County Supervisor of Elections and they reported that Mr. Dunn registered as a Democrat in 1999, but never voted. His Florida registration was subsequently cancelled in June 2005. Therefore, in March 2009, when Mr. Dunn registered as a Republican, he was not currently registered with any state and not affiliated with any party, in compliance with EC 8001(a)(2). You also questioned Mr. Dunn's failure to list his previous Florida registration on his March 2009 California voter registration. While Elections Code 2150 (a)(10) requires those registering to vote to disclose any prior registration, there are no criminal sanctions for non-compliance. If you have evidence that this omission was intentional, please forward to oui office. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. Sincerely,

Election Fraud Investigation Unit

''Ensuring the i o r e p ' t y of Califnmh's cleco'onprocess."

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