Best city?

I wonder how Kiplinger's and other magazines touting Huntsville as a desirable community might explain the relationship between two articles in the May 19 Times. The first announced the firing of 140 teachers from our city's schools; the second announced the funding of a $23 million "center" for the "study of complex systems" at UAH, our once beloved university now beset by firings of staff, unfilled teacher positions and a chain of administrative blunders. Dr. Michael Griffin, brought from NASA to run this center for a salary of nearly half a million dollars, remarked, "I refer you to the Gulf," apparently claiming the catastrophic incompetence of a private (and British) oil company abetted by cronyism and political corruption as an example of "complex systems" that need to be studied with Alabama taxpayer support. I think we see in the pairing of these two announcements the failure not of a complex system but a simple one: basic ethical sense.

Dr. Richard S. Moore Huntsville, 35801