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Where Is

The Love?
‘The Stolen Generation’

Tian Richard
Liu Lee
Sit Back and Relax!
Who, What & When?
• Aboriginal children
• Between
approximately 1900-
• Taken at birth
• Mistreated
How They Feel
• I've often thought, as old as I am, that it would have been lovely
to have known a father and a mother, to know parents even for
a little while, just to have had the opportunity of having a
mother tuck you into bed and give you a good-night kiss - but it
was never to be. Tasmania: child fostered at 2 months in 1936.

• It never goes away. Just `cause we're not walking around on

crutches or with bandages or plasters on our legs and arms,
doesn't mean we're not hurting. Just `cause you can't see it
doesn't mean ... I suspect I'll carry these sorts of wounds `til
the day I die. I'd just like it to be not quite as intense, that's all.
Bringing Them Home Report

• Title of the Australian "Report of the

National Inquiry into the Separation of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
Children from Their Families".
Have your say!
• Since the ‘Bringing Them Home Report’ was
launched, all State and Territory Governments
have apologized.
• In the Prime Minister’s speech to the 1997
Reconciliation Convention he expressed his
personal sorrow, but stated ‘Australians of this
generation should not be required to accept
guilt and blame for past actions and policies
over which they had no control.’
Should We Apologise?
• John Howard thinks we
• The Commonwealth
Government’s Response
 compensation
• Non-government
organisations and
churches have
What We Think
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