Getting French, Pt.

4: Conjunctions
© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb | 1. In French, there are basically 21 conjunctions or conjunction phrases that the reader must have in his or her interpretive repertoire. In this edition of my Getting French notes, I offer these 21 terms in a nice table, alphabetized alongside their English counterparts. The French words are italicized. 2. 21 French Conjunctions table:

21 French Conjunctions
© 2010, T. Michael W. Halcomb

à cause de ça ainsi avant bien que car derechef donc egalement ensuite et jusqu'à ce que mais malgré ne pas or ou ou bien parce que pendant puis que

therefore thus before although for, because once again, once more so also next and until (that which) but in spite of not now, yet or or else because while then that, which, what

Tip: A popular mnemonic device to help you remember some of the most important conjunctions is: Mais où est donc Ornicar ? (But Where is Ornicar?)



ne pas car

(the not-so-obvious ones)

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