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a oo GRAY-HAIRED WITNESSES FAST FOR JUSTICE WE STAND IN WISDOM AND WITH COURAGE AS THE MORAL CONSCIOUSNESS OF A NATION JUNE 21, 2010 -- Washington, DC 10AM - (Department of Justice) APPEAL TO ERIC HOLDER 12PM - (White House) PRESS CONFERENCE 1PM-9PM - (Lafayette Square Park) SPEAKERS, PERFORMERS, PRESENTATIONS ER ogee oe PEE ae alo eee ecteae a ag momentous occasion. Bring a non-perishable food iter, £0 donate to the DC community, Over the last 20 years, the women’s population in US prisons has more than tripled. The evidence of oppression against Black and poor women [SSS significantly increased and continues to mount. These women are victimized, and subsequently our families, by enormous health care disparities and emotional degradation through corporate media demonization of our image and place in our community. FREE THE SCOTT SISTERS! In 1994, the State of Mississippi sentenced Jamie and Gladys Scott to double-life terms each for two counts of an alleged robbery of $11.00 that they did not commit! They did not have prior criminal records, maintain a their innocence & no one was harmed or injured ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! OUR LIVES HAVE VALUE, WE MUST SPEAK OUT! Contact: B.J. Janice Peak-Graham / Marpessa Kupendua 1- 866-968-1188, Ext. 2 - a