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I am doing my project with a head hunting firm, based in Mumbai which is focused
on identifying the best talent from the Indian Armed Forces to work in the
corporate sector. We are conducting a survey about "Utility of Defence
professionals in Training & Operations, in the Corporate Sector", that might be of
interest to you. We would like to include your opinions in this study.

We are conducting a research study and the main purpose of our research is to
understand the core needs of various organizations while recruiting ex- defence
personnel and to explore the various key sectors where ex- defence personnel can be

Note: If you find certain questions irrelevant or if you don’t wish to answer please
put an asterisk. We have also enclosed the rank structure for your reference. Also,
due to time constraints you may answer in brief. Do give your opinions about this
study and if you wish to include some info if not included in the questionnaire, you
may do so.
Thank you.

Sylvia Abraham.

1. What are your views about recruiting ex-defence personnel in both training and
other departments?

2. What are the specific qualifications expected from potential candidates (university
degrees, training, previous professional experience, etc) in the training
department, especially in the case of ex-defence personnel?

3. Does your organization conduct training in house and does it believe in the
external training process?

4. Are there special training programs conducted for training your trainers?
5. Also are there any retraining programs conducted for current employees?

6. Is there any system in your organization to evaluate the effectiveness of the

training programs conducted? If yes, then please mention the key areas of training
that are focused on?

7. What policies has your organization implemented to enhance opportunities for ex-
defence personnel?
8. In which segment is the maximum number of ex-defence personnel placed
according to the following?

Tech Non - Tech

Senior Officers Senior Officers

Officers Officers

Other Ranks Other Ranks

9. What is your main strategy regarding locating and hiring individuals possessing
the skills the company needs?
10. In times when organizations are downsizing, uncertainty is high, which level of
management is the most active in terms of recruitments? Please specify the
department too. (For E.g. Lower, Middle or Top Management in Sales/HR).

11. What are the specific requirements you have regarding your potential candidates?

Lower Middle Top Management

Management Management









12. Please name the main jobs in the following three categories:

Lower Management
Middle Management

Top Management

13. Does your organization have any percentage of reservation for SC/ST/OBC’s?

a. Operative or Semiskilled jobs

b. Technical, Craft, Skilled and Supervisory jobs

c. Chartered, Professional and Senior management jobs

14. Does your organization has or has had any tie up with any B school to recruit new
workforce both in the training and other departments?

15. What are the job roles according to you that would suit the profile of a defence
officer in the corporate sector the best and why?
16. What are your main expectations from your prospective employees, especially in
the case of ex-defence personnel?

17. What specific placements could be available for female defence officers? Have
any defence female officers been recruited in the management before? If yes,
specify the designation and work role? Are women defence officers recruited in
the training department (tech & non tech training)? What are the certain traits you
would like to see in them?
18. What is the preferred linguistic skills required for the following: (Please state the
a. Senior Management Executives:

b. Supervisory Staff:

c. Skilled labor force:

19. Scope of employability of war casualties with requisite experience and

qualifications? (In administration, technical supervision/inspection, others)
20. Do you offer any special incentives/perks to attract ex-defence personnel in your
organization? Briefly state reason.
(Yes - 1
No – 2)

21. What according to you is the role of ex-defence personnel in the corporate sector?
Also suggest the sectors with maximum recruitments of ex-defence personnel.
(With exception to security).

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Personal Views about the survey:

Thank You for completing the Questionnaire. Your honest responses are truly

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