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Astrological Analysis of Marriage___________________________

By Sunita Chabra

“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus”.

Love and relationship resulting in marriage between a man and a woman is one of the
most complicated structures. Man and woman are psychologically different but have
strange vibrations and transmission of feelings from heart to heart, which brings them
together. Love brings joy in the heart and smile on the lips and it also increases the level
of efficiency in the person. There are songs and poems sung and written in the praise of
love. There is that need to live and stay together forever and ever. A happy marital life
would give all round prosperity, growth and happiness in our life. However when two
people in love tie the knot that is get married it somehow changes the chemistry or
equation of love. There is tussle between the force of attraction and force of repulsion and
if the latter is overpowering it leads to --Divorce.
In this article I would leave the legal and social nature of marriage but
concentrate on the astrological nature of marriage and thereby show the need of
MATCHMAKING of horoscopes of the boy and the girl.
Astrologically planet Venus symbolizes love, passion and pleasures of marriage.
The placement of planet Venus in the chart in different signs shows different nature.
Venus in the sign Aries ruled by planet Mars or in the sign Scorpio ruled by planet Pluto
brings fiery and strong sexual needs. Mars is a planet of aggression and if there is aspect
of planet Saturn or Sun on Venus, which is placed in the sign Aries it could cause
disharmony and frequent friction between the married couple. Depending upon the
position of the planet Venus and Mars in the partner’s chart it could even bring frequent
disputes and even extra marital relationships. Venus in the sign Taurus and Libra
increases the sensual nature and if this planet is not well matched with that of your
partner’s it could bring lack of physical gratification in marriage. Venus in the sign
Gemini or Virgo the person likes to have mental compatibility with the partner.
Everything in marriage is connected with the mind. The need to talk, visualize and
fantasize is strong. Mind is the center or core of activity. In matchmaking analysis such a
person needs to be matched with person of such needs. The person looks for an intelligent
and witty life partner with strong sense of humor. Venus placed in the sign Cancer needs
emotional satisfaction. There is need for constant reassurance from your spouse. The
spouse may have to say, “I love you” in words and also in gestures. Fidelity--- is an
important requirement for sustenance of such a marriage. Venus placed in the sign Leo in
the chart the manners and style, appearance, family background and the way of living is
very important for such a person. Candlelight dinners and romance is very important.
Venus placed in the sign Sagittarius or Pisces one looks for beauty, freedom and also
adjustments from one’s partners. There can be no marital happiness if Venus is ill placed
or afflicted.
In Vedic astrology another important planet, which is given great importance in
match making, is planet --Mars. The position of planet Mars is so important in a chart
that many a marriages are denied on matchmaking compatibility analysis even if other
match making points are met satisfactory.
Planet Mars is position in 1st, 2nd, 12th, 4th, 7th and 8th house in a horoscope
chart gives rise to Manglik Dosha or “Mars defect”. The position of planet Mars is
carefully studied and matched with the boy’s and the girl’s chart. The similar position of
Mars in any of these above-mentioned houses in both the girl and the boy’s horoscope
chart then the “Mars defect” gets cancelled. That is if in the boy’s chart planet Mars is
placed in the 7th house and in the girl’s chart planet Mars is placed in the 8th house there
is no “Mars defect”. It is commonly believed that if a person with Manglik Dosha or
“Mars defect” marries non-Manglik or with a person with no “Mars defect” either
marriage ends in a divorce or there is death of the spouse. This is the general but a very
strong belief.
Marriage is a most complicated structure followed all over the world. When or
why it started is also not known but there must have been many psychological reasons
behind it. Marriage gives social, religious and legal acceptance to a relationship. Through
astrological match making the effort is to make marriages more successful and lasting.
The effort is that the union of two souls should give happiness and avoid failures.
In match making compatibility ratio check the effort is to check astrologically
whether the boy and the girl are physically and mentally compatibility or not. Although
there are no 100% guaranteed system in this world to know or predict but this is one of
the most popular method of match making adopted in India where most of the marriages
are still arranged by the parents or elders in the family. This system can be used by
anyone where the birth details like date of birth; time of birth and place of birth of the
boy and the girl is known. There is a total scale of 36 points divided in 8 segments of
match making. Each segment has its own importance. This is to ensure longevity of the
marriage. A careful examination and match making of the horoscope charts of the boy
and the girl by compatibility ratio method, placement of planet Venus and Manglik
Dosha or “Mars defect” analysis a couple can realize his/her romantic dreams and have
long and happy marriage. A person who is happy at heart can perform better at work and
he can probably face the problems of life with the support of the loving partner in a better

Sample chart of a woman (name undisclosed) who got married at very young age. She
had marital problems with her in-laws and also had major differences with her husband.
She got divorce and when she came for consultation she was thinking of remarriage.

Planetary positions:
Saturn- Capricorn
Jupiter Aquarius
Her ascendant and lord of the house of marriage are in dual sign, which
indicates more than one marriage. She had marital problems as according to the Vedic
astrology she was Manglik or had “Mars defect” and the boy she got married was not
Manglik or had no “Mars defect”. Marriage of a Manglik person should be with a
Manglik person only. Planet Mars in her marriage sector gave her lots of problems which
subsequently led to divorce. In her second marriage the matching compatibility ratio
method or match making analysis of the two horoscopes (of the boy and the girl) shows
good results. There is a match of 22 points out of 36, which is significantly good as for
good compatibility (the minimum required 18 points should be present).
The Manglik and Nadi Dosha are also absent and Bhakut matching is also
good. Some adjustments will surely be required by both of them as described below:
1. No “Mars defect” or Manglik Dosha is present and the bad consequences associated
with it are ruled out.
2. NADI matching shows 8 points. There is no NADI DOSHA. This indicates that the
couple will enjoy full lives and the outward physique and the internal metabolism will
stay healthy and fit for the both of them.
3. BHAKUT matching shows 7 points. This is a positive aspect. Bhakut indicates
progeny and welfare prospects of the couple. Children will be there and they will be
healthy. Children will also be a source of pride and satisfaction for you.
4. GANA matching shows 0 point. This indicates that the boy and the girl have different
temperaments but can adjust with each other with some effort.
5. GRAH-MAITRI matching shows 5 points. This indicates excellent matching for the
two with respect to the outlook and objectives in life. They are of similar intellectual
level and share similar feelings on spiritual matters.
6. YONI matching shows 4 point. This indicates excellent compatibility in biological and
physical satisfaction for both of you from each other.
7. TARA matching shows 0 point. This hinders the good health conditions that the two
will enjoy but this is insignificant due to the good matching on the Manglik and Nadi
8. VASHYA matching shows 0 points. This indicates that the attraction and affection is
slightly less. But this can develop with time.
9. VARNA matching shows 1 point. This indicates similar egos and will have a respect
for each other.
In the final analysis it can be said that you can go ahead with the match, as the areas of
difference are minor and can be adjusted by mutual understanding.

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