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iPhone Swift Dial

iPhone Swift Dial

Version : 1.2 Size : 3.8 kb Price : $ 2.99

Nerver scroll thousands of contacts! With Swift Dial v1.2 you can: 1)Create,rename, and delete categories/Directories. 2)Create ,Edit,delete new contacts. 3)Move categories from one place to another place or from one page to another page. 4)Move contacts from one place to another place or from one page to another page. 5)Change buttons,background color,text color. 6)Select 15 or 18 contacts in a page. 7)Dial with a single tapping. 8)Navigate from one page to another page.

6)Page Indicator

5)Edit Button 7)Category

2)Left Slider

3)Right Slider 1)create category here 4)Setting icon



9)Address Book Button Edit Button
for contacts Here you can add existing contacts in the application


8)Back Button
Here you can add new contacts inside the category those are not present in the address book



Done Button for confirmation of settings 11)Here you can visit and mail us.

Here you can set number of buttons you want on a page

This will show current selected background color

It will show current selected button

Background color picker

Here you can select button that will appear on the page. Color picker

Upcoming features in the V 1.3 version are, 1)User will be able to add photoes inside the categories. 2)User will be able to perform Backup and Restore operation. For more information please contact at