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7th Grade

1. Tulislah nomor peserta dan nama Anda pada lembar jawaban.
2. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal dengan teliti sebelum Anda menjawab.
3. Dahulukan menjawab soal-soal yang dianggap mudah.
4. Kerjakan semua soal pada lembar jawaban yang disediakan.
5. Jumlah soal sebanyak 30 butir pilihan ganda.
6. Periksa pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.
7. Tidak diperkenankan menggunakan kalkulator atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.

1. Pilihlah satu jawaban yang paling tepat dengan menghitamklan salah satu huruf A, B, C, D dan E di
lembar jawaban.
2. Untuk memperbaiki jawaban, hapuslah jawaban Anda dengan karet penghapus sampai bersih,
kemudian hitamkan jawaban pilihan Anda.

c. Text Box
1. These are software application word d. Text Style
processing, except.... ….
A. Ms. Word 8. Word provides facilities that ease the
B. Ms. Access
form of a graph are called the view…
C. KWord
D. OpenOffice, writer
a. Picture c. Table
b. Chart d. Shapes
2. Group means of the following input
device is classified.... 9. To select (block) all the text in the
a. mouse, keyboard and monitor document, can be done by pressing the
b. keyboard, scanner and printer button .... on keyboard.
c. monitor, speakers and flash a. Ctrl + C c. Ctrl + V
d. scanner, keyboard and mouse b. Ctrl + S d. Ctrl + A

3. This is a software application spreadsheet…. 10. To make the distance twice the space,
A. Adobe Photoshop given the type of line spacing ...
B. Macromedia Dreamweaver a. Single c. 1,5 space
C. Ventura b. Double d. at least
D. Open Office Calc
11. To create a document model of
4. Each of us save the document in newspapers, used the column, this
Microsoft Word 2003, the program command is located on the menu (word
automatically adds the file extension …. 2003) / the ribbon (2007)..
A. wrd C. ppt a. Format-column/Page Layout-column
B. doc D. xls b. Insert-column/Insert-column
c. Edit-column/Home-column
5. Icon to open a document that has been
d. Tools-column/View-column
saved is ….
12. Command to save the document with
A. C. the name of the new file, use the
command ....
B. D. a. Save c. Open
b. Save As d. Close
6. To close out of Microsoft as well as
word on the menu bar to use …. 13. How many rows are there in Microsoft
A. File, and Close C. File, Exit excel 2007…?
B. File, Quit D. File, Shutdown a. 65536 c. 1048576
b. 16384 d. 256
7. A feature supported by many word
processors that enables you to surround
a picture or diagram with text........ 14. Name of
a. Text wrapping this picture is...
b. Text alignment
a. Icon Control Menu c. Standard d. Format name sheet
b. Title Bar d. Menu Bar
26. Name of
this picture is..
15. Bold, Italic, Underline icons have position a. Function bar c. Formula Bar
on groups of toolbar... b. Format bar d. Cell Bar
a. Font c. Alignment
b. Paragraph d. Styles This picture is used for number 27 until 29.

16. Picture of mouse pointer which has

Move condition is…
a. c.
b. d.

17. Name of this icon is…

a. Undo c. Redo b
b. Back d. Preview 27. The name of picture which has symbol
18. The other name of cursor is… a. Row heading c. Cell
a. Task Pane c. Status Bar b. Column Heading d. Sheet
b. Icon Control Menu d. Insertion
Point 28. The name of picture which has symbol “b”,
we can call...
19. Here is the file generated by the program a. Row heading c. Cell
Ms. Office. The following file generated b. Column Heading d. Sheet
by Excel is....
A. exercise.ppt C. exercise.xls 29. Cell pointer which has symbol “c”...
B. exercise.doc D. exercise.mdb a. 8E c. E8
b. A1 d. E5
20. Icon which is used to combine two or more
cells and text position will be in centre of
cell... 30.
a. Mail merge c. Copy
b. Centre d. Merge and centre A B C D

21. If the data in a cell show ########, it Symbol which can used to insert a new
means... sheet...
a. Less height of cell a. A c. C
b. Less width of cell b. B. d. D
c. Error value
d. Negative number

22. Combination keyboard buttons to active

-wish you luck-
Find action is...
a. Ctrl + F c. Ctrl + I
b. Ctrl + P d. Ctrl + O

23. Look at those function

2. SUM
3. AVE
Which are the right functions in Microsoft
a. 1 and 3 c. 3 and 4
b. 1, 2, and 3 d. 1, 2, and 4

24. Formula function square root in excel is...

a. SUM c. MIN
b. SQRT d. MAX

25. Steps to change name on the tab sheet are...

a. Right-click on tab sheet rename
b. Click on tab sheet name
c. Format rename