Ephraim Yacht Club

All participants of the Ephraim Yacht Club Sailing Programs and Activities are expected to act in the spirit of Good Sportsmanship and Safe Watersports, including appropriate language and behavior. Participants must be respectful of others, their belongings, and of the EYC facility and its equipment. EYC members are
(See EYC Water Safety policy for additional guidance)

welcome to use the EYC facility and equipment with the exception of the staff office and ALL power boats. If a participant chooses not to comply with the expected rules, he or she is subject to the following disciplinary actions:

Offenses May include disrespect of staff or other members/participants, teasing, physical harassment, swearing, talking back, dangerous use of lines, use of alcohol or drugs, inappropriate clothing, not wearing a PFD, misuse of equipment, entering staff office without permission, pushing individuals off the dock and other dangerous horseplay.
First Infraction Individual is asked to leave the dock/activity for the day following a conference with the Instructor. Head Instructor, Parents (if appropriate) and Commodore are notified. Individual is dismissed from dock and club activities for one week. Conference with Instructor, Head Instructor, Parents (if appropriate) and the Commodore. Individual is dismissed from club activities for the remainder of the season (no refunds) and the Board is notified.

Second Infraction Third Infraction