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Apostles Lutheran School Miss Schleusener June 1, 2010

408-578-4800 (school)

Jesus Time: The Three Men in the Fiery Furnace
We see how God was with them in life and death.

Daniel and the Writing on the Wall
We see how the king despised God and would not say sorry. God showed him his power by taking away the king’s kingdom and his life.
Complete writing activities for the year. • • •

Review Count by 5’s, 10’s, to 100 Review numeral names from 1-100

Social Studies/Science
Complete puppet activities.

Shared Literature: Letter: review Vocabulary: Review Sight words: review Review: consonant and vowel

Music and Movement
Prepare and Review: Review songs for graduation

Calendar of Events
June 1-3, 2010
Tuesday-Full Day All children attend
Return the folder Please make sure your child brings their backpack everyday. ☺ Yearbook signing 3:15-4:15

Wednesday- Graduation decoration 3:40 Thursday-Kindergarten Graduation at 11
Refreshments follow the Graduation Program Classes Dismiss at Noon