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Herne & Helen by Chesca Potter

Herne & Helen by Chesca Potter

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Published by Mogg Morgan
Ritual dialogue of Herne & Helen
Ritual dialogue of Herne & Helen

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Published by: Mogg Morgan on Jun 01, 2010
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On a hillside overlooking miles of countryside, two huge figures sit side by side on a seat of living oak.

At their backs a small but ancient woodland stands. These beings are two of the ancient guardians of the land, mediators of its knowledge, its energy. They walk between all worlds. At the moment they are antlered and wrapped in deerskins, but they are shapeshifters, and can take on many forms. We shall give them the names that some humans call them, Herne and Elen. It is Old May Eve. Elen: "It is strange to be here again after so long. Do you remember when all this was primeval forest, when all the worlds were one,... and now so many of our old friends lost and species we knew extinct." Herne: "And then the humans developed and we watched over them, teaching them the ways of the land. It was alright at first." Elen: "I remember running free with the wild horse herds at dawn, of being at one with the wise and gentle reindeer, of prowling golden with the sun amidst the lionesses. And when the ice came, people called us into the warmth of the painted caves, and we danced with them". Herne "And I was the power of the thundering buffalo, the moon horned aurochs the black bull. And you and I flew together as hawks and herons, and the fish leapt for us, and all places welcomed us. As great bears we challenged each other, learning and exploring separately, but always to come together, still in the heart of darkness. Elen: "I know how it began, the humans wanted the land as their own,always more and more, and the forests were cut and burnt. Then they built the stone temples. I liked the women of the stones, they understood and honoured spirits of deer, bear, horse and owl. Absorbed in the Goddess we forget you." Herne "The male was disempowered, boys sacrificed to women in the name of the land. In revenge we forged the iron sword, harnessed the horses, we took the sun from you, but retained the dark power of the moon. Our oak groves became mine, and the gods of thunder struck with my axe” Elen: "All my hilltop shrines, where the deer and the women had run free, were stolen by Appollo, and my powers weakened, now seen only by the new moon, forever virgin, the hunted, no longer the huntress." Herne: "In the name of Michael, I banished your temples with fire, mine were now the ancient energies/the ancient ways. Some of the early saints remembered me, St Helena, St bride, St Catherine, but the times were against me." Elen: "I hated the middle ages, my energies pinned in secret places a pale moon amidst a zodiac of men, manipulated, feared, desired. My heart was broken, I withdrew to hidden greenwood worlds away from humankind, from where I called you with the horn of the lost worlds, to meet me at this place where we once spent so much time together, so long ago."

Herne: “I rode with the knights templars, warriors of the ancient paths, I was their green man, their oracular head, Robin of the woods, the hooded wisdom of Odin." Elen: "I have deeply missed you, why did we let the humans come between us?” Herne: "I had forgotten these memories, and your wise and wild warmth." Elen: "And I had forgotten your empowering strength/the challenge of your presence.” Herne "It is time to heal all this, take the best from the past into the present. Do something about this wasteland, this abandoned land." Elen: "Do you remember the old enchantments? I remember. We shall call the Old Ones back to the land, And the sword and spear shall be the natural will of the land, to be used to protect its heart, the cup, the healing & vision of the land shall be offered to all those that love this earth… [continued)

Herne and Elen move into the greenwood behind them, a sacred place, secret from humans. Around them stands a ring of oak, beech and birch trees. They stand opposite each other in its centre, their eyes warm with vision, their hearts open, their intent as one. It is a warm evening and the air is rich with the perfume of may blossom. "We call the Green Ones, ancient and forgotten, Formed with the first trees, Guardians of primeval swamps and wild forests, return to us, To the woodlands abandoned to humans, Empower/protect and defend them, Renew their primal strength. We call the Blue Ones, in the secret depths, Formed with the first oceans, Guardians of the primal waters, Swim back to seas, lakes and springs, Empower/protect and defend them Their ebb and flow is yours. We call on the dark strength of inner earth 0 heart of fire beat again, Feel the rhythms of life Burn with steady strength Be the earth’s centre. We call the silver ones Most ancient of all Elders of stars and twilight Return to us Weavers of life Please mend for us the torn webs Bless the earth again

Guardians of its beginning and end. We call the ancient guardians of the gateways To seal/empower, protect The sacred paths So that only the healers may walk them Each golden step a gift to the land. We call the guardians of the sacred places To seal and protect them From all misuse That they are truly empowered Strong and radiant Part of the whole. We ask if some beings of fairy Wisest of all Will return among us To teach humans the ways of the earth Now long forgotten. We call the totem beasts of the land, To live amidst our wildlife, Spirit of bison/bear and horse, Lend nature your power and strength, Spirit of deer/run free, Binding the worlds together, Spirit of owl, heron and wren Bring wisdom to the hidden places Spirit of seal, dolphin and salmon, Make the humans understand They hold the earth in their hands. We call the guardians of the wheel All those humans that uphold the natural lore Defend the heart of the land Act now The wheel must turn once more At one with the destiny of the Land. Herne and Elen have now become part of the trees around them foliate, verdant, golden in the evening sun. They can feel the blessing of the heart of the land flowing through them. Centuries of separation, distrust, anger are forgotten as the power of their love binds the ancient past to the present, In the rich darkness of the night their powerful energies are one, and the warmth of their love starts lifting the dark shadows from the land. At dawn the heart of the land opens rose gold in the morning light The living heart of the wildwood at their feet filling the circle, they kneel at its edges. "I am the heart of the rose I open to your calling Golden light pours on to this wounded land The past is forgotten and forgiven And the time is now. I bless this land There is no force greater than the power of my love

The wheel now turns once more And the tree of life is verdant. I am That I am that I am the radiant heart shall not be broken the living heart shall never die the heart of rose and of gold

At one with a land of green." The guardians of the land are reawakening for the time is nigh. © Chesca Potter

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