Consultants can play a valuable role in your project.

* * * * mers, and They are objective and immune to internal politics. They have followed the process before. They bring information and best practices from other companies. They are good communication paths between front line workers and custo the leaders of the company or organization.

Consultants can also unintentionally create barriers by: * having the solution being viewed as "theirs" and not "yours" * taking too strong a lead role and disengaging the organization The team leader and stakeholders must decide the role they want the consultant t o play, and let that influence the consultant selection process. Three very diff erent roles are: Role A - a strong facilitator and experienced practitioner who brings a methodol ogy with them. If you need this type of support, look for consultants who have s trong facilitation skills and in-depth process design knowledge. Role B - a team member; can be an objective and unbiased contributor to the solu tion; may fill a gap in your team that cannot be filled from within the organiza tion; should be someone knowledgeable in your industry. Role C - a subject-matter expert with knowledge of performance levels and best p ractices of similar organizations and processes; able to perform specific tasks for the team. Teams that have strong internal facilitators and experienced process design lead ers should lean toward Role B or Role C. If the organization lacks internal skil ls to facilitate the team, then Role A may be required. You may need a combinati on of these roles. Whichever roles you choose, define the responsibilities clearly. For example, wi ll your consultant be responsible for: * * * * * ses? The better these roles are defined, the better your relationship with the consul tant. writing project documentation? leading the project and facilitating meetings? making presentations to stakeholders and associates? making decisions for the project? contributing subject-matter expertise in your organizationâ s work proces

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