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$400 million hijacked from our public school children

What could this mean for our public schools?
If we don’t act now, there will be disastrous effects for our children, teachers and school communities:
•Class sizes rise.
•Teachers laid off. BANKERS GET BAILED OUT!
•Enrichment services disrupted or eliminated.
•Intervention services reduced or eliminated. SCHOOLS GET SOLD OUT!
•After-school and Saturday programs cut.
•Sports and recreation programs cut. TAX WALL ST. BONUSES
•Loss of resources to purchase books and supplies. AND MILLIONAIRES!!!
The entire NYC public school system destabilized, weakened and more susceptible to the forces of

The politicians are diverting money away from children to use it for:
• new teacher recruitment despite layoffs ($5 million)
• high-priced consultants/no bid contracts
• 35 million in raises and new hires at DOE headquarters
• charter schools
• sky-rocketing testing cost

We must demand full funding for public education!

Tell Mayor Bloomberg to stop playing politics with our children’s education!

What can we do TODAY?

Step 1: Sign our petition and/or form letter.
Step 2: Flood the lines! Call Bloomberg and the UFT!
-Teachers: CALL the UFT TODAY! 212-777-7500, ask to speak to Michael Mulgrew and tell him we need
more action from the union.
Step 3: Go to the Rally at Tweed today at 4:30. Demand full funding for our public schools!
After today: Come to the
1. June 10th, 4:30: Attend a rally in front of Bloomberg’s residence. GEM Meeting
Details at June 22nd,
2. June 16th: Join the UFT for a mass rally. 4:30-7:00
(34th and 5th Av,
(Find your state and local representatives here:
room 5414) and
Keep up to date at:

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