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Grade 1C - Letter 31st May

Grade 1C - Letter 31st May

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Published by: G1 Class Teacher on Jun 01, 2010
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‫السلم عليكم و رحمة ا و بركاته‬ Dear parents, I.T.

Theory Exam

31st May 2010

As I previously mentioned there was a clash between the exam day for the I.T. theory exam and the day off scheduled for grade one this Wednesday. I have spoken to the I.T. teacher Mr. Shabbir and the I.T. theory exam will now be held on Saturday 5th June 2010. Here is a revised summary of all the upcoming exam dates for Grade 1C:

Final Exam Summary Day and Date
Saturday – 5th June Sunday – 6th June Monday – 7th June Wednesday – 9th June Saturday – 12th June Saturday – 19th June Sunday – 20th June Monday – 21st June Tuesday – 22nd June Wednesday – 23rd June

Qur’an I.T. Theory Islamic Studies (in Arabic / for Saudi nationals) Art I.T. Practical Arabic English Paper 1 (Comprehension, Phonics and Spelling) Islamic Studies (in English) English Paper 2 (Grammar, HFW, Handwriting) Science Social Studies (Health & Fitness and For a Better World) Math


Health & Fitness End of Chapters 10 & 11 (Combined) Test – You Have Feelings & Your Family - Tuesday 8th June 2010 As I mentioned before, we have one last chapter test to complete before the final exams. Part of the material is also part of the final exam and so it serves as revision for that too. Please check that your child understands orally the meaning of the words that you find highlighted in yellow in the colour textbook and that he can orally answer the questions that you find in the “review” box at the end of each lesson. You may also refer to the chapter reviews found on pages 202-3 & 2189. In addition you can find many keywords from each chapter defined in short sentences in the glossary in pages 253-260 which may also help. Topic You are special Showing your feelings You are a friend Respecting others Families Families change Families work together English Unit 5 Reader Regarding Unit 5 of the English syllabus, I realised at the beginning of the year when I was preparing the schemes of work for the year that we wouldn’t get to start Unit 5 in English before we end. We lost time after the Ministry of Education delayed the opening of all the schools in response to the swine flu and it wasn’t practical to catch it back up. However, in planning the year I still ensured that we covered the key components and skills required for the grade and so please don’t feel that we’ve missed out. I’ll still like to send home the Unit 5 reader which you may use as leisure reading in the summer holidays. There are some nice stories in there, for example I like Tippy-Toe Chick Go and Dot & Jabber. This is just something extra for the children, it’s not part of the final exams and there’s no need to bring it into class. Health & Fitness book page numbers 186-187 188-191 194-195 196-199 206-207 208-209 210-213


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