A. Will the size of the top bottle affect the distance it can travel B.

I think that if the top bottle is smaller, than it will travel farther, because it weighs less. C Distance depends on size of the top bottle Size of Bottle Trail 1 20 oz 16 oz 63 ml 60 ml Distance Trail 2 45 ml 57 ml Trail 3 53 ml 64 ml 53.6 60.3 Average distance

5. controlled variables A. same size bottom bottle B. same amount of water inside C. bottom cap off top cap on for both D. same shape of bottom bottle E. Same wing size 6. A. attach bottom bottle to the top bottle B. add wings C. fill bottom can with water D. Launch at 45º angle E. measure distance F. Do two trails of both rockets G. compare results My hypothesis was correct the rocket with the 16 ounce bottle top averaged about 7 meters farther than the 20 ounce bottle. This is probably because the bottle weighs less and because the shape of it is better for not catching wind. If I were to do this experiment again I would make sure that my rockets were more similar. I would also make sure I fixed the rocket after each launch so it doesn't change so much that it affect the next launch distance. I would also launch them all on the same day so that the weather and wind would not be different enough to change the distances that the rockets went.

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