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face detection

face detection

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Published by: Mohit Sharma on Jun 02, 2010
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Histor yIt was first developed in 1960. Semi automatic. Just compared eye, nose.


- Again in 2001, it was used in Super Bowl January. It was first time that media was attracted to this thing.

Different Approaches PCA – Principal Components Analysis LDA – Linear Discriminant Analysis EBGM - Elastic Bunch Graph Matching

PCA -Was invented by by Kirby and Sirivich in 1988. -With PCA, the probe and gallery images must be

the same size.

- It is a statistical approach for classifying samples of unknown classes based on

training samples with known classes.

- A small problem occurs, when a class size is very small.

- EBGM relies on the concept that real face images have many non-linear characteristics.
-- It stores the major points present on

the face of any human and then makes a graph out of it.

Future of Face Recognition
-Elasticity of Linear mapping can be increased. -It can be added with fingerprints and voice recognition to make it more reliable.

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