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Highlights of Affidavits In the affidavit of Vicky Edgecombe, atiling student at Gowlings, there isan excerpt from an article in the Ottawa Citizen in which Tom Zytaruk is quoted as saying thatthe tape is complete and unedited. He also claims thatthe break inthe ape is because ‘Stephen Harper went to his ear and then returned to add further comrment.! [Later inthe same affidavit there isa transcript of an interview between Mr. Zytaruk and Dale Goidhawk of Goldhawk Live in which Mr, Zytaruk claims agein tha the tapes have not been doctored or edited.” ‘According to the affidavit of Stephen Harper, Mr. Harper informed Dona Cadman that he ‘was not aware of any offer to Chuck Cadman.’ Mr. Harper also states that he only agreed {to do the interview with Mr. Zytaruk so that he could provide quotes about his relationship with Chuck Cadman, However, the audiotape that Mr. Zytaruk claims to be in its entirety omits that part ofthe interview." Mr. Zytaruk claims the gap in the audiotape (stopstart) occurred while Mr. Harper went to his car and returned to add a comment.’ However, in Mr. Harpers sworn affidavit he clearly states that no breakin the interview took place as Mr, Harpe only went to his car ‘when the interview was complete? ‘The affidavit of Ray Novak supports’ Mr. Harper's statement that there was no break in the interview, as does the alfidavit of Carolyn Stewart-Olsen.* "The shor tape is complete and unedited, Mr. Zytaruk later told Gobel National, There isa breakin the tape because Me. Harper Went ois ear and then retumed to add ¢ ‘comment, ssid Mr. Zytaruk, who interviewed Mr. Harper in Mr. Cadman's driveway.” ‘Afidavit of Vieky Edgecombe, page 62. (Tab 1) Pd have to be completely insane todo something like tat, considering the subst matter we're dealing with here. Of couse i's nt doctored, is noteited.” Amdavit of Vieky Edgecombe, page 63. (Tab 2) 51 1old Dona that ad no knowledge of any such oer” Affidavit of Stephen Harper, page 7. (Tab 3) “The only reason | apied tobe interviewed by Mr. Z)aruk waste provide him quotes forhis book about my relationship with my fiend Chuck Cadman ~the audiotape that purports fo he my entire taped interview omits al of tis part ofthe nterview." AMidavit of Stephen Harper, nage 8. (Tah 3) "Mr. Zytaruk has been reported to have said hat this gap i the audiotape oceumed because I went to my car and then rotumed to add s comment.” Affidavit of Stephen Harper, page 9. (Tab 4) The interview was continuous from start o finish —1 never retuned from my vehisle to add a comment.” Affidavit of Stephen Harper, page 9. (Tab 4) "Ato time did Mr. Harper come tthe vehicle a then return o Mi tara to ‘continue the interview.” Affidavit of Raymond Novak, page 23. (Tab 5) Following the interview Mr. Zytaruk was informed by Dona Cadman that Mr. Harper {old her that he had no knowledge ofan offer ofa $1 million insurance policy to her husband?” Thomas J, Owen, an expert in audio ape authentications and voice identification, states in an affidavit that he has concluded, with scientific certainty, thatthe tape has been altered to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred." Me. Owen finds that white noise was aided to obscure what was discussed at the beginning ofthe tape.'" In fact, ‘according to Mr. Owen the first word heard on the tape was actually from Stephen Harper, not Tom Zytaruk."® In one part ofthe tape there isa noticeable audible change that Mr, Zytaruk claims happened when he stopped recording when Mr. Harper went t his car, but restarted ‘when Mr, Harper retumed to add an addtional comment."” However, Mr. Owen has found evidence thatthe edit that Mr. Zytaruk reportedly claims wasastop/start, was actually @ computer edit made to the tape.!* ‘Mr. Owen concludes thatthe tape was altered,!* ‘Mfr. Harper never walked to our vehicle and then walked back to where Mr. Zstarak ‘was standing to add further comments.” Affidavit of Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, page 27. Tab 6) Sef tt iter cone M2 ame no my house hin at Mr. Harper told me that he had no knowledge about SI million insurance policy offer made fo my husband by Conservative Party representatives.” Affidavit of Dona, ‘Cadman, page 13. (Tab 7) ‘1 have concluded with scientific certainty that this tape has been edited and doctored to misrepresent the event as it actually occurred.” Affidavit of Thomas J. Owen, Exhibit C, page 228 (Tab 8) "stn this case, it was added atthe beginning to obscure what we hear at the beginning of the recording.” Affidavit of Thomas J. Owen, page 235 of Exhibit C. (Tab 9) "The first word spoken is by Mr. Harper. The word is ‘Um. This word is part of some previous conservation (sic) which isnot recorded atthe begimiing ofthe “wire to vite’ tape.” AMidavit of Thomas J. Owen, Exhibit C, page 238 (Tab 10) "There isan audible and visual edit after the words, I mean there was an insurance poliey fora million dolirs for Donna,” Affidavit of Thomas J. Owen, Exhibit C, page 240 (Tab 11) ‘The waveform analysis, magnetic development, spectrographic analysis all demonstrate with scientific certainty thatthe recording is altered at ‘his point, There is no stop/start recorder signature here at this point. There is no pause signature here. There is hhowever evidence of a computer cut at this point.” Affidavit of Thomas J. Owen, Exhibit C, page 242 (Tab 12) 'S “The tape has been edited and doctored, and does not represent the entire conversation that took place.” Affidavit of Thomas J. Owen, Exhibit C, page 249 (Tab 13)