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_Compel"~~Y perronru b<>lh routine O!I~ new JAlI:S .

• S l<adUy imp roves .kim, achieves Umtly qu!l)\flC-lltioJ\S.

~ Unntiffilclory d"m~anorl<>JllduCl. - UMble to meet "no or more

ph ys ieal fead i ness standards .

.. ~ail' to Live up 10 OM or mere Navy Core v .... ues: HONOR, COlJlti>.CJE, COMMITMENT.

-l"kinfcrccs oth.,,' dli~,,~ru;',~m~c~-o~IS;· --t---f.1~~~t,~~:;~;;;;;;';ili;;;--1

p.".,no.l commiQJtel11> 10 team, '" Undcrslallds learn goo1,;. emplQy! b:OOlwoi!; tcchnique •.. "A ~."PI.! IiId offer; \01Ul1 d!i«;!.i on.



Tllki ns inlllouvo, pia,; !Ii ng, !>tio,'" illl'ing,.nMI ev I"S m]MIon.

- Dey <lops innovah ve W"YHO ~=mplisll. mission, :PlaoslprJorllizcs with eKo<plionol "klU IUId fO\'t."gl1I,

~ M01intalns !I:·l:.Iptrior re~i:!iness, even wilii hmiwd '.''''UIU.S.

-Gels-jobs dene .orl1q and r",

beneT th\tll upe.te~,

fil e://D; \ 'new Docum en t.html

? 11 fi o nn.d

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38, LEADeRSHIP, Qrg8!l;ciJ!!\. moLi "uing and dev.Jopi'lll otllers 10 IICCOmplbh Il0ol., •


I""" LDno(s) as fC,1l0WS: (maxi,lI'Ium,oflWo) ignrn.ntuucl1 as: LCI'O. DEPT CPO" Comm""d,"VOI College; !'G SchooL

41. ,COMMENT'S ON P ""dLOmarks mIlS'! be speclfically subsllU)Ua!ed in

Bald, underlined, iWlt, 01 PmhibilOd, fanl mllS1 be 10 or 12 PllI:h· ([0 or 11 POi"1)

out s tand.i.nq N'ava arid E'.t'emier Avi<3.ticm InteLligence ist.

'33., Pe.rsonally zed by ;nume;t;aus nag" Ait' Wing, a~qlladron Cowm<lnders ,fOt;

p:coviding the , 'ehen:si ve. conci,s€' Ba I kan intel..~.~~e picture in etJCOM' Tbeatet'.

35; Ol.l'tstand (ante and r epr eaent at.Lve of the ~.t~"'vy Reserves.

~36. The Inte team leader for t'lectronic Attack'«9"lng Aviano. Took charge of four

deployed EA-, '5 inteUi9~nce 1Issets, .meld~ 'hem i~to an action team 'suo'P.'OI:;1;J.

COmb, at cl'~eFf;, ~n a 24-hollt bas loS. otJt~ta~dlong iien:tot" ,ttal.ned, grOOmed,' and ~btl 4 rnt:ell:j@~ OffIcers and 12 Intel SpeCloalls't~~ H'~ a valuahle combat; In tel una r . *37. UnJj\;;\'tej;\~q_ m~nage;rial a.nd planning SkillS.~ ;~<; worked within cne squadron ' 5 ,"" a99res~~ 96-hOllr PTOO, Planned and Sllpetvis,~"'~ck-:u~ and movement ~f the squadron' " ,

E 1 ectr~ War f,are and 1 n telll gence Depa r tmen t~ MObl.ll ze d money, equ l. pmen t and pe;,!:soDnel to ~e_~te facilities complete with TEAMS,~<I;@lS, SIPRNET and t.ocs. With his ke~€J4'V fQi(u;lght of the ,Balkan unrest, he deliV~, ~'t!~several Kosovo/Serbia GE.O/Poli tic\!_~ef9 to

.t~ .... ~,\ladrOn mcnnns before the, 96,-h~lll: ~c)l;t~~yment. , , " ,",

3~"~ .g,et the st.andard for t acta ca.r 7~t~J;~~en~e brle~s prOVl.dlng over ao a a ',W,lot.h the

t cuz r en t , up to d<J,te and analyt~'!Bilefwgs that t'!ATO had to offer. , ont.r:ibllt;ions guaranteed t.he sUCC~J!~?VAQ-209 during Operation Allied . .

Office in the Na:val Resetve Inte.Jiil4tJence community. Abs:w: 14APR99-Q " ,



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:Me'I; i tor ious U oi t


33. PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE' Tech" icsl KnOWledgc"," praWcol lIPpl i cabon •

- Strong work; ng knowl'edge of[, .ra :alit; n~g~,-I-"--;:;;,[~;;v;iu.j;,q;;'-;:;;g);;-;;;rl~Jl1 "'c:" nl!y and jOlb. -Rehot>ly 'ppl,cs knowle(lgll-IO =mpH,h,tasJ<s

, "M"IS advJirtccrnentIPQS r..qu irements o.n lime.


J4, EQUAl.


Fairn"'~. !elpooet for h uman worth.

·Oon,illcnUy "Nat :.ppe=e~,

- UI:!S~ti sfsctory demc8IlO(loQnouCl_ •. Unable 10 <!I= One OJ more

phX sicrJ, ",&dincs,·S! sndards,

,. Falls \0 tiveup 10 one or more Navy Core Val"".; HONOR, CQURAO,,", COMMrtMENT.

-Creales CIlnmco., unwiUTog \0 work, 'li\ri'th others! pUIS sclfaoo\'C' t,:"!.!l1. u.:. "Fail. 10 Wld.,,~dleam go III. ",,,,,,wor); 1.,,,lm !~~es.

-Do es not uxe direction. well '1


• Rein foree. oihelS~ e IIQIU, meets personal ""ml11i!l'"c n", III ",om.

- U ndelltaads team goal., em p Inys good tearnwork tecMiqu es -Accepis and o!fe", teem d~olion.


,Tlike5, jniti8liv~'lo meel goaU.

s, PIIll),lprlcdtiz~ .ffeOt'v~I~.

- Develops in" ov,!.;·ve w~YHO =mpJi,~ .""")011 •

• PI fmsJpriori!ilJ'" wi In e KCCJI~ on ,1 Ikillandfo""ignl.

" Mai~ 11110< su])Crior ,r~~diJ1es.s, ~V<O with hmi~d rt.ooro~ .

• Gee; job" d one earlier ;md far i"><rtcf ,!h an expected,

fi ]P.'JIT)·\vipwnoonment.html


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01'8 aruz] "g.

",Ol'~ ~I.i ng ond d.,Velg~.iI1g"th"'" 10 ac,,""'pli.h go.I".

. comm uni<:lllO', 11100" h1lZa(~. or u ""I>f'~ practiees.

• Doos nill anendio Wei fan, 0 r su boreli ~aU:5.

• H as dIfficulty at4\;,iillg qu

expected fon M ,ank or experience. -HM dH'flcult;i in "hip('), sfrorafi

Ill" weapon, :sy sterns ernp I oymr,nl. Below 0111"" in kf\owlcdge and emptcyment,

• Wotf~ .~\lIs fn below standards com pM: d 10 "thus" r same t an k and

and 1.0 "'!Ill<.\: muSI be speciii<:Jllly .ub'UlllU.~lcd in comments,

ig~'ledjl¥41~' P ro hibil~d. rGn I mU5! be 10 Or 12 P'llch (I 0 or ! 1: Point) o®" ,af>~ low." eese,

Phenomenal pe r f orrnan ·$9nior 'Navy Intel Officer dePloyl,ld'J~ Avii;lno AS, Italy in

support of opera,t~'!b.. lED FORCE. Would rank ill of 20 t.w,' ompa rad to all officers in

this command. ~ ~,.l

-33/*36/.36, - ou~a:-. in.g. p.erfm:mance as .. s quadzon .Intel~..(~er, . quickly establ,iSb. ad and le~d a Navy I~eam was recogn~zed as tbe bl:~r.~:Lnt~Squadt:Oti op? a~ AVl.; De'V~_Oj.ed.' 3. Offl.cers and 9 Enhsted per,son, !W1...., a seamless un.:.t,V"l::\ superb CQlTIl:!~t ~pport OD numerous stri!r:esover Yugl;l's'~i<> and Kosovo. ""31-. unsll6.'R _'a"s 'S~'ed ~nOWl~dg .. e ~nd experience on. ~e*. ~~.d. 1<0sovo. regions. Consis ten tly

prov~ded. s d t ua t i.cna L awareness b.n9i*"~ fl:J: .. ght crews. Repeatedly "~,""",>I""

by RIA~ ,~, CNRIC and various na.t i ona l CIA anrlJe.~ teams to provide combat summary 't,,;,,~ lectures~l' Recently returned. to kcsovo. follow~ the W'ar, to improve his u nderstandi~

, ed S ta tes tact ics and their e fj'eGt~wss, f"lew with $pecial mission ,ai.r~

war... . ~~.

e Ito 05 nowL StrOr:)g bNRIC PObenti~" The best Intel officer I buteo di rectly to squadz on Me'ri ~ri~s tlpi t, Cornmendation.

, 10 May 99 -() Jun ':19' Av i ano A&i • ..:t~~lY. AT: 24;25 .Jul :I 9 NAB

adlness 100\. ~ •

have ever' ~~'r"ed.

t' ~.~.

Fallol1,,~ MOB r:.:_.


MIlS! Early
Promote Promo!e.
0 0 20762

\lij, '.PQrl, i>te" uppf[5ed of .my ~,.\.ittemcnl.·

'rl:!\~~_.,J I do nGllliltlod l{) submit" st,a£<monl

D,\.;: I[

fi Ip: ·;m·\vlewDocument.html


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- ticbiillfl¢vc.

-'~It'ID,<~tiJl: .

• Doc.,~IAdI_. ·(L."'~· .. · -F.aib,IQ.~J~ do'nc .

. i~$D



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~ ~






l.O ~~


GrWlY &toodI s_

1- 1'1.",., (Lu.t, FimMl Suffix) 'ili. - - 2. ~C/JI.U: 3. Desill '~>L.; ~

KIRK., MARK S f: ~ LCDR 1~3!1c,:_ ~



41. COMMENTS,', , . rn '.01'1 PERl'O~, CB: "."'4J.'-O;~dl:O_m.b must \Ic,~, ~1y'JU~1ICi:I ir.l Ql~~. Co~} nilll'lbc ~cti1Iuk &14, Wldertlr,ed, ,!aile, !ll"'otber ItigbI_Iahr.co4!~bltccl. FCl'llm¢ b!!, 10 III 12 .Plttb (10 or 12 I'pilit) ()II\y~~ 11114 I~ cue.

Head and shoulde.I:'9 ab~¥lY ot.hez Intelligence Offioer I nave~'!l:lt: met.

;, 3 , Urlffi,a tched in kllR'~l/'dge of f orel gn capabili ti e s . Prcv~:e,a airc:rewan in -depth understanoiog of th'~:J;!iaqi l;ntiegrated Air Deiens.e Systems _Fl1~'iin the Ta,ctical Area of R.esponsibility (T4"&!'}'.'""Ior COmba"t opet'ations"duiC~,',n,g o,peril.~~"'ilOR,THERN. WATCH (ONN).

3~. A true Team ~e7.ArChiteet of t~e combat sup~,~t'~eam deployed to lncirli,k ~. Turkey tor ON':' .l.ieOI:U~ t.ed and CI:oss-tral.oed memb,erB ~ .l:mage.ry, ELIN.T, an,d SIGINT,

provid~d a f~l ~d div~rsified SUPP~l<t team. to' hanctle 't-1ie ( Iraqi th.teat. ,

:n. ,Sac:df$'Ceti~aluabl'il ,time from hl.s call! fot.p-mfqres s to meet the dep~o~ent fi ~ "

requl.reme~r:b~~of the squadron. One of the most SUB, Ee>i,:f:'enced, combat-tested AV:latl.dn _., , .§"

IntelJ.ig~l!) O:fticers in the. Naval Reserve.. Cbm'll!llraed requi (;ed qua.lifications that'"'

enabled ob'?rervation fligh,ts dudng combat mis5ion~ i.o TAOR. Recipient. of t.he 'Rufus .':I'aylar Inte~~~,e ee Unit of the Year award for out.~~ng s~pport provid.ed dur-ing Oper,!lt$..Q"H '

ALLl'Ea'"-~ORCB. :-,,~ ~ ..

31}5 D's:!:, ini te COlJlllland p"atential. A ,natu~'&~,~l'Id phari, smC!,ti, C lead.e,];. A soperl, at, w"aJpeaker ,a,~:defer. LeDR Kirk possesses the crt.ientials and qualifications to ex tel ~ny ,I~~lgnrnent. Cc:mfiden!t and savvy. TO~-e initiative and "infonnally" brie i£r-!>5!ACEOR on

... !, ,AQ- 209 and the. in tel. and Res erve isstte:a a ffec t:1..o9, ONW.

~.~ ~ ,

PromoliOD ~4e.tioD.








47, 1'ypod nome, 1!)lI.<io. ~MiI" me, anIIljgrwurc.or~.R<pcrtinS's.:oior On Coocurrent~·

'~'~ ~ ~




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