The EYC has only four parking spaces for more than 300 members. For reasons of safety and for good relations with our Ephraim Yacht Harbor neighbors, the EYC has adopted the following parking policy. Please read and follow this policy to be fair to your fellow members and to keep our members and children safe. 1. Members are asked always to park at the public lots, located on Spring Street and at Anderson¶s Dock. Those lots are a short, healthy walk from the EYC. Please leave the few EYC spots open for our senior members as much as possible. 2. The south spot in EYC parking is reserved for short term loading and unloading of gear and persons. Please load or unload promptly, then immediately move your vehicle elsewhere. 3. No stopping at the top of the EYC driveway or behind EYC or EYH parking spaces, even for a few seconds to drop off passengers. This area becomes too congested and is a major safety concern. 4. No EYC member should ever park in an Ephraim Yacht Harbor parking space unless as the lessee of that space. Never block an EYH parking space. 5. No EYC member should ever drive down the driveway.Parking on the grass, or blocking the pedestrian entrance at the northeast corner of the clubhouse, is prohibited. 6. Just because others may break these rules does not give you the right to do so. We will occasionally have a parking attendant. Please be courteous, as the parking attendant is only doing his or her job. RARE EXCEPTIONS 1. The EYC merchandise chairperson is permitted to park at the bottom of the driveway as close as possible to the water and the anchor. 2. Drivers dropping off handicapped persons can drive down the driveway. 3. If you are engaged in an EYC project requiring a vehicle, you can park on the concrete in front of the clubhouse, but only for the necessary period of time. 4. Drivers picking up or dropping off boats are permitted to drive down the driveway, but should never stop on the EYH side of the driveway and should keep the driveway clear.