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April 5, 2010

Attn: Exotic Species Management Plans
P.O. Box 129
Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834

Dear Superintendant:

The Texas Wildlife Association (TWA) is a non-profit conservation group composed

primarily of landowners, hunters, wildlife managers and conservationists whose members
own or control over 35 million acres of private land in Texas. Big Bend National Park is
an incredible Texas treasure, and the comments provided are specifically to the park and
the proposed plan. TWA wants to express their support only for specific parts the Big
Bend Exotic Species Plan. We support large scale removal of feral hogs, wild burros and
aoudad, control, removal and treatment of non-native plants including buffelgrass,
Lehmann’s love grass, giant reed and saltcedar, and large scale roundup and live removal
of trespass livestock. Given that the objectives of the park are to manage native flora and
fauna, the removal of these identified exotic animals, plants and livestock from key
Chihuahuan desert borderland habitats is critical. We would also recommend that elk on
the park be reviewed on a site to site basis for management rather than eradication,
protecting sensitive habitats to prevent degradation and manage overpopulations as
necessary. Private landowners around the park advise that elk are a valuable resource
and significant income producer in hunting operations.

TWA strongly encourages the park to use public hunting as a first means of removing
commonly hunted species of exotics on these lands, when appropriate. We do recognize
that trapping and further lethal control methods are often necessary and warranted, and
that eradication and control should be used aggressively in sensitive vegetative

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Feel free to contact Kirby Brown
( for any questions. Until then yours in enjoyment of our
state’s natural resources.


Kirby Brown
Vice President for Public Policy