NAMES Achala Achyuta Adbhutah Adidev Aditya Ajanma Ajaya Akshara Amrut Anaadih Anandsagar Ananta Anantajit Anaya

Aniruddha Aparajeet Avyukta Balgopal Bali Chaturbhuj Danavendra Dayalu Dayanidhi Devadidev Devakinandan Devesh Dharmadhyaksha Dwarkapati Gopal Gopalpriya Govinda Gyaneshwar

MEANING Still Lord Infallible Lord Wonderful God The Lord Of The Lords The Son Of Aditi One Who Is Limitless And Endless The Conqueror Of Life And Death Indestructible Lord One Who Is Sweet As Nectar One Who Is The First Cause Compassionate Lord The Endless Lord Ever Victorious Lord One Who Has No Leader One Who Cannot Be Obstructed The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated One Who Is As Clear As Crystal The Child Krishna, The All Attractive The Lord Of Strength Four-Armed Lord Granter Of Boons Repositiory Of Compassion The Compassionate Lord The God Of The Gods Son Of Mother Devaki Lord Of The Lords The Lord OF Dharma Lord Of Dwarka One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas Lover Of Cowherds One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature The Lord Of Knowledge

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