Q1: What is the name of Iron Man's alter ego?


Q2: Who plays Pepper Potts in the movie Iron Man?

Q3: Who directed Iron Man?
Jon Favreau

Q4: What is the name of the actor who plays Iron Man?
Robert Downey Jr.

Q5: What is the name of Tony Stark's company? Stark Industries Q6: Name the character :

Q7: Scrabble the following letters and name the TV3 Kids programme. CNAMHRE AEWNKA EOCRMNA MARCHEN AWAKEN ROMANCE Q8: State the correct day and time slot for Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

Slogan Iron Man gives a full blast to TV3 Kids Movie Magic because ..............." (not more than 15 words)? it is an interesting and full of action movie.Besides that,I like to watch this movie.

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