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1. If excessive fogging is found in a/c cabin, what are its probable cause & remedial action to be
2. Draw the schematic diagram of emergency L/G retraction system by using standly hydraulic
3. Draw the schematic diagram of nitrogen charging trolley & name the parts. what is the purpose of
pressure reducing valve of regulator valve?
4. Write a note on cutting & drilling plastic material?
5. What type of a/c are low thickness aerofoil? Explain with reasons?
6. What are the special precautions on AME should takes before releasing the a/c in rainy season?
7. How is the L/G warning system tested on ground?
8. What are the inspection to be carried out on hose assemblies? What are the precautions to be taken
during installation?
9. What are the different materials used one core materials in composites? Write a few defects in
composites which can be classified as minor & a/c released for flight with special precautions?
10. How is the level of fluid in a sock stout checked?
11. What is wing body heating system? Explain its operation?
12. Write the procedure of fuel transfer from LH wing tank to RH wing tank?
13. Write the construction of wind screen. What is the purpose of heating it?
14. Write a note on Mach trim & speed trim?
15. Draw the diagram of shinning damper & explain its working?
16. What is the purpose of negative pressure relief valve & safety pressure valve?


1. Static margin is the distance between

a) aerodynamic center & neutral point
b) aerodynamic center & center of gravity
c) center of pressure & center of gravity
d) neutral point and center of gravity

2. During nidder maintenance

a) chord line should be parallel to horizontal
b) hose over condition is called over balance
c) hose down condition is called over balance
d) as in a & c

3. Loft does not depend on

a) aerofoil design
b) amount of using dehedral
c) density of air & velocity
d) wing surface area

4. Which of the following should also be checked in addition to hard landing inspection items, when the a/c
makes hard landing
a) wing center section
b) arcing of propeller
c) balancing of control surfaces
d) none

5. Artificial feel is used in

a) aileron control system
b) elevator control system
c) rudder system
d) all

6. Which of the following takes the structural loads in the wheel bay?
a) keel beam
b) transverse beam
c) box beam
d) all

7. Structural fuse
a) prevents primary structure damage
b) previcts shear loads
c) prevents overflow of current in the circuit
d) as in a & c

8. Color coding of ‘O’ rings indicates

a) age
b) temp
c) vapour compatibility
d) all

9. The angle of attack where lift/drag ratio is maximum is called

a) ditedral
b) anhedral
c) incidence
d) washin

10. Mark the correct statement

a) stall speed ↑ with c.g forward movement
b) stall speed ↑ with backward movement
c) stall speed does not change with c.g movement

11.Station 185 indicates

a) 183 mm back of the nose or reference datum
b) 183 inch back of the reference datum
c) 183 cm back of the nose or reference datum
d) 18.30 inch back of the nose or reference datum

12. ‘Out of freezer’ life is associated with

a) epoxy resin
b) catalyst
c) prepeg
d) thermosetting

13. Amount of roll dies not depend on

a) Angle of pitch
b) Angle of bank
c) Angle of turn
d) As in a & c

14. Damage of rivets around the head is usually

a) grey
b) white
c) brown
d) as in a & c

15. The a/c is about to land, the fowler flap is extended, it will cause:
a) ↑ in lift
b) ↑ in drag
c) ↑ lift with nose drag movement
d) normal
16. When the temperature is more than standard value, the TAS will be
a) higher
b) lower
c) first ↑ & then remains with effected
d) remains inaffected

17. Strain is measured by

a) original length divided by change in length
b) force by area
c) pressure multiplied with change in length
d) unit distortion of body

18. How selection provides

a) 250v AC
b) 218 v AC & 121v respectively
c) 218v, 400 Hz AC
d) none

19. Adverse load distribution requires

a) gross weight inspection
b) aft adverse loading check
c) forward adverse loading check
d) all the above

20. Which pressurization system component prevents cabin altitude being more than the a/c altitude
a) safety relief valve
b) negative pressure relief valve
c) compressor inlet sentor

21. A solid metallic sound in coin tap test of honeycomb structure indicates:
a) core damage
b) facing damage
c) facing & core damage
d) separation of layers in honeycomb constructions

22. Smoke clearance system is used with

a) pneumatic systems
b) fire protection system
c) as in b and a pre-set temperature

23. Emergency exit devices located/associated with

a) cabin entry doors
b) passenger entry doors
c) cargo entrance

24. To avoid tip stalling & making the aileron effective for complete flight, wing is provided with was out,
wash out means
a) incidence is angle is greater at wing tip than wing root
b) incidence angle is greater at wing root than wing tip
c) wing tip is a located ahead when componed to wing root

25. Under inflation is indicated by

a) shoulder wear out in the tyre
b) more tread wear
c) high brake heat

26. Tail skid prevents

a) tail section damage
b) rotation of a/c
c) as in a & c
27. Static discharge damage is identified by
a) pits on the surface
b) wing tips & trailing edges are damaged
c) round holes on the surface
d) usually found at wing tips, trailing edges & antennas

28. When proper jigs are not available, the smoothness of center of the a/c wing is measured by
a) applying Vaseline & cellulose paper
b) using a thin cord along the leading edge to trailing edge parallel to the line of flight
c) veins a thin cord long the lending edge to trailing edge parallel to the lateral axis
d) both a & b

29. Boundary layer thickness is minimum where

a) airflow gets zero to max velocity change
b) airflow velocity is maximum
c) –
d) –

30. At high altitudes, presence of foam in hydraulic fluid is caused by

a) defective pressurization system
b) no hydraulic fluid in the system
c) low pr in the system

31. Purpose of surge tank is

a) it protects tank structure damage
b) it allows fuel to flow into the tank which is at a laterally lower level
c) it collects over flowing fuel
d) as in b & c

32. With ↑ in airspeed

a) induced drag ↑ more than parasite drag
b) parasite drag ↑ more than induced drag
c) induced & parasite drag will be same
d) induced & parasite drag will not be affected

33. Surface hardness of steel

a) with ↑ of carbon content
b) only upto a certain point with ↑ of carbon content
c) max for wrought iron
d) depends on the process involved

34. Parts which are cold worked should not be

a) welded
b) kept in room with high our temp
c) kept in air conditioned room
d) –

35. Corrosion on spot welding seam is detected by

a) X-ray
b) Ultrasonic
c) Straight edge
d) Point peeling off

36. Mark the correct statement

a) spoilers are used with ailerons for lateral stability about longitudinal axis
b) flaps & spoilers are auxiliary control surfaces used for lateral stability
c) –
d) all the above

37. Contamination of hydraulic fluid is found by

a) viscosity
b) flash point
c) moisture content
d) all the above

38. Mark the correct statement

a) damage of nose cone does not affect flt of an a/c
b) damage to secondary structure like wing tip & nose cone does not affect the flt of a/c
c) damage to seat & seat supporting structure affect flight
d) none of the above

39. Mark the correct statement regarding reynold’s number

a) if the Rey’s no is high then kinematic velocity is high
b) higher the Rey’s No., higher the kinematic viscosity
c) higher the Rey’s No, smaller the kinematic viscosity
d) higher the Rey’s No. smaller the kinematic viscosity & velocity

40. Vortex generators are aerofoils installed on wing upper surface because
a) laminar flow is more difficult to separate than turbulent flow
b) turbulent flow is more difficult to separate than laminar flow
c) –
d) –

41. Balance panels are operated

a) hydraulically
b) manually
c) only in turbulent weather
d) to balance the ailesins

42. Mark the correct statement

a) steel & magnesium is used for secondary structural members
b) fiberglass & magnesium is used for secondary structural members
c) Al honey comb & fiberglass honey comb structure is used for secondary structural member
d) Al is used for a particular type of lead only

43. Mark the correct statement

a) if one rivet is tripped, then the adjacent rivets are also tripped in the same direction
b) bearing failure occurs at rivet shank
c) shearing failure occurs at rivet hole

44. Turn & slip indicator measure

a) the amount of tum
b) the rate of tum
c) in slip the amount of tum is too low
d) in skid the amount of tum is too high

45. The acceptable deviation in magnetic compass due to local effects the aircraft is
a) 1°
b) 2°
c) 3°
d) 5°
46. Mark the correct statement
a) phosphating on steels prevents corrosion
b) chromatizing is done on aluminium as a protective treatment against corrosion
c) cadmium plating on aluminium penetrates into the base metal there by giving corrosion resistance
d) all the above

47. In the operation of VSI

a) diaphragm expands in climbing
b) diaphragm shrinks in climbing
c) diaphragm expands & shrinks in level flt
d) both b & c
1. Fail safe concept – if one members fails other takes the concept

2. Flexible hose installation is secured in 12” inches

3. Permissible elongation to chains in% - 2%

4. Spongy operation of the brakes may be caused by air in the system

5. Grabing of brakes
a) wearing the brake liners
b) mster cylinder return sprege
c) brake rod return mechanism may be week

6. Changing direction of control

a) pulleys
b) fail lead

7. MIL-D-7850 fungeside for collulose accratic hydralic the fungiside designated in this specification is
a) copper sulphate
b) zinc dimethyl dith carbonate

8. FLT is placed in
a) as far as aft
b) front
c) as per manufacturers

9. Flap co-efficient of lift 1234

a) slotted, fowler, plates, splet
b) fowler, slotted, splet, plates

10. Rudder horn material

a) magnesium
b) Al alloy cart
c) Al alloy

11. Trikloven cleaning is used on

a) titanium
b) titanium alloy
c) Al
d) Al alloy

12. OR compass returns to normal position

a) dead beat
b) liquid swinelling

13. Nicad battery spillage is cleaned by

a) dilute acetic acid

14. Which marker is used on exhaust drills

a) lead pencil (uncarbondied pencil)
b) blue

15. A/c oxygen system should not be service when

a) leakage
b) contaminated fitting

16. Squeezing brakes – because of brake pads worn out & rivets touching the metal

17. Draging of brakes

a) wearing of brake linings
b) master cylinder returns spring weak
c) brake return spring is weak
d) bubble in the flux

18. Material of 4350 -

19. Material used for the a/c skin

a) 2024
b) 6056
c) 9014
d) 5056

20. Densily & alectude

a) high altitude high density a/c moves fast
b) high altitude low density a/c moves fast

21. British manufactured a/c, when L/G retracted & locks what light comes on
a) amber
b) no light
c) green
d) blue

22. In connect acrylic a/c wind shield. After tightening & the screw is loosened by
a) one turn
b) half turn
c) one & half turn
d) two turn

23. After heavy landing, which of the following are motion

a) wrinkles on upper surface of the wing
b) bent L/G stint
24. A suction gage must be installed in cockpit if the a/c fitted with what type of gage
a) manifold pressure gage
b) artificial horizon
c) altimeter
d) VSI

25. Which type of snow is mostly used

a) 2024
b) 2014
c) 2117

26. Turn & slip indicator works on which axis

a) Yaw axis
b) Lateral axis
c) Longitudinal axis

27. Tab on leading edge is to

a) to stall lines position first than outer portion
b) to reduce stalling speed
c) to reduce angle of lock

28. Rigging is done for the purpose of

a) to respond the control surface properly with lock pit controls

29. Quadrants are used to

a) change the direction

30. Load factor

a) ratio of the wing load to a/c operating weight
b) ratio of the wing load to a/c empty weight
31. which is most easily & widely used
a) control cable
b) push pull rods
c) control rods

32. If cable is to deflect 3°

a) fan leads are used
b) pressure seals

33. What control system is used in the operation of pull

a) Drum

34. Direct conal stability

a) dorsal fin is used
b) wings
c) dihedral

35. In V.S.I
a) capsule has an accurately measured hole
b) capsule is encapsulated in or cause
c) pressure lags
d) b & c are correct

36. Drag created other than on lifting surfaces

a) induced drag
b) profile drag
c) parasite & induced

37. As the C.G moves forward

a) max load on nose landing gear

38. On wing skin is sinoted to

a) spars
b) -
c) ribs
d) all the above

39. Tapered wing

40. Fall safe

a) complex structure one member falls other member takes the load

41. Welding neutral flame is used on

a) steel
b) Al
c) Magnesium

42. Para static tube installation

a) where turbulent air less
b) wing edges
c) front of the a/c
d) a & c are correct

43. Acrylic wind shield crack

a) radial crack

44. In which actuator spring chamber is used

a) single acting
b) double acting
c) 3 way actuate
d) b & c are correct
45. Paint on a swaged joint is to disclose
a) loosening of cable

46. – failure of wooden structure

47. The members used across longerons

a) stringers
b) bulk heads

48. Fretting corrosion on bolted joints on Al

a) black
b) white
c) brown
d) green

49. Galvanic corrosion on

a) piano hinges

50. Dope thickness

a) thickness of the lope
b) No of coats of lope

51. Pitot testing the pressure is applied and leak should not be more than

52. What is the free air temp in respect to a/c instrument

a) air temp over the wing
b) air flowing around the fluid
c) air which is compressed just before the a/c
d) air just before reaches the a/c

1. Duplex ball bearings takes

a) axial and radial axis efficiently
b) axial load only
c) fail safe loading
d) –

2. The fig shows a modern turbofan engine, the purpose at the vertex device is
a) to dissipate the heat from the fan cowl
b) to streamline the airflow over the wing surface
c) to reduce the turbulance of airflow over the wind during low speeds of flight
d) to reduce the turbulance of airflow over the wind during high speeds of flight

3. A modern turbotantengine fitted a/c flying from Delhi to Madras. The temperature at Delhi is 15°C,
while in Madrasis 28°C. to achieve the same power at Madras.
a) throttle should be adjusted fwd when approaching at Madras
b) throttle should be retarded when approaching madras
c) no adjustment is necessary throughout the flight
d) throttle can be adjusted either fwd or retarded to keep the Ni rpm constant

4. Match the following:

a) X-40 steel
b) Rene 84 Co
c) 6-2-42 Ni
d) A286 Ti

5. Fig.
a) pressure is high in tube A
b) pressure is high in tube B
c) pressure is same through
d) there will be rise in pressure in tube B due to turbulance

6. In flight CSD oil temp light comes ‘ON’ and the pilot disconnected the CSD. Then it can be connected
a) only on ground
b) only in flight
c) either on ground or in flight
d) automatically connected after oil temp is reduced

7. Starter has two holes, for

a) alignment
b) breather sump vent
c) –
d) –

8. For the same torque, starter is heavier than starter generator,

a) starter generator has two separate windings

9. In Bryton Cycie DE shows…Fig

a) Expansion thru’ nozzle

10. Ni-metalic sensing is fitted on

a) pressure regulating valve
b) FCOC (fuel control oil cooler)
c) Min flow valve
d) –

11. A) In FCU, variation in temperatures is compensated by Bi-mettalic disc (or)

12. If the metal found in the chip detector gives white light while burning, it confirms the presence of
a) steel
b) Mg
c) Cr
d) –

13. Exhaust nozzle area is changed due to heat after long operation, it will cause
a) the thrust to reduce for the amount of fuel flow
b) the thrust will increase with the increase in EGT
c) no appriciable change in thrust or EGT as the area is same for that temperature
d) the thrust will increase due to increase of fuel flow due to more airflow through inlet

14. CODEP means

a) cobalt coating
b) coating given to LPT blades
c) coating given to improve the corrosion resistance in elevated temp of turbine blades
d) fuel additive

15. Mark the correct statement

a) compressors are loaded in front stages
b) compressors are loaded more at rear stages
c) compressor are equally loaded
d) –

16. Kevlar is used in fan casing fabrication. Al foil presence in kevlar

a) prevent stress
b) acts as a lightening arrester
c) used in light frequency operation
d) –
17. BSI of HPT is done thorough the holes given. During insp the HPT shaft is rotated by
a) remove starter and rotate through the starter engagement gears
b) drive pad is given for this purpose in the AGB section of these engines
c) after removing the combustion chamber only, BSI can be done
d) 7/8” socket and spanner attached in the hand cracking pad

18. During water methanol injection at which place will increase the temperature
a) compressor inlet
b) diffuser
c) compressor and diffuser
d) –

19. Pressurising valve setting at low spring tension causes (or) adjustment of P&D valve on FCU is lower
than the normal then..
a) hot start
b) hung start
c) –

20. Fog. Of Thrust reverser…identify the component

a) blocker door
b) drag plate
c) T/R unlock pop-out indicator

21. Fig… Identify the bolt used in Hot Section

a) A is used in hot section
b) B is used in hot section
c) B or C are used in hot section
d) None of the above

22. Fig. Impeller tip speed of centrifugal compressor limits the performance of the compressor, this is
a) tip speed reaching mach no
b) excessive compression
c) –

23. Fig. Of Magnetic sea

a) A is magnetic ring
b) B is magnetic ring
c) C is magnetic ring

24. Mark the correct statement regarding usage of the Helical gears used in Turbo Prop gear box
a) helical gears are easy to manufacture and economical
b) helical gears takes more loads because they are straight

25. Dilution of air/fucl mix takes place in

a) ?
b) inner swril vanes
c) outer swril vanes

26. If electronic control box is not fitted on APU, then..

a) load control valve can be adjusted after shutdown of APU
b) surge bleed valve operates on when no load control valve
c) –

27. APU event marker indicates

a) No of APU shutdown
b) No of APU starts
c) Over temperature
d) Starting including hung start

28. The purpose of feedback cable used in Thrust Reverser is

a) to prevent fwd thrust selection, if they are in deployed condition
b) to bring back the thrust lever to idle in case, the doors move opposition to selection in either fwd
or reverse
c) both a & b are correct
d) –

29. In Hyd. Mechanical Torquemeter torque is senced and transmitted by

a) –
b) –

30. FCU M.S.B.V. (?) high pressure symbol causes…?

a) –
b) –

31. For subsonic jet the inlet must have…

a) –
b) –

32. Fire extinguisher test provides…

a) –
b) –

33. Compressor fitted with layer turbot in…

a) –
b) –

34. Compressor blade dia…

a) –
b) –
35. Thermal efficiency of piston engine is higher than the jet engine is due to…
a) –
b) –
36. JPT crosses limits due to
a) –
b) –

37. Inlet of the hyd pump is blocked, then…

a) –
b) –

38. Efficient combustion cooling is…

a) –
b) –

39. Trimmer resister on EGT indication system ensures

a) a constant resistance value
b) increase / decrease in resistance
c) adjust BPT as per requirements

40. In turbo shaft engine above 400 knots of speed increases (25000 ft altitude??)
a) before sonic compression is low
b) compress ratio increases above sonic velocity
c) –

41. Back up to NTS

a) TSS
b) Prop brake
c) Safety coupling

42. Fig. Identify the component

a) Fuel pump
b) Oil pump

43. Fig. Identify the correct cockpit indication diagram.

a) –
b) –

44. Fig. Find out the stall angle…

a) –
b) –

45. Match the following:

a) torque cam Turbine rotor
b) torque hange compressor
c) snoub turbine stator
d) lock taps combustion chamber

46. After the engine tight up, starter did not cuts off. The probable cause will be
a) starter cut off circuit is faulty
b) starter drive spring is weak
c) starter bleed valve did not close
d) either a or b is correct

47. Rotary air-oil separator is used in

a) MGB to drain the oil pack sump
b) AGB to drain the oil back to sump
c) Bearing sump to remove air from the oil drained
d) Located in the MGB near the vent outlet, throws the oil outward to drain back in to the sump and
allow pressurizing air.

48. Hot shift and cold shift of modern engine is determined by

a) CIT sensor probe condition
b) TIT sensor probe condition
c) Throttle lever angle and its position in conjunction with MEC
d) ITI sensor and CIT sensor condition.

49. Engine anti-icing system consists of ducting and

a) heats up fwd and rearward simultanieously
b) heats up fwd and rearward in cyclic operation
c) consists of dual butterfly valve, which regulates the hot bleet air in relation with a timer circuit.
d) Can be used both flight and ground operation.

50. LOP fight illuminated during flight. What are the other parameters in connection with it, the pilot has to
check inside the cockpit indicators.
a) EGT and RPM indicator for the engine malfunctions.
b) Ni rpm gauge and oil temperature gauge.
c) Filter clogging light and EGT
d) No indicator to check, but to cut off the engine

51. Igniter, plugs should not be touched with bare hand because
a) high radioactive material are used and it will cause radiation through the body
b) tips are made up of tungsten carbid and it will get damaged
c) –
d) –
H.A. FEB-2002

1. a) What are the emergency/alternative L/G lowering systems? Explain the agency hydraulic system with
b) What are the gauges & indication used for proper operation of a/c fuel system?
c) What are the advantages & disadvantages of liquid O2 system in a/c? how is O2 bottle identified in a/c?

2. a) What are the inspections to be carried out on a/c pulley?

b) Explain the performance of out servo airfoil with the neat diagram of its characteristic curve.
c) What are the advantages of auto brake system? What are the components of the system? Draw its

3. a) What are the inspection carried out on control cables?

b) What are the advantages of swept back wings?
c) What is the purpose of safety relief valve in a/c pressurization system?
d) Which are the types of rescovers used in a/c hydraulic system?

4. a) Write stepwise repair of the damaged skin where the core of the honey comb material has also been
b) What are the safety features incorporated in air conditioning system of the a/c?
c) Explain the smoke detection system used in cargo compartment. Describe with a neat diagram?

5. a) How will you detect leak in internal fuel system?

b) What is mach trim system & how it functions?
c) What are the precautions taken before operating flap system?
d) What safety features are incorporated in a/c flap system?

6. a) Where external leaks are found in hydraulic system & here they are rectified?
b) How stall warning is fold in the cockpit?
c) What is ‘Q’ feed in a/c control system? How is it sensed? What are the used of ‘Q’ feel in a/c?

1. Composite with high compressive strength - boron

2. L/G lateral load taken by – Side strut
3. Before fuel tank welding – purge with steam
4. Composite for core – PVC & urathene
5. ‘Flag Out’ goes out of view – when PWR is out
6. Primary structures – Frame & longeron
7. Wing heating due to engine location – will accelerate transition
8. Flap over load valve – Retract flaps to prevent damage.
9. Velocity increases – induced drag decreases
10. L/G down causes – parasite drag
11. Principle of AOA indicting system – not parallel to the true AOA of a/c
12. Definition – wing bitt line
13. Roof skin thickness is – less
14. Stressed skin metal sing subjected to velocity – a group of rivet lead dipping
15. Damage on wing tip & radame – will not affect a/c safety
16. Static pr line disconnected inside pressurized cabin – ASI & altimeter read low
17. L/G down enabling by orifice check valve
18. Brake creeping – contamination of brake linings / glazing
19. To check shock strut fluid level – release air & remove valve
20. Cricket bull seam, rough surface – high Reynolds number, lift ↑
21. T/Reverser principle – Newton’s law
22. Fast erection of gyro hampered by –
23. At the time of installation accelerometer should read + 1G
24. Wind shield made of thermosetting plastic
25. L.E flap made of – Al casting
26. Intergranular corrosion – grain boundaries
27. Sherordizing process – Dipped in molten Zn
28. In a/c, air enter – reheater to turbine
29. Gyros – terrain clearance
30. Spoiler – Assist in roll control
31. Remissible deviation in magnetic compass
32. Compass caliberation, coefficient A is
33. Compass compensation – divide by 8
34. If O2 system pr kept law – moisture accumulating
35. Smoke clearance is part of – A/c system
36. If peak temp goes high – temp control valve modulate close
37. Purpose of fuel tank venting – to prevent damage, collapse suction
38. A stripe mark rim to side wall of tyre. Slippage (creep) identification
39. Annealing makes st. steel – removal stresses, soft machinative
40. Gear type hyd pump is +ve displacement pump because – transfers uniform rol of fluid in each turn
41. Resistance type temp indicator used – wheel stone bridge circuit
42. Shear between layer takes place – within boundary layer
43. A/C nose tip – stagnation pt, highest pr
44. Plain flap on deflection - ↑ effective AOA

1. What are the hydraulic rivets pressurized upward?

2. What are the GPWS operation modes?
3. What are some of the l/p & o/p of Air Data Computer (ADC)?
4. What will happen when a metal strip comes under L/G?
5. How does a flap asymmetry system work?
6. How is the L/G selected up & down?
7. Explain the purpose & principle of operation of a shimmy damper?
8. How the tyres will be removed if both the tyres of one side are worm out?
9. Explain the process of jacking are side main L/G?
10. How the shock strut lower pt is rigged?
HA (OCT-2000)

1. Air conditioning distribution system for modem a/c?

2. a) Yaw damperb) Flap overload
3. a) Induced drag b) Dynamic stability
4. Hydraulic steering system with a neat sketch.
5. Types of fire & smoke detector & explain phart electric cells with a sketch?
6. Explain the operating principles of dilutes demand regulator?
7. Tyre burst incident insp?
8. a) Fuel vent system b) Fuel leak classification
9. a) During normal operation what are the corrosion under which hydraulic low quantity indication occur?
b) What is the purpose of L/G transit cylinder & when it comes to operation?
10. Name the instrument which works in gyro & explain any one of them with principle & operation?

HA (OCT-2001)

1. What is dihedral angle & how its affects the a/c stability?
2. How is operational check of L/G warning s/w carried out?
3. What are the pressurization modes in a modern a/c? How is manual control carried out?
4. Write the names of the eqpa/system which receive Air baler computer o/p?
5. When are operational checks of Antiskid system carried out?
6. What is the function of coalscent lag in air conditioning system?
7. What is the manual reversal of flt control? Explain with an example?
8. With a neat diagram explain the cabin temp regulation system?
9. With a figure write the purpose of an adjustable tab?
10. What is the purpose of a sequence valve in hydraulically operated L/G system?
11. What is wing loading & how it diffects the landing speed of an a/c?
12. How is air vent provided to the fuel tank? Give a diagram of vent in modem a/c fuel tanks?
13. Why are hydraulic reservoirs pressurized & what are the sources for its presurisation?
14. What are the precaution taken while working on oxygen system?
15. What are the anti icing processes applied on modem a/c?
16. What are the safely features involved in design of a horizontal stabilizer of a modem a/c?
17. Why is surface coating applied on a re-in forced fabric component?
18. How is delamination check carried out on a honey comb material used in a/c construction?
Paper-II September -1993

1. Alloy used for stringer is

(a) 7075-T 76
(b) 7075-T 6
(c) 7075-T 36
(d) 7075-T 36&7075-T 73.

2. A+ Aerodynamics center the potching moment Co-efficient is

(a) dependent upon co-efficient of lift (CL)
(b) dependent upon co-efficient of lift & CP
(c) constant and independent of CL
(d) Dependent upon CL& center.

3. Mark the incorrect statement.

(a) For minimum drag the lift co-efficient is equal to its lift dependent drag
(b) At higher incendents lift arises from difference between reductions on
upper & lower surface of wing.
(c) For thin aerofoil of infinite aspect ratio in super sonic flow the aeroplynic center is at
50% of chord.
(d) Activity factor is measured on power absorption of Air serves.

4. Location of c.p is a function of –Ref page automotive flight construction.

(a) Camber (b) CL (c) Camber & CL varies with angle of attack
(d) Camber varies with angle of attack

5. The angle of attack at which fail moment is equal to using movement

(a) Neutral point (b) Trim point (c) Stick fixed point (d) Stick free point @ s/p.

6. Degree of longitudinal stability is effected by relative position of both

(a) Center of pr & aerodynamic center (b) CP & CG
(c) Aerodynamic center & C.G (d) Aerodynamic center & angle of attack 95/F.

7. Static Margin is the distance of 95/F

(a) Aerodynamics center to neutral point
(b) C.P is neutral point (c) CP&C.G
(c) CG to neutral point

8. Tab used at high speed

(a) Servo tab
(b) Balance tab (c) Spring tab (d) Trim tab 95/F


9. The station number is distance in enhance from

(a) A yew reference point forward of fuselage
(b) Reference point on the nose tip
(c) Reference point at wing of empty a/c.
(d) Reference point at the most forwarded C.G point of empty a/c

10. The languorous are

(a) Rolled HAT section
(b) Extracted z sections
(c) Rolled & extracted z sections
(d) Rolled & forged z sections.

11.Extensive use of metal biding in a/c constructions

(a) Fatigue resistance only (b) Corrosion resistance of only power
(c) Fatigue & corrosion resistance (d) corrosion resistance wire

12. Inboard & king of taper rolled provide

(a) Max thickness area of heavy loading
(b) Min thickness area of reduced loading
(c) Thickness skin at root and across fuselage.
(d) Thickness at high tort ional loads

13. Plate between front and rear span

(a) Has thickness tapered
(b) Is butt spliced
(c) Has tapered thickness and is but spliced
(d) Has tapered thickness with flush fastness

14. Alloys use in a/c are hardened by

(a) Cold working (b) Aging (c) Heat treatment
(d) Chemical treatment.


15.In sensitive ASI the scale can be made liner by

(a) Introducing banana shaped slat in the toothed wheel, which meshes with pointer percon (b)
using turning spring (c) Keeping capsule in mathematically curved shape
(e) All the above.

16.Max safe airspeed criclicator

(a) Does not require true temperature compensation
(b) Require true max safe and total Airspeed
(c) Has a subsidiary scales which can be set to max speed of given a/c and structure
(d) None above is correct
17. Mark the correct statement
(a) There is no apparent wander of gyro at equator
(b) If gyro is moved from north pole to south pole around earth surface than the apparent wonder would
change from counter clock wise to clock wise
(c) Error due to apparent wonder at any point is to 15Lat/hr (latitude in degree)
(d) All the above are correct.

18. In ratio meter type instrument

(a) Coil carring stranger current moves in stronger part of it
(b) No effect of flucations of input voltage
(c) Controlling force provided by spring is quit stronger and has to counter balance

19. Artificial Horizon

(a) Has a complete freedom 360° in roll and 85° freedom input is hat it is difficult
But not impossible topple the horizon
(b) Has a wonder rate of gyro less than 15° per hour
(c) Has a gyro axis titled forward about 15° to compensate to rate of turning
(d) All the above are correct.

20. If a/c alternates on easterly heading the compass will indicate

(a) Apparent turn towards north
(b) Apparent turn towards south
(c) Doping of compass
(d) None of the above.

21. Hear spring is a instrument

(a) Is provided to negative back lash and statement
(b) Serves as controlling force against reflecting force (c) Is strip of Nl, Fe alloy to sensitive to allows
greater amount of flux between the pole to pole temperature when temp increases + statement (d)
None of the above

22. Air speed indicator measures

(a) Dynamic pr (b) Dynamic-static pr(c) Dynamic+static pr (d) Staticpressure

23. Cabin altitude indicator is

(a) An alternator calibrated to some pr latitude test as a normal altimeter
(b) A bounden type pr gauge
(c) Contains siphon open carbon
(d) None of the above

24. Rate of climb indicator is

(a) A different pr gauge to indicate rate of altitude change
(b) Not a ∆ pr gauge sime operation depends upon static programme
(c) Having, is most cases, a logarithmic scale as it is advantageous in start & statement
(d) Effected by position error

25. Rate of climb indicator

(a) Has two springs for selling range, which bears on stem connected to center piece.
(b) With range setting spring to extent force of capsule to achieve relation between capsule pr deflection
(c) Has spring screws the upper row of screws to upper row of spring control rate of decent calibration
(d) All above the are correct

26. Dip magnetic compass

(a) Is caused by the horizontal component of earths magnetic field
(b) Is called by vertical component of earth magnetic field
(c) Is max at equator & min at poles
(d) Both a & b are correct

27.If pilot tube is blocked airspeed indicator reading while sending will
(a) Decrease (b) Increase (c) under speed (d) over head

28.ASI indicator can be modified to read

(a) Equivalent air speed (b) Mach numbers (c) True air speed
(e) All the above


29. In two phase induction motor type of serve motor of an auto pilot the reference phase is supplied by
(a) 26v 50 Hz (b) 115v, 400Hz (c) 240v, 400Hz (d) 220v, 50

30.When automatic control is selected in electro HYDRAULIC auto pilot system

(a) The engage com is out of detent
(b) Engage signal is fed to the 5.0 volts
(c) a & b
(d) Pilot control valve is operated

31. The component different between position control servomechanism and speed control mechanism is
(a) Serve motor (b) Techno generator (c) Potentiono meter (d) error detector

32.Mark the correct statement

(a) Yaw damper will not oppose pedal movement of pilot
(b) The speed monitor identifies speed a/c for application of control
(c) In disengage condition of electro prumatic Autopilot the lines and pistons are retracted.
(d) Under normal condition of load, the torque applied to input member by servo meter is transmitted
to intermediate member.
33. When control wheel is released in control wheel sterling the automatic control
(a) Holds a/c at originally selected altitude
(b) Is provided by a pilot & Roll forces simultaneously pilot through force transactions
(c) Holds the a/c a newly established altitude
(d) Both b& c correct.

34.Wing leading edge using control achieved by

(a) PrerumaticThermal & thermal system
(b) Thermal & electrical system
(c) Electrical & Alcohol system
(d) All the above

35. Thix tropic Agent

(a) Decreases stress
(b) Decreases temp sensitivity
(c) Increases stress
(d) Increases temp sensitivity

36. Expansion slot in rotary brake discus assembly

(a) Prevents excessive heat description
(b) Prevents warping from heat
(c) Enhance heat disruption
(d) Increases efficiency of brakes system when brakes area

37. Mark the correct statement

(a) Pr demand type of regulator is used for both crews
(b) Pr demand type of regulator is used only for crew

38. Upper & lower bearing in main L/G shock strat programme
(a) Only sliding surface between inner Souter cylinder
(b) Only air seal between inner & outer cylinder
(c) Only sliding surface with minimum friction
(d) Sliding surface and air seal between inner souter cylinder

39. In HYD main L/G system the rate of gear extension is slowed by

(a) In build snubber design

(b) Check valve is upline

(c) Orifice check valve in down line

(d) Orifice check valve in upline

40. What prevents L/G from being retracted after has lowered

(a) Lock strut (b) Down lock & Lock strut (c) Down lock (d) Down lock & weight of the a/c

41. Some relief valves provide an overflow features to

(a) To provide pr lock (b) Prevents cavitations (c) Test reverse flow chalk valve

(e) Compensate for temperature variation

42. Mark incorrect statement

(a) HYD fuse is device to seal broken HYD line

(b) Follow up selector valves are used in L/G system

(c) Pr relief valves are priority valve

(d) Sequence valves are sprout type and by pass check valves

43. In angular type HYD pump the angle between cylinder block axis and drive shaft axis
can be varied by

(a) Pr control unit

(b) Spring unit

(c) Contrail cylinder

(d) Swivel yoker

44.When sprout type hydraulic pr regulator is in KIKKED” in piston the directional sprout is in
a position to direct pr to

(a) The pilot valve to keep it open

(b) The unloading valve to keep it closed.

(c) The unloading valve to it open

(d) The pilot valve to keep it closed.

45.Fittings used to attach the MLG to wings are secured with

(a) Interference fit

(b) Closed tolerame fit

(c) Both a & b

(d) Permanent type

46. Antiskid system

(a) Can use mechanical fly wheel type of skid detector

(b) Can use electrical & selectronic type skid detector

(c) Provides optimum braking and avoids dragging of wheel

(d) All the above are correct

47. Co lour Hyd system tabbing is

(a) Yellow, blue, Yellow

(b) White, blue, white.

(c) Blue, green, blue

(d) Light blue, Yellow, Colorless.


48. A line from isobaric control valve to the throat of ambient venture

(a) A low pr reference to manual controller

(b) A low pr reference to auto controller

(c) A high pr reference to manual controller

(d) A high pr reference to auto controller

49. The rate of selection of pressurization system regulates rate of air flow between

(a) Control chamber & venture

(b) Rate chamber & venture

(c) Controller chamber & rate chamber

(d) Rate chamber & manual controller

50. Mark the correct statement

(a) Vacuum relief system provides automatic control signals only

(b) Vacuum relief system provides both auto & manual continue signals only

(c) Positive pr. Relief valve is built in to the flow valve

(d) Cabin barometric selector control landing field altitude

51. The purpose of negative pr relief valve is to

(a) Select pressurization at stations when aerodrome elevation below sea level

(b) Allow out –side air to enter fuselage when out side pr is greater than inside pressure

(c) Allow out flow to open when inside pr greater than ambient

(d) Half differential pr. Relief valve in case ambient pr become less than pr inside airplane
52.Turbine engine air is used for air conditioning & pressurization cooled

(a) Compressed air (b) Ram air (c) Conditioned air (d) Bleed-Air.

53. How the cabin of an a/c usually controlled

(a) By pressure automatic out flow that dumps all pressure excess of the amount for which it is

(b) By pr- sensitive valve that consents output of pressurization pump.

54. Cooling device in planes consist of

(a) Fam air, Ram air actuator, ACM

(b) Primary H.E., secondary H.E., and Fam air

(c) ACM, primary H.E., Fam air

(d) ACM, primary H.E., 7 secondary H.E.,

55. Air in pack is at lowest temperature at

(a) Out let of primary H.E.,

(b) Out let of secondary H.E.,

(c) Inlet of compressor

(d) Out let of turbine

56. Out flow valve is for

(a) A./c system only

(b) Pressurization systems only

(c) A/c & pressurization systems only

(d) A/c & recirculation only

57. In the event of pressurization failure protection by

(a) Positive pr. Relief valve

(b) Negative pr. Relief valve

(c) Servo valve

(d) Check valve

58.In pressurization system mode selection switch on ground

(a) For recirculation

(b) For ground operation

(c) For controlling cabin temp on ground

(d) For ground operation of ventilation systems

59. A small orifice in manual control pressurization valve provides

(a) High pr reference for manual controller

(b) High pr reference for auto controller

(c) A low pr reference for manual controller

(d) A low pr reference for auto controller

1. Centre of pressure is the point From which total lift four outs.
2. The Static margin is The CG location which produce neutral statics
3. If an a/c has directional static custability, displosure in YAW will cause – Directional devergenic
4. The purpose of primary stups in flight controls system is to – Restrict the moment of the control to their
current range
5. If a gyroscope positional at a latitude has an opp drift of 15° sin its input axis would be alighned – local
component of earth rate.
6. The effect of an ocillation or wobbling of a gyrosonic spin axis is known as – nutation
7. In connection with command signal processing, the function of adapting control system response to an
a/c handling qualities known as – gain programming.
8. In order to derive D.C. control signal having phase relationship as an A.C. signal, it is accurate for
signals to be - demodulated
9. In terms of pressure ratio, mach no is equivalent – P-s/s
10. Heading hold signal from auto flight control system are supplied to the – roll channel
11. AZIMUTH information during an ILS approach is provided by signals from – localiser transmitter.
12. A parallel – connected servo motor is one which moves both appropriate flight control surfaces and
pilots control.
13. The to – from indicator of an HIS is in operates which only the VOR mode is selected.
14. When failure data signals occurs, indication is given on EFIS display units by flags displayed in -
15. Logic gates – ref page 275 auto flight