Recent clash in Khulna University and My view

I am writing this responding to the news regarding the clashes among lobor, police and students in khulna. I am a student of khulna University, which is the only university that is session jam and politics free. Our varsity was closed on Thursday for a 4 week long summer vacation. We already had our vacation plan. We were leaving our campus one by one by buses and trains. But as it happens regularly the labors of bus terminals behave roughly to us(not only students but also all the people). But I seen it first time that bus lobors are beating students severely. We all the students just wanted to rescue our friends and wanted support from the law enforcers to arrest the guilty. Is that an illegal stance. But we surprisingly found that the OC of Sonadanga Thana acting in a such attitudes which are sufficient enough to allow the guilty Zakir Hossain Biplop flew away. We did not want unrest we wanted solution that is why we first went to the police station. What we get in return? The news in most of the newspapers shows that police beat the students severely. Nobody is our enemy except the guilty one, but police allow the guilty to be out of reach. Police protected the guilty and tortured the innocent students. Was that their responsibility at that time? I just want to remind you the lead news of The Prothom Alo on 16th May, 2008; and request you to read that. This is police beyond all of our expectations! Why should we believe that police is the friend of the people? Time has come to reconsider our position in the society. This was really a pathetic experience for us which again reminds us the facts that we are such humiliated in the society even any labor can beat us. We can not file any complain against this in the police station. Its our bad luck and as well as shame that we were forced to leave the hall making the fates of our wonded friends uncertain! Please expend some times to think about the questions that i just have asked. This is very serious issue that we must think. Is there any dignity left for us after by beaten by bus labors? Lets rise these questions in our mind and find ways to uphold our dignity again.

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