Throughout the past ten years, electronic technology has changed drastically.

Having a computer and the Internet is almost a necessity for people, especially in the field of business. E-commerce, which is defined as a method of buying and selling products and services electronically has had a huge impact on the economy. This impact includes advantages and disadvantages for suppliers, consumers, international trade and the government as e-commerce evolves. E-commerce has many effects on the suppliers of goods and services. An advantage that it has for suppliers is better distribution. With e-commerce, suppliers can directly contact and access buyers and eliminate the marketing cost. Another advantage that e-commerce provides for suppliers is marketing communications. This allows suppliers to obtain information from customers for the purpose of serving them more effectively. The web also allows suppliers to advertise and promote products on-line. E-commerce also has the advantage of offering operational benefits for the suppliers, by reducing errors, time, an

E-commerce has some advantages for international trade. One is that an open global economy allows the ability of markets to interact and trade without concerns about geographic location or time. Another advantage is the volume of goods traded internationally will increase in both developed and developing countries. E-commerce also allows companies to trade internationally without negatively effecting the environment. This also reduces the amount of materials, energy and land consumed by these structures. A disadvantage that e-commerce has on international trade is the lack of privacy, data protection and security for the companies involved. Another disadvantage is that it is difficult for both parties to communicate which brings problems in verifying records when transactions are conducted online. Also a disadvantage in e-commerce is for developing countries. Since the U.S. is the leader in defining the Internet, by trading internationally companies will design their Internet and e-commerce around the U.S.

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