Art Writing Prompts

1. How are emotions raised by a work of art different from typical human emotions? (For example, is a “sad” painting different from another experience of sadness? If so, how?) 2. Do photographs ever lie? How? 3. Do photographs tell the truth? 4. Is a viewer’s interpretation of a work as valid as the artist’s interpretation? 5. If tomorrow you discovered that a great artist was an evil person, would the information change your feelings or interpretation of that person’s artworks? If so, how? 6. How is the creative process in art similar to the creative process in science? 7. Is there a relationship between artistic quality and time? Please describe that relationship. 8. Are “Realistic” works of art actually realistic? 9. Is art ever actually “new”? If so, how?

10. Define the word realistic. 11. Which is more descriptive, a text that describes an event or a work of visual art? Why? 12.Do artists have an obligation to tell the “truth”? Why? 13.Define art based on your personal experience. 14.Are artists different from other people? 15.Does a verbal explanation of a work of art really “explain” the work? 16.Write your own personal art history. Begin with your first art-making memory. 17.Can a work of art change the world? Heal it? Cause a riot? How? 18.You are told that you have an artistic personality, what does that mean? 19.Is there such a thing as “artistic genius”? If yes, please describe its development and characteristics. 20.Describe how you move from being artistically “dry” to productive. 21.If you could no longer see color, how would you express yourself as an artist?

22. Is the “ART” primarily in the completed work or in the original idea? 23.If you could no longer create art, what would you do? 24.Why do you, as a young artist, “need” to create art? 25. Some people say they hate art. Why do you think this happens? 26.Can an object have artistic qualities and not actually be a work of art? Explain. 27.Which is more important in a work of art, technical quality or emotion? Why? 28.Describe the way that animation has changed due to the development of technology. 29.Describe your personal “arting process” from idea to product. 30.Describe the importance of painting in a world with digital photography. 31.Is photography art? Why or why not? 32.What is the difference between splattered paint on a wall and a Jackson Pollock painting?

33.Maya Lin was in college when she created the Vietnam Memorial plan. Currently, a 14-year-old is selling paintings for thousands of dollars. Can young people create “great” art? 34.Does art created during a time of war look different from art created during peacetime? 35.Adolf Hitler tried to suppress the avant garde in Germany. Why would creative expression threaten a totalitarian leader? 36.Does the amount of freedom in a society have an effect on the artwork produced in that society? Explain. 37.How did the development of the rules of perspective change our way of seeing the world? 38.Is art valued in our culture and community? Why or why not? 39.Matisse’s Fauvist works were considered outrageous, now they are not. What changed? 40.Would Leonardo da Vinci have used a computer if it had been available? How? 41.Does the power of artistic expression fade over time? 42.Does art created by women look different that art created by men? In what way(s)?

43.Who could describe a major event more effectively, a writer or a painter? 44.Can art change the way people feel about themselves? 45.What is the difference between beauty and ugliness? 46.Can boring people make interesting art? 47.Can we ever understand someone else’s artistic expression? How? 48.Is there a relationship between monetary value and artistic quality in a famous artwork? 49.Is art that has been restored still the same work of art? 50.Can art be simultaneously appealing AND morally corrupt?

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