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Study of Consciousness

Study of Consciousness

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Published by: Kindred Khan Nguyen on Jun 03, 2010
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Consciousness is the word which we use, umpteenth number of times, in our daily life without being conscious of its use. In other words, this word consciousness has become a part and parcel of our routine talking vocabulary and in communication. However, these days, all of sudden, the word consciousness has become very important and respected word in the context of science and spirituality. Everyone is consciously talking about consciousness. We find again and again, in meetings, gatherings, colloquiums, symposia and conferences of science and spirituality or otherwise as well, people are consciously seeking about consciousness. The general point of talking and discussion among the august gathering is about; what is consciousness? How to define consciousness? What is so important about consciousness? Why all of sudden this word consciousness has gained so much importance? Why everyone is now consciously talking about consciousness? What one will gain after understanding the word consciousness? Consciousness as a missing link between God and man, God is consciousness; consciousness is God; consciousness, consciousness and consciousness… so on and so forth. So, why do not we take this opportunity to probe consciously this word consciousness, a little deeper and try to understand its meaning, objective and philosophy? We would like to study the subject both from the point of view of modern science, and as well as spiritual science. And will see what and how much we have gained or learned at the end?

The word consciousness may be used both in the common language, in a scientific language and as well in connection with the deeper spiritual connotation. Here in this article we are essentially interested in finding the similarities between the consciousness of scientific and the spiritual world.


Most of the time, often, we use the word consciousness, in day to day life, in a very loose sense. It may be broadly classified as an equivalent English term awareness meaning knowledge of something. Generally speaking, when we use the term consciousness, actually we only mean awareness, i.e. one is aware of the information around one’s surrounding etc.

A Deeper Meaning
We, if look carefully deeper into the meaning of the word consciousness and awareness, we may find that there is a subtle difference in the meaning of these two words. Although on the gross level we often use these two words as a synonym. But we find that on the subtle level or to say in the spiritual sense, consciousness has more subtle meaning than the word awareness. By saying this, we mean that one cannot be aware of anything without raising the consciousness, to say, to the usually higher level of consciousness. We can aware of the higher level, if and only if, we have raised our consciousness to that said higher level of consciousness. Awareness cannot be raised without raising the level of consciousness. While, on the other hand, raising the level of consciousness, itself raises the level of awareness. Or, we may say in the subtle form consciousness is independent of awareness; but awareness is a function of consciousness.

The Common Term
We start the subject, to begin with, the common use of word consciousness in our day to day life. We may observe that we talk about consciousness such as, one is conscious about his touch, one is conscious about his look, one is conscious about his taste, one is conscious about his listening or one is conscious about a particular smell. For example, often we say that so and so person is very sensitive and careful towards his well being of his outer-look, or in other words we may say that the person is very conscious about his look, and as well as in choice of his dressing. We take another example; he is very choosey and particular about his choice of food that suits his taste buds; or we may say he


is very conscious about his choice of food. Or look at another example, we find that some persons are very conscious about smell of some particular perfumes and other aroma producing articles than the others.

The Scientific Term
The consciousness in the scientific parlance is generally associated with the observation of a phenomenon, be it is natural or in the laboratory. The natural phenomenon includes such as observations of motion of stars, planets etc. A very celebrated example is that of Newton’s observation, in the seventeenth centaury, of falling of an apple on the ground in his childhood; gave birth to the notion and knowledge of gravitation, and the subsequent formulation of gravitational laws by him. Johannes Kepler, a native of Germany, in the sixteenth century by his conscious observational power has ignited the modern scientific revolutions. His painstaking observations of the stars for years together gave birth to the astronomical branch of science. Similarly, the observation by Faraday, in his laboratory, of the moving magnet, which produces the induced current in a coil; this effect gave birth to dynamo, the basis of modern day electricity supply. And not to mention about Albert Einstein who by his power of mind has changed the course of scientific history, in the twentieth century. Carl Sagan writes in his celebrated book Cosmos: ‘Today we have discovered a powerful and elegant way to understand the nature, a method called science (observation and analysis); it has revealed to us a universe so ancient and so vast that human affairs seem at first sight to be of little consequence. He further writes science is an ongoing process. It never ends. There is no single truth to be achieved, after which all the scientist can retire.’1

The Spiritual Term
In spirituality, the word consciousness carries deep esoteric meaning. The term is generally associated with the awareness of God such as one has consciousness of God or

Cosmos, Carl Sagan, (Published by A Ballantine Book, New York, 1980), p xvi.


not. Thus consciousness has more subtle meaning in the spiritual language than what we mean in the scientific language. The word consciousness is also associated with the deep esoteric human nature. Essentially, spiritual science is a science that searches the deep esoteric human nature. Hence in spirituality we find the terms such as expansion of one’s consciousness or increase of one’s consciousness. We find the corresponding term missing when we use word consciousness in terms of science. The only corresponding word we may find such as higher brain power or power of mind.

…The Exploration
How does it happen that we are conscious about some particular objects but not about other objects? How we are conscious to do one work but not other? How and why a child is free from consciousness of the clothing? How one is more conscious about God than others? How does this consciousness mechanism work? Why and how that we are sensitive or conscious about touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing? Let us explore, from the point of view of science and spiritual science, answers to such questions in detail, consciously.

Awaken State: A Gross Level
On the close observation we find that the consciousness of touch, smell, sight, audio and taste; these five different sense qualities are governed by the five distinct sense organs. These sense organs give us the feeling of touch, smell etc, and in turn we are conscious about these sense qualities. In the absence of, or not working of any of these particular sense qualities, one will not be able to be conscious of that particular sense quality. For an example, in a hearing impaired person, in whom the auditory sense organs are partly or completely damaged. In this case, the auditory sense organs are not sensitive to the sound energy, and the person may not be able to feel any effect of sound around him. 5

Or we may say, in other words, such a person is not conscious of sound around him. Sound or sound energy is there, but primarily due to the impairment of his auditory sensory organs, he is not conscious about the sound. We next take up another example; an example of touch. In general, we know that our skin is hyper sensitive to the touch. Even if there is slightest of the tingling or touch and we immediately, in less then a fraction of a second, come to know about it. Or, we can say that we are very conscious about the touch of our body. But a person the with motor nerve disease, where motor nerve is impaired may not feel any sense of touch, as his skin may have lost the sensitiveness of touch. Or in other worlds, we may say that the person with motor impaired nerve is not conscious about the touch of his body.

Functional Energy and Relation to Brain
In both of these above examples, energy that has to be carried to the central information center (CPU of the brain), for the processing of information, in the brain is missing. Thus a person with the hearing impairment is not able to hear; and a person with motor impaired nerve is not able to feel any touch. Or we may simply say that in these two examples that have been mentioned above, the persons with these two impairments are not conscious of sound and touch respectively. We take another example, the effect of anesthesia on pain, be it physical or psychological. Everyone agrees that the pain is indeed very painful and associated with very unpleasant experience and no one likes it. And as anesthesia removes the cause of pain it is a wonderful medication!!! But in reality anesthesia does not remove the cause of pain. All it does only to block the energy that carries pain sensation to the brain, and in turn we feel relieved of the pain. So consciousness may be linked to the energy through which one works or links to the physical world. Hence, we may say consciousness is a form of the energy, and consciousness primarily works through energy, and then in turn through senses. When this energy is missing from our sense organs these cease to work, and we are not able to sense anything around us in this physical world. Thus we can say we are not conscious of touch, sight, sound etc, when energy from these sense organs is withdrawn. Ironically, and as a matter of fact, we 6

perceive this world only through the functioning of these five senses. In the inert state or non-functioning of these senses the world is dead to us. Partly and temporarily we experience this inert state of senses in our sleep.

Sleep State
We look further and analyse what happens when we go to sleep? In the sleep state, one is not conscious of functioning of any of the five sensing faculties. And one is not aware that whether even any of these five senses are working or not? Thus in sleep, ears are there but these do not able to hear any sound, and we are not conscious of sound. Eyes are there but these do not able to see anything, and we are not conscious of sight. Body is there but it is not able to feel any touch, and we are not conscious of the touch. In sleep, energy from the sense organs, that carries information to the brain for processing, is temporally withdrawn and energy retires into the medulla oblongata. This makes operation of the sensing organs temporarily non-functioning, thus ceasing the sensing operation. In sleep, we are not able to hear; or feel the touch of any object; or not able to smell anything and so on. Thus in sleep, we are not conscious of ourselves of being alive or not, or having the male or female body, or even this world exists or not. Or, in other words, we may say in sleep we are not conscious of this outer physical world.

Dream State
In the dream state one is awake in the dreamland. The dreams are generally associated with the subconscious mind and are thought to be the product of the subconscious mind. The dreams are more or less like a motion picture, passes on with the passage of time. Dreams as we know are unreal in nature. As long as one is dream state one he is in the delusion of his dream consciousness. And it is just restricted to these short or long moments. Unless it is like a terrible nightmare, one tends to forget the dreams as soon as one is awake in the physical reality. For example, one might be playing a part of the king in the dream state in a dreamland, and may cry of losing his kingdom in the awaken state.


Delusion: Maya
On the extension, the spiritual person, in particular the realized ones consider this world as a dream of Brahman in his consciousness. Interestingly, as long as we are in this physical world we are considered to be in the delusion, under the spell of Maya,2 and in that sense we are in the dream state. Only by the practice of meditation, when we are able to raise our consciousness to say the higher level, above the consciousness of the physical world, we are considered to be in the awaken state, in the State of Brahman. Thus only the Self-realization in a real sense is not a state of dream, as far as spirituality is considered.

Dream of Brahman
In scriptures, as a matter of fact, the whole of the cosmos is considered to be as a Dream of Brahman in his consciousness. Carl Sagan wrote in his book Cosmos: ‘The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to an idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is only religion in which the time scale correspond, no doubt by accident, to those of modern scientific cosmology.3 Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long, longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since Big Bang. There is a deep and appealing notion that the universe is but the dream of god who, after a hundred Brahma years, dissolves himself into a dreamless sleep. The universe dissolves with him–until, after another Brahma centaury, he stirs, recomposes himself and begins again to dream the great cosmic dream. Meanwhile, elsewhere, there are an infinite number of other universes, each with its own god dreaming the cosmic dream.’4

2 3

Delusion, Ignorance. Ironically, nothings happen in this world by accident or without the knowledge of Lord. Mathew 10:29 (Bible) says ‘…Lord even care for the sparrow that are sold for a farthing.’ 4 Cosmos, Carl Sagan, (Published by A Ballantine Book, New York, 1980), p 213.


Meditative State: A Subtle Level
Meditation, strictly speaking, is communion between the finite and the Infinite; between an individual soul and the Spirit. The scriptures the Bhagavad Gita,5 Patanjali Yoga Sutra

etc. describes scientifically and systematically the methods of meditation, a Raj Yoga

path. Meditation deeply affects the consciousness of mediator at the subconscious, at the conscious and at the super-conscious levels. Meditation by its power, tremendously, and dramatically increases the brain power by expanding one’s consciousness. Thus the expansion of consciousness and power of mind are same, and as one leads to another. We can also say that human evolution and expansion of consciousness are complementary to each other. Meditation, in a very subtle manner, directly works on the one’s consciousness. Thus it together with the expansion of one’s consciousness also accelerates one’s ascending on the ladder of Self-realization. The journey, the journey of Self-realization, of its own natural way may take thousands of years to come in terms of God-realization. Meditation by its very virtue of expansion of consciousness only quickens the process of Self-realization. The scriptures say, meditate now and realize Him and become Self-realize, or you have to wait till thousands of years to come. One of the Cosmic chants of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda depicts this picture in a most beautiful ways.7

We, now discuss about the limitation of this sensory power of senses. For an example, take the example of touch; we know that the sense of touch is limited to one’s body only.

A Great Indian scared book on Yoga. For example see, God Talks With Arjuna- The Bhagavad Gita, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Vol. 1 & 2, Published by Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, Rnachi, India, 2002). Hence forth mentioned as Bhagavad Gita. 6 A treatise on yoga. 7 In the valley of sorrow, a thousand years or till tomorrow, But I will wait to see You, You, You, just You, My Lord, I want to see only You, You, You, only You… Words of Cosmic Chants, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, (Published by Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi, India, 2007), p17.


Our mind can only record a touch if it is within the boundary of our body, and beyond it the mind is not capable of detecting a sensing touch. Or we may say that our mind has a limited power to register any sense of touch. And here the limitation is restricted to one’s body only. For, an analogy an elephant has a larger body surface area than compare to an ant’s body. Hence, naturally the sensing area of an elephant is much larger than in comparison to that of an ant. Over it one has no choice or control, as it is His choice and His creation. Thus in the present example of touch, our consciousness is highly restricted to within the peripheral of our body. The similar restrictions and limitations are equally valid for the other sense organs as well. For an example we have a limited vision to see and recognize any object clearly and properly. And if it is out of the sight then we are not even conscious about the object.

Classical Example: A Test
Here lies an important point to observe, understand and discuss that even with the persons with greatest of the power of mind, information through the inputs of the senses have their own limitations and may not always be true. It is highly likely that one may draw a wrong inference from these inputs. A very good classical example from the elementary physics comes to mind and the experiment runs as follows. We take three cups of water, one filled with cold water, one filled with normal water and the last one filled with hot water. Now, if we put our two fingers, one in cold water, and one in hot water for some time, and then simultaneously put these two fingers into the normal water. We, invariably and unmistakably, experience as follows. The finger which was in the cold water feel the normal water warm, and the finger which was in hot water feels the normal water cool. How could it be possible that the two fingers, of the same person, register the different results? Simply, even with the best of mind in the world, inputs from the senses may not be very reliable one. At time our mind may fail to discriminate actuality behind the reality, right from the wrong answer. One may add any number scientific instruments in add to the 10

senses, still one find in the end, the inadequacy of information, and feel helpless in removing the limitation or resolving the depth of the problem. One may find innumerable such kinds of examples, such as optical illusion experiments, where the inference drawn by the mind through the input of the senses may not always be correct and can be erroneous.

Quantum Example: The Uncertainty Principle
With further development of science particularly with reference to the modern science, we have come to the realm of atomic physics. In the world of atomic physics we come face to face with the subatomic particles and their interactions. These subatomic particles are unique in their own ways and are not directly perceptible to any of the five sensing faculties. These particles could not be seen, touched, tasted, smelt or heard, but these exist as modern science has proved their existence. On the measurement basis, an interesting and amazing phenomenon that baffled the scientific community came to light. It took the scientific community a very long time to come to its term, and to accept this paradox as it is embedded in the nature itself. Over that no one has any control and it is very basic and fundamental to the Nature itself. The phenomenon states that one can not measure the position and momentum of a subatomic particle simultaneously and accurately. It has been observed that if the measurement in the position of an atomic particle is certain, then the measurement in the momentum has become uncertain, and vice versa. A very peculiar position indeed!!! The quantum mechanical paradox in the quantum physics is well known as the uncertainty principle.8 This uncertainty in the measurement of a position and momentum of a particle carries so small numerical value that it escapes its detection for the larger bodies. The uncertainty, in terms of a mathematical equation may be represented as follows; ∆x × ∆p ≥ h ; where ∆x is the uncertainty in position of a particle, ∆p is the uncertainty in momentum of a particle, and h is the Planck’s constant.9

8 9

Quantum Mechanics, L I Schiff, (Published .by McGraw-Hill Book Company, USA, 1949). h= 6.626176 E- 34 Joule–sec, named after German physicist Max Plank.


The point of argument is that even with best of the available instruments, so far we have been able to develop; we have come face to face with the limit that has been imposed by the Nature and is very fundamental to it. We have failed to resolve or overcome the paradox and its limit that on the analytical basis carries very insignificant numerical value. Generally speaking, we can say that our consciousness as working through the senses is highly restricted and limited by Nature, as for as the physical world affairs are concerned and involved. And we have no other choice but to bow down to the might of Almighty Nature and its lila.10

Observer, Observation and Analysis
I would like to mention here an example of Newton’s law of gravitation. Everyone, even laymen, knows that Newton had discovered the gravity and the related laws. It was not that, before Newton, the apples used to go up but only he was conscious and careful enough to thought about this phenomenon, and discovered the effect of gravity on the falling bodies. Hence the outcome is the formulation of the laws of gravitation; he also tried to see this effect in other phenomenon as well. Similarly, by following the same conscious observation and careful analysis the Great Newton established the laws of motion that is known by his name. The same is said to be true for the Great Galileo whose painstaking conscious observation had opened an entire new filed of science, the astronomy. The natural question, we may ask to ourselves that if everyone is working only and only through the senses then why we do so much differ in the analysis of inputs through the senses? As a matter of fact, we know that the very primarily and basic functions of senses are the observation of any phenomenon. So, why one person is more conscious and of its analysis than any other person, of the same observation obtained through the senses? What cause these differences and how one may be held accountable for such differences?

A divine play of God.


…The Power of Mind
The differences may be explained and understood on the basis of power of mind that in turn is responsible for analysis of any input through the senses. Or we can say, how much one is conscious about one’s observation through senses, of any events that have been taking place, either in nature: a grand laboratory or in one’s own laboratory and of these analysis, also depends upon one’s power of mind to analysis and draw inference from such experimental phenomenon. The power of mind is directly proportional to the expansion of consciousness. And the practise of meditation techniques expands the consciousness and that in turn increases the power of mind.

...The Theory
In the scientific parlance we call it the theoretical development of experimental observations, expressed usually in the sets of mathematical relations, the language of science. It may range from very simple to highly complex in the nature to express such experimental phenomenon; such as Newton’s law of motions, theory of relativity, theory of quantum physics so on and so forth. It may require a very high level of expertise, developed through the prolonged sophisticated training in science and mathematics, to understand such physical phenomenon in terms of mathematical relations. And at the same time it may be completely out of bound for a layman, an untrained person.

Scientific Development: Expansion of Consciousness
The scientific developments have some remarkable and outstanding successful experimental and theoretical developments. Ironically, at the same time these scientific advancements have stumbled upon some remarkable limitations or failure as well. Interestingly and in ignorance one may call these limitations a failure. But by calling so one may be doing high injustice to these scientific developments, at the same time to the expansion of consciousness, and as well as to the evolution of mind and human being. In this way, as mentioned earlier, we may link the expansion of consciousness to the increasing power of mind.


The advancement of sciences has its own shinning and glorious success story. In terms of invention of scientific instruments or in determining numerous scientific data with invented instruments: such as speed of light, Planck’s constant, observations of solar system, electron microscope, computers... We have an endless list of such kinds of discoveries and inventions up to the best possible knowledge so far we have been able to acquired through the evolution of brain (or to say consciousness) with the passage of time. It would not be out of discussion to say many more such things are in waiting through the further expansion of consciousness. The Lord Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad Gita: ‘There are innumerous attributes of Me (Nature) …and even millions and millions of incarnations are not sufficient to know all these.’11

Stepping Stone
All these scientific advancements must owe their due respects and regards to the previous advancements on which these are based which serves as a stepping stone. In a very similar ways as our modern (western) science is based on the Greek science and philosophy. The past advancement (evolution) however elementary, small, insignificance or primitive, a discovery or invention may it looks at the present time, it had served as a stepping stone for the further development; whether we admit this fact or not. We, at no particular time, have right to deny its importance and these richly deserve our due respect and regards. Even at many times it may seems an utter failure in terms of result oriented developments. All these measurements and their analysis could be possible that what we get from the inputs directly through the senses. Or, to the aids to these senses that means by use of scientific instruments, to enhance the power of observation for the deeper scientific probes and reliable information; such as thermometer, microscope, telescope etc.

Evolution of Mind: In Relation to Expansion of Consciousness
The same may be held true for the expansion of the consciousness or the evolution of mind, hence the evolution and advancement of the human beings, through the generations after generation, through the births after birth. The expansion of consciousness, evolution

Bhagavad-Gita, X- 19.


of mind and the advancement of mankind are all interlinked among themselves. It is a continuous ongoing process; continue to continue, without any stopgap here or there, years after years, incarnations after incarnation. Until, the consciousness finds its final goal, the goal of God-realization, after long arduous journey on the path of Selfrealization. Thus everyone is on the march on the long path of Self-realization through the expansion of his consciousness, and with the passage of time. Thus keeping this in mind we have no right to condemn anyone at any given particular time; however low a person’s consciousness may be lying on the ladder of Self-realization. As Lord Buddha preached in his sermons do not condemn and harm even to an earthworm. Anyone however crooked or wicked may be, he is out in this world (by birth) to march towards God the ultimate destiny, whether a person is conscious about it or not. His consciousness is definitely expanding with the passage of time may be at the snail’s speed, for the time being, and may not be noticeable to anyone including the person himself.

…A Long Path
However advanced one’s consciousness may be at present and at any given time, one must have trudged the same path, good or bad, rough or smooth to reach the present state of higher consciousness that leads to God. As in the very similar way a river has to trudge a long paths of plains, passing through some good and some equally very rough terrain to reach its source, the ocean, to merge into it. Thus at any given moment of time, our consciousness is at its most advanced state of development. And the consciousness naturally continues to expand of its own with the passage of time. The expansion of consciousness may be accelerated with the process of the meditation and its methods to march forward towards its Source and to merge into the Source. It is a state of consciousness on the long path to Self-realization that is known as the Cosmic Consciousness of God realization.


The same is true for the scientific research and development. The present scientific development is based on the sum of all the past scientific researches: both gross and subtle, both matter and non-matter, both success and failure.

A Question?
So, a question may be asked how to expand one’s consciousness or to increase one’s power of mind? We in general, and as a matter of fact, have very small, limited and narrow consciousness to work with in this physical world. In other words, it may be said that we are only working with very minute fraction of our brain’s capacity. Probably may not be more than five to ten percent of its total functional capacity! We will discuss the expansion of consciousness in detail later under the heading the Spiritual World.

…Solutions, Advancement, and Limits
A natural question now arises, if we are not able to get proper information through the senses, as the powers of senses have their own limitations, then how to resolve a problem? A simple and very straightforward method is that device any scientific instrument that may remove the unreliability of senses, and that may provide us with more reliable and accurate information or results. A thermometer is a very good instrument in the given present experiment, discussed earlier. With the help of a thermometer we can accurately know the temperature of water and can know the correct state of warmness of water, in the three cups. Not going in details, but the history of science has shown that with the advancement of science, these scientific instruments that we have developed for our measurement purpose to record, measure and analysis any observed phenomenon, in nature or in the lab, have found their own limitations sooner or later. Either these scientific instruments have become completely obsolete of any practical use for any scientific purpose or their uses have become just been restricted to only of their basic functions. Many of these scientific instruments have found their ways to the science museums, showing the history of advancement of science in an apt manner.


We shall now try to discuss and analyse the meaning and philosophy of consciousness from an altogether different point of view, as we talk generally in spirituality. In spiritual language we often find the use of term expansion or increase of one’s consciousnesses. What does this term expansion of consciousness means? How does expansion of consciousness make difference in analysis of the inputs from the senses? How does expansion of consciousness lead one to the kingdom of God? And how does one attain Self-realization with the expansion of consciousness? We will address this point of view a little while later, after discussing about the dual nature of the world.

Apara-Prakriti: The Physical World
It is important to note that, what we have discussed so far constitutes the observation, and of its analysis, of the outer or the physical world. In terms of the spiritual language we call it the Apara12-Prakriti.13 This Apara-Prakriti is the physical world that we perceive through our five senses. And the world is manifested to us through and only through these five senses.

A Dual Nature
Duality is a hallmark of Apara-Prakriti, the physical world. On observation we find that whole of the creation is based on the nature of duality. Everything it seems to have been created in the form of pairs. Ironically, this very existence of pairs and their interaction has become the very basis of further creation. Even on the subatomic level we find the pair of charged particles. Interestingly, these particles cannot be perceived through the five senses. On the subatomic level, there is a creation of holes on the transition of electron from the valence band to the conduction band in a semiconductor material. The holes which are the pseudo particles are considered as an equivalent to the positive electron. The electrons and holes constitute the fundamental basis of the modern day semiconductor integrated circuit technology. Here again we find the duality in the
12 13

Outside, external, outgoing. Primordial Nature.


creation, in the forms of electron-hole pairs. Of the recent time, the very basis of modern scientific world, the computers, are based and work on the binary digits 0 and 1.14 Again duality of Maya has its role to play! The scriptures say that the Spirit, the undifferentiated continuum of consciousness, has descended in the form of Half male and Half female form. From this descend; the Spirit has further descended into the male and female forms. It is a dual nature creation of the Spirit into the Nature, in the consciousness of Brahman.

A Dynamic Interplay
We have learned in the basic physics that the energy is indivisible and that the total some of energy of whole cosmos is constant. Only there is the transformation of energy that takes place, from one form of energy to another form of energy. The same transformation we find in the creation and destruction of the sub-atomic particles in any nuclear reaction. Or, to say with any other creation in the cosmos and it is a continuous on going and ceaseless process. A dynamic interplay between energy and the matter, between the Spirit and the Nature! The Whole of the Cosmos is but a one indivisible energy of Cosmic Consciousness; an undifferentiated continuum of consciousness. A la Cosmic Dance affair of the Lord Shiva! As Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda depicts the Cosmic Dance in a beautiful way, in one of his Cosmic Chants:15

The Scientific Relation to Apara-Prakriti: Observation and Analysis
We know that, it is a well established fact that to get a proper and useful output of any simplest of the simple scientific experiment, we have to perform the experiment very carefully and meticulously. It may be any experiment; the procedure should be very

Integrated Electronics: Analog and Digitals Circuits and Systems, J Millman and C Halkias, (Published by McGraw-Hills Book Company, USA, 1972).

…Spirit and Nature, dancing together Victory to Spirit and Victory to Nature. Words of Cosmic Chants, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, (Published by, Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi, India, 2007), p 33.


foolproof and experiment has to be performed in a very organized and systematic manner, following the well laid down procedure. Otherwise one would not be able to get the desired optimum results. We take the example of very elementary electricity experiment: the flow of electric current through a wire to glow a bulb. For a proper flow of current through the wire; wire must be clean, free from rust, properly soldered to the terminals points. Only then, the current will flow through the wire that is connected to the bulb. And bulb will glow to its full wattage!

Para-Prakriti: The Spiritual World
The sages of Bharata16 had long discovered that each living being constitutes an equally glorious inner spiritual world. In the terms of spiritual language we call this Inner World the Para17-Prakriti. Ironically, and as a matter of fact, this Para-Prakriti is not manifested through any of these five senses; and can not be sensed through these senses. This Para-Prakriti, in spirituality is known as the kingdom of God. The Para-Prakriti constitutes the world, higher than the moon; brighter than the brightest Sun that may ever be thought of or that may ever be discovered in the entire cosmos; higher than the highest mountain that one may ever be imagined or measured; and deeper than the deepest known depthless ocean that may ever be discovered or measured.

A Non-dual Nature
This Inner World, the Para-Prakriti, in contrast to outer world the Apara-Prakriti, is beyond any kind of duality of the physical world that we generally encounter. The ParaPrakriti is beyond space-time limitation, beyond any sorrow or happiness, beyond life or death, beyond light or darkness, beyond and beyond… of any unimaginable or imaginative duality of the physical world. The Inner World, the kingdom of God is beyond mind or intellect. Or we can say with mind, intellect or reasoning one can not reach or know the Inner world and attain Selfrealization. In this world neither sacred Vedas nor any other scriptures exist; as this world
16 17

India. Inside, internal, incoming.


is beyond reach of all these scriptures. At most these scriptures may only refer or guide to the path to this world. Here, in this Pure World, only pure transcendental Love exists. A World full of Bliss exists. Pure, purer, and only the purest of the pure from of Love exist. Love that does not know any kind of selfishness. Love that does not know any kind of deceit. Love that does not know any kind of immorality. Love that does not know any kind of treachery. Love that only knows how to love each other. Love that love others in silence. And that pure Love knows that by loving each other, as a matter of fact, we in turn love only God.

The question now we can put forward is that why we are not conscious about this Inner World? Why we are so ignorant about this Para-Prakriti, the Inner World? Why this world is generally hidden from our consciousness and not manifested to us? How could one become conscious of the Inner World? Or how could, one remove the ignorance about this kingdom of God, the Inner World? How expansion of consciousness raises us from the delusion of duality of this Maya world to the non duality of the Spiritual world?

The Scientific Relation to Para-Prakriti: Patanjali Yoga Sutra
Similarly, like in the physical world, there are set procedures to enter into the kingdom of God, the Para-Prakriti. Saint Patanjali,18 in his famed treatise, the Patanjali Yoga Sutra19 has described the eightfold path to the God-realization. We are not discussing the Patanjali’s aphorisms, in details, here as it is outside the purview of present article. Patanjali Yoga Sutra also constitutes the main theme of sacred epic yoga book of Bharata, the Bhagavad-Gita: The Song Celestial. In the Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagvan Sri Krishna himself guides his devotees, depicted by his very beloved disciple Sri Arjuna, to the divine path of God-realization. The eightfold pathways to the God-realization described, in the Patanjali Yoga Sutra, are as follows; (1) Yama (avoidance of wrong actions); (2) Niyama (right action); (3) Asana
18 19

A famous saint of Bharata; discoverer of yoga aphorism known by his name. Yoga aphorism; the eightfold royal path to God–realization.


(right posture for body and mind control); (4) Pranayama20 (control of prana,21 breath or life forces); (5) Pratyahara (interiorization of mind); (6) Dharana (concentration); (7) Dhyana (meditation); and (8) Samadhi22 (divine union with God).

Expansion of Consciousness
Dhyana, the meditation, described in the Patanjali Astang Yoga Sutra, before the stages of Samadhi or divine union with God, increases the consciousness of sadhaka.23 The meditation practise opens up (by activating) the dormant brain cells and as well as the mystic psychic energy chakras24 situated along the spinal column. Thus with the expansion of consciousness, meditation also simultaneously and tremendously increases the power of mind of a sadhaka. During the various stages of ongoing sadhana,25 various seeds of defects of AparaPrakriti, such as envy, anger, jealousy and all sorts of imaginable and unimaginable evils drop of their own, one by one, as dry leaves get separated from the tree, from the subconscious mind of a sadhaka. The fire of meditation burns up all seeds of past, present or future karma.26 And there will be no regeneration of these seeds of earthly binding desires that binds us to the cycles of births, and hence the death. Or in other words, we may say in mediation one advances many lives. The meditation by its power consumes all of our earthly binding karmic seeds by burning up all these seeds, good or bad. Thus minimizing or eliminating the needs of future cycles of births and death. Essentially, that requires to workout any of our leftover past karmic debts. With the departing of these seeds of defects a sadhaka begins to feel and experience A New World. The world of Ever Existence-Ever Consciousness-Ever Bliss, the world of Sat-ChidAnanda, the world of Ever New-Joy, the world of Love and Bliss, the world of God20 21

Breathing practice as taught in the yoga. Intelligent life force that sustains the body. 22 Essentially, Nirvikalpa (without duality) Samadhi; a state of meditation when a person loses all his external consciousness, and his consciousness is merged into the consciousness of Brahman. 23 A spiritual Truth Seeker who practices meditation and austerities; to follow the royal path of Selfrealization. 24 The psychic energy centers situated along the length of spinal column. 25 Spiritual practice: meditation and austerities. 26 Literary means action.


realization, the world of Self-realization. Precisely, this is the stage on the path of sadhana when the sadhaka enters into the kingdom of God.

Cosmic Consciousness: A State of Undifferentiated Continuum of Consciousness
Meditation is a technique that increases one’s brain capacity or power, and at the same time increases one’s consciousness as well. It may be hard to visualize or believe, but it is true, that expansion of one’s consciousness breaks down the domain of one’s own created narrow self. It the realm of spirituality, and also in general, we refer this self created narrow self by the term ego. It means to identify oneself solely with the body consciousness. With the practice of meditation, when sadhaka’s consciousness begins to expand beyond the cocoon of his narrow self, gradually, a state comes when his consciousness encloses the entire cosmos, by breaking the boundaries of his own created ego. At this stage of sadhana, a sadhaka begin to loose the domain of his ego, losses the identity of his own body consciousness; as his consciousness has begin to merge into the consciousness of entire cosmos. A state of Cosmic Consciousness, a state of Godrealization! At a very advanced stage of sadhana, in the state of Samadhi, when consciousness of a sadhaka is completely merged into that of Cosmic Consciousness, is a state of undifferentiated continuum of consciousness. A purest of the pure divine state, a pinnacle of divinity, when Sadhaka becomes One with God. Sadhaka then does not differentiate between me or you, Sun or moon, electron or proton. But for him the entire cosmos is but whole of indivisible energy sans any boundary or division, with no individual identity of its own. He understands that everything is Brahman and Brahman has becomes everything, and everything belongs to Brahman. Lord Himself manifested to him in the form of many individual beings and He Himself becomes many individual beings, both living and non-living; for His beloved children.27 Sadhaka now has realization that his own self is a finite but an infinitesimal frozen part of the Whole-Self, of the Cosmic Consciousness. At this state of sadhana, a sadhaka may

Bhagavad Gita, VII– 8, 9; IX– 16 to 19, 26; X– 19 to 42.


proclaim that I and Father are One or Thou are That. As Lord Jesus had declared that I and Father are One, and I am Son of God.28 The understanding then comes that whole of the cosmos is only made in one’s consciousness. The entire cosmos exists only in one’s thought. We are but only the infinitesimally frozen part of the Cosmic Consciousness.29 Playing our part, (as well working out our own karma) as governed by God. It was the probably Socrates who said; what is a human being? He is nothing but bundles of knots of consciousness and matter.30

…The Result
Meditation, as mentioned earlier, tremendously increases the field of consciousness, and in due course of time, consciousness engulfs the entire cosmos. In spirituality this state of consciousness is known as the Cosmic Consciousness, a state of Self-realization, a knower and lover of God. With increase in the consciousness and the power of mind, there is growing control over the power of senses. So instead of a sadhaka under the control of these senses now the senses are under his control. A sadhaka’s mind itself becomes his Guru to guide him through the royal path of God-realization. Sadhaka then himself become the charioteer of his bodily chariot, driving it towards the divine goal of God-realization. As Bhagavan Sri Krishna31 Himself became the charioteer of the chariot of His beloved disciple Sri Arjuna,32 to guide him in the epic battle of historic righteous war of Mahabharata33 at the field of Kurukshetra;34 between the Pandavas35 and Kurus,36 between right and wrong. A Big grace of the Almighty indeed!
28 29

John 10:30 (Bible). I am the sky Mother, I am the sky; I am the vast blue ocean of Sky; I am a little drop of sky, Frozen sky. Words of Cosmic Chants, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, (Published by, Yogoda Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi., India, 2007), p 38. 30 Quoted in the Teachings of Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Published by, Satsanga Society of India, Ranchi., India). 31 A Great Yogi and A World Teacher to guide the every Truth Seeker on the Divine Path of Self-realization that leads one to the Abode of God. 32 Bhagavan Krishna’s beloved devotee and a Seeker of Truth. Figuratively speaking representing every Truth Seeker devotee. 33 A Big Holy War, circa 3000 to 3200 BC, with no definite consensus about the time period. Kindly refer to any book on Mahabharata and any history book for details. 34 The historical place of Holy War, near the present day Delhi. 35 The Seeker and Follower of Truth. 36 The Evil forces.


These five senses that are now under the control of a sadhaka are no longer just restricted to his peripheral body only. Then a much spiritually advanced person will feel the hungers and pains of others and at the same time eats through many mouths. Also at time to time he suffers himself to alleviate the pain of others. In short, a spiritually advanced person is a very-very humble person, a saint indeed. As, a matter of fact, one can not find any trace of manliness in him but what remains of him, God Alone. For a saint God is first and God all the time. God is beginning, God is middle and God is end. Here or there He is everywhere. At this very advanced state of spirituality, only a sadhaka can understand that by injuring others a person is in fact only injuring himself, and no other. The wisdom then comes that this entire cosmos is nothing but a lila of God, in His consciousness. This constitutes the Science of Brahman, the Sankhya Yoga;37 chapter two of the Bhagavad Gita.

The Psychic Energy Chakras
We know from the scripture that it had long been discovered by the sages of Bharata that our body (system) is a complete powerhouse. In the body, there it is embedded a complete mini universe by itself, drawing its energy to operate this bodily system in the form of breath from the nature. So we may say that breath is a vital link between the body consciousness to that of Cosmic Consciousness. And this very breath binds us into the body consciousness. The whole of yoga, pranayama and meditation techniques are a science of mastery over the breath and to rise above the body consciousness; and to prepare oneself for Self-realization, and to merge his consciousness into that of Cosmic Consciousness. Thus the Bible declares, Be Still and know you are God.38

The Chakras: The Psychic Energy Centers
So before discussing about the consciousness viz. to each chakra, the psychic energy centers, let us discuss a little bit about these chakras and their related functioning. It has
37 38

Yoga of Knowledge or Wisdom. In Sanskrit known as Gyana Yoga. Psalms 46:10 (Bible).


been mentioned and may be found in any standard spiritual book on yoga that our body is being functional, due to the functioning of the seven chakras. 39 These chakras are situated along the length of the spinal column. These chakras positions, starting from the base, are as follows: Coccygeal (Muladhara), situated at bottom end of the spinal column; Sacral (Swadhishthan), situated a little distance above of the Coccygeal chakra; Lumber (Manipura), situated directly opposite to the novel belly button; Dorsal (Anahata), situated opposite to the hearth center; Cervical (Vishuddha), situated opposite to the joint of neck and shoulder; Medulla (Ajna), situated directly opposite to the center of forehead; and Cerebral (Sahasrara), situated at the top of head. In the term of spiritual language, Coccygeal chakra is a four petals lotus center and governed by the element earth. Sacral chakra is a six petals lotus center and governed by the element water. Lumber chakra is a ten petals lotus center and governed by the element fire. Dorsal chakra is a twelve petal lotus center and governed by the element air. Cervical chakra is a sixteen petals lotus center and governed by the element ether. Medulla chakra is a two petals lotus center and governed by an element known as the primordial energy AUM.40 Cerebral chakra is a thousand petals lotus center.41

Consciousness: As a Function of Astral Sound
When our consciousness is centered at the Coccygeal chakra, one is conscious about the sound that resembles the buzzing sound of the honey bee. When consciousness is one with the Sacral chakra, one is conscious about sound like that of flute. When consciousness is one with the Lumber chakra, one hears the sound that resembles the sound like that of a harp or vina.42 When consciousness rises to the Dorsal center one becomes conscious of the sound of AUM, the sound of God’s consciousness, At this center AUM the sound of God’s manifestation is like a sound of a long drawn astral bell. And when consciousness further up to the Cervical psychic centre one hears the sound of AUM but this time as that of a roaring oceanic sound. With the sadhaka’s consciousness
39 40

See for example, Bhagavad-Gita, chapter I. Primordial cosmic sound energy associated with the origin of the universe or to say with creation of any matter, this is referred to as a Big Bang in the astrophysical terminology. 41 Bhagavad-Gita, I- 15- 18. 42 A Bharatiya (Indian) stringed musical instrument, similar to Guitar.


merged with the consciousness that of Medulla chakra, a sadhaka hears the symphony of the sound of five lower chakras as mentioned above, and becomes One with AUM vibration. He is now fully conscious of God; and with consciousness One with Cerebral chakra he attains the state of Cosmic Consciousness; a state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

Level of Consciousness and its Effect
Generally speaking, we are only conscious of our various bodily functions that are governed by the three lower chakras; namely Coccygeal, Sacral and Lumber psychic energy centers. And most of the times our consciousness revolves around and bounded with these three lower centers only. We are born with the predominantly active three lower chakras, as well as all other living beings. These psychic energy centers work and power the body involuntarily without ourselves being conscious about their functioning. And, a matter of fact, we take it for granted the functioning of our body, as it is working of its own without any internal helping agent. As our consciousness, in general, is bounded by the three lower chakras, we are primarily bounded by the lower nature43 of our being, the so called instinctive behaviour. The lower nature primarily works through the instinctive power with virtually no or very little discrimination faculty. It would not be an aggregation to say that if anyone’s consciousness is completely bounded to that of only the lower three chakras, and with no consciousness of any of the above three chakras, the person’s behaviour will be in no case better than that of an highly instinctive behaviour, no matter where he is placed in the society. Fortunately this is not the case associated with the birth of ourselves as of human being. As this sacred human birth is far and far above on the scale of evolution of consciousness.

Human Birth: A Higher Level of Consciousness
A human birth is verily indeed very rare, very precious and very sacred.44, 45 The human birth is an evolutionary consciousness process in terms of birth cycles. It is very highly
43 44

Generally speaking the instinctive behaviour. Vivek Chudamani of Sw Sri Shankara, verses 2, 3. 45 Dr Sagan writes, ‘Single-celled plants evolved and life began to generate… One-celled organism evolves into multicellular colonies… Plants and animals discovered that the land could support the life… The ash of stellar alchemy was now emerging into consciousness… given fifteen billions years of cosmic evolutions.’ Cosmos, Carl Sagan, (Published by A Ballantine Book, New York, 1980), p 282.


placed on the path of consciousness of the Self-realization, in order that, we may raise our consciousness and attain Self-realization. This birth, in the form of human being, could not have been taken place without the Will and Grace of Almighty Lord. The scriptures say that only after millions and millions of incarnations when God bestows His grace on His children we are born or are able to take birth as a human being, that too only when He so desires. So His children may taste the very sweet nectar of Bliss of Sat-ChidAnanda Loka46 and realize Him. As only in the form of human body one can taste the nectar of Blissful God and achieve Him. With yoga and meditation practise it is possible to raise gradually one’s consciousness from that of the lower chakras to that of upper chakras, to become conscious of Him, His Divine World and His Divine Qualities. Figuratively speaking, it is virtually lifting up the consciousness from the lower earthly binding consciousness to the soul liberating upper Cosmic Consciousness of Divinity. A virtual journey of consciousness, on the royal path of Raj-Yoga for Self-realization, from Coccygeal psychic chakra to Sahasrara chakra; from the world of mortality to the World of Immortality, from the confinement to freedom, from bondage to liberty. Thus we pray to God that He may shower and bestow His grace to His children. So that by raising their consciousness His children will achieve Him.47

Still, it is not very clear to the physical science that what role may it play in the spiritual world the Para-Prakriti? As the primary purpose of science is the observation of any phenomenon, be it natural or in the laboratory; and of its analysis. As these days there is growing interest in the scientist community that how can science help or enter into the spiritual world? To do scientific analysis and to obtain the proof of what is happening during meditation, as have been reported and experienced by the sages earlier?

Loka: literally means the world. Oh! Almighty and All Merciful God! raise our consciousness and thus, lead us from darkness to Light of Thee; lead us from ignorance to wisdom of Thee; lead us from selfishness to compassion for all; lead us from ego of self to ego of selflessness.


We will try to analysis this aspect of consciousness from the point of view of science as well as quantum physics. We will also discuss the classical phenomenon in physics viz. action at a distance, the electric field, magnetic field, and quantum field, subject or observer versus object, from the point of view of field of consciousness.

Modern Physics
We consider the atomic aspect of nature that quantum physics deals fairly well, i.e. with the subject of subatomic physics.48 We know that the very word quanta deal with energy, the quantum of energy. We, at the same time, learned that consciousness and energy are the same and one. And consciousness primarily works through energy only. We will discuss this delicate symbiosis between consciousness and energy from the point of view of atomic physics. The remarkable point is to observe in the case of sub-atomic particles, such as electron, proton, etc.,49 that not only these infinitesimally tiny particles carry energy but these carry the intelligence as well. Or, we can say that these infinitesimally particles are the bundle of consciousness of energy that carry intelligence with them; or the carrier of intelligent energy or consciousness. We will see with the exploratory experimental observations that an electron is conscious of the presence of other electrons but it is not conscious of its own identity, entity or self. In the world of physical sciences, subject (or observer) and object are two different things. Subject is not subjected to itself but a subject is subjected to an object or vice versa. We, here discuss the two important rules of the atomic arrangement of electrons in the shells and sub-shells of atomic structure, one by one.50 These are one the Pauli Exclusion Principle, and other the Hund’s rule.

48 49

Perspective of Modern Physics, A Beiser, (Published by McGraw-Hills Book Company, USA). Further, we refer electron as a generic name for the subatomic particles. 50 See any elementary textbook on physics, for example; Fundamental of Physics, Resnic and Halliday, (Published by John Wiley and Sons, USA).


Consciousness of the Electron
The Pauli Exclusion Principle says that no two electrons with the sets of identical quantum numbers can occupy the same sub-shell. The Hund’s rule says that after filling up the unoccupied sub-shells first, only then the pairing of electrons in the sub-shells would take place. Now, the question arises how the electron, which is invisible to any known scientific instruments, got its intelligence, to obey the above two rules? Or in other words, we can say how this electron is conscious of its act to follow the above two stated rules? How an electron is conscious before hand that another electron with particular spin (energy) is already there in a sub-shell and other kind of spin (energy) is required to pair it up? Who gives electrons the conscious intelligence? Or who provides these particles with consciousness of energy? Do we have any answer to such questions?

Electron vs Human Consciousness: Observer or Object?
A very important element that differs from the consciousness of an electron to that of a human being may be understood and explained as follows. We observe that an electron is conscious of the presence of another electron in the sub-shell (Hund’s rule) but it is not conscious of its own entity, identity or self. In language of quantum physics we may understand the phenomenon as follows. An electron, say the electron one, acts as a subject or observer to another electron, say the second electron. The second electron acts as an object to the first electron. The two electrons may mutually interchange their positions to acts as a subject or as an object or observer electron, as the case may be. Here lies a very important difference to observe and understand. A subject or observer electron (the first electron) may acts as an object for the second electron. And the object electron (the second electron) in turn may acts as a subject to the first electron. In the case of electrons the positions of observer (the subject) and object are interchangeable. Thus depending upon the situations an electron may works or acts as an observer electron or as an object electron. But a subject or observer electron cannot be subject or observer to itself. A subject is not subjected to


itself. Thus in quantum physics the object and observer may all be different from each other. We will see when dealing with electric and magnetic field. We only observe action at a distance due to the field created by an electron that acts as a subject on another electron that acts as an object, or vice versa. On contrary, on the other hand, in the spiritual world subject or observer and object are not different from each other, but all these are the same and one. Thus the scriptures declare that a sadhaka progresses from I Am; to Thou Are That; to I and Brahman are the same and One.

Intrinsic Consciousness
An electron possesses an intrinsic consciousness but has no consciousness of its own, as discussed earlier. The electrons do not possess the discriminative consciousness, the discriminative faculty as of the human being. The consciousness, whether an electron likes or not, whether an electron likes to have intelligence or not, is embedded there in the consciousness of electron by the Nature. Over it and of its own electron has no other choice. We may call this consciousness of an electron an intrinsic consciousness. The electron is bound to follow the rules set by the Nature with no other option. And it has to follow the predetermined path as determined by the Nature. …Are not we, human being, carry the intrinsic consciousness in the consciousness of God? Just playing our part in this world as predetermined and ordained by Him. The only difference between human being and electrons is that human being has been given the power of free will, to choose and follow their paths. It means human beings have freedom to seek and follow the path of Self-realization that leads to God. Or to follow the path that keeps one engaged in this world.

Atomic Orbits
We know from our knowledge of atomic physics that electrons revolve in the fixed atomic orbits. There are intra-orbit transitions of electrons which take place from one orbit to another orbit, under the set rules of quantum physics. This gives rise to the


spectral lines of absorption or emission spectra of the atomic transitions. The electron if gains energy jumps into the higher orbits from the lower orbits. And the electron if it loses energy jumps into the lower orbits from the higher orbits. If we supply an electron sufficient energy, energy equivalent to that of ionization potential of a particular atom, the electron will leave the orbit of atom forever, making it a positive ion. The electrons that constitute the inner most cores of the atomic orbits are the tightly bound electrons, and are known as the core or bounded electrons. It may require an enormous amount of energy to dislodge these core electrons from their orbits. Generally speaking, experimentally it may not be possible under the normal laboratory conditions to dislodge these core electrons from their orbits. However, the electrons that constitute the valence band electrons of the outer most sub-shell of the atomic orbits require very less energy to get released, from their orbit. These are known as the valence electrons and are free to move within volume of the element.

…And Relation to the chakras
Will it not be interesting to see how our consciousness hovers around in these psychic chakras? How our consciousness manifests itself as a function of these chakras; as our consciousness is heavily dominated and influence by these chakras? If any person’s consciousness is heavily bounded to that of Coccygeal psychic energy center, make sure that the person must be entangled very badly in his worldly affair with very little probability of getting out of it.51 At least for the time being, till his consciousness by the grace of God rises to the higher psychic energy chakras. The state of person’s consciousness is like that of core electrons that are tightly bounded to the nucleus with little or no chance of getting liberated from the entanglement of this delusive world. On the other extreme end, if a person’s consciousness is established to the consciousness of Sahasrara, that person is an avatar52 and is ever free. He takes birth in this physical world only to do His work. He has power to attach or detach himself to this world by his
51 52

Following quantum tunneling dictum there will always be chances of it. An enlightened person since birth. A divine incarnation.


will as nothing can bind him into the world. Or, in other words, we may say the Maya of this world is powerless before his will power that can attach him into this delusive world. By doing His work, a selfless action he himself gains nothing. He has to work just shake for His children as ordained by Him, and no other desire.53 We may say that all other person’s consciousness, at any given time, lies in between these two extreme states of consciousness, i.e. between Muladhara and Sahasrara psychic energy chakras. The consciousness is ever ready to go upwards towards the Sahasrara, by the grace of God.

Fields of Consciousness

In Relation with the Electric Field
We take up another example from elementary physics of the phenomenon of action at a distance by a charge particle on another charged particle. We know that the charged particles exert electrostatic forces on each other whenever these are in the vicinity of each others’ electric fields. We may analyse and understand this phenomenon from a different point of view, i.e. from the point of view of consciousness. We may consider one charged particle as an observer (or subject) and another charged particle as an object, or vice versa. From the point of view of consciousness we may understand and explain the phenomenon as follows. The one electron, say the observer electron, has its own electric field. The second electron, say the object electron, also has its own electric field. The fields created by electrons are similar in nature but may be different in strength, depending upon the magnitude of charges these two electrons carry. We can visualize and may draw an inference that both of these two charged particles are not conscious of their own individual electric fields, and it is an established observational fact. One may observe that, when these two charged particles are brought together, in the closeness of their electric fields, these two particles immediately become conscious of each other’s presence. By the experience of electrostatic forces that these two charged particles exert

Bhagavad-Gita, III- 22.


on each other. It is a well known experimental result and has thoroughly been verified and measured in the various laboratories. From the physics point of view a charged particle may be classified either of carrying a positive charge or a negative charges. For an example electrons carry the negative charge hence the electrons are the negatively charged particles. While on the other hand protons carry the positive charges so the protons are the positively charged particles. Depending upon the nature of charged particles either these two particles attract or repulse each other. The greater the magnitude of charge on a charged particle, larger its field of action will be in terms of distances, to influence an electrostatic force on the other charged particle. But its power of attraction or repulsion can not act upon itself.

...And the Magnetic Field
The very similar phenomenon we may observe in the case of magnetic fields. The two like magnetic poles, like south-south poles or north-north poles, repel each other. While the two dislike magnetic poles, like south-north poles, attract each others. The power of attraction or repulsion depends upon the strength of magnetic field of the magnetic bars.

…The Inferences
The interesting and important phenomenon that has to be observed here is that any other charge that comes into contact of the electric field of first charge instantaneously becomes conscious of the first charge, and the vice versa. However small magnitude of electric field strength these two charges may be carrying. So if the strength of the field of first charge is made very large in comparison with that of second charge, the first charge will always be conscious of the second charge even at fairly large distances, and the vice versa. Thus we may draw an important conclusion from it. Keeping this analogy in mind and on extrapolation if strength of the electric field of first charge particle made infinite, the first


charge particle as well as the second charged particle will always be conscious of each other. No matter how far these two charged particles are placed from each other. This is a tremendous understanding that in principle and in practice it is possible to expand the consciousness to infinity that may cover the entire cosmos. Where the observer and object are always conscious of each other, no matter how far they are placed from each other. In spirituality, this state of consciousness is known as the Cosmic Consciousness. Then whatsoever is happening in any part of the universe to either of the observer or object, no matter how far the observer or object is separated from each other; they will always be in touch and in communion with each other. Any happening of events that has been taking at one place will be instantaneously known and communicated to each other. In spirituality, if the observer person’s consciousness is infinite54 he by using his will power may be always conscious of the object person whose consciousness is very finite. By his will power the observer person may become conscious of any events that have been happening in any part of the cosmos. But here lays a very important difference to understand in comparison to that of the charged particles. The object person whose consciousness is finite may not always be conscious of the observer person or to say any other person only by using his own will power. Unless and until by practise of mediation the object person raises his consciousness to the higher levels.

Quantum Physics
We try to explore the consciousness with the well known phenomenon of quantum physics namely the probability distribution function of a wave equation, the quantum tunneling effect, and probability current density associated with the equation of continuity.55 We have already seen in the case of uncertainty principle that how it restricts our observation and measurement abilities. It would be interesting to compare the state of

54 55

Person whose consciousness is established into the Cosmic Consciousness. Quantum Mechanics, L I Schiff, (Published by McGraw-Hills Book Company, USA, 1949).


consciousness to that of probability of finding a quantum particle in the space, tunneling phenomenon and equation of continuity associated with the probability current density.

Probability Distribution Function
The quantum physics says that probability of finding a quantum particle in the space is always one. In terms of a mathematical equation it may be expressed as follows:

∫ ψ ( r .t )


d 3r = 1

where, ψ ( r , t ) represents the wave function of a quantum particle.

Quantum Tunneling Effect
Let a quantum particle with energy Eo , approaches any quantum well of potential energy
V , with the energy less that of the quantum potential well, i.e. Eo ≤ V . Then quantum

tunneling effect says that there will always be a non-zero probability that the particle will penetrate the wall of potential well to reach the other side of the potential well. This phenomenon in quantum physics is well known as the quantum tunneling effect. In terms of classical physics approach, a particle cannot penetrate the potential well to reach the other side of the potential well. It is a well observed phenomenon in the laboratory and the nature as well. For an example, the radioactive emission of α, β, and γ radioactive particles that have been taking place in the radioactive material.

Probability Current Density: Equation of Continuity
The equation of continuity56 is associated with the position probability density Ρ ( r , t ) 57 and probability current density J ( r , t ) 58, in which there is no source or sink.


∂Ρ ( r , t ) + ∇ ∗ J ( r , t ) = 0 , the equation of continuity associated with the flow of fluid. ∂t 2 Ρ ( r , t ) = ψ * ( r , t )ψ ( r , t ) = ψ ( r , t ) , Position probability density. J(r,t) = 2im


[Ψ ∇ψ − (∇Ψ )Ψ] , Probability current density.
∗ ∗


…The Inferences
On the close observation we find that our consciousness which primarily works through the medium of energy has always non-zero probability of its being conscious of divinity. We human beings even if born with the however least consciousness of divinity; there will always be a non-zero probability of a little bit consciousness of divinity presence in each of us. The consciousness may always tunnel through an impregnable fortress59 that may seem impossible to penetrate from the point of human consciousness, to become conscious of the divine events that have been taking place there. We consider the consciousness of whole universe it is just equal to One and that is the Consciousness of God. Thus in terms of a mathematical equation it may be represented as follows,

∫ Sum − of − whole − conciousness ≡ ∫ Conciousness − of − God ≡ Brhman ≡ One
v v

Thus the whole purpose as well aim of life is to become One with God. And to merge one’s consciousness into the Consciousness of God and become One with Him. As there is one and only one reality, that too without any duality; that is GOD and GOD ALONE. This world is nothing but a divine play in His Consciousness. Our consciousness is scattered here or there,60 as that of a probability distribution function, and with all our due effort following the quantum physics path, we have one and only one religious duty. That is we have to make our whole of the consciousness One with the Consciousness of God, to make it ONE. However deep our consciousness may be rooted to any of these lower psychic energy chakras, in particular to the Coccygeal (Muladhara) chakras; following the quantum mechanical tunneling effect we may say there will always be a non-zero probability that our consciousness will rise to the higher chakras. Even at time it may seems a remote possibility. Thus we have all the freedom in the world to raise our consciousness as and when we desire or require. To become One with God, to become Self-realize and a God-realized person.

59 60

An analogy to a deep infinite quantum potential well. Probable distribution of consciousness among the various chakras.


His Consciousness has no source or sink, no beginning hence no end, no birth hence no death, but is ever flowing in continuum with no past, present or future; pure Bliss of Love, pure Consciousness of Love ever flowing, ever drenching and ever saturating His children of Love, with His nectar of Love. Or, in other words, we may say; He Himself becomes the Source and the Sink; He Himself becomes the Beginning and the End; He Himself become the Birth and the Death; He Himself becomes the Ever Flowing in continuum, with Himself becomes the Past, the Present and the Future; He Himself becomes the pure Bliss of Love; He Himself becomes the pure Consciousness of Love ever flowing, ever drenching and ever saturating Himself, by becoming Himself the Children, and by becoming Himself the Nectar of His pure Love.61

The Uncertainty Principle
Earlier in the text we have seen that how the uncertainty principle puts a limit on our observational capacity and its measurement. We now try to see how uncertainty principle plays its role again with our consciousness of these two worlds, namely the physical world and the world of God or between Apara-Prakriti and Para-Prakriti; in altogether in a very different though in a subtle form. Just to recall, the uncertainty principle says that, in theory and as well as in practice, it is not possible to measure the momentum and position of a quantum particle simultaneously with accuracy. If the measurement in momentum is certain than the measurement in position becomes uncertain, by a certain non-zero amount ‘h’62 and vice versa. Darkness and light, enjoyment of the world and enjoyment of the God can never go together.63 Recalling the passage from The Holy Bible, pointing towards the limitation of these two, inkling to the uncertainty principle; Ye cannot serve God and Mammon (together).64

61 62

Bhagavad-Gita, VII– 6, X- 32. Planck’s constant, h= 6.626176 E- 34 Joule–sec. 63 Selections from the Complete Works of Swami Vivekananda, (Published by Advaita Ashram, Kolkata, 2001), p 354. 64 Matthew 6:24 (Bible).


…Relation with the Chakras
We see that it is not possible to have the consciousness of two extreme psychic energy centers at the same time simultaneously, no matter how hard one may try. For an example, the person whose consciousness is bounded to the Coccygeal psychic energy center, it would be hard for us to expect a saintly behaviour from that person. A saintly behaviour is of a purely characteristic of a saintly person whose consciousness is established into that of Sahasrara psychic chakra. The same is true for a person who by the grace of God is born with the predominant consciousness of Sahasrara psychic energy center. It would be hard for us to expect an inhuman and instinctive behaviour from him, no matter however the worst of the worst situation he might be placed in. It would just not possible for him to deviate an iota of inch from his saintly behaviour; both in theory and as well as in practice.65

…And Consciousness
A person whose consciousness is bounded by the Coccygeal chakra is only conscious about this physical world. His consciousness is completely oblivious to the world of God and concept of Self-realization. He does not believe in God, His laws, His Kingdom or any such things. He is far and far away from the any concept of divinity, and for him such things are not in existence. For him this physical world is all in all, the beginning and the end, with his consciousness heavily deluded by the Maya of this delusive world. On the other end, a person whose consciousness is established into that of the consciousness of Sahasrara center is established in the Divine World, the World of God. He is a Self-realized person and the lover of God, and hence the lover mankind. He is not completely oblivious of the physical world, depending upon his will perhaps he may be sometimes. But he is immune to the Maya of this delusive world and unattached to it. He lives in the world like a white lotus in the muddy water with his consciousness


For example see, The Life of Ramakrishna, Romain Rolland, (Published by Advaita Ashram, Kolkata, 2003). The saint of Dakshineswar was the living embodiment of the Vedas.


surrendered and completely submerged into the Consciousness of God. He consciously lives for God and God alone, to serve and guide His children. Thus in term of a quantum physics language it may be possible to express this phenomenon as follows. If a person’s consciousness is certain by the Coccygael psychic energy center then his consciousness becomes uncertain to that of Sahasrara psychic energy center and vice versa. There is no doubt or aggregation of an expression about it, as we have numerous such examples of this kind in the world. Quoting an aphorism of Einstein As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain; and as far as they are certain they do not refer to reality.66, 67 A beautiful description of the uncertainty principle! This statement states that the world of Selfrealization is beyond the realm of the physical laws, hence beyond the expressive powers of laws of mathematics, in terns of the mathematical equations.

Wave-Particle Duality
We know from the various modern physics experiments that light exhibits the characteristics of both, the particles as well as wave-behaviour, under different experimental conditions. It is known as the wave-particle duality and is very fundamental to the nature.68 For example there are various natural phenomena where light exhibits the wave like behaviour. The well known experiments where light shows the wave like properties are: interference, diffraction; reflection, refraction and transmission of the light waves. And there are some well known experiments where light shows the particle like behaviour such as; black body radiation, Compton Effect, photoelectric effect etc. These show the dual nature of the light. Depending upon the experimental conditions to work with, the light may exhibits the wave like behaviour or the particle nature.

66 67

Quoted in, The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra, (Published by Harper Collins, London, 1991), p 49. See also, Ideas and Opinions, Albert Einstein, (Published by Rupa and Company, New Delhi, 2002), p 41, 290. 68 Perspective of Modern Physics, A Beiser, (Published by McGraw-Hills Book Company, USA).


Dual nature of Electron
We take up the example of a subatomic particle, the electron. It has been long known that electron behaves like a particle and its motion gives us the very lifeline of our modern life, the electric current. But the scientists have been able to exploit and let electrons behave like a wave, and the result is Electron Microscope, in which the very notion of electron as a wave has been used to magnify an object.69 Similarly, we have other instruments and advanced techniques where wave properties of the sub-atomic particles are used for probing deeper and deeper into the matter with enhanced resolution. Some of these prominent techniques are X–ray diffraction techniques, Spectrometric method, and of very recent the Atomic Force Microcopy. In language of quantum physics an electron as a particle is localized subjected to the space-time limitation and governed by the laws of motions. While an electron depicting as a wave is not confined to a point but its entity as a wave is spread out in the whole space sans any boundary or division. As a wave electron is not bounded by the space– time limitation; nor it is governed by the finite laws of motion viz., Newton’s law of motion. Electron as a wave seems to be in an altogether in a very different realm of its own. And scientists have to develop not a definite but a probabilistic theory of quantum physics. A holistic approach to deal with this little invisible entity!

Consciousness: As Duality of the World
We will see how the above information or knowledge helps us to understand duality as a function of consciousness? We are born and come into this world, inheriting the consciousness of duality as a very gift of Nature by virtue of our birthright. One’s very birth signifies its duality by fixing its opposite pole the death. One has either of the male or female body. The most significant of these is the creation of an individual soul by separating it from the Infinite Spirit. By its very creation there is a creation of duality, in


Electron due to its very small wavelength is able to magnify any object much larger than compare to a light wave whose wavelength is much larger than that of an electron wave; in other words resolving power of an electron wave is more than that of the light wave. Re solving − power − of − an − instrument ∝ 1 wavelenth − of − the − incident − beam


the form of Infinite Spirit and a soul, two in the entities but One in the Spirit. Thus duality is a hallmark of our consciousness by very virtue of birth, in this physical world. The whole of the yoga is how to raise our consciousness from this duality of the physical world? Thus, how to unite with God? How to become One with God? How to attain the Self-realization of Cosmic Consciousness? The Maya, the powerful and strong delusive force, the very root cause of the duality is fundamental to the physical world. Hence the sources of all miseries in the world! As a matter of fact, all the dualities such as birth and death; heat and cold; evil and good; pleasure and pain; male and female; happiness and sorrow exists only in our consciousness. The Lord Sri Krishna preaches his beloved disciple ‘Oh! Arjuna raise your consciousness from the duality of this delusive world. …‘Be indifferent to these dualities and raise yourself from this (oppressive) pairs of opposite and establish yourself in Me, the SatChid-Anand Lord of the Universe.’70 The Lord further advises him ‘Oh! Arjuna, conquer your lower-self that behaves as one’s enemy by your Higher-Self that behaves as one’s friend, which (Higher-Self) is established in the Brahman; by raising your consciousness from the lower-self to that of Higher-Self. As verily your lower-self is your enemy and your Higher-Self is indeed your friend.’71

Consciousness: As a Particle or Wave?
Our consciousness when confined to an individual soul behaves like a particle and it is subjected to all kinds of finite laws of the world, including the space-time limitation.72 When our consciousness embraces that of Cosmic Consciousness it becomes free and behaves like a wave pervading the entire cosmos. It is free from any finite laws of the world and as well as free from the binding of description of any known or unknown language, and above all it is free from the duality of this physical world. We may express the above statement in the term of a mathematical equation as follows,
70 71

Bhagavad-Gita, II– 45, VI– 7, 8, 9. Bhagavad-Gita, VI– 5, 6. 72 Tribulations and turmoil are the finite laws of the physical world; Bhagavad Gita, IX- 7, 8.


Partcile ≡ Confinment − of − Consciousness − to − an − Individual − Soul ≡ Ego − Conciousness

Wave ≡ Omnipresence − of − Consciousness ≡ Cosmic − Consciousness

In the end, we say the search through science and that through spiritual scientific discipline come to the same conclusion that the purpose of life is to attain the Selfrealization. Through physical science the search begins with experimentation and observation of physical world and through the spiritual science search begins with the enquiry of the Self. Both of these sciences are in search of finding the Ultimate Reality, the Ultimate Truth, and the Ultimate Goal or to say the Ultimate Destination. We can see that in the recent years scientist are in the search of the so called elusive most fundamental particle; named the particle of God. But little we realize that the particle, be it is fundamental or not, has been derived from the same Source of vast energy, the Spirit.73 Ironically, no matter how much we may advanced scientifically… still after billions of years of advancements hence evolutions, there will still be innumerous higher levels of realms would remained uncovered to be probed by the human being, to enhance his capabilities and to engage himself in the work of creation, through discoveries and more discoveries. It is an ongoing and unending process. Science is a beautiful too to uncover the secrets of the wonderful and beautiful creation. Yet, the Creator is more beautiful. The Holy Bible says ‘But seek ye first the kingdom of God… and all these things shall be added unto you.’74 Even at the pinnacle of the scientific intellectualization, the person still feels thirsty for the Self-realization. As if something is missing from his consciousness to make it Whole and to let it be saturated with the all pervading knowledge. He realizes that virtually he is discovering or has discovered nothing. Rather, he is just working as an instrument, a

science, derived by Albert Einstein. Showing the equivalence of energy and mass. 74 Matthew 6:33, Luke 12:31 (Bible).

E = mc 2 , where c is the speed of light. One of the most famous equations in the annals of history of


fortunate chosen one babe of the Creator to let it (the discoveries) happen through him. He is just a babe, a playing one, before the awesome mighty Nature. The Nature herself uncovering her secrets before her babes, step by step through the medium of science, and to let her babes to keep on playing!75 The Great Newton just before his death wrote; ‘I do not know what I may appear to the world; but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy, playing on the seashore, and diverting myself, in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all uncovered before me.’76 Recalling Einstein, as quoted earlier in the text, we can say that science though a very beautiful and elegant way to study nature, just stops short of describing the ultimate reality, in terms of any describing language. As in description of the physical reality our consciousness struggles with the duality of this world, till it gets freedom through the spiritual approach into the Spiritual World. Only then we come face to face with the reality of world and take a step towards the Self enquiry for the deeper and deeper scientific search, and seek refuge in the spiritual science. Erwin Schrödinger the Austrian Noble prize winner physicist and the formulator of the matrix mechanics of the quantum physics; he used to say that he always draw strength, inspiration and solutions from the ancient Indian sacred scriptures, the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita. He has expressed his profound gratitude to these sacred scriptures for inspiration, in his celebrated book ‘What is Life?’ 77 The celebrated, renowned and learned German oriental philosopher Prof. Max Muller has said, ‘I take refuge in the Lord Buddha.’78 Who I am? What is the purpose of my life? Struggling through all these questions one then leads to the path of Self-realization of Cosmic Consciousness. But behind this to achieve the Self-realization needs a tremendous struggle with the self. Much greater struggle, an unimagined infinitely times greater struggle than what we need to struggle to achieve any material success in this world. Tremendous self determination and

75 76

…and revealed them unto babes; Matthew 11:25 (Bible). Cosmos, Carl Sagan, (Published by A Ballantine Book, New York, 1980), p 58. 77 What ifs Life, Erwin Schrödinger, (Published by Cambridge University Press, London, 1948). 78 Quoted in, The Light of Asia, Sir Edwin Arnold, (Published by Srishti Publisher, 1999), p3.


tremendous will power and faith in Self and God that what is needed and require to achieve its end, the Self-realization. But above all the Grace of Almighty! At the peak of intellectualization, advances or research, sooner or later, our intellect and consciousness of its own make transition into the spiritual world. How and when, it is His desire, His decision and His choice. Only then a real journey, a real research and real science of Self-realization begins. Science or to say scientific research, as advances, unknowingly and involuntarily searches the deep esoteric human nature. As it is well said in the scriptures, the human body is in itself a mini universe combining all the manifested and hidden laws of the cosmos. All the principles of physics, if we look into their deep esoteric meanings, points towards what is happening in our own physical body; and the physical body in turn is governed by the spiritual laws. These could only be understood if we have the consciousness of the Higher-Self. Science or to say any studies is an exercise in intellectualization and the search for the Higher-Self only starts after that. The Higher-Self is beyond intellectual approach and may be realized only intuitively through the practice of spiritual science. Lord Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita ‘The senses are superior to body, the mind is superior to the senses, the intelligent is superior to the mind, but Me, the Self is superior to all.79 He is the supreme reality, above all gross or subtle, matter or non-matter. Thus finding Him is the highest and noblest kind of search and mind the word not research. As He is above the defilement of any describing language, even the all sacred scriptures can only points towards Him in order to show us the pathway. These two worlds are not disjoint or mutually exclusive but are deeply and esoterically interlinked to each other. What is happening in the one world is correspondingly happening in the other world also. Quantum physics may severe as a beautiful bridge between these two worlds and is in correspondence with the spiritual world. The passage, from the physical world to the spiritual world is through deep tunnel, penetrating through the spiritual eye.80 An advanced yogi has a choice, by his will, to live in this physical
79 80

Bhagavad-Gita, III- 42. The single eye of intuition and omnipresent perception at the Christ center (ajana chakra) between the eyebrows; the entryway into the ultimate states of divine consciousness. The deeply meditating devotee beholds the spiritual eye as a ring of golden light encircling a sphere of opalescent blue, and at a center, a


world or in the spiritual world. Or, we may say by his will power, he can have a consciousness of the physical world or the spiritual world. So advanced yogis live a spiritual life in this physical world. In an analogy, recalling the Carl Sagan; as he wrote in his celebrated book Cosmos ‘probably these black holes may serve as a pathway or interlink to other cosmic civilizations? …the possibility of wormholes to get from one place in the universe to another without covering the intervening distances-through a black hole. We can imagine these wormholes as tube running through a fourth physical dimension. …but if they do exist, must they hook up with another place in our universe? Or is it just possible that wormholes connect with other universes, places that would otherwise be forever inaccessible to us? For all we know, there may be many other universes. Perhaps they are, in some sense, nested within one another.’81 The Bhagavad Gita echoes and says the same inferences that all the manifestations of Prakriti are interlinked with each other like a pearl in the necklace.82 A scientific mind helps one to understand Nature better and logically. This, in turn, helps the person to understand and follow the spiritual world in a more organized and systematic manner. The spiritual path is the path: to seek and follow, and to understand the very deep esoteric human nature of the Higher-Self. In a very similar ways as science seek the truth in searching, probing and testing the physical reality. On extrapolation these two paths come to the same point of realization of Cosmic Intelligence. An Intelligence that is very hard to describe in any kind of descriptive language; or to say it is beyond the perimeter of any language. In Bharata this Cosmic Intelligence is named the Sat-Chid-Anand Loka, i e. Ever Existence-Ever Consciousness-Ever Bliss world of God.

pentagonal white star. 81 Cosmos, Carl Sagan, (Published by A Ballantine Book, New York, 1980), p 221. 82 Bhagavad Gita, VII- 7.


…The Beginning
Thus the conscious search, be it physical or spiritual, will continue to continue till we, nay everyone reach the ultimate goal, the Goal of Self-realization, the God or by whatsoever name we may call it. He is here, He is there and He is everywhere. Our loving Father is eagerly waiting for His beloved children to come to their Home, the Abode of God.


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