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Swastika Swastika is a Vedic symbol in the shape of a cross with branches bent at right angles and facing the - clockwise direction. It stands for the eternal nature of Brahmn, as it points in all directions, thus representing the omnipresence of the Absolute. It also represents the sun moving through the skies. A combination of two Sanskrit words — ‘su’ or good and ‘asti’ or to exist, swastika means ‘May Good Prevail’, Interestingly, the Holy Cross of Christianity and the Egyptian ‘Ankh’ are also said to be derived from the same roots as swastika. This is not to be confused with the symbol adopted by the Nazis (to portray themselves as part of ancient Aryan culture) which has become stigmatised n the West. The swastika is an ancient Indic saymbol that was thought to bring good luck. — Deepam Chatterjee The Timeless Faith