PROJECT SYNOPSIS ON “Innovative Media in Advertizing in India” SUBMITTED TO International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship Bangalore.

PGPM-5th Sem.

SUBMITTED BY Pawan Sahni - PGPM-0810-15. GUIDED BY: Mr.Prassana Venkatesh

International Academy of Management & Entrepreneurship Session (2008-2010)

 Proposed Title of the Project A Study on Innovative Media in Advertising Industry in India

 Theoretical Background
• To Identify the difference between traditional and these innovative media. To find different problems associated with service. To find the needs for these innovative Medias. To find out those strategies which can help the Companies who are dealing with innovative media.

• • •

 Objective of the Project
• • • • Calculation of market share Organizational structure Market potential Selecting the pricing objective -

 Research Design
• • • • • Define the problem, the decision alternative, and the research objectives. Develop the research plan Collect the data Analyse the data Present the findings

Make the decisions or arrive at the solutions

 Tools for Data collection
• • • • Questionnaire- A format based on Interviewing – 30 Advertising Companies Published materials. Internet.

 Methodology of Analysis
• • • • • Comparative analysis Excel sheet Different charts Feedback analysis Market capitalization

 Limitations
• • limited area i .e Bangalore only Sample size- 50 odd Advertising Agencies & Event Companies

 Relevance
• My research will help the company to get Fair Idea about Customer’s Behaviour, Satisfaction level and Customer’s perception in respect to these innovative media. Will help to think on those findings which helps to maintain market share Will help in formulating different sales strategy

• •

Findings will help to different corporate

players to form a customized plan according to

(Sign. of Student) Project Guide)

(Sign. of

Pawan. Sahni Venkatesh


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