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Circling Around an Elusive Conspiracy

Circling Around an Elusive Conspiracy

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Published by Jon Thorpe
A brief scenario of postcoital contemplation and conversation.
A brief scenario of postcoital contemplation and conversation.

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Published by: Jon Thorpe on Jun 04, 2010
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Circling Around an Elusive Conspiracy by Jon Thorpe

  "We are not quite exhausted yet now, are we?" she asked aer Colin Religion paused and gasped for a breath.       "I think I've got a little le in the tank," Religion said hoarsely.  Sweat dripped from his brow. 

He resumed fucking the woman beneath him.  Four minutes later he would cum, leaving her unsatisfied.       "And that's all I've really got le," he said as he rolled off her and let out a long sigh.  He

wondered for a moment if he was in love and quickly dismissed the thought.       ey existed side by side for a moment, saying nothing, with Religion feeling increasingly feeble

and weak as his erection deflated.  She stood and picked his shirt off the floor and draped it around her body.  She went to the window and peeled back a small gap in the grimy blinds with her right thumb and index finger.  e dull sunlight of the day snuck into the room.             "at was actually quite unsatisfying," she said. "I do what I can," he responded and he reached over and took a cigarette from the pack on the

nightstand and lit it. “I don’t ever promise you anything before it begins.” e gap in the blinds closed and she placed her palms on her hips.  Religion inhaled, exhaled, and then turned his head an looked at her back.  He tried to imagine a life with her, but the only future he could conjure was of two individuals sitting in silence as they glared at each other across a kitchen table.       "You are certainly beautiful," he said soly and she nodded.      "at I am," she answered.

     "We should probably start driing apart."      "We already are."      A long moment passed.      "at we are," Religion said, finally breaking the silence.

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