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joomla users manual

joomla users manual

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Figure 1: Pre-installation Check

Chapter 3: Joomla! Users

Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual


Version 1.0.1.

If you do not see the check page please verify the following:

Were all the Joomla! files and folders successfully uploaded to your web site?
Did you remove (and back up) your old web site?
Do you really have an Apache/MySQL/PHP web server?
Are all the necessary MySQLZlib, and XML modules activated in PHP?

If everything checks out OK, and you still do not see the check page, try using:
http://www.yourdomainname.com/installation/index.php. This is the direct address for the
check page. If it does not show up, or you see a lot of errors and techno mumbo-jumbo, you
probably do not have an Apache/MySQL/PHP web server. Check with your host provider.

If everything has gone to plan then you will see the above check page.

Detail of the Pre‐installation Check Page

The pre-installation check page is in five parts:

The first checks that your system meets the requirements necessary to run Joomla!

Figure 2: Check Page part 1

The second part checks that you are installing the most up to date version of Joomla!. Click on
the Check for newer version button to verify this.

Figure 3: Check Page part 2

The third part is a security check related to register_globals and RG_EMULATION in the
globals.php file in the Joomla! site root folder. Refer to the Official Joomla! forum,
http://forum.joomla.org for further advice on this.

Figure 4: Check Page part 3

The fourth part checks whether the PHP settings are correctly set for compatibility:

Chapter 3: Joomla! Users

Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual


Version 1.0.1.

Figure 5: Check Page part 4

The fifth section relates to Directory and File Permissions:

Figure 6: Check Page part 5

If everything is Writeable, click the Next button.

If some items are highlighted in red as Unwriteable, either change the relevant folder’s
permissions using your FTP program or ask your host service provider to correct them for you. If
it is not possible to correct them, you can still click the Next button and see what happens.

Chapter 3: Joomla! Users

Joomla! 1.0.11 User Manual


Version 1.0.1.

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