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Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Forecasts

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Market Forecasts

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Published by: Thanasate Prasongsook on Jun 04, 2010
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Over the past five years, Abu Dhabi has witnessed strong economic development, with a growth rate
averaging over 9% per year. Urban growth challenges, resulting from demographic and population shifts, need
to be addressed in due time through the development a clear and transparent framework. The current global
and regional economic conditions ask for governments and regulatory authorities to take a more active role in
creating a framework that can rectify and solve real estate issues.

In rapidly changing global and local economic conditions, the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) is
committed to responding to the current urban growth challenges by developing a more transparent framework.
This commitment is at the origin of the Abu Dhabi Real Estate Forecast with primary aim to follow the needs,
challenges and opportunities of the real estate sector in Abu Dhabi. With the Forecast, the UPC contributes to
the strengthening and more transparent regulatory environment.

The objectives of the Abu Dhabi Real Estate Forecast are:

- To ascertain the current balance between the supply and demand for real estate across four sectors of the
Abu Dhabi metropolitan area (Office, Residential, Retail and Hotel);

- To assess how this balance is likely to change over the short term (2009 – 2013). This analysis of the short-
term supply and demand is extracted from a more extensive supply and demand study, which covered the
period from 2008 to 2030.;

- To allow the UPC to plan and implement its urban structure framework plans in accordance to key market


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