The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format

a aba! abandone abandonnen aberasyon abèy abi abitan abitasyon abite abitid abitit abitwe abitye abiye abize abò aboli abolisyon abondans abonmine about abreje absan absoli acha achevèk achitèk achiv achte adapte adil adiltè adjektif admèt administrasyon administratè admirasyon admire adopte adorasyon adore adousi adrès

at (a certain time); he, she, or it (when the word ends in a vowel) duck!; get down! to abandon to abandon abberation bee abuse inhabitant; person from the country room, dwelling, chamber to inhabit custom custom, habit accustomed accustomed; to become accustomed to to dress, to get dressed to abuse on board to abolish, to annul abolition, annulment abundance to abominate, to detest tired, fatigued, exhausted to abbreviate absent absolute a purchase archbishop architecture file to buy to adapt adult adultery adjective to admit administration administrator admiration to admire to adopt adoration to adore to sweeten address

adrese advèb adwan adwat adye aeropò/aewopò afè afich afiche afisyon Afrik afwo agòch agoni agrandi agrè agreabl agresif agresyon agreyab agrikiltè agrikòl agronòm/agwonòm agronomi/agwonomi agronomik/agwonomik Aida Wedo aj (laj) ajan ajans Ajantin aje ajenou aji ajil ajitasyon ajitatè ajite ajoute ak akademi akeyi akimimlasyon akimile akizasyon akize akòde akolad akonpaye akonpli akote

to address to adverb customs office, customs check to the right goodbye airport thing, issue poster to defame, to malign inclination, fondness Africa afro to the left agony to grow large(er) agrarian agreeable, pleasant aggresive aggression agreeable, pleasant farmer, agriculturist agricultural agronomist agronomy agronomical voodoo spirit, the wife of Damballah Wedo age agent; money agency Argentina old kneeling to act, behavior agile; clay agitation agitator to agitate to add, to join act; (conjunction) and; (preposition) with academy to receive or shelter (a refugee) accumulation to accumulate accusation to accuse to remember, to arrange to to hug, to embrace to accompany to complete to the side

akouche akouchman akòz akrèk aksan aksantyasyon aksidan aksyon aktif aktivite aktout alafwa alantou alatèt albinos alè ale alèkile alekile alelouya alète alèz alfabèt alfabetizasyon alfabetize aliman alimantasyon alimante alimèt aliminyòm alinye alkòl alman almanak alò alòske aloufa alyans amanm amè ame Amerik ameriken amidal amidon amizman amonyòm amou amourèz amplwaye

to give birth, deliver childbirth, delivery because of cheap, stingy, frugal accent accentuation accident action active activity although at the same time around in the head albino on time to go nowadays, now then alleluia to alert comfortable literate literacy alphabetized food, nourishment food to feed, to nourish match (to burn) aluminum to align, form a line alcohol german almanac then meanwhile, while big eater alliance fine (penalty) bitter armed, to arm America american tonsil starch amusement, entertainment ammonia love loving, amorous employee, to employ

amwa amwens ke an analiz analize anba anbake anbasad anbasadè anbetan anbete anbisye anbisyon anbrasad anbrase anbyans anchaje andedan andemen andeyò andòb andul andwa ane anemi anemik anfan afantin anfas amfèmen anfen anfile anflamasyon anfle anfòm angaje angajman angle Angletè angran angrè angrese anikile anile animal animatè anivèsè anj anka ankèt

wardrobe, closet, cabinet unless year analysis analyzed, to analyze under, underneath, down to embark embassy ambassador bothersome, annoying to bother to envy ambition to hug, to embrace to hug, to embrace ambience, environment in charge of, to put in charge of inside tomorrow in the country (rural area) in pieces sausage in right year anemia anemic infant infantile, childlike in front (of) to enclose, to lock up in conclusion to thread, to string inflamed, swollen; inflammation swollen in form, in shape to commit, to get engaged engagement, compromise english England conceited subscription to get fat, to fatten up annihilated, to annihilate annulled, canceled; to annul, to cancel animal the greatest, highest official, the one in charge anniversary angel perhaps questionnaire

ankò ankouraje ankourajman anlè anmè anmenmtan anmwe! ann annajan annatandan annavan annayè anndan anne annefè annik annivèsè anniyè annizèt annò annou annouye anons anonse anpeche anperè anpil anplwa anplwaye anpoul anpwazonnen anrèg anrimen ansanm ansent ansèt ansèy ansiklik ansuit/answit ansyen ant antan antèman antèn antere Antiy antò antonnwa antòs

still to encourage encouragement in the air, up bitter at the same time help me! (used to form the imperative form of a verb - let's) in money meanwhile forward, ahead behind inside year effectively, in effect only, uniquely anniversary boring, bored anise golden let's go to joke announcement announced, to announce to impede, to prevent emperor a lot, very much employment employee light bulb to poison in order, in line rheumatism together pregnant ancestors poster cyclical now, right now, immediately old, ancient to enter meanwhile burial antenna to bury Antilles mistake, error funnel twist, sprain

antou antouka antouraj antoure antrav antrave antravè antre antrene antye antyèman anvan anvayi anvè anverite anvès anvi anvlòp anwo anyen apa aparans aparèy apartni apatik ape apeprè apeti api apiye aplati aple aplikasyon apòt apral aprann aprantis aprè apre demen/apredenmen apremidi apresye aproche/apwoche aprouve/apwouve apsan apye ar aran aransò arestasyon arete

in total in all cases, in every case fenced in, closed in, surrounded to fence, to enclose, to surrround obstacle to bother by, through, across enter; between to train whole, entire entirely before to invade towards truthfully, true in quantity envy; to envy envelope tall, on, up nothing apart appearance apparatus to belong apathetic after more or less appetite support to support crushed, squashed to spell application apostle to go to learn; to teach apprentice after the day after tomorrow afternoon to appreciate, to measure the value of to approach to approve absent on foot art herring herring arrest, detainment to stop, to detain

areye asasen asasine ase asèlfen asepte asid asinasyon asirans asire asistan asistans asiste asosye aspirin aswè asyèt atak atake atansyon atè ateri aterisaj atifisyèl atik atire atis atistik atizana atmosfè atò atout atravè ava avan avanse avantaj avanyè avè avèg avèk aveni avèti avi avidèy avize avni avoka avòtman avril

spider assassin to assassinate, to kill enough so that to accept acid, acidic assignment, assignation assurance to assure, to make sure assistant, attendant attendance to attend associated, to associate aspirin tonight, this afternoon plate attack to attack attention barefoot; on the ground to land landing artificial article to attract artist artistic art work; handcrafts atmosphere now; while; nevertheless although by, through, across miserly, avaricious before to advance advantage the day before yesterday with blind with avenue to warn notice publicly to advise, to alert future lawyer abortion April

avwe avyasyon avyon awondisman ayayay ayè ayisyen Ayiti ayopò aza azaman

to say, to tell, to reveal aviation airplane head (capital) of a province onomatopoeia yesterday haitian Haiti airport chance, random by chance, at random

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
a las (tiempo); el, la, lo (cuando la palabra termina en vocal) ¡abajo! abandonar abandonar aberración abeja abuso campesino, habitante habitación; paraje habitar costumbre costumbre, hábito acostumbrado, habituado acostumbrado, acostumbrar vestir, vestirse abusar a bordo, embarcado abolir, anular abolición, anulamiento abundancia abominar, detestar agotado, fatigado, exhausto abreviar ausente absoluto compra arzobispo arquitectura archivo comprar adaptar adulto adulterio adjetivo admitir administración administrador admiración admirar adoptar adoración adorar endulzar dirección

dirigirse a adverbio aduana a la derecha adiós aeropuerto asunto, cosa afiche difamar afición Africa afro a la izquierda agonía engrandecer agrario agradable agresivo agresión agradable agricultor agrícola agrónomo agronomía agronómico espíritu de vudú, esposa de Damballah Wedo edad agente; dinero agencia Argentina añejo, viejo arrodillado actuar, comportamiento ágil; arcilla agitación agitador agitar añadir, juntar acto; (conj.) e, y; (prep.) con academia recibir, acoger (una persona) acumulación acumular acusación acusar acordar abrazar acompañar cumplir al lado

dar a luz, parir parto a causa de tacaño acento acentuación accidente acción activo actividad aunque a la vez alrededor en la cabeza albino a la hora, a tiempo ir hoy día, ahora entonces aleluya alertar cómodo alfabeto alfabetización alfabetizado alimento alimentación alimentar fósforo aluminio alinear alcohol alemán almanaque entonces mientras que comilón alianza multa amargo armado, armar América americano amígdala almidón entretenimiento amonio amor amoroso empleado, emplear

armario a menos que año análisis analizado, analizar abajo, debajo de embarcar embajada embajador moletoso molestar envidiar ambición abrazar abrazar ambiente encargado, encargar dentro mañana en el campo a pedazos longaniza en derecho año anemia anémico infante infantil frente a, en frente encerrar en fin enhebrar hinchado, inflamado; inflamación hinchado en forma comprometido, comprometerse compromiso inglés Inglaterra engreído abono engordar aniquilado, aniquilar anulado, anular animal el más mayor, el encargado aniversario ángel acaso encuesta

todavía animar ánimo en el aire, arriba amargo al mismo tiempo socorro! (partícula usada para formar el modo imperativo del verbo - vamos) en dinero entretanto adelante detrás dentro año en efecto únicamente aniversario aburrido anís dorado, en oro vamos nosotros embromar anuncio anunciado, anunciar impedir emperador mucho empleo empleado bombillo envenenar en regla reuma juntos encinta antepasado afiche cíclico ahora, de una vez antiguo entrar mientras que entierro antena enterrar Antillas equivocación, error embudo torcedura

en total en todo caso cercado, recinto cercar, rodear obstáculo molestar a través entrar; entre entrenar entero enteramente antes invadir hacia en/de verdad en cantidad envidia; envidiar sobre alto; sobre; arriba nada aparte aparencia aparato pertenecer apático después más o menos apetito apoyo apoyar aplastado deletrear aplicación apóstol ir aprender; enseñar aprendiz después pasado mañana tarde apreciar acercar aprobar ausente a pie arte arenque arenque arresto detener

araña asesino asesinar bastante a fin de que aceptar ácido asignación seguro asegurar asistente asistencia asistir asociado, asociarse aspirina esta noche, esta tarde plato ataque atacar atención descalzo; en el suelo aterrizar aterrizaje artificial artículo atraer artista artístico artesanía atmósfera ahora; mientras; sin embargo aunque a través de avaro antes avanzar ventaja anteayer con ciego con avenida advertir aviso públicamente avisar porvenir abogado aborto abril

decir, revelar aviación avión cabecera de provincia onomatopeya ayer haitiano Haití aeropuerto azar por azar

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ba Baamas bab babay babin baboukèt bach bag bagas bagay bajou bak baka bakaloreya bakalout bal balans balanse bale balèn balize balkon balon ban banbilay banbile banbòch banboche banbou band bandi bandonnen bankèt bann bannann barank barat bare barèt barik baro baron baryè basen

low, short; women's socks; abbreviated form of to give Bahamas beard bye bye chin rein awning, canopy ring pulp thing dawn backwards cute baccalaureate, high school diploma astute dance balance to balance, to rock, to swing to sweep; broom spark plug to clean balcony ball bank; to give drunkenness to get drunk binge, spree to get drunk; to stay up late bamboo band; bandage, blindfold bandit to abandon banquet raft, balsa; multitude plantain gully, ravine increase, extra, surplus to close, to fence in hat; beret barrel, tank bar baron door pond

basin baskèt bat batay batèm bati batiman batisman batistè batize bato baton batri bawo bawon bay bayè baye bayionet baz bè bebe bèbè bedonn bèf bege beglè bèk bekàn beke bèkèkè bekin bèl bèlfi bèlin Bèljik bèlmè bèlsè benediksyon benefis benefisye beni benyen berejèn berejenn bese bèso bèt

basin, huge bowl basketball to beat, to hit battle, fight baptism, christening to build, to construct ship building birth certificate to baptize ship, boat stick, baton, cane battery bar baron to give barrier, door to yawn bayonet base butter, margarine baby mute surprised ox, steer one who stutters or stammers, to stutter, to stammer to moo, to low beak bicycle one who stutters or stammers, to stutter, to stammer mute crutch pretty, beautiful daughter-in-law wound, lesion Belgium mother-in-law sister-in-law benediction, blessing benefit to benefit to bless to bath eggplant eggplant to lower, to descend cradle, crib animal, beast

betiz betizè beton bètrav beze bezwen biblyotèk bibon bibwon bidon biè bikabonat biro bis bisiklèt biskile biswi bit bitasyon bite biwo biya biyè biznis biznisman blabla blag blan blanchi ble blese blije bliye blòk blòke blouz bo bò bobin bòde bòdmè bòfis bòfrè bofrè bòkit bòkò boksè bokse bòl

ridicule, mockery; rudeness, profanity rude concrete beet to kiss to need library pacifier pacifier can, tank beer bicarbonate office bus bicycle to stagger cookies, crackers little hill spot to trip desk billiards, pool (dollar) bill business businessman one who talks a lot joke white to whiten blue wound, to wound obliged, to oblige to forget block to block blouse hug; kiss, to kiss border, side cart driver to embroider next to the sea/ocean son-in-law brother-in-law brother-in-law bucket witch, witchdoctor boxer to box bowl

bòlèt bòn bonbon Bondye bonè bonjou bonkè bonkonprann bonm bonmache bonmarche bonmaten bonnè bonswa bòpè bopè bòs bosal bosko bòt bouch bouche boucheri bouchon bougonen boujwa boujwazi bouk boukan boukannen boukannin bouke bouki Boukman boul boulanje boule boulvèse bourèt bouretye bourik bous bouske bout boutèy boutik bouton

lottery good; limit; servant cookie God, good God early good morning good heart good understanding, comprehensive bomb cheap cheap early morning early good afternoon father-in-law father-in-law boss, owner, master ferocious, savage hunchback boot mouth butcher butchery traffic jam, stoppage to murmur bourgeois bourgeoisie town; farmhouse bonfire to smoke (cook), to roast to roast tired, fatigued stupid, slow one of the heroes of Haitian independence ball baker to burn to undo, to mess up wheelbarrow person who carries a wheelbarrow ass, donkey man's wallet to look for, to search end, extreme, final; fatigued; part, piece bottle bodega, boutique button; born

boutonnen boutonyè bouyi bouyon bozar bòzò bra brak branch brasle brav bravo bre bren brevaj Brezil brezo bri brid brigan brigandaj brik brin (bren) brital briye briz brize brode bròdè bròs bròsadan brose brote brousay bwa bwadan bwason bwat bwate bwaze bwè bwèson bwete bwi bwode bwòdè bwòs bwòsadan bwose bwote

to button, to fasten buttonhole to boil bullion, soup fine arts conceited arm sour branch bracelet brave, fierce to agree; to applaud asphalt brown, dark beverage; wines Brazil pseudonym sound, noise rein rascal, scoundrel mischief brick dark, brown brutal, violent to shine breeze to break embroidery, needlework conceited brush toothbrush to brush to move, to carry, to transport grass wood toothpick, little stick drink box lame, crippled to flee, to run away to drink drink to limp, to hobble; crippled noise, sound embroidery, needlework conceited brush toothbrush to brush to move, to carry, to transport

bwouyay byè byen byennere

confusion, disorder beer well daring; lucky

anish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
bajo; medias femeninas; dar (abreviado) Bahamas barba adiós mentón rienda toldo anillo bagazo cosa alba, amanecer hacia atrás, retroceso cuco bachillerato astuto baile balance mecerse barrer; escoba bujía limpiar (campo) balcón balón, pelota banco; dar borrachera emborracharse parranda emborracharse; trasnochar bambú banda; venda bandido abandonar banquete balsa; multitud plátano barranco aumento, excedente cercar; cerrar; empalizar gorra; visera barril, tanque barrote barón puerta estanque

punchera baloncesto batir, golpear batalla, pelea bautizo construir barco, buque edificio acta de nacimiento bautizar barco bastón, palo batería barrote barón dar barrera, puerta bostezar bayoneta base mantequilla, margarina bebé mudo sorprendido buey gago, tartamudo mugir pico bicicleta gago, tartamudo mudo muleta bello, lindo, bonito nuera herida, lesión Bélgica suegra cuñada bendición beneficio beneficiar bendecir bañarse berengena berengena bajar, descender cuna animal, bestia

burla, grosería grosero concreto remolacha besar necesitar biblioteca biberón biberón lata, tanque cerveza bicarbonato oficina autobús, guagua bicicleta tambalear galleticas lomita, montecito paraje tropezar escritorio billar billete negocio negociante hablador broma, chiste blanco blanquear azul herida, herir obligado, obligar olvidar bloc bloquear blusa abrazo; besar, beso borde, lado carretero bordar junto al mar yerno cuñado cuñado cubo, cubeta brujo, curandero boxeador boxear tazón

quiniela bueno; límite; sirvienta galletica Dios, Buen Dios temprano buenos días buen corazón comprensivo bomba (bélica) barato barato madrugada temprano buenas tardes suegro suegro amo, maestro, patrón feroz, salvaje jorobado bota boca carnicero carnicería tapón murmurar burgués burguesía pueblo, caserío fogata, hoguera ahumar, hornear asar cansado, fatigado tonto, torpe héroe de la independencia haitiana balón, bola panadero quemar desordenar, trastornar carretilla carretillero asno, burro cartera de hombre buscar cabo, extremo, final; fatigado; parte, pedazo botella bodega, tienda botón; nacido

abrochar ojal hervir caldo, sopa bellas artes comparón brazo agrio rama brazalete bravo estar de acuerdo; aplaudir asfalto moreno bebidas; vinos Brasil pseudónimo ruido, sonido rienda bellaco bellaquería ladrillo moreno brutal, violento brillar brisa romper, romperse bordado comparón brocha, cepillo cepillo de dientes cepillar desplazar, llevar; mudarse; transportar hierba madera palillo bebida caja, gaveta cojo fugarse, huir beber, tomar bebida cojear, cojo ruido, sonido bordado comparón brocha, cepillo cepillo de dientes cepillar desplazar, llevar; mudarse; transportar

confusión, desorden cerveza bien bienaventurado

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
chabon chacha chache chadèk chagren chaj chaje chajman chak chaklè chalè chaloup chamo chan chandèl changn chanje chanjman chanm chanpyon chanpyona chans chante chany chap chapant chapantye chape chapèl chapit chaplè chapo chare chari charite charye chas chase chat chavire chay chè chèch chèche

carbon maracas to look for, to seek grapefruit sad charge, load to load, to charge, to burden with load, charge, cargo, shipment each each time heat canoe, small canoe camel field, country; song candel shoe shiner to change change room; tire innertube champion championship luck to sing shoe shiner brief excursion carpenter carpenter to escape, to flee chapel chapter rosario hat imitate plow to plow, to till; charity to drag, to sweep away chase, hunt to chase, to hunt cat to invert, to tip over, to knock down load, charge, shipment expensive dry to look for, to search

cheche chèf chèk chèlbè chemen chemine chemiz chemizèt chen cheni chenn cheri cheve chèz chich chif chifon chire chita cho chodyè chofe chofè chokola chonje chosèt chou choublak chouk chòv chòy chwa cheval chwazi

to dry chief, boss check a conceited or presumptuous person road chimney shirt t-shirt dog, servile person worm, caterpillar chain dear, beloved, darling hair chair miserly, avaricious digit, figure piece of cloth, rag to tear, to scratch to sit down hot, heat cauldron, pot to heat driver chocolate, cocoa to remember socks, men's socks cabbage flower of a plant trunk, stump bald thing option horse to elect, to choose

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
carbón maracas buscar toronja abatido, triste carga cargar carga, cargamento cada cada vez, a menudo calor canoa, chalupa camello campo; canto candela, vela limpiabotas cambiar cambio aposento, habitación; tubo de la goma de carro campeón campeonato dicha, suerte cantar limpiabotas paseíto, salidita carpintero carpintero escapar; huir capilla capítulo rosario sombrero imitar arado arar; caridad, limosna arrastrar caza cazar gato invertir; volcar; voltear cargo caro seco buscar

secar jefe cheque comparón, figureador camino chimenea camisa camiseta, franela perro; persona servil gusano, oruga cadena querido cabellos silla avaro cifra pedazo de tela, trapo desgarrar; rasgar sentarse caliente, calor caldero, olla calentar chofer, conductor chocolate, cocoa recordar calcetines, medias masculinas col, repollo flor de una planta tocón, tronco calvo cosa opción caballo elegir, escoger

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
dabò dakò dal dam Damballah Wedo damye dan dangoye danje danjere danmijann danmye dans danse dansite dantifris dantis dantisyon dantrifris daprè dat davans davwa Dayiti de debake debarase debat debòde debouche deboule deboure debouye debranche dechaje dechè dechennen dechire dechoukay dechouke dedike dedye defann

in the first place, at the beginning agreed quantity, pile, heap; leak Mrs. voodoo spirit of water, fountains and rivers chessboard tooth to proceed with difficulty danger dangerous large bottle board dance to dance density dentifrice dentist dentition dentifrice well, since; according to piece of data, piece of information; date beforehand, in advance since, seeing that Haiti thimble; two to unload, to disembark to free oneself from debate, struggle; to struggle, to wrestle to overflow, to overwhelm to open, to uncap to flow; to roll, to tumble down to drain, to empty to unroll, to unwrap to prune, to trim to unload waste mad, upset, furious to tear, to split, to break overthrow to crank, to start up; to overthrow, to topple to dedicate to dedicate to defend

defans defen defèt defi defile degaje degou degouden degoutans degoute degrade degrape degrennen degrese deja dejennen dejnen dekanpe dekape dekire deklarasyon deklare dekline dekloure dekonpoze dekore dekoud dekoupe dekouraje dekouvri dekrè dekwa delege delika delivre dèlko demanbre demann demare demaske demele demen demi demokrasi demokratik demonstratif demwazèl denmen denonse

defense, protection defunct to undo challenge to parade to unroll, to unwrap; ease disgust 50 cents aversion, disgust to drip to degrade, to debase to pick fruit to thrash, to thresh; to pare to remove fat know well, already breakfast; to eat breakfast breakfast; to eat breakfast to displace; to go to skin, to remove skin so skin declaration to declare to ruin, to destroy to remove a nail; to unstick, to unglue to break down; broken, broken down adornment, decoration; to decorate to rip, to unsew to cut; to shred, to grind discouraged; to discourage to discover decree so that delegate; to delegate delicate to free, to free oneself power (electric) plant to destroy tomorrow; demanded to loosen, to untie, to let go to unmask, to expose to unroll; to free from commitment; to have ease tomorrow half democracy democratic demonstrative young lady tomorrow to denounce

denpi dènye depandans depans depanse depatman depi depite deplase deplimen depo depòtè depoze deranje derape derasine deryen desanm desann desè desèpsyon deside desinatè desizyon dèske dèt detache detan detay detaye detchoure detri detwi devan devas devine devire devlope devlòpman devore devosyon devwa devwe dèy dèyè deyò dezabiye dezagreyab dezame dezè

since, after ultimate, last dependency expense, cost to spend department after; since representative to displace, to move to pluck (feathers) deposit to deport to deposit to undo, to make unorganized to start, to incite, to set in motion to root up, to pull up from the roots you're welcome December to descend dessert deception to decide illustrator decision provided that debt to let loose, to untie while that, meanwhile detail to detail to fade to disrupt, to break, to destroy to destroy before; in front rainstorm, downpour to guess, to foretell to avert, to swerve, to avoid to develop development to devour devotion duty, obligation; to owe dedicated duel; mourning; grief back, behind from the country; outskirts to undress disagreeable, unpleasant to disarm desert

dezesperasyon dezespere dezespwa dezinyon dezobeyi dezobeyisans dezòd dezole dezonè dezyèm di diab dialèk dialog diaman diamèt diare dife diferan diferans difikilte difisil difòm dijere diksyonè diktatè diktati dikte dimanch dinpi diosèz diplòm dirab diran dire dirèksyon direktè direkteman diri dis disèt disip disiplin diskisyon diskite diskou dispansè disparèt dispoze

desperation to despair despair, hoplessness disunity to disobey disobedience disorder desolate dishonest second to say, to tell; hard, solid devil dialect dialogue diamond diameter diarrhea fire different difference difficulty difficult, hard deformed to digest dictionary dictator dictatorship to dictate Sunday since, after diocese diploma durable during to last, to endure direction director directly rice ten seventeen disciple discipline discussion to discuss, to argue discourse dispensario to disappear to arrange, to prepare; to dispose; ready, willing

dispozisyon distans distenge distraksyon distribisyon distribye diswa diswit dite ditou diven divès divinò divize divizyon divòs divòse dìznèf dizon dizuit dizyèm djab djake djakout djanm djanmankankan djaz djòb djondjon dlo do dodin dodine dodo dòk dokay dokiman dòktè dola domaje domestik dòmi dominasyon domine dominiken domino don donan donbrèy donezon

disposition distance distinguished distraction distribution to distribute in the afternoon eighteen tea absolutely not wine diverse fortune teller; divine divided division divorce divorced; to divorce nineteen word of honor eighteen tenth devil

big confusion dance; combo job; workday; daily wage mushrooms water back rocking chair to rock to sleep doctor roof document doctor dollar damage; defective; harm domestic to sleep domination to dominate Dominican domino donation generous dumpling fruit

donk donnen donte dore dosil dòsye dòt dou doub double douch doulè dous dousman dout doute douz douzèn douzyèm dòz dra dram drapo drena drese drèt dri drive drog dròl dwa dwat dwe dwèt dwog dwòl dyab dyalèk dyalòg dyaman dyamèt dyare dyaz Dye dyòlè dyosèz

so, so; well to harvest; to give to dominate; to submit to gild docile dossier of another docile, tranquil double to fold, to turn douche; shower pain sweet slowly doubt to doubt twelve dozen dose shroud; sheet drama flag drainage to straighten right often to wander idly happy, gracious happy right right (direction); right (human rights) debit; to owe finger happy, gracious strange, funny, peculiar devil dialect dialogue diamond diameter diarrhea combo God diocese

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
en primer lugar, en principio de acuerdo cantidad, montón; gotera señora luá vudú del agua, de las fuentes y de los ríos tablero de damas diente avanzar con dificultad peligro peligroso botellón tablero danza danzar densidad dentrífico dentista dentición dentrífico pues; puesto que, ya que; según dato; fecha antelación, antemano; por adelantado puesto que, visto que Haití dedal; dos descargar, desembarcar deshacerse, liberarse de debate, lucha; luchar desbordar abrir; destaponar fluir; rodar desaguar, vaciar desenvolverse podar; cortar las ramas descargar desperdicio tener pique, resabioso desgarrar; partir, romper derrocamiento arrancar; derrocar; quitar tocones dedicar dedicar defender

defensa, protección difunto deshacer desafío desfilar desenvolverse; soltura disgusto 50 centavos asco; aversión; disgusto gotear degradar coger frutos desgranar; mondar desgrasar; quitar grasa bien sabe, ya desayunar; desayuno desayunar; desayuno desplazarse; irse despellejar; quitar la piel despellejar declaración declarar arruinar desclavar; despegar descomponer; descompuesto adorno; decorar descoser cortar; triturar abatido, desanimado; desanimar descubrir decreto de modo que delegado; delegar delicado liberar; liberarse planta eléctrica destruir manaña; pedido desamarrar, desatar, soltar desenmascarar desenvolverse; tener soltura manaña medio democracia democrático demostrativo joven, señorita manaña denunciar

desde, después último dependencia gasto gastar departamento después; desde diputado desplazar plumar depósito, despense, tanque deportar depositar desarreglar; desordenar arrancar, poner en marcha desraizar de nada diciembre descender postre decepción decidir dibujante decisión a condición de, con tal de que deuda desamarrar, soltar mientras que detalle detallar desteñir desbaratar, destruir destruir ante; delante aguacero, tempestad adivinar desviar, virar desarrollar desarrollo devorar devoción deber; obligación dedicado duelo atrás, detrás del campo; afueras, fuera desnudar desagradable desarmar desierto

desesperación desesperar deseperanza desunión desobedecer desobedencia desorden desolado deshonest segundo decir; duro, sólido diablo dialecto diálogo diamante diámetro diarrea candela, fuego diferente diferencia dificultad difícil deforme digerir diccionario dictador dictadura dictar domingo desde, después diócesis diploma durable durante durar dirección director directamente arroz diez diecisiete discípulo disciplina discusión discutir discurso dispensario desaparecer disponer; dispuesto

disposición distancia distinguido distracción distribución distribuir de la tarde dieciocho té en absoluto vino diversos adivino; divino dividido división divorcio divorciado; divorciar diecinueve palabra de honor dieciocho décimo diablo subir en gato (un vehículo) macuto caldero; fuerte, sólido gran confusión baile; combo empleo; jornada; jornal hongos agua espalda mecedora mecerse dormir doctor techo documento doctor dólar daño; defectuoso; perjuicio doméstico dormir dominación dominar dominicano dómino donación generoso bollo (de harina), domplín (de harina) frutas, frutos

así, así; well cosechar; dar dominar; someter dorar dócil dosier de otro dócil, tranquilo double doblar ducha dolor dulce al paso, depsacio duda dudar doce docena dosis mortaja; sábana drama bandera drenaje enderezar derecho a menudo vagabundear alegre, gracioso alegre derecho derecha; derecho debe; deber dedo alegre, gracioso extraño, gracioso, peculiar diablo dialecto diálogo diamante diámetro diarrea combo Dios diócesis

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
è ebenis ebyen echanj èd ede edikasyon edike edisyon editoryal edmi efò egal egalego egalite egalize egalman egare egi ego egoyis egzajere egzakteman egzamen egzamine egzanp egzante egzekite egzekitif egzema egzèse egzèsis egzijan egzijans eqzijib egziste Egzòd Ejip ekilib eklate eklere eklips ekòl ekoloji ekolojik

hour cabinet maker and also exchange aid, help to aid, to help education educate edition editorial half hour (twaze edmi = 3:30) effort equal identical, same equality to equialize, to level equally to misplace; to lose; foolish, stupid sharp equal egotism to exaggerate exactly exam to examine example to avoid, to evade to execute executive eczema to exercise; to train exercise demanding demand to explode; demandable; important to exist Exodus Egypt equilibrium to exploit; to explode conscious eclipse school ecology ecological

ekonomi ekònomik ekri ekriti eksè eksepsyon eksepte eksetera eksite eksperyans eksprè ekspresyon eksprime elabore elatriye elefan elegan eleksyon elektrik elektrisite elektrisyen eleman elemantè elèv elevasyon elikòptè elimine elvaj elve emigrasyon emisyon emoraji emosyon en enasyon enbesil enbyen endeferan endepandan endepandans endesan endifini endikatif endispoze endispozisyon endistri endyen eneji enfeksyon enfekte

economy economical to write writing excess exception except, exception etcetera to excite experience on purpose, expressly expression to express to elaborate etcetera elephant elegant election electric electricity electrician element elemental student culture; education helicopter eliminate upbringing to bring up, to rear, to raise emigration emission hemorrage emotion a, one destination imbecile well indifferent independent independence indecent indefinite indicative indisposed indisposition industry indian energy infection infected; to infect

enferyè enfimyè enfòmasyon enfòme engra èni enjenyè enjis enjistis enkòmode enkonvenyan enkwayab enkyè enkyete enondasyon enonde enosan enpasyan enpe enpèmeyab enpèsonèl enpi enpo enposib enpòtan enpòtans enpòte enpoze enpresyon enpridan enpridans enprime enprimri ensandi ensèk ensèktisid enskripsyon ensolan enspeksyon enspektè enstiti enstitisyon enstriksyon esntriman esntwi enstansyon entèl entelijan entelijans entèmedyè

inferior nurse information to inform thankless, ingrate hernia engineer unjust injustice to inconvenience inconvenient incredible restless to worry inundation, flood to inundate, to flood innocent impatient a little impermeable, plastic impersonal besides, but tax, tariff impossible important importance to import to impose impression imprudent imprudence to print printing fire, blaze insect insecticide inscription insolent inspection inspector intitute institution instruction instrument to instruct intention somone (so-and-so) intelligent intelligence intermediary

entènasyonal enterè enteresan enterese entèrogatif entwodiksyon envansyon envante envazyon envestigasyon envite envizib epay epè epi epis episkopal epòk eponj eprèv equip ere erè ereditè erèz erezman eritaj erite erozyon esans esè esèpte eseye eskalye eskandal èske eskitzofreni eskize esklav esklavaj èskopyòn èskwad espè espedie espekalitè espektak espèktatè espelimantasyon esperans

international interest interesting to interest interrogative introduction invention to invent invasion investigation to invite invisible savings thick after; spike seasoning episcopal epoch sponge proof, test equipment; team blessed, happy to mistake (to be mistaken) hereditary happy happily inheritance to inherit erosion essence estimate to except to practice ladder, stairs scandal is it that . . . ? schizophrenia to excuse, to pardon (excuse me, pardon me) slave slavery scorpion squadron expert to dispatch, to send speculator spectacle spectator experimentation hope

espere esperyans espesial espesyal espesyalman espirityèl esplikasyon esplike esplwate espò esprè esprèseman espri esprime kalite espwa espyon estand estasyon estati estène estomak estwòdinè eta etajè etan etann Etazini ete etènèl etenn etid etidye etranj etranje etwat Etyopi evalyasyon evanjelik evanjelize evanjil evèk evenman evite ewo Ewòp ewozyon Ezili

to wait, to hope experience special special especially spiritual explanation to explain to explode; to exploit sport on purpose, expressly expressly spirit qualitatively hope spy platform station statue to sneeze stomach extraordinary state shelf, bookcase meanwhile, while to extend United States summer eternal to turn off study to study strange stranger, outsider narrow Ethiopia evaluation evangelical evangelize gospel bishop event, happening to avoid, to evade hero Europe erosion god of love, spirit that personifies feminine beauty, luxury and pleasure

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
hora ebanista y bien intercambio ayuda ayudar educación educar edición editorial y media (hora) esfuerzo igual idéntico, lo mismo igualdad igualar igualmente extraviar; perder; tonto agudo igual egoísmo exagerar exactamente examen examinar ejemplo evitar ejecutar ejecutivo eccema ejercer; ejercitarse ejercicio exigente exigencia estallar; exigible; importante existir Exodo Egipto equilibrio explotar consciente eclipse escuela ecología ecológico

economía económico escribir escritura exceso excepción excepto, excepción etcétera excitar experiencia adrede, expresamente expresión expresar elaborar etcétera elfante elegante elección eléctrico electricidad electricista elemento elemental alumno, estudiante cultura; educación helicóptero eliminar crianza criar emigración emisión hemorragia emoción un, uno destino imbécil pues indiferente independente independencia indecente indefinido indicativo indispuesto indiposición industria indio energía infección infectado; infectar

inferior enfermera información informar ingrato hernia ingeniero injusto injusticia incomodarse inconveniente increíble inquieto inquietar inundación inundar inocente impaciente un poco impermeable, plástico impersonal además, pero impuesto, tarifa imposible importante importancia importar imposer impresión imprudente imprudencia imprimir imprenta incendio insecto insecticida inscripción insolente inspección inspector instituto institución instrucción instrumento instruir intención fulano, un tal inteligente inteligencia intermediario

internacional interés interesante interesar interrogativo introducción invento inventar invasión investigación invitar invisible ahorro espeso después; espiga sazón episcopal época esponja prueba equipo dichoso, feliz equivocarse hereditario feliz felizmente herencia heredar erosión esencia tanteo exceptuar ensayar escalera escándalo ¿es que . . . ? esquizofrenia excusar; permiso esclavo esclavitud escorpión escuadra experto despachar, enviar especulador espectáculo espectador experimentación esperanza

esperar experiencia especial especial especialmente espiritual explicación explicar explotar deporte adrede, expresamente expresamente espíritu calificativo esperanza calié, espía tarima estación estatua estornudar estómago extraordinario estado estante mientras que extender Estados Unidos verano eternal apagar estudio estudiar extraño extranjero, forastero estrecho Etiopía evaluación evangélico evangelizar evangelio obispo acontecimiento, evento, suceso evitar héroe Europa erosión diosa del amor, luá que personifica la belleza feminina, el lujo, y el placer

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
fab fache fakilte faktè fakti faktori fal falèz famasi famasyen fanal fanatik fanm fanmi fanmiy fann fant fari farin farinaj farinay farine farizyen fas fasad fasi fasil fason fatig fatige fatra favè favorab fay fè fèb fèblès fèk fekal fèm fèmante femèl femen feminnen fen

fable, lie disgusted faculty letter carrier, postman, mailman bill factory mouthful* gully, ravine pharmacy pharmacist lantern fanatic woman family family to destroy, to break crevice, crack, rupture bet, wager flour, meal drizzle drizzle to drizzle Paharisee face façade to fill, to refill easy form, style, fashion fatigue fatigued trash, waste favor favorable weak, light to make, to do; iron weak weakness recent fecal conscious; firm to ferment femenine, female to close femenine to finish; delicate, fine

fenèt fennen fent fès fèt fetay fete fètil fevriye fèy fi fidèl fidelite fig figi fikse fil filas file filè filfè filozòf filozofi fim fimen fimye fini fiti fiyansaj fiyanse fiyèl fizi fizye flach flaman flan flanbe flanbwayen flanke flanm flann flannè flannen flè flèch fleri flit flite flote fo

window to wither; to turn pale to fake buttock party; to be made; to be born roof to party fertile February leaf girl, young woman loyal loyalty banana face to fixate, to focus fiber, thread fine; silky to file; to thread fillet barbed wire philosopher philosophy film, movie to smoke; smoke smoker to finish, to end future engagement fiancee godson, goddaughter rifle to shoot (execute) flashlight flamingo side, alongside, flank smoked, smoking flamboyant to beat, to hit flame short walk conceited; lazy to walk the streets flower arrow to flourish, to flower flute; insect spray to spray insecticide to float false, fake

fò fobò fòk foli Fòlibetè folklò fòm fòmasyon fòme fòmen fòmidab fon fonksyonnè fonn fonse fòs fòse fòseman fot fotey fòtin foto fou foub fouchèt foul foula foule foumi fouro foutbòl fouwo fouye frajil fran franj franse frape fratènite fraz fre frè frechè fredi fren frennen frèt frete fri frijidè

error, fault; strong; intelligent toothless itself, oneself; ought to; is necessary craziness Fort Liberte folklore form formation form; to form form; to form very good, formidable deep official, governement employee melted, fused; to fuse, to melt dark trench; strength; tomb to force, to oblige, to compel forcefully error, fault armchair fortune photo, photograph furnace, oven; crazy person; fool deceit, deception fork full, multitude handkerchief to dislocate ant bag soccer bag to dig fragile frank, serious French to beat, to hit fraternity, brotherhood phrase, sentence fresh brother fresh, freshness to get cold; cold brake to brake cold cold; strong to roast, to fry; fruit refrigerator

frin frizè fròmaj fron frontyè frote fwa fwèt fwi fwiti fwomaj fwon fwontyè fwote fye fyèl fyouz

brake freezer cheese front, forhead border, frontier to rub time (occurrence) whip fruit to be able to, to be capable of cheese front, forhead border, frontier to rub to have trust, to have confidence, to vouch for, to trust gall fuse

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
fábula disgustado facultad cartero factura factoría buche barranco farmacia farmaceútico farol, linterna; hacho fanático, partidiario mujer familia familia destruir, quebrar, romper grieta, rotura apuesta harina jarina, llovizna llovizna jarinar, lloviznar fariseo cara, faz fachada llenar, rellenar fácil forma, modo fatiga fatigado basura, desechos favor favorable débil, ligero hacer; hierro débil debilidad recién, reciente fecal consciente; firme fermentar femenino, hembra cerrar femenino acabar; delicado, fino

ventana marchitar; palidecer fingir nalga fiesta; ser hecho; nacer techumbre fiestar fértil febrero hoja muchacha, señorita fiel fidelidad guineo cara fijar fibra, hilo fino; sedoso afilar; enhebrar filete alambre de púas filósofo filosofía película fumar; humo fumador acabar, finalizar, terminar futuro noviazgo novio-a ahijado-a fusil fusilar foco flamenco costado, flanco ahumado llamativo, extravagante golpear llama paseo, vuelta comparón; holgazán callejear; figurear flor flecha florecer flauta; bomba de insecticidia echar insecticidia flotar falso

error, falta; fuerte; inteligente desdentado sí mismo; es necesario locura Fort Liberte folklor forma formación forma; formar forma; formar muy bueno, formidable hondo, profundo funcionario fundido; fundir oscuro fosa; fuerza; tumba forzar; obligar forzosamente error, falta butaca, sillón fortuna foto, fotografía horno; loco; pendejo engaño tenedor lleno, multitud pañuelo dislocar hormiga funda fútbol funda cavar frágil franco, serio franja francés golpear fraternidad frase fresco hermano fresco, frescor enfriarse; frío freno frenar frío frío; fuerte asar, freír; fruta nevera

freno congelador queso frente frontera frotar vez látigo fruto ser capaz de, poder queso frente frontera frotar tener confianza, fiar, fiarse hiel fusible

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
gad gade gadyen gaga gagann gagè galan galipot galize galon galonnen galòp galri gan ganstè garaj garanti gason gaspiyaj gaspiye gate gato gaye gaz gazèl gazolin gazòy ge gen genyen gèp geri gerizon gete gid Ginen gita glann glas glase glasi glise glwa gobe gòch

guard, soldier to look guardian idiot throat cockpit (for cock fighting) courteous, galant person who can change into an animal to level, to flatten gallon promotion gallop gallery glove gangster garage guarantee male, young man, boy waste to spend, to waste to damage, to ruin cake to scatter gas steer gasoline a mixture of gasoline and oil gay, happy to have to have wasp to cure cure to observe, to watch guide Guinea (Africa) guitar gland mirror ice cream terrace, veranda to skate, to slip glory to devour left

goche gode gòj gòjèt Gonayiv gonfle gonfleman gonm gou goud gouman gout goute goutyè gouvène gouvènen gouvènman goyin gra grado graj graje gramè gran granchire grandè grandi grangou granmè Granmèt granmoun grann granpapa granpè grap gras grasa Grasdye grate gratis grav grave gravwa gravye grèf grenadin grenmèsi grenn grennen grès

left-handed jar, mug throat mouthful Gonaive (region of Haiti) to swell, to inflate swollen; indigestion rubber, tire pleasure gourde (Haitian currency) glutton drop to please; to try, to taste leak; dropper to govern to govern government handsaw fat grade

grammar greater, larger, older charlatan, liar greatness, grandeur to grow, to develop hunger grandmother God adult grandmother grandfather grandfather bunch, cluster grace, thanks thanks to by the grace of God to scratch free grave, serious to record; to make lines on gravel gravel

recompense grain, seed to thrash, to thresh, to shell grease, fat

grese grèv gri grif grifonnen grimas grip gripe griy griye griyo gro grònèg grosi grosye group groupman grovant guede gwann Gwatemala guayav gwo gwòg gwonde gwònèg gwosi gwosye gwoup gwoupman gwovant

to fatten, to get fat strike, protest gray claw to scratch, to claw notches, indentations cold (illness) sick (with a cold) grill to grill, to roast, to toast fired animal skin and fat big, fat big, important, powerful to fatten, to get fat rude group grouping pregnancy, pregnant spirits of death, spirits/ghosts of the cemetary needle Guatemala guava big, fat swallow to grunt, to growl big, important, powerful to fatten, to get fat rude group grouping pregnancy, pregnant

h Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
guardia, soldado mirar, observer guardián idiota garganta gallera cortés, galán galipote aplanar, igualar galón ascenso (militar) galope galería guante gángster garaje garantía joven, muchacho, varón despilfarro gastar, malgastar dañarse, estropear biscocho, postre desparramar gas novilla gasolina gasol alegre, contento haber, tener haber, tener avispa curar curación observar, vigilar guía Guinea (Africa) guitarra glándula espejo helado terraza patinar, resbalar gloria devorar izquierda

zurdo jarro garganta buche Gonaive hinchar, inflar hinchado; indigestión goma gusto gourd (moneda de Haití) glotón gota gustar; probar, saborear gotera; gotero gobernar gobernar gobierno serrucho gordo, grueso grado guayo guayar gramática mayor charlatán, hablador grandeza, ostentación crecer, desarrollarse hambre abuela Dios adulto abuela abuelo abuelo racimo gracias grasa por la gracia de Dios rascar gratis, gratuito grave grabar; rayar grava, gravilla gravilla injerto granadillo recompensa grano, semilla desgranar grasa

engordar huelga gris garra arañar muescas gripe agripado parrilla asar, tostar chicharrón grande, grueso grande, importante, poderoso engordar grosero grupo agrupación embarazo, encinta luases de la muerte, de los cementerios aguja Guatemala guayaba grande, grueso trago gruñir grande, importante, poderoso engordar grosero grupo agrupación embarazo, encinta

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
hougan humfort voodoo priest voodoo temple


Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
sacerdote del vudú templo vudú

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
idantifye idantite ide ideyoloji ignorans igwan ijyenik imaj imajinasyon imajine imanite imè imèn imid imidite imitasyon imite imoralite inifòm initil inivèsite inyon inyorans ipokrit irigasyon irite isi isit istwa iteris itil itilize ivè iyorans izin izole identify identity idea ideology ignorance iguana hygienic image imagination to imagine humanity humor, mood human humid humidity imitation to imitate immorality uniform useless university union ignorance hipocrite irrigation irritate here here history uterus useful utilize winter ignorance factory isolated


Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
identificar identidad idea ideología ignorancia iguana higiénico imagen imaginación imaginar humanidad humor humano húmedo humedad imitación imitar inmoralidad uniforme inútil universidad unión ignorancia hipócrita irrigación irritar aquí aquí historia útero útil utilizar invierno ignorancia fábrica aislado

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
jaden jako jalou jalouzi Jamayik jan janbe janbon jandam jandanm janm janmè jansiv janti janvye je jedi jefò jekwa jèm jèmen jèn jen jeneral jenerasyon Jenès Jenez jenn jennès jennjan jenou jeran Jerizalèm jès jete jeyografi Jezi Jezikri ji jidisyè jij jidepè jije jijman jimo

garden; farm parrot jealous jealousy Jamaica way, style; like to cross ham police police never; leg never gum (of the mouth) nice January eye Thursday effort arrogant, prideful germ to germinate, to sprout fast; young June general generation Genesis Genesis young youth young people knee manager Jerusalem gesture to discard, to throw geography Jesus Jesus Christ juice judicial judge Justice of the Peace to judge judgement twins

jip jis jistis jiyè jodi a jon jòn jou jouk jouke jouman joumou jounal jounalye joune jounen joupa joure jous jwa jwe jwenn jwenti jwèt jwi jwif

skirt just; until justice to play; July today rush, reed yellow day, workday until to settle insult pumpkin, squash, melon daily, newspaper day laborer day, workday day, workday hut, shack to insult until joy to play to find juncture, joint toy to enjoy Jew

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
jardín; finca cotorra celoso celos Jamaica manera, modo; como atravesar jamón policía policía jamás, nunca; pierna jamás, nunca encía amable Enero ojo Jueves esfuerzo arrogante, orgulloso germen germinar ayuno; joven Junio general generación Génesis Génesis joven juventud jóvenes rodilla gerente Jerusalén gesto botar, tirar geografía Jesús Jesucristo jugo judicial juez Juez de Paz (Juzgado de Paz) juzgar juicio mellizos

falda justo; hasta justicia jugar; Julio hoy junco amarillo día, jornada hasta posarse injuria, insulta calabaza, granadillo, melón diario, periódico jornalero día, jornada día, jornada choza injuriar, insultar hasta alegría jugar encontrar juntura juguete gozar judío

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ka kab kaba kabann kabarèt kabès kabèste kabrit kabwèt kach kache kachèt kachim kadav kadè kadiak kadinal kadna kado kadyak kafe kafetyè kajou kaka kakao kakas kakawo kakaye kaki kal kalamite kalbas kale kalfou kalificatif kalifye kalimèt kalite kalkè kalkil kalkile kalman kalmason kalme kalòj

in case; case; fourth, quarter; to be able to be able to finish bed cabaret head goat wagon cash, in cash to hide hidden, unseen cadaver quarter hour cardiac cardinal lock to give; gift cardiac coffee coffeepot mahogany poop, feces cocoa skeleton, carcas cocoa to cackle, to squak khaki peel, shell; a little; hit, blow calamity pumpkin to peel intersection (of streets) qualitative to grade, to rate class; species calcium reflection to reflect sedative slug to calm chicken coop

kalonnen kalòte kalson kalsyòn kalvè kamera kamyon kamyonèt kan Kanada kanaj kanal kanaval kandida kanè kanèl kanmarad kanmenm kann kanna kannal kannari kannay kannèl kanni kanno kannòt kanntè kanpay kanpe kanpèch kansè kantik kantin kantite kanton kap kapab kapasite kapat kape kapital kapitèn kapitenn kapon kaponnen kaporal kapòt karaktè karanbòl

to cover with to throw hard underwear calcium Calvary camera truck pickup truck when Canada fuss, cheering canal carnival candidate agenda; identification card cinnamon friend, companion nevertheless; surely sugar cane duck canal lrge earthen jar scum, lowlife cinnamon to mold, to get moldy cannon rowboat, small boat small boat campaign to stand up cancer bar, cantina quantity spot, parish dandruff; kite; to be able to be capable capacity to be able capital captain captain intimidated intimidate end, cape (of coast) cape, top character; karate carom

karant karate karayib kare karèm karès karese karo karòt karyòl karyonnen kasav kase kasèt kasik kat katalòg katastwòf katechetik katechis katedral kategori katolik katon katòz katrè katreven katrevendis katriyèm katsan katye kav kavalye kavèy kawòt kawoutchou kay kaye kayiman kaymit kazèn kazino ke kè kèk kèlkeswa kenbe kenz kenzan

forty karate caribbean squared Lent caress to caress area unit of measure equal to 125 meters squared carrot wagon to ring casaba to break cassette chief, chieftan card; four; map catalogue catastrophe

cathedral category catholic cardboard fourteen four o'clock eighty ninety fourth four hundred neighborhood cave, cavern gentleman back of the head carrot tire, wheel house notebook alligator barracks, small military building card game, casino tail; that, which heart; choir some whichever, whoever to grab, to support, to bear, to take fifteen fifteen years

kenzèn kenzenn kès kesye kesyon kèt keyi ki Kiba kibo kichòy kifè kilès kilomèt kilti kiltiv kiltivatè kiltive kimen kiryèz kis kisa Kiskeya kite kivèt kiyè kiyès kizin kizinyè klaksonn klas klasifikasyon klasifike klate klè kle klere kleren klima klimatizè klinik kliyan klòch klòche klòtch klou kloure klwe kò

fifth fifth box, small drawer cashier question, interrogation basket to catch, to grasp, to sow which; where; what; that Cuba which side something so that what, how kilometer culture growing, farming agriculturist, farmer to cultivate foam curious cyst what Quisqueya (original name of the island of Hispaniola) to leave, to drop bucket, washtub spoon who kitchen cook horn (of a vehicle) class classification to classify to burst clear (color) key to make clear, to illuminate homemade haitian rum climate, weather air conditioning clinic client bell bell tower clutch nail to nail to nail body

kòb kochma kochon kòd kodak kòde kodenn kòdonye kòk koken kòkiy koko kòkòb kòkòto kòkòwòs kokoye kol kòl kola kolaborasyon kolaboratè kolè kole kòlèj kolerin kolibri kolik kolin kòlòn kolon Kolonbi koloni kolye kòm kòman kòmandan kòmande komannman kòmanse kòmansman kòmante kòmè komès kòmèsan komik komin kominal kominikasyon kominike

money nightmare pig, pork code; cord, rope camera to twist, to braid turkey shoe maker cock, rooster cunning, impostor shell coconut clumsy, slow miserly cranium coconut tail necktie soft drink, cola collaboration collaborator cholera; rash to glue, to stick private school hummingbird colic, diarrhea hill raft; group column Colombia colony necklace like, how how commander to command, to order commandment to begin, to commence beginning to comment female friend (usually used among older people) commerce businessperson comical common communal communication to communicate

kominis kominye kominyon komisyon komite kòmsi kòmsikonsa kòn konba konbat konbe konbine konbit konble konbyen kondanasyon kondane kondi kondiktè kondisyon kondisyone kondisyonèl kònesans konferans konfese konfesyon konfimasyon konfime konfiti konfòm konfòme konfonn konfwonte konfyans kongregasyon koni konjige konjigezon konjonksyon konklizyon konkou konmandè konmande konmanse konmansman konmè konmedi konmedyen konmès

communism to take communion communion commission committee as if more or less to know; horn (of animal) combat to combat how many, how much to combine invitation to accumulate, to pile up how many, how much condemnation to condemn to conduct, to drive conductor, driver condition air conditioning conditional knowledge conference to confess confession confirmation to confirm sweet in agreement, content to conform to confuse to confront trust congregation to know, to meet to conjugate conjugation conjunction conclusion contest chief, commander to order, to command to begin, to commence beginning female friend (usually used among older people) comedy comedian commerce

konmèsan konmèt konminike konmisyon konn konnen konpa konpany konpare konparèt konpasyon konpè konplèt konplete konplètman konplikasyon konplike konpliman konplo konpoze konpozisyon konprann konpransyon konpute konsa konsanti konsantman konsantrasyon konsè konsekan konsekrasyon konsène konsèv konsèvasyon konsève konsèy konseye konsiderasyon konsidere konsil konsiltasyon konsilte konsolasyon konsole konson konspirasyon konstate konstitisyon konstwi konsyans

businessperson to commit to communicate comission to know; when to know konpa (popular style of Haitian music) companion to compare to appear compassion friend (usually used between older men) complete to complete completely complication to complicate compliment; congratulations; to congratulate plot to compose composition to comprehend, to understand comprehension computer (like) so to consent to consent concentration concert consequent consecration watchword canned food conservation to conserve advice, counsel to advise, to counsel consideration to consider council consultation to consult consolation to console consonant conspiracy to verify constitution to construct conscience

kont kontak kontamine kontan kontantman konte kontinan kontinye kontra kontraksyon kontrakte kontrarye kontraryete kontravansyon kontrè kontre kontrebann kontredi kontribisyon kontwòl kontwole koperasyon koperativ kopere kopi kopye kore kòrèk koreksyon koresponn koridò kòsay Kostarika kòstim kòt kote kotidyen koton kou koub koube kouche koud koukou koukouy koule koulè koulèv koulin kouman

bill (check); story; against contact contaminate happy,content satisfaction to count continent to continue contract contraction to contract to annoy; to get annoyed annoyance, snag contravention??? contrary to find contraband to contradict contribution control to control cooperation cooperative to cooperate copy to copy to lock onself up; to shoe correct correction to correspond corridor blouse Costa Rica costume, dress, suit coast donde daily cotton neck; hit; how, when curve to bend, to curve to go to bed, to lie down elbow; to sew cuckoo ???? to strain, to pour color snake machete how

koumanse kounye a koupab koupe kouple kouraj kouran kouray kouri kous kout koute kouti koutim koutiryèz kouto koutye kouve kouvèti kouvri kouzen kouzin kòvèsasyon kowonpi kowosò kowosòl kowvèti koz koze krab krache kran krapo kraponnay kras kravat kraze kreati kredi krèm kreson kretyen kreye

kreyon krich krim kriminèl krisifi

to commence now culpable to cut stanza, verse enthusiasm current courage to run course, race short to cost; to listen sewing, stitching custom seamstress knife middleman to incubate cover, covering, top to cover pillow; cousin (female) cousin (male) conversation to corrupt, to rot guanabana guanabana to convert cause; because of; process matter, issue crab to spit; saliva cranium frog blackmail; to blackmail; to intimidate a little bit necktie to break creative credit cream; ice cream; salve watercress Christian to create creole pencil jar, pitcher crime criminal crucifix

krisifye kristal kritik kritike kriye kriz kryèl kwa kwafè kwak kwape kwayan kwayans kwaze kwè kwen kwensidans kwi kwis kwit kwiv kwizin kwizinyè kwòk kwoupi

to crucify crystal, glass criticism; critic to criticize to cry nerve attack; crisis cruel cross barber, hairdresser although to reject, to repel believer belief to cross to believe corner coincidence animal skin; receptacle made of pumpkin shell thigh to boil, to cook, to roast copper kitchen cook (chef) rockthrower, slingshot to crouch, to stoop

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acaso; caso; cuarto (cuarta parte); poder poder acabar, terminar cama cabaret cabeza arreglar el caballo chivo carreta al cash, al contado ocultar oculto cachimbo cadáver cuarto de hora cardíaco cardenal candado regalar; regalo cardíaco café cafetera caoba pupú cacao esqueleto cacao cacarear caqui cáscara, escama; un poco; un golpe calamidad auyama, calabaza mondar, pelar cruce de calle calificativo calificar calimete clase; especie calcio reflexión reflexionar calmante babosa calmar gallinero

cubrir de tirar duro pantaloncillo calcio calvario cámara (de video o fotografía) truck camioneta cuando Cánada alboroto canal carnaval candidato agenda; carnet; cédula canela amigo, compañero sin embargo; seguramente caña pato canal tinaja canalla canela enmohecer cañon barca, yola yola campaña parase campeche cáncer cántico bar, cantina cantidad paraje caspa; chichigua; poder ser capaz capacidad esterilla poder capital capitán capitán acobardado intimidar cabo capa, capota carácter; karate carambola

cuarenta karate caribe cuadrado cuaresma caricia acariciar medida de superficie quivalente a 125 metros cuadrados zanahoria carreta repicar casabe romper casete cacique baraja, carta; cuatro; mapa catálogo catástrofe catequístico catequista catedral categoría católico cartón catorce las cuatro (horas) ochenta noventa cuarto de hora cuatrocientos barrio, zona caverna caballero detrás en la cabeza zanahoria goma, rueda casabe cuaderno caimán caimito cuartel casino cola de una animal; que corazón; coro unas, unos, algunos, algunas cualquiera, sea quien sea agarrar, aguantar, coger quince quince años

quincena quincena caja; gaveta cajero cuestión, pregunta, interrogación cesto coger, cosechar cual; dónde; que; qué Cuba que lado algo, alguna cosa de manera que cómo, de qué manera kilómetro cultura cultivo agricultor cultivar espuma curioso quiste qué Quisqueya dejar cubo, ponchera cuchara quién cocina cocinera bocina del vehículo clase clasificación clasificar estallar, reventar claro llave aclarar, iluminar clerén clima aire acondicionado clínica cliente campana campanario cloche clavo clavar clavar cuerpo

dinero pesadilla cerdo, puerco código; cuerda, soga cámara (de fotografía) retorcer, trenzar pavo zapatero gallo astuto, avivato, impostor cáscara, concha coco torpe avaro*** cráneo coco cola corbata refresco colaboración colaborador cólera; pique encolar, pega colegio colerín colibrí cólico, diarrea colina balsa; grupo columna Colombia colonia collar como cómo comandante mandar imperativo comenzar comienzo comentar comadre comercio comerciante cómico común comunal comunicación comunicar

comunismo comulgar comunión comisión comité como si más o menos conocer; cuerno combate combatir cuánto combinar convite acumular, amontonar cuánto condenación condenar conducir, manejar conductor condición aire acondicionado condicional conocimiento conferencia confesar confesión confirmación confirmar compota; dulce conforme conformar confundir confrontar confianza congregación conocer conjugar conjugación conjunción conclusión concurso jefe mandar comenzar comienzo comadre comedia comediante comercio

comerciante cometer comunicar comisión; diligencia conocer; cuando conocer compás compañero comparar comparecer compasión compadre completo completar completamente complicación complicar felicidades; felicitar complot componer composición comprender comprensión computadora así consentir consentimiento concentración concierto consecuente consagración consigna conserva conservación conservar consejo aconsejar consideración considerar concilio consulta consultar consuelo consolar consonante conspiración constatar constitución construir conciencia

cuenta; cuento; contra contacto contaminar al contado; content, happy satisfacción contar continente continuar contrato contracción contratar contrariar contrariedad contravención contrario encontrar contrabando contradecir contribución control controlar cooperación cooperativo cooperar copy copiar atrancarse; calzar correcto corrección corresponder pasillo blusa Costa Rica traje, vestido costa where cotidiano algodón cuello; golpe; como, cuando curva curvar, doblar acostarse codo; coser cucú cocuyo colar color culebra colín cómo

comenzar ahora culpable cortar estrofa ánimo, entusiasmo corriente coraje correr carrera corto costar; escuchar costura costumbre modista cuchillo intermediario incubar cubierta, forro, tapa cobijar, cubrir almohada; prima primo conversación corromper guanábana guanábana convertir causa; a causa de; proceso asunto jaiba escupir; saliva cráneo rana chantaje; chantajear; meter miedo poco corbata romper creativo crédito crema; helado; pomada berro cristiano crear creól lápiz cántaro crimen criminal crucifijo

crucificar cristal, vidrio crítica; críitco criticar llorar ataque de nervios; crisis cruel cruz peluquero aunque rechazar, repeler creyente creencia cruzar creer esquina coincidencia cuero; higuera, recipiente hecho de calabaza muslo asar, cocer, cocinar cobre cocina cocinera tirapiedras agacharse

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
la laba labab labank labatwa Labib labou laboure labouyi lachas lacho ladan ladesant ladim ladrès ladwann lafanmi lafen lafimen lafòs Lafrans Lafrik lafwa lafyèv lage lagè lagoni laj lajan lajè laji lajistis lajounen lajwa lak lakanpany lakansyèl lakapital lakay lakilti lakiltiv lakoloni lakòmèt lakomin lakòt

here, there (thereabouts) there beard bank slaughterhouse Bible mud to plow, to till ??????? hunt lime in; inside lodging tenth, tithe ability customs (office) family end smoke force France Africa faith fever to let go, to leave war agony wide; age money wide, width to widen justice day, workday joy lake countryside rainbow capital home, house culture agriculture colony comet city hall; municipal government coast

lakou lakoutim lakoz lakre lakwa lalèp lalibetè lalin laliy lalwa lalwèt lame lamen lamès lamizè lamò lamòd lan lanati lanbí lanbisyon lane lanfè lang langaj langwas lank lanm lanmè lanmen lanmidon lanmilèt lanmò lanmori lanmou lannuit lanp lans lansan lantèman lantenwa lantouraj lanvè laparès lapè lapèch lapen lapèn lapenn lapèrèz

patio custom cause chalk cross leprosy liberty moon line law esophagus year; army stretch out hands mass (church) misery death fashion, style slow; of, in, between nature conch ambition year hell tongue; language language anguish ink sheet; wave evil; sea hand starch scrambled eggs death sundried cod love night lamp handle incense burial funnel enclosure reverse laziness peace fish rabbit penalty; sorrow penalty; sorrow laziness

laplaj laplas laplenn lapli lapòlis lapòs lapousyè lapriyè lari larim Larisi larivyè lasal lasante lasèt lasi lasosyete lasoufrans lasoup lastik Lasuis lasyans latè laten Latibonit latous latren latriye lavabo lavalas lave laverite lavèy lavi laviktwa lavil lavwa lavyèj lawouj lawouze lay layik layite Lazi lè lèd legal legalize legim legliz

beach park plain (land) rain police post office dust prayer, to pray street rheumatism Russia river living room health lasso, rope wax society suffering soup elastic Switzerland science earth, land Latin Artibonite (region in Haiti) cough latrine etcetera hand soap avalanche, torrent to wash truth eve life victory city, town voice virgen mold, mildew dew, mist garlic layperson to explain, to expound Asia air; when; hour ugly legal to legalize legumes church

leje lejèman Lejip lejislasyon lejitim lekipaj lekòl lekontrè lekriti lekte lekti lektrik lektrisite lelven lemonn lendepandans lendi lene lenjistis lènmi lenn lenò Lepap lepok lès lesann lese leson lespri Lesprisen lespwa lestomak lèt lete letranje lèv levanjil leve leveche lèzòt li lib liberasyon liberatè libète libreri lide lifèt lijyèn likè

light (weight) lightly Egypt legislation legitimate baggage school contrary scripture, writing reader reading electric electricity leaven, yeast world independence Monday firstborn injustice enemy wool north Pope epoch east ash to leave, to not do lesson inteligence Holy Spirit weight stomach letter; milk summer foreigner lip gospel to lift, to raise made bishop others to read; he, she, him, her, it; his, hers, its free liberation liberator liberty book store idea debit hygiene liquor

likid lil lim lime limen limit limon limonad limoralite limyè linèt linyon lis lisans lise listre listwa lit lite literal literati liv livè livre liy lo lò lòd lògèy lokasyon loke lokipasyon lòlòj lonbraj lonbrit long longanis lonje lonn lonnè lontan lopital loraj lòt lotèl lotòn lotri lou lougawou louvri

liquid island lime to file to light, to turn on limit lemon lemonade immorality light; traffic light glasses union list license high school to shine, to polish history liter struggle; to struggle literal literature book; pound winter to turn in line a lot gold; when order pride occasion craziness occupation meaning shade belly button long sausage to lengthen yard honor long time, far away hospital storm other, another altar autumn, fall lottery heavy witch to open

lwa lwanj lwaye lwe lwen lwès lwil lyann lyetnan lyon

angel; spirit; saint; mistery, law praise to rent to rent far west oil flexible, soft, smooth lieuteniente lion

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ahí; aquí allá, allí barba banco matadero Biblia barro, lodo arar majarete caza cal en; dentro hospedaje diezmo habilidad aduana the family fin humo la fuerza Francia Africa fe fiebre dejar, soltar guerra agonía ancho; edad dinero ancho, anchura ensanchar justicia día, jornada alegría lago campo arco iris capital hogar cultura agricultura colonia cometa ayuntamiento costa

patio costumbre causa tiza cruz lepra libertad luna línea ley esófago año; armada estrechar manos misa miseria muerte moda lento; de, en, entre naturaleza lambí ambición año infierno lengua lenguaje angustia tinta hoja, lámina; ola mal; mar mano almidón huevos revueltos muerte bacalao amor noche lámpara asa incienso entierro embudo cercado reverso, revés haraganería paz pesca conejo pena pena pereza

playa parque llanura lluvia policía correos polvo oración, orar calle reuma Rusia río sala salud lazo cera sociedad sufrimiento asopado, sopa elástico Suiza ciencia tierra latín Artibonito tos letrina etcétera lavamanos avalancha, torrente lavar verdad víspera vida victoria ciudad, pueblo voz virgen moho rocío ajo laico explicar, exponer Asia aire; cuando; hora feo legal legalizar legumbres iglesia

ligero ligeramente Egipto legislación legítimo equipaje escuela contrario escritura lector lectura eléctrico electricidad levadura mundo independencia lunes primogénito injusticia enemigo lana norte Papa época este ceniza dejar, no hacer lección inteligencia Espíritu Santo peso estómago carta; letra; leche verano extranjero labio evangelio levantar obispado otros leer; él, ella; suyo libre liberación liberador libertad librería idea debe higiene licor

líquido isla lima limar encender, prender límite límon limonada inmoralidad luz; semáforo lentes unión lista licencia liceo lustrar historia litro lucha; luchar literal literatura libro; libra invierno entregar línea lote, montón oro; cuando orden orgullo ocasión locura ocupación sentido sombra ombligo largo longaniza alargar yarda honor hace tiempo, lejano hospital tormenta otros altar otoño lotería pesado bruja abrir

angel; espíritu; santo; misterio; ley alabanza alquiler alquiler lejos oeste aceite flexible, suave lugarteniente león

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ma mabi mabyal machan machande machandiz machann mache machin machwa madam madanm madansara madi madichon madichonen madmwazèl madre magazen maj maji majik majiskil majistra majò mak makak make makèt makòmè makout mal malad maladi malanga malarya malchans maldan maldyòk maldyòke malè malediksyon malelve malen

my ?????? complicated businessman, seller to trade merchandise seller walk; market car; machine jaw Mrs. Mrs. ?????? Tuesday curse to curse young woman strong, robust store, storehouse magician magician magic uppercase magistrate, mayor major mark macack????; monkey to mark supermarket female friend (usually used between older people) hurt, pain; evil ill, sick illness ?????? malaria bad luck toothache bad eye to glimpse misfortune, disgrace curse rude astute

maleng malere malèt malfèktè malgre malman malmennen malònèt malpwòp malpwòpte maltrete malvant malveyan mamit manba manch manchèt manchwè manda mandarin mande mandyan manèv mango manifestasyon manigèt manje manke manm manman manmi mansonj mantalite manti manyè manyen manyòk mapou marasa mare marenn mari maryaj marye mas masaj masakre maskilen mason matant

sore unhappy, poor bag, suitcase evildoer in spite of regular to mistreat dishonest nasty, dirty filth, filthiness to mistreat indigestion evildoer pan, pot, cauldron peanut butter sleeve machete jaw command mandarin to demand, to ask beggar workforce, worker mango manifestation, strike maneuver, stunt food; to eat to miss, to lack member mom, mother mommy lie mentality to lie; lie to touch to touch yucca ????????? twins to tie godmother husband matrimony married March; mass massage massacre masculine mason aunt

maten matènite materio materyalis mati Matinik matirize matla mato matris matyè mawon may mayi mayo me mè mèb mèch mechan meday medikaman medsin mèg megri mekanisyen mekanografi mèkredi Meksik mèl melanj melanje mele melimelo melon memwa men menaj menase menm menmjan menmsi mennen mens meprize mereng merite mès mesaj

morning, in the morning maternity material (construction) materialism martyrdom Martinique to martyr, to torment mattress hammer matrix matter, subject wild; maroon unit of measure corn t-shirt here is; May mother; nun furniture wick, fuse bad, evil medallion medicine medicine thin, lean to thin, to lose weight mechanic typing Wednesday Mexico large quantity mix to mix to mix mix melon, cantaloupe memory here is; hand; but boyfriend, girlfriend; cleaning, cleanliness to threaten same same way although to direct; to bring (things that cannot be carried); to manage thin, skinny to despise, to look down on merengue to deserve, to merit mass (religious) message

mesaje mèsi mesye mèt metal metalik mete metòd metodis mètrès metrès metye mèyèv mezanmi mezi mezire mi midi migrasyon mil milat milèt milimèt milisyen militè miltipliye milyon min minab mineral minis miniskil minit minwi mirak miray mis mistè mit mitan mitin miwa miyò miyon miz mize mizè mizerab mizik mizisyen

catechism; messenger thank you mister owner, boss; teacher; meter metal metalic to put, to place method methodist owner (female); dear woman of the house, mistress trade, craft marvel (my) friends measure to measure mature; wall, mural noon immigration thousand mulatto mule millimeter member of the militia military to multiply million mine (mineral) mediocre mineral minister, secretary miniscule, lowercase minute midnight miracle wall, mural nurse mistery moth half, in half meeting mirror better million to bet; to put, to place to bet misery miserable music musician

mizole mò mo mòd mòde modèl modèn moman mòn monachi monben monchè monkonpè monnen monpè monsèyè mont montay monte montre moso mote motosiklèt mòtye mou mouch mouchwa moule moulen moun mouri moustach moustik moustikè moutad mouton moutre mouvman mouye mov move mozayik msye mwa mwatye mwayen mwèl mwen mwens

mausoleum death; dead word style, fashion to bite model modern moment monte monarchy ?????? dear male friend (usually used between older people) coin father monsignor wristwatch mountain to mount, to climb mostrar piece motor motorcycle mortar soft, flacid fly handkerchief to mash, to grind mill people, person to die mustache mosquito mosquito net mustard lamb, sheep to show movement to wet violet evil, bad mosaic mister month half half, middle marrow minus, less; I, me, mine minus

mwilin kan mye myèl myèt

ingenuity, cleverness better bee small quantity, a little

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mi mabí complicado comerciante, vendedor comerciar mercancía vendedora andar, caminar; mercado carro; máquina mandíbula señora señora madansagá; vendedora martes maldición maldecir señorita robusto almacén, tienda mago mago magia mayúscula magistrado, síndico mayor marca macaco; mono marcar supermercado comadre calíe; macuto daño, dolor; mal enfermo enfermedad yautía malaria mala suerte dolor de muelas mal de ojo ojear desdicha, desgracia maldición grosero, mal educado astuto

llaga infeliz, pobre bulto, equipaje malhechor a pesar de regular maltratar deshonesto asqueroso, sucio suciedad maltratar indigestión malhechor caldero, olla, paila dulce de maní, mantequilla de maní manga machete mandíbula mandato mandarina exigir, pedir mendigo mano de obra, obrero mango manifestación, huelga maniobra comida; comer faltar miembro mamá mami mentira mentalidad mentir; mentira palpar, tocar palpar, tocar yuca ceiba mellizos amarrar, atar madrina esposo, marido matrimonio casado marzo; masa masaje masacre masculino albañil tía

mañana, en la mañana maternidad material (contrucción) materialismo martirio Martinica martirizar colchón martillo matríz materia cimarrón; marrón unidad de medida maíz camiseta he aquí; mayo madre; monja mueble mecha carpetoso, malo medalla medicamento medicina delgado, magro adelgazar mecánico mecanografía miércoles México gran cantidad mezcla mezclar mezclar mezcla melón memoria he aquí; mano; pero, sino novio; limpieza amenazar mismo mismo modo aunque encaminar; llevar, traer (cosas que nose pueden cargar); manejar delgado, flaco despreciar merengue merecer misa mensaje

catequismo; mensajero gracias, agradecer señor amo, dueño, jefe; maestro; metro metal metálico colocar, poner, meter método metodista dueña; querida dueña de casa oficio maravilla (mis) amigos medida medir maduro; muro, pared mediodía migración mil mulato mulo milímetro miliciano militar multiplicar millón mina mediocre mineral ministro minúscula minuto medianoche milagro muralla enfermera misterio polilla en medio, mitad mitin espejo mejor millón apostar; poner apostar miseria miserable música músico

mausoléo muerte; muerto palabra moda morder, picar modelo moderno momento mountain monarquía jobo querido compadre moneda padre monseñor reloj de pulsera montaña montar, subir to show pedazo motor motocicleta mortero blando, flojo mosca pañuelo majar, moler molino gente, persona morir bigote mosquito mosquitero mostaze cordero, ovejo mostrar movimiento mojar violeta mal, malo mosaico señor mes mitad medio médula menos; me, mí, mío, yo menos

ingenio mejor abeja poca cantidad, poco

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
naje nan nandemen nanm nannan nanpwen nap nasyon Nasyon Zini nasyonal nasyonalite natif natirèl natirèlman ne nè nechèl nèf nef nèg negativ neglijan neglije nemoni nen nenpòt nepe nesans necesè nesèsite nèt netwaye nevè neve nevyèm neye nich Nikaragwa nil nilon nimero nimewo nitou nitrisyon nivo

to swim towards, in, between in the morning soul inside nothing tablecloth nation United Nations national nationality native natural naturally knot tendon stair, ladder nine new (black) man negative negligent negligence pneumonia nose any, whichever sword birth necessary necessity completely to clean nine o'clock nephew ninth to drown nest Nicaragua null and void, invalid nylon number number neither nutrition level

nò nòdès nòdwès nòmal non nonm nonmen nòs nòt notab notè nouri nouriti nouvèl nouvo Nouyok novanm nui nwa nwaj nwè nwi nwit nyaj nyès

north northeast northwest normal name hombre to name wedding note notable notary to nourish nourishment news new New York November to damage, to harm black cloud black to damage, to harm night cloud niece

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nadar hacia, en, entre en la mañana alma nannan nada mantel nación Naciones Unidas nacional nacionalidad nativo natural naturalmente nudo tendón escalera nueve nuevo hombre negativo negligente negligencia neumonía nariz cualquiera espada nacimiento necesario necesidad por completo limpiar las nueve (hora) sobrino noveno ahogarse nido Nicaragua nulo nilon número número tampoco nutrición nivel

norte noreste noroeste normal nombre man nombrar boda nota notab notario nutrir alimento noticias nuevo Nueva York Noviembre dañar, perjudicar negro nube negro dañar, perjudicar noche nube sobrina

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
obèyi obeyisan obligasyon oblije obsèvasyon odè òdinè odinèman odyans òdelen ofisye ofisyèl ofrann ofri òganizazyon òganize ogmante ojis oka Okap okazyon oke okenn okipe okontrè okouran oktòb olenpik olye Ondiras òne onè ònèt onz operasyon operar orè orevwa orezon organize orizontal oseyan osinon oswa

to obey obedient obligation to oblige observation odor ordinary ordinarily audience orphan to officiate official offering to offer organization to organize to augment exact, just in case Cap Haitian (city in northeast Haiti) occasion okay a (one), none to occupy on the contrary up to date, to find out October olympic in place of Honduras to adorn honor honest eleven operation to operate schedule goodbye prayer to organize horizontal ocean but in the afternoon; or

otan otè otèl otobis òtograf otorite otorizasyon otorize ototal otou oubyen out ouvè ouvri ouvriye ovè ovil

so much, such height; author hotel bus orthography, spelling authority authorization authorize total around or August open to open worker ovary egg

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
obedecer obediente obligación obligar observación olor ordinario oridinariamente audencia huérfano oficiar oficial ofrenda ofrecer organización organizar aumentar exacto, justo en caso Capo Haitiano (ciuadad en el noreste de Haiti) ocasión de acuerdo alguno, ningún ocupar al contrario al corriente, enterarse Octubre olímpico en lugar de Honduras adornar honor honesto once operación operar horario adios oración organizar horizontal océano o sino en la tarde; sino, o sino

tanto altura; autor hotel autobús, guagua ortografía autoridad autorización autorizar total alrededor bien, sino Agosto abierto abrir obrero, trabajador ovario óvulo

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
pa pabouch padon padonnen pafen pafwa paj pak paladò pale palè paleman pali palidis palmis pami pàn pan Panama panche pandan pann pans panse pansyon pant pantalon pantan panye panyòl panzou panzouyis pap papay papi papiyon papòt papye parabòl paradi paralize paran parapli pare parenn

no, not lip pardon to pardon perfume sometimes, at times page bag, packet, package, sack; many charlatan to speak, to talk palace parliament to turn pale malaria palm tree between damage, breakdown turkey Panama to lean, to lean towards during, while damage, breakdown; to hang abdomen, belly, womb to think pension pending pants to get scared, to become frightened basket Spanish low blow thugs????? daddy, father; Pope papaya daddy butterfly threshhold, doorstep paper parable; parabola paradise to paralize parents; relatives umbrella to stop; to prepare godfather

parès parese parèt parèy parèyman paròl paryaj parye pasab pasaje pase paske paspò pastè paswa pasyans pat pataje patant patat patekwè pati patine patiraj patisipe patizan patkò patou patri patwouj pawas pawòl pay payas payèt pe pè pèch peche pechè pedagojik pedan pèdi pèl pèlen peleren pelerinaj pemanant pèmèt pèmisyon

laziness lazy to appear equal, the same, similar the same word bet to bet passable passenger to pass; to iron because passport pastor strainer, colander patience pasta; paste; foot of an animal to share patent sweet potato fanciful, imaginative to split; to depart to skate pasture to participate supporter, advocate, partisan not yet everywhere homeland, fatherland patrol, squad parish word straw (hay) clown ridicule, mockery to be quiet; power fear; father; peace; priest fishing sin sinner pedagogical pedantic, pedant to lose shovel; pearl rat trap, trap pilgrim pilgrimage permanent to permit permission

pen pèn penetre peng pengwen penisilin penitans pens penso pent pentad penti pentire peny pèp pèrèz peri perik pèsekite pèsonèl pèsonn pèsonnaj pèsyèn pete petèt petri peye peyi peyisan pèz peze pi piblik pibliye pichon pije pijon pikan pike pikèt piki pikwa pil pile pilil pilon pilonnen pinèz pinga

bread penalty; sorrow to penetrate miserly, avaricious ornamental plant penicillin penitence pliers brush painter ????? paint to paint comb people laziness to perish wig to pursue personal; personnel nobody, no one character blinds, shades (window) to explode, to burst perhaps, maybe to knead; to amass to pay country someone from the countryside scale, weight inopportune; heavy; to weigh well (of water or petroleum), pit; more (comparison) public to publish plague; pest to tighten dove, pigeon spine, thorn to stick, to prick, to sting, to bite stake injection; to inject pick (tool) much, a lot; battery to mash; to step on pill, tablet mortar and pestle, grinder to mash; to step on bedbug; thumbtack caution

pini pip piplis pire pis piske pistach pit pita piti pitimi pitit pito pitye piyaj piye plafon plaj plak plan planch planche planin planmen planpye plant plante plas plase plastik plat plato plede pledman plen plenn plenyen plezi pli plim plis plise pliske plizye plizyè plòg plon plonje plwaye po

to punish pipe more puree louse, flea since peanut smell, odor later a little; little my son son, daughter to prefer piety, mercy abundance; pillage, plunder to support roof beach disc; plate (license) plan iron (clothes) floor to plan palm (of hand) sole (of foot) plant to plant place ??????? plastic plate plain, plateau to discuss, to argue discussion, argument to fill to groan, to moan; lament; plain; full to lament, to complain pleasure wrinkle pen (writing) more to gather; to frown since a lot, much many, plural plug (electrical) lead to plunge, to submerge to fold, to turn small can; skin

pò pòch podyab poje pokè pòkè poli polis politik pòm pomad pòmdetè pon ponm ponn ponp ponpye pòntè ponya ponyen ponyèt pope popilè pòpòz posede posesif posib postim pòsyon pòt pòtay pote potèk poteke potfèy potich pòtigè poto Pòtoprens Pòtoriko pòtre pou poubèl poud poudbwa poukisa poul poulen poulèt pouri

port pocket I'm sorry (for someone) eyelid poker not yet to polish; to sand (wood) police politics apple salve potato bridge apple to lay eggs pump fireman potato knife, dagger fist wrist doll, action figure (toy) popular tranquil, calm to possess possessive posible pus portion door portal, grate to carry mortgage to mortgage wallet large earthen jar portuguese post Puerto Prince (capital of Haiti) Puerto Rico square; picture (frame) for; louse trash can, waste basket dust ?????? why chicken ??????? young chicken to rot

pous pousa pousan pouse pousuiv pousyè poutèt pouvwa pòv povwa powèm powve pòz poze pozisyon pral prale pran prann pratik pre preche predi preferans prejije prekosyon preman premye prensip prentan preparasyon prepare prese prèske prèstij presyon prèt pretann prete prèv prezan prezantasyon prezante prezidan pri pridan privye priyè priye prizon

inch; thumb therefore, for that per cent to digest; to push; to reject to pursue; to follow dust because of power poor power poem to try, to prove, to test pose, posture rest; to rest; to put, to place position to go to go to grab, to take to grab, to take practice; practical near to preach to foretell preference to prejudge precaution pay first beginning spring (season) preparation to prepare hurried, rush, to be in a hurry almost prestige pressure ready to claim, to purport to lend proof, test present (time) presentation to present president price prudent fishing net, net prayer; to pray, to beg to pray prison

prizonye puisans pwa pwadchous pwal pwason pwatann pwatrin pwav pwazon pwèl pwen pwent pwenti pwès pwezi pwisans pwiske pwoblèm pwoche pwochen pwofesè pwofesyon pwofèt pwofi pwofite pwogrè pwojè pwomene pwomès pwòmet pwonmennen pwonmès pwonmèt pwonom pwononsyasyon pwòp pwopaje pwopriyete pwòpte pwopyetè pwosè pwosèsyon pwoteje pwotèksyon pwotèktè pwòtòkòl pwouvèb pwovens pwovizyon

prisoner powerful beans; weight white beans hair fish green beans chest spicy veneno hair fist point; period sharp point??? thick, heavy poetry powerful since problem to approximate next professor profession prophet benefit to benefit, to take advantage of progress project to walk (leisurely) promise to promise to walk (leisurely) promise to promise pronoun pronunciation cleanliness, clean to propagate property cleanliness, cleaning proprietor process procession to protect protection protector protocol proverb province provisions (food)

pyan pyas pye pyeatè pyebwa pyèj pyès pyese pyon

skin disease similar to leprosy haitian currency tree; foot barefoot tree trap, trick drama; piece, part; none to mend, to patch checker pieces

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no labio perdón perdonar perfume a veces página bolsa, paquete; muchos charlatán hablar palacio parlamento palidecer paludismo palma entre avería pavo Panamá inclinar durante, mientras avería; colgar vientre pensar pensión pendiente pantalón espantarse canasta español golpe bajo golpistas papá; Papa lechosa papi mariposa umbral papel parábola paraíso paralizar padres; parientes paraguas parar; preparar padrino

pereza perezoso aparecer igual, parecido lo mismo palabra apuesta apostar pasable pasajero pasar; planchar porque pasaporte pastor colador paciencia pasta; pata compartir patente batata fantasioso partir patinar pasto participar partidiario aún no todas partes patria patrulla parroquia palabra paja payaso burla callarse; poder miedo; padre; paz; sacerdote pesca pecado pecador pedagógico pedante perder pala; perla ratonera, trampa peregrino peregrinaje permanente permitir permiso

pan pena penetrar avaro planta ornamental penicilina penitencia alicate brocha pintor guinea pintura pintar peine pueblo pereza perecer peluca perseguir personal nadie personaje persiana estallar quizás amasar pagar país campesino balanza, peso importuno; pesado; pesar pozo; más, tan (comparación) público publicar plaga apretar paloma espina picar estaca inyección; inyectar pico mucho; pila majar; pisar píldora; tableta pilón majar; pisar chinche cuidado

castigar pipa más puré pulga puesto que maní olor a más tarde poco; pequeño mijo (mi hijo) hija, hijo preferir piedad abundancia; pillaje apoyar techo playa disco; placa plan plancha piso planificar palma de la mano planta del pie planta plantar lugar amancebado plástico plato llanura, meseta discutir, pleitar discusión llenar gemir; lamento; llanura; lleno lamentarse, quejarse placer arruga pluma, bolígrafo más fruncir puesto que mucho muchos, plural enchufe plomo sumergir doblar latica, pote; piel

puerto bolsillo lo siento párpado póker aún no pulir policía política manzana pomada papa puente manzana poner (las aves) bomba bombero papa puñal puño muñeca (de la mano) muñeca, muñecos popular tranquilo poseer posesivo posible pus porción puerta portal, verja llevar hipoteca hipotecar cartera tinaja portugués horcón; poste Puerto Príncipe (capital de Haití) Puerto Rico cuadro por, para; piojo zafacón polvo comején por qué gallina potrico pollita podrir, pudrir

pulgada; pulgar por eso por ciento digerir; empujar; rechazar perseguir; seguir polvo por causa de poder pobre poder poema probar pose, postura descanso; descansar; poner posición ir ir coger, tomar coger, tomar práctica; práctico cerca predicar predecir preferencia prejuzgar precaución pago primero principio primavera preparación preparar apresurado, ir de prisa, ir de pronto casi prestigio presión dispuesto, listo pretender prestar prueba presente presentación presentar presidente precio prudente chinchorro, red oración; rogar orar cárcel, prisión

prisionero poderoso frijoles, habichuelas; peso (medida) frijoles blancos, habichuelas blancas pelo pescado, pez vainitas pecho picante poison pelo puño punta; punto puntiagudo espeso, grueso poesía poderoso puesto que problema aproximar próximo profesor profesión profeta provecho aprovechar progreso proyecto pasear promesa prometer pasear promesa prometer pronombre pronunciación limpieza, limpio propagar propiedad limpieza propietario proceso procesión proteger protección protector protocolo proverbio, refrán provincia provisiones

enfermedad de la piel parecida a la lepra peso haitiano mata, árbol; foot descalzo árbol trampa drama; pieza; ningún remendar fichas del juego de damas

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ra raboure rach rache rad rada radi radyo rafrechi rafrechisan ragou raj raje rak rakbwa rakonte ral rale raman rame ran ranch randevou randman ranje rankin rankont ranmak ranmase rann ranpli rans ranse rantre ranvoye rapadou rape rapò rapòte rapya rara ras rasanble rasanbleman

rare to plow, to till axe, hatchet to start, to get started; to crumble clothes; dress rada (voodoo) insolent; unashamed radio to refresh refreshing stew, stewed rage brushwood, herb ???????? brush, wood, branches to tell depository, tank to grasp, to pull, to move away, to withdraw, to throw rarely to row, to paddle row, line behind; butt cheek date (rendezvous) yield, output to fix resentment encounter hammock to get, to pick up to return (something); to bray to fill gossip; rancid to gossip to enter to return (something); to send scrape to start, to get started; to trap report; relation to inform poor rara, gaga (type of Haitian folkloric music) race assembly; to meet, to join, to convene meeting, reunion

rasi rasin rasyal rat rate rato ratresi ravaje ravèt ravin ray rayi rayisab rayisans rayisman raz raze razwa rebati rebèl rebèlyon rebò rebonde rebòv rebwazman rechanj rechiyan rechiyen recho rèd redaksyon redi refè refize reflechi refleksif refòm règ regadan regle regleman regrèt rejim rejiman rejis rejwi rèk reken reklam

hard; past root racial rat to fail, to miss (the mark) rake to shrink to ravage, to destroy, to devastate cockroach brook, ravine rail to detest, to hate hateful hateful to hate; hate smooth, level to shave razor to reconstruct rebel rebellion bordering, on the border to rebound, to bounce revolver reforestation spare part; suit rebel; squeaky upset, in a bad mood ??????????????? hard, rigid composition (essay) hard worker to remake, to reestablish oneself to refuse, to reject to relflect, to think over reflexive reform rule, ruler meticulous to arrange, to count, to order; to make lines on regulations to regret, to feel sorry for bunch, cluster (of bananas); regimen regiment register to be happy mature shark to protest, to claim

reklamasyon reklame rekòl rekòlte rekòmandasyon rekòmanse rekonèt rekonmande rekonnèt rekonpans rekonpanse rekonsilye rekòt rekreyasyon rèl relatif rele reli relijye relijyon remak remake remed remèsi remèt remonte remwe ren renmen renn renose renouvle reny repa repare repase repete Repiblik repite repo reponn repons repoze repozwa reprann reprezantan reprezentatif reprezante repwòch repwodi

protest, claim, demand to protest, to claim crop, harvest to harvest, to reap recommendation to start over to recognize to recommend to recognize recompense, reward reward to reconcile crop, harvest recreation shout; call relative call; to call to reread religious religion record; brand (of a product) to remark??? medicine, remedy to be thankful, to thank to return; to remit; remittance to fly, to go up to move waist (body part) to love, to like; love queen to renounce, to quit to renew; to renovate epoch food to repare, to fix to review, to go over again to repeat Republic reputation rest, repose to respond response to rest trees to do again representative representative to represent reproach; to reproach to reproduce

rès resanblans resèpsyon resèt resèv resevwa resi resipwòk resitasyon resite reskonsab reskonsabilite resò rèspè respèkte respire restavèk rèstoran rèt reta retay rete retire retounen rèv revandèz revanj revè reve revèy reveye revi revokasyon revoke revolisyon revòlte revolvè reyalite reyalize reyini reyinyon reyisi rezen rezèvwa rezilta rezistans reziste reziyasyon reziyen

rest, leftover resemblance reception recipe; prescription reserve to receive receipt; to triumph reciprocal recitation to recite responsible responsibility dock, pier; resort respect to respect to breath servant restaurant to remain, to stay tardiness, late remnant, leftover to stop; to inhabit; to remain, to stay to retire; to take out, to remove to return dream meticulous; seller, vendor revenge reverse to dream alarm clock to wake up magazine revocation to revoke revolution to rebel, to revolt revolver reality to realize to join, to meet reunion, meeting to triumph grape reserve, reservoir result resistance to resist resignation to resign

rezon rezonnman rezoud ri riban rich richès rido rif rogòl rim rimay riral riske rit rive rivyè riz rize rizib ro ròb ròch ròm roman ron ronfle rongnin ronn ront ronye ronyon rose ròsignòl rotè roti rou rouchen rouji roule roulo rout rouze roz rwa rwayòm

reason reasoning to resolve street; to laugh tape rich riches curtain brush canal; ditch cold (illness) pieces; stuff rural to risk rhythm to arrive river cunning, guile to be cunning ridiculous; laughable high, tall, up dress rock, stone Rome; rum (romance) novel, soap opera round to snore to cut (hair), to trim circle, round shame to gnaw kidney to raise, to lift nightingale height to roast hoe; tire (of car) small rod, wand to redden, to turn red to roll; to tumble down roller (paint); rolling pin road, highway, route to bathe; to wet rose king kingdom

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raro arar hacha arrancar; desmenuzar ropa; vestido radá (vudú) insolente, sin vergünza radio refrescar refrescante guisado rabia, pique broza, hierba áspero foresta, maderas, ramas contar, relatar depósito, tanque arrastrar, jalar, retirar, tirar raramente remar fila, hilera detrás; nalga cita rendimiento arreglar resentimiento encuentro hamaca recoger devolver; rebuznar llenar chisme; rancio chismear entrar devolver; enviar raspadura arrancar; atrapar informe, reporte; relación informar pobre gagá raza asamblea; juntar, reunir reunión

duro; pasado raíz racial rata fallar rastrillo encogerse destrozar, devastar cucaracha arroyo, cañada carril, rail detestar, odiar odioso odioso odiar; odio raso afeitar navaja de afeitar reconstruir rebelde rebelión al borde rebotar revólver reforestación repuesto; traje rebelde; rechinante de mal humor anafe duro, rígido redacción esforzado, trabajador rehacerse, restablecerse rechazar, rehusar reflexionar reflexivo reforma regla meticuloso arreglar, contar, ordenar; rayar reglamento pedir excusa, sentir racimo; régimen regimiento registro alegrarse maduro tiburón reclamar

reclamación reclamar cosecha cosechar recomendación recomenzar reconocer recomendar reconocer recompensa recompensar reconciliar cosecha recreación grito; llamada relativo llama; llamar releer religioso religión marca remarcar medicina, remedio agradecer devolver; remite; remitir remontar mover cintura amar, gustar, querer; amor reina renunciar renovar época comida reparar repasar repetir República reputación descanso responder respuesta descansar árboles reemprender representante representativo representar reproche; reprochar reproducir

resto, sobrante parecido recepción receta reserva recibir recibo; triunfar recíproco recitación recitar responsible responsabilidad muelle; resorte respeto respetar respirar criada, servienta restaurante permanecer retraso, tarde retal; sobra detenerse, parar; habitar; permanecer, quedarse retirar; sacar regresar sueño detallista; vendedor revancha reverso soñar reloj despertador despertar revista revocación revocar revolución rebelarse revólver realidad realizar reunir reunión triunfar uva reserva resultado resistencia resistir resignación resignar

razón razonamiento resolver calle; reír cinta rico riqueza cortina cepillo canal; zanja gripe pedazos; trastos rural arriesgar ritmo llegar río astucia actuar con astucia ridículo; risible alto, arriba vestido piedra, roca Roma; ron novela redondo roncar recortar círculo, redondo vergüenza roer riñón alzar, levantar ruiseñor altura asar azada; goma de carro varilla; varita enrojecer rodar rodillo camino, carretera, ruta bañar; mojar rosa rey reino

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
sa sab sachè sadin safran saj sak sakre sakrifis sakristen sal salamanje sale Sali salin saliv salte salwe salye samdi san sanblan sanble sang sangle sangwen sankoutcha sanmangale sanmaye sann sans sansepa sansi sansib sant sante santi santim santiman santimèt santinèl santral sanzatann sanzave sapat

that sand little bag, sack sardine saffron wise sack sacred sacrifice catechist, sexton room, salon; dirty dining room salted; to salt to stain saline saliva filth to greet to greet; greetings Saturday one hundred resemblance to group, to meet; to resemble belt; back brace to fasten one's belt shameless rude; dirty disobedient to look like ash feeling, sense unless leech sensible center health to smell; to feel, to sense cent feeling, sentiment centimeter sentinel central in a hurry, quickly vagabond, bum sandal

saranpyon satan satilfè satisfaksyon satouyèt savan savann save savon savonnen saybòd sazine se sè sèch seche sede sedi segnè segon segonn segoul segwi sèk sèke sèkey sekou sekoure sekouri sekrè sekretè seksyon sèl sele selèb selebrasyon selebre selibatè sèlman selon sèman semans sèmante semèl semenn seminè semityè sen sena senbol

measles satan to satisfy; satisfied satisfaction to tickle wise desert; sheet; barren, bleak wise soap to lather ??????? assassinated, murdered; to assassinate to be sister dry to dry to cede to seduce mister second second sure needle dry to enclose, to fence in coffin help, rescue to help, to rescue to help, to rescue secret assistant, secretary section salt; saddle; only to saddle (up); to seal famous celebration to celebrate single (bachelor) only according to oath seed to swear, to take an oath sole (of a shoe) week seminary cemetery splotch on skin; saint; breast senate symbol

sendika senk senkannsenk senkant senkè senkòb senksan senkyèm senmèl senmen senp senpleman sensè sensèman senti sentiron sentisoutaj sentiwon senyen separasyon separe septanm sere seremoni seren seri serye sese sesin sèt setadi setè sètènman sètifica sètifye sètin setyèm sèvant sevè sèvèl sèvi sèvis sèvitè sèvo sèvòlan sèvyab sèvyèt seye seyè sèz

sindicate five fifty-five fifty five o'clock five cents five hundred fifth sole (of a shoe) week simple simply sincere sincerely waist belt life preserver belt to bleed separation to distribute; to separate September to tighten; to save ceremony night watchman lock; series serious old woman salted meat seven that is to say, meaning that seven o'clock certainly certificate to certify certain seventh servant severe cerebrum, brain to serve; to use, to be useful service server cerebrum kite helpful napkin to practice, to test mister sixteen

sezi sezisman sezon si sibi sibit sid sidès sidwàs sidwès sifè sifi sifle siga sigarèt sign signal signati signen sik sikilasyon sikile siklonn sikonferans sikonstans sikyat slia a silab silans silvouplè siman simen simityè sinas sinema sinestre sinn siny sipa sipèfisi siperyè sipèstisyon sipèvizè sipò sipòte sipoze sipozisyon siprann sipriz sirèt

to frighten; to grab, to take; to surprise scare season acid; sour; saw; sure, safe to suffer sudden south southeast southwest southwest certain, yes sufficient whistle; to whistle cigar cigarette sign signal signature to sign sugar circulation to circulate cyclone, hurricane circumference circumstance psychiatry that syllabel silence please cement; surely to plant cemetery presentiment cinema catastrophy fishing net, net; scene sign it is for, it is because surface superior superstition supervisor support to support to suppose supposition to surprise surprise sweets, candy

siro sis sispann sistèm sit sitaden sitasyon site sitèn sitirasyon sitirè sitire sitiyasyon sito sitou sitronad sitwayen sitwon sitwonad sityason siveye sivil sivilizasyon sivilize siwo kann siwo myèl siy siyal siyati siye siyen siyifikasyon size sizo sizoka sizyèm sò so sòf sòl sòlda solèy solid solidarite solisyon sòm sòmèy somye son sonde

syrup six to interrupt, to suspend system here citizen appointment, date cited; to cite, to note; village cistern situation cover to cover up, to conceal situation as soon as above all lemonade citizen lemon, lime lemonade situation to watch, to keep vigil civil civilization civilized cane syrup honey sign signal signature to saw; to clean, to dry to sign significance, meaning six o'clock scissors in case of sixth smoky seal, stamp except, save for soil soldier sun solid solidarity solution psalm dream mattress sound to sound

sonèt sonje sonnen sòs sos sosial sosison sosye sòsye sosyete sòt sote soti sòtiz sou soud soude souf soufle souflèt soufrans soufri souke soukelarouze soukoup soulaje soulajman soulinye soulye soumèt soup soupe soupi souple soupriye souri sourit sous souse sousi sokripsyon soutni soutyen souvan souvni sovaj sove stomak suiv suiye

little bell to remember to sound, to ring (a bell) sauce partner, member social sausage associate witch, witch doctor society idiot, fool to jump; to frighten to go out, to leave nonsense, foolishness drunk, inebreiated sordo to join; to meet, to reunite breath to blow pain, suffering to suffer to agitate, to shake assistant to the mayor saucer to alleviate relief to underline shoes to submit soup dinner; to dine, to eat dinner to sigh please to ask for a favor to smile; smile mouse source; spring (water), wellspring to suck eyebrow subscription to sustain support; brassiere often souvenir ferocious, savage to save stomach to follow to rinse out, to dry

swa swaf sware swasanndis swasannkenz swasant swe swen swèt swete syans syèk syèl

silk; late; in the afternoon thirst party, evening party seventy seventy-five sixty to sweat to attend to; caution; to care for southeast to desire, to wish for science century sky, heaven

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aquello, eso arena fundita, saquito sardina azafrán sabio, sensato saco sagrado sacrificio catequista, sacristán sala, salón; sucio comedor saltado; salar manchar salina saliva suciedad saludar saludar; saludos Sábado cien parecido agrupar, reunir; parecer correa, cinturón; faja amarrar la correa (el cinturón) desvergonzado grosero; sucio desobediente parecerse a ceniza sentido a menos que sanguijuela sensible centro salud oler; sentir centavo sentimiento centímetro centinela central de pronto, de repente vagabundo chancleta, sandalia

sarampión satán satisfacer; satisfecho satisfacción hacer cosquillas sabio desierto; sábana; yermo sabio jabón enjabonar seibó asesinado; asesinar ser hermana seco secar ceder seducir señor segundo segundo segoul aguja seco cercar, empalizar ataúd socorro socorrer socorrer secreto asistente, secretario seccíon sal; silla de montar; solo ensillar; sellar célebre celebración celebrar soltero solamente según juramento semilla jurar suela semana seminario cementerio mancha en la piel; santo; seno senado símbolo

sindicato cinco cincuenta y cinco cincuenta las cinco cinco centavos quinientos quinto suela semana simple simplemente sincero sinceramente cintura cinturón salvavidas cinturón sangrar separación repartir; separar septiembre apretar; guardar ceremonia sereno cerradura; serie serio anciana carne salada siete es decir las siete (hora) ciertamente certificado certificar cierto séptimo criado, sirvienta severo cerebro, seso servir; usar servicio servidor cerebro chichigua, cometa servicial servilleta ensayar, probar señor dieciseis

asustar; coger; sobresaltar; sorprender sobresalto estación ácido; agrio; segueta; seguro sufrir repentino sur sudeste suroeste sudoeste cierto, sí suficiente pito, silbato; silbar cigarro cigarrillo signo señal firma firmar azúcar circulación circular ciclón circunferencia circunstancia siquiatra aquel, eso, ese sílaba silencio por favor cemento; seguramente plantar, sembrar cementerio presentimiento cine catástrofe chinchorro, red; escena signo es por superficie superior superstición supervisor soporte soportar suponer suposición sorprender sorpresa dulces, golosina

jarabe seis interrumpir, suspender sistema aquí ciudadano cita citado; citar; villa cisterna situación encubridor encubrir situación tan pronto como sobre todo limonada ciudadano límon limonada situación vigilar civil civilización civlizado guarapo miel signo señal firma aserrar; limpiar, secar firmar significado las seis (hora) tijeras en caso de sexto ahumado sello salvo, excepto suelo soladado sol sólido solidaridad solución salmo sueño colchón sonido sondear

campanita recordar sonar, tocar salsa socio social salchichón asociado brujo sociedad idiota saltar; sobresaltar soti caballada, tontería ebrio deaf juntar; reunir aliento soplar silbido dolor, sufrimiento sufrir agitar, sacudir ayudante de alcalde platillo aliviar alivio subrayar zapatos someter asopado, sopa cena; cenar suspirar por favor pedir un favor sonreír; sonrisa ratón fuente; manantial chupar ceja suscripción sostener apoyo, sostén; brasier a menudo recuerdo feroz, salvaje salvar estómago seguir enjuagar, secar

seda; tarde; en la tarde seda; tarde; en la tarde fiesta, velada setenta setenta y cinco sesenta sudar atender; cuidado; cuidar sudeste desear ciencia siglo cielo

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
tab tabak tabli tabliye tablo tach tache tafia tafya tafyatè tak take takèt taks taksi tale talon talonnen tan tanbou tande tandiske tandrès tank tankou tanmen tann tanp tanpe tanperaman tanpèt tanpi tanpri tant tante tanzantan tape tapi pye taponnen taptap tare rarif tas tata tatawèl

table tobacco to establish to be ahead; board chalkboard stain to tie; to stain rum rum drunk drop (of liquid) to lock, to latch; to begin deadbolt, latch tax taxi now; right away; already talon to pursue time drum to understand; to listen, to hear while tenderness a long time ago; so much, as much as; as much to begin, to start to wait; to extend; tender temple to stamp, to mark temperament hurricane, storm that much worse please carp; aunt to attempt, to try from time to time to type carpet to plug, to cap public bus; quickly task, chore tariff tea cup aunt ancestor; a long time ago

tatonnen taxi tay taye tayè tchak tchanpan tchapia tcheke tchòtchòwè tchou tchouboum te tè tebe tèdlo teknik tèks teledyòl telefòn telegram teleka televizyon tèlman tèm tèmomèt tèmòs temwen tenb tenbal tenbre tenis tenm tenten tenyin tèp teras tere teren terès teri terib teroris testaman tèt tetanòs

to hesitate, to waver taxi court; size to till, to carve tailor forgetful; unruly, disorderly one who eats food off of the street to chop (grass) to check one who is not well, someone with a lot of problems last, ultimate abyss; to fall into calamity; chaos; disgrace used to indicate the simple past tense of a verb (ex. Li te manje - he ate) earth, ground tuberculosis spring, wellspring technical text chatterbox (someone who talks to much)???? telephone telegram for example; such is the case television in such a manner theme thermometer thermos witness stamp, seal to stamp, to seal; metal cup to stamp, to seal tennis stamps (postage) fuss, hubbub to turn off tape, surgical tape gallery; terrace to bury land, terrain terrestrial, earthly to hide terrible terrorist testament head; itself, oneself tetanus

tètansanm tete teyat ti tibèt tibin tidifè tig tigason tik tikiyè tikras til timedanm timesye timid timoun tingnin tiraj tire tirwa tiwa tiyanjou tiyo tizan tizann tizon tò tòde tokay tòl tolere tolo tomaren tomat tòn tonbe tonm tonmat tonnè tonton toro tòti tòtòy tou toubouyon touche toudi toufe

union to suck, to breast feed; breast theater a little, small insect; a little bird turbine ember tiger little boy tic little spoon a little metal cloth???? (reword) girl, young woman young man timid little boy, little girl to turn off raffle to take out, to throw drawer (for clothes) drawer (for clothes) at dawn, early in the morning faucet; tube tea (made from leaves) tea (made from leaves) burning log, kindling mistake, error to twist someone with the same name as another person courage, spunk; zinc roof to tolerate drunk, inebriated tamarind tomato ton to fall tomb tomato thunder uncle ox turtle, tortoise to endure also, too whirlwind to charge (money); to touch to bewilder, to daze; dizzy, dazed to suffocate

toufounen toujou touk toulede toumante tounavis tounen toupatou toupre tous touse tousuit touswit tout toutafè toutalantou toutalè toutan toutbon toutokontrè toutotou toutou touye towo tradui trafik trak traka tranble tranblemanntè tranch trangle trankil trankilite trann tranpe transfòme transpò transpote trant trantan tranzistò trape tras trase travay travayè travèse travo piblik tray

to hit always tank (receptacle) both to torment screw driver to return, to come back everywhere, all over near, close, next to cough to cough now, next right away all, every completely all around soon all the time all well, all good on the contrary around dog to turn off the light; to kill bull to translate traffic ???????? difficulty, problem to tremble; tremor earthquake, tremor sliced, a slice to drown, to choke, to strangle tranquil tranquility thirty to wet to transform transportation to transport thirty thirty years transistor to trap track, trace to trace, to sketch to work worker to cross, to traverse public works pain, suffering; trance

trayi trè tren trennen très trese trèt trete trètman trèz tribilasyon tribinal trik trimen trimès tring trip tripòt tripote tris trisiklèt tristès triye triyonfe tro troke tronp tronpe tronpèt tronse tròp trota trou troub trouble trouse trouve turis twa twal twalèt twati twazè twazyèm twò twoke twonp twonpe twonpèt twonse

to double cross, to commit treason very pass, step; train to drag braid to trace, to sketch traitor to treat treatment thirteen tribulation tribunal trick to afflict; to grieve trimester rebar tripe, animal intestines intrigue to slander, to malign sad tricycle sadness to select to triumph too much to change hit, blow to trick, to be mistaken trumpet to cut into pieces too much very late hole, opening confused, murky, unclear to perturb, to bother, to disturb ?????? to find tourist three towel to clean oneself; sanitary; bathroom roof three o'clock third too much to change hit, blow to trick, to be mistaken trumpet to cut into pieces

twòp twota twou twoub twouble twouse twouve

too much very late hole, opening confused, murky, unclear to perturb, to bother, to disturb ?????? to find

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
mesa tabaco establecer delantar; tablero pizarra mancha amarrar, atar; manchar aguardiente, ron ron borracho gota cerrar con pestillo; empezar pestillo impuesto taxi ahora; de una vez; ya talón perseguir tiempo atabal entender; escuchar, oir mientras que ternura hace tiempo; tan, tanto tan; tanto comenzar esperar; extender; tierno templo estampar, marcar temperamento huracán, tormenta tanto peor por favor carpa; tía intentar de vez en cuando digitar alfombra taponar guagua; de pronto tarea tarifa taza tía antepasado; hace tiempo

titubear taxi corte; talla labrar, tallar sastre olvidadizo; revoltoso que come de todo en la calle, que pica comida en la calle chapear chequear persona que no está bien, persona que tiene muchas problemas último abismo; caer en la calamidad; caos; desgracia haber; partícula usada para indicar el tiempo pasado simple de los verbos tierra tuberculosis manantial técnica texto radio bemba teléfono telegrama por ejemplo; tal es el caso televisión de tal maner tema termómetro termo testigo estampilla, sello sellar; vaso de metal sellar tenis sellos de correo alboroto apagar cinta; esparadrapo galería; terraza enterrar terreno terrestre ocultarse terrible terrorista testamento cabeza; sí mismo tétanos

unión mamar; pecho, teta teatro pequeño, poco insecto; pajarito turbina brasa tigre muchacho garrapata cucharita un poco tela metálica muchacha, señorita joven, muchacho tímido muchachito, muchachita apagar sorteo sacar, tirar gabeta gabeta al alba, madrugada llave de agua; tubo té de hojas, tizana té de hojas, tizana tizón equivocación, error torcer tocayo coraje, pique; techo de zinc tolerar borracho, ebrio tamarindo tomato tonelada caer sepulcro, tumba tomato trueno tío buey tortuga endurecer también torbellino cobrar; tocar aturdir; mareado asfixiar

golpear siempre tanque los dos, ambos atormentar destornillador regresar, volver por todas partes cerca, al lado tos toser ahora, seguido de una vez todo completamente todo el alrededor pronto todo el tiempo todo bien al contrario alrededor perro apagar la luz; matar toro traducir tráfico pasquines dificultad, problema temblar; temblor terremoto, temblor rebanada, tajada ahogar, estrangular tranquilo tranquilidad treinta mojar transformar transporte transportar treinta treinta años transistor atrapar huella, rastro trazar trabajar trabajador atravesar obras públicas pena, sufrimiento; trance

traicionar muy paso; tren arrastrar trenza trazar traidor tratar tratamiento trece tribulación tribunal astucia, truco afligir; apenar trimestre varilla intestino, tripa intriga calumniar triste triciclo tristeza seleccionar triunfar demasiado cambiar trompa engañar, equivocar trompeta cortar en pedazos demasiado muy tarde agujero, boquete, hoyo confuso, turbio perturbar remangar encontrar turista tres toalla asearse; sanitario techumbre las tres (hora) tercero demasiado cambiar trompa engañar, equivocar trompeta cortar en pedazos

demasiado muy tarde agujero, boquete, hoyo confuso, turbio perturbar remangar encontrar

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
uit uityèm eight eighth


Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ocho octavo

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
vach vagabon vajen vakabon vakans vaksen vale valè valiz vamalore van vandredi vanje vann vannan vanse vant vante vantféman vantilatè vantouz vanyan varyete vè vèb vegle vèkse vèmin ven vèni venn vèp vepa verite vèse vesèl vèso vèt veterinè vètikal vèv vèvè veyatif veye vi

cow vagabond vagina vagabond vacation vaccine to swallow value, worth reef; luggage, suitcase curse air, breeze Friday to avenge to sell valiant, brave to advance abdomen, belly, womb to evaporate; to blow stomach ache fan windy valiant, brave variety crystal; towards; parasites; glass verb lack of visibility to offend gossipy; worm; misery twenty varnish vein on the eve of reject, refuse true, truth, veracity to vomit tableware, dishes recipient green veterinarian vertical widow symbolic drawing of each voodoo spirit vigilant to keep watch life

vid vide viktim vil vinèg vini vire vironnen vis vise visye vit vitamin vitès vitrin viv vivan viwonnen vizavi vizib vizit vizite vizyon vle vlope vodou vokabilè vokasyon volan vòlè vole volebòl vòlcan vòlò vòlonte vòlontè vòltije vomi vomisman vote voyaj voyaje voye vre vrèman vwa vwal vwala

empty to empty victim city vinegar to come to turn, to rotate, to spin outline, contour; to surround screw, nut, vice to screw in having bad habits (vices) fast, rapid vitamin velocity window to live; provisions (in the Dominican Republic starchy foods such as potatoes, yuca, plantains, bananas, etc) living outline, contour; to surround face to face; facing visible visit; visitor to visit vision to want to involve; to wrap voodoo vocabulary vocation guide; steering wheel thief to fly volleyball volcano to steal, to rob will volunteer to jump, to turn over to vomit vomit to vote trip, voyage to travel, to voyage to send; to throw true certainly voice candle here (it) is

vwati vwayaj vwayaje vwayèl vwazen vwazinaj vyann vye

automobile, car trip, voyage to voyage, to travel vowel neighbor neighborhood; neighbor meat old

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
vaca vagabundo vagina vagabundo vacaciones vacuna tragar valor arrecife; bulto, maleta maldición aire, brisa viernes vengar vender valiente avanzar vientre aventar; evaporar; soplar dolor de estómago abanico ventoso valiente variedad cristal; hacia; parásitos; vaso verbo falta de visibilidad ofender chismoso; lombriz; miseria veinte barniz vena víspera rechazar, rehusar verdad vomitar vajilla recipiente verde veterinario vertical viuda dibujo simbólico de cada luá de vudú vigilante velar, vigilar vida

vacío vaciar víctima ciudad vinagre venir doblar, girar, virar contorno, rodear tornillo; tuerca, vicio atornillar vicioso rápido vitamina velocidad vitrina vivir, víveres (en la República Dominicana comida como papas, yuca, guineo, plátano, etc.) viviente contorno, rodear frente a frente; frente a visible visita; visitante visitar visión querer envolver vudú vocabulario vocación guía; volante ladrón volar voleibol volcán robar voluntad voluntario saltar, voltear vomitar vómito votar viaje viajar enviar; tirar verdad ciertamente vwa vela he aquí que

automóvil, carro viaje viajar vocal vecino vecindario; vecino carne viejo

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
wa waf Wanament wanga wangatè watè way wayal wayòm wè wete wi wisan wit wityèm wo wòb wòch wòdòn wòl wole wolib Wòm woman won wonfle wongnin wonm wonn wont wonyen wonyon wose wòsignòl wotè woti wou wouchen wouj wouji woule woulo wouse wout wouze wòwòt woz

king dock Ouanaminthe (city in northeast Haiti, on the border with the Dominican Republic) amulet supersticious toilet onomatopoeia royal kingdom to see to move away yes eight hundred eight eighth high, tall, up dress rock, stone rough, bitter, harsh role to roll; to tumble down free ride Rome; rum (romance) novel, soap opera round to snore to cut (hair), to trim rum circle, round shame to gnaw kidney to raise, to lift nightingale height to roast hoe; tire (of car) small rod, wand red to redden, to turn red to roll; to tumble down roller (paint); rolling pin to raise (prices) road, highway, route to bathe; to wet new rose

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
rey muelle Juanamende (ciudad noreste en Haiti, en la frontera con la República Dominicana amuleto supersticioso inodoro onomatopeya real reino ver alejar sí ochocientos ocho octavo alto, arriba vestido piedra, roca áspero, grosero papel rodar bola Roma; ron novela redondo roncar recortar ron círculo, redondo vergüenza roer riñón alzar, levantar ruiseñor altura asar azada; goma de carro varilla; varita rojo enrojecer rodar rodillo alzar, aumentar (precios), subir camino, carretera, ruta bañar; mojar nuevo rosa

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
yanm yanvalou yè yo yon yonn you youn yuit

yam rhythm of voodoo dance yesterday they a, one a, one a one eight

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
ñame ritmo de danza vudú ayer ellos, ellas, los, las uno uno un uno ocho

The Offline Haitian Creole - English - Spanish Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
zaboka zafè zak zaka zalimèt zam zan zandolit zanj zanmann zanmi zannana/zannanna zannimo zanno zanpoul zansèt zansyen zantray zareye zatrap ze zèb zegwi zekle zèl zen zepeng zepi zepis zepòl zepon zepòt zero zesèl zetrèn zetriye zetwal zèv zewo zidòl zile zizi zo zòd zon zonbi zong zongle

avocado issues; matters; occupations arm spirit match (stick) firearm; weapon years lizard angel almond friend pineapple animals earrings blister; light bulb ancestor elderly person entrails spider hook; trap egg herb, grass needle lightning wing fishhook pin spike spice shoulder spur shoulder zero armpit premiere, debut stirrup star work zero idol island bone order zone zombee fingernail to scratch, to claw, to scrape

zongnon zonyon zoranj zòrèy zòreye zotèt zòtèy zouti zuit zwa zwazo zwit zye

onion onion orange ear pillow cranium toes tools, supplies oysters bird oysters eye

Dicitonary - Microsoft Excel Format
aguacate asuntos, ocupaciones brazo espíritu fósforo arma años lagartija ángel almendra amigo piña animales aretes ampolla; bombillo antepasado anciano entrañas araña gancho; trampa huevo hierba aguja relámpago ala anzuelo alfiler espiga especia hombro espuela hombro cero sobaco estreno estribo estrella obra cero ídolo isla molleja hueso orden zona zombi uña arañar

cebolla cebolla naranja oído; oreja almohada cráneo dedos del pie herramientas; útiles ostiones oca ave, pájaro ostiones ojo

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