Best Ab Workout Abdominal Exercises Perform ab exercises like bicycle, crunches, captain's chair and ab rocker.

Disp el the myths regarding these workouts. The American Council of Exercise has studied the features of various ab workouts . These ab exercises were found to be very beneficial for the ab muscles.

Best ab workout A prominent abdominal exercise is called as the "Bicycle exercise". It is assert ed that this is useful for the six-pack muscles and the waist. The procedure to execute it, is as follows: Lie down on the floor mat with the entire body touching it and the face towards the ceiling cross the fingers behind the head and outstretch the elbows perpendicular to the body pull the knees in the direction of the chest uplift the shoulder blades with no stress on the neck straighten the left leg such that it makes a forty-five degrees angle with the f loor turn the upper body in such a way that the left elbow touches the right knee now move the left leg towards the chest and straighten the right leg at an angle of forty-five degrees with the floor turn the upper body so that the right elbow touches the left knee continue this process so that the movement of the legs appears like riding a bic ycle

Long arm crunch This abdominal workout utilizes the upper part of the ab. The procedure is quite simple as follows: Lie down on the floor mat with the entire body touching it and the face towards the ceiling pull legs upwards, so that the feet are flat on the ground the distance between the feet must be equal to shoulder width the arms must be next to the ears and hands straight above the head and parallel to the floor lift the shoulder blades from the floor mat and then lower them again during the entire exercise,the lower back must touch the floor Atleast, 12 to 16 repetitions have to be done.

Reverse crunch Lie down on the floor mat with the entire body touching it and the face towards the ceiling place the hands parallel to the floor, either adjacent to the body or above the head lift the legs together so that they are perpendicular to the floor contract the abs to lift the hips from the floor to lift the hips, the legs should not be swung to create momentum. Rather, apply the abs

Captain's chair This exercise is useful for the muscles of the six-pack and the waist. This chai

r can be found in many gyms and health clubs. sit on the chair, grip the handholds press the back against the pad raise the legs, move the knees in the direction of the chest, contract the abs do not bend the back and breathe moderately lower the legs and perform 12 to 16 repetitions

Ab rocker This ab workout aims at the six-pack muscles. sit on the Ab rocker, grip the bars in both hands contract the abs and move the body forward release the rocker and repeat this process so that 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 16 repet itions are completed Care must be taken that the arms are not used to push the ab rocker. Rather , ut ilize the abs. It is worth remembering that these best ab exercises do not burn the fat accumul ated over the abs. Nor do they cause the six-pack to be seen. However, these exe rcises build the ab muscles and enhance the body metabolism.

Treadmill Workouts for Weight Loss Do a 5-10 minutes warm up with light cardio, at an easy pace. Let the incline be zero. Let the speed be at a comfortable level like that of walking or jogging. Let the PE level be five. For one minute, gradually raise incline by 1% every 15 seconds. Let PE be 5-6. For next one minute, gradually reduce the incline 1%, every 15 seconds. Let PE be 6-7. For next 3 minutes, you can walk or jog at a steady pace. Let PE be 5. You are expected to repeat the above cycle for at least 30 minutes. Do a cool down and stretch for 5 minutes.

Abdominal Exercises: This is a must, since losing belly fat is what you are targ eting. The various abdominal exercises that you should do are: standard crunches cross (oblique) crunches crunches while keeping your legs straight leg raises side bends side twists Set aside a time period of 30 minutes for your abs workout and do it 3-4 times a week. Yoga: There are a few yoga exercises, breathing exercises and asanas which help

in tightening your stomach muscles and lessening belly fat. Some of them are: Bikram yoga exercises Pranayam techniques such as kapalbhati and bhasrika Surya namaskar or sun salutation exercise Ashtanga yoga Other yoga asanas such as bhujangasana, tadasana, and markatasana

Double Chin Exercises Double chin exercises are done in order to reduce the subcutaneous fat, around t he neck. Here are some of the double chin removal exercises for reducing the dou ble chin. Double chin is a subcutaneous fat layer around the neck, which many a times caus es embarrassment. The fat around the neck sags down and creates a second chin. I t is not so that only fat people can get double chin. Double chin can be seen in elderly people also. The bone structure and the loose skin can be the reason fo r double chin. Weight gain and aging are the two main reasons causing double chi n. In addition, the double chin can be due to some inherited characteristics. Do uble chin is a region where the fat gets accumulated very easily. There are two ways in which you can reduce the double chin. One is exercise and the other is s urgery. Surgery means a cosmetic surgery which is used to remove the fat stored in the area below the jaws. However, in this article we are going to discuss abo ut the double chin exercises. Read more on neck exercises for double chin. Double Chin Workout Some of the best double chin exercises are discussed here. They are found to be effective in reducing the double chin. Initially we will start off with a simple double chin exercise. This double chin exercise can be performed by lying down on one side and placing your head on a pillow. Now, tilt your head in backward direction such that your double chin get s stretched. It is advisable that you stretch the chin gently, without any strai n on your neck. Try to relax your body and gradually you will get used to this s tretching. This is a very easy and effective way to reduce the double chin. The next exercise is not a double chin exercise, however, it is a good way to re duce the double chin. For doing this exercise, just slap the skin under the jaw with the back of your palm. Do this exercise gently for two-three minutes. Initi ally, perform this exercise with slow speed and gently. You can increase the spe ed later on. Stand in a comfortable position and position your head in a straight positon. No w, stretch your tongue out of the mouth and relax for 10 seconds. Repeat this ex ercise for 5 times. It is not necessary that you perform the exercise during a p articular time of the day. Whenever you get time, you can do these exercises. There is one more effective double chin exercise which can be done during your r egular workout session. Keep your mouth shut and tilt your head in a backward di rection. Tilt the head in the backward direction slowly. Do not apply any kind o f jerk to your neck. Remain in this position for about 10 seconds. Regain the or iginal position. In the beginning, repeat the exercise for 5 times. Read more on neck exercise for neck muscles. There is another modification of the above mentioned exercise. For this exercise , you have to tilt your head as specified above. The next step is slightly diffe rent. Once you tilt your head backwards, you have to open and close your mouth s lowly. You can feel the stretch over the muscles in the double chin region. Lie down on your back on the floor and then keep your hands besides your thighs and tuck your chin in the chest. Remain in this position for around 10 seconds a

nd then slowly regain the original position. Double chin exercise equipments includes the beach ball or volleyball. Stand in an upright position. Hold this ball under your chin and chest. Remain in that po sition for around 5 seconds. Again remove the ball and repeat this exercise for 5 times.

Buttocks Exercises for Women Every women desires to have firm and toned buttocks, and so best butt exercises for women are one of the most sought after exercises. Therefore, the following a rticle throws light on some of the most effective buttocks exercises for women. Nice and toned butts gives a defined shape to a woman, especially if she's weari ng a tight-fitting pair of jeans or swimwear. But the butt region has always bee n a problem area for most women, and so shaping the butt muscles has always been high on the wish list of women when they start with their exercise programs. No rmally, a female body carries a lot of fat deposits in this area, especially aft er having children, and as a result, the body finds it extremely difficult to gi ve up these fat cells. Therefore, here are some best buttocks exercises for wome n that will help you with that fat loss, and will slim and sculpt your butt musc les. Read more on exercise routines for women. Butt Toning Exercises for Women The Squat Of many buttocks exercises for women, the squat is considered to be the best exe rcise for strengthening, toning and shaping the thighs and butt muscles, as it n ot only works to tighten and tone your rear but also helps in forming a lean qua lity muscle. Stand holding a barbell by keeping it across your upper traps and s houlders, hands spread wider than your shoulder-width apart. Keep your feet angl ed outward, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Pull your shoulders back a nd compress your lower-back muscles, take a deep breath and hold it. Look straig ht and slowly bend your knees. Slightly incline your torso ahead and descend und er control, until your thighs are just above parallel to the floor. Don't bounce at the bottom and neither stop, push through your heels to pull yourself back, compressing your gluteus muscles (buttocks) strongly and exhaling as you pass th e halfway point. Take a deep breath and repeat the procedure. Lunges Place your feet straight about a shoulder width apart. Lift a pair of dumbbells or barbell, bend at your knees, but ensure that you don't strain your back. Now step your left foot forward, while putting your forward leg centered over your a nkle. Be careful that your knee shouldn't go beyond your toes and to keep balanc e push off with your heels, not with your toes. While coming back to the the ini tial position, concentrate on straightening your knee and hip, and focus on your front leg even if you feel tension in your back leg. Consider your back leg as the balancer and your front leg muscles as the primary mover. Exercise by taking one leg at a time instead of alternating between one leg and the other. One-legged Cable Kickback Hook a leather cuff to a low cable pulley and affix the cuff to your ankle. Posi

tion the weight stack from a distance of about two feet, holding its steel frame for support. Keeping your knees and hips slightly bent and your abs tight, comp ress your gluteus (buttocks) to slowly kick the working leg back in a semicircul ar arc as high as it goes easily. At full extension, compress your glutes for pe ak contraction. Now bring your working leg forward, resisting the pull of the ca ble until you reach the initial position. Repeat the steps and practice the same for the other leg. Gluteus Kickback Get down on your hands and knees, and bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees so that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Keeping your head up, raise your right leg back and up, keeping your 90 degree knee bend, until your foot is higher than your head or your thigh is horizontally align with your torso. Comp ress your right gluteus and slowly lower your leg back to the initial position. Practice the same with your left leg, and repeat the steps. Hamstring Curl It's one of the best butt exercise for women to tone and firm the hamstring and gluteus muscles. Lie face down on a leg-curl machine and keep your Achilles' ten dons underneath the padded lever with your knees off the edge of the pad. Now ke ep your back flat as you raise your feet toward your glutes in a calculated moti on. Compress the muscles and lower your feet with a controlled speed. Repeat the procedure. Step Ups Step up exercises are extremely simple, yet very effective exercises for the but tocks. Here you have to lift one of your feet onto an elevated platform, and the n without taking any support from your body or hands, use the power of your legs and butt to propel your body up to stand on the platform. The higher the platfo rm, the better will be the result. Therefore, regular step ups will not do much, and so a rock or a box up to the knee height or preferably higher will bring be tter results. Wall Squats Of the many butt exercises for pregnant women, this one works the best. In this, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your back against the wall. Now slowly lower yourself until you are in a squat position, i.e. your squats should be at right angles to the ground. Then slowly and carefully come back to the initial p osition. Inhale while going down and exhale while coming up. Repeat the steps fo r 10 - 12 times. Do read more on:

Thigh and Butt Exercises Here are some great thigh and butt exercises to firm that area up. Are you one those who want to get those thighs and butt shaped up to show them o ff in the summer in the new swimwear or that snazzy little pair of shorts you ha ve just bought yourself? Shapely thighs and a firm butt are usually high on the wish list of most women. However, the thigh and butt area is often a problem spo

t for many women. Since women are meant to have children, a lot of fat is deposi ted in this area, which the body is reluctant to let go off. But, there is help at hand. Given below are a few thigh and butt exercises that will shape up any u nshapely behind. Squat: This is perhaps one of the best exercises for shaping, toning, and streng thening the butt and thighs. Apart from tightening and toning the thighs and but t, it is also great for building lean muscle in the area. Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart, with the feet poi nted slightly outward. Placing your hands on your hips or allowing them to hang by your sides, retract your shoulders back a little, contract the muscles of the lower back, and then taking a deep breath, gradually bend at the knees. While s quatting down, look straight forward and allow your torso to incline forward a l ittle. Keep the downward movement very controlled and go down until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor. Then, contracting your gluteus muscles, push y ourself up again, exhaling while going up. 8-12 reps can be done per set. Weight s can also be held in the hands to increase the intensity. Plie` Squat: Begin by standing with your feet wide apart, with your toes pointin g outwards. Place your hands on your hips and inclining your torso a little forw ard, bend your knees and go down until your thighs are almost parallel to the fl oor. Make sure that there is no arch in your back and that you don t lean too much forward. Then, squeezing your inner thighs and butt, push yourself up again. Re peat 8-12 times. You can use weights if you want to. Lunge: Here is another classic and effective exercise for firming and toning the muscles of the thighs and butt. Stand with your feet slightly apart, and then t ake a big step forward with your right leg, making sure to keep the leg centered on top of the ankle. Also, see that you knee does not extend beyond your toes i n order to prevent tension being put on tendons of the knee. When returning back into the starting position, do not use your toes to push your self off, but use you heels instead. Even though you may feel the tension in the leg that is behi nd, keep focusing on the front leg. Use the rear leg to balance yourself while w orking the muscles of your front leg to power through the movement. Repeat 8-12 times with the same leg, and then switch to the other leg. You can use weights f or this exercise too. Reverse Leg-Lifts: Get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Then keeping y our head facing the floor, lift your left leg up from behind, with the heel faci ng the ceiling, keeping you knee bent at a 90 degree angle, until the thigh is p arallel to the floor. Then slowly lower the leg back into position. Repeat with the same leg about 8-12 times, and then switch legs. You can use ankle weights t o add intensity. Step Ups: Stand in front of a low bench or step. Start by stepping up on it with your right leg, bringing up the left foot after getting on. Then, step down wit h your right foot, with the left foot following it down. Repeat 8-12 times, and then switch legs. You can use weights to add intensity to the exercise.

Abdominal Exercises for Women A well toned abdomen is every woman's desire, and this article will tell you how to get there. Just follow the few simple, yet effective best abdominal exercise s for women and be sure of excellent results... Fat around the abdomen is one stubborn thing to fix. Most women know that. A sed entary lifestyle, with lots of fat in the food and very little time to devote to some personal care all leads to excess fat around the belly. While diet plays a vital role in reducing fat, specific abdominal exercises for women can go a lon g way in not only getting in shape, but also staying in shape. The upper and low er abdominal exercises for women help strengthen the entire abdominal region. Th e best way to lose abdominal weight is abdominal exercise coupled with a healthy diet. Here are some of the best exercises to flatten abs that you can try in th e comfort of your home. Best Abdominal Exercises for Women Leg Raises: Lie flat on a mat, place legs straight and hands on sides or pressed under the bottom. Contract the abdomen muscles and slowly raise one leg off the floor about six to seven inches, and hold it there for a couple of seconds, or until you start feeling a strain around the lower spine. While performing this e xercise make sure that the lower back is firmly on the ground. Repeat as many as times you are comfortable doing it. Perform the same exercise by raising both l egs simultaneously and follow the same steps as for the one leg raises. Ab Crunch: Lie flat on your back with knees bent, feet on the floor and ankles f irmly pressed down on the floor. Place hands behind the head by interlocking the fingers with each other. Slowly raise the head, contract the abdomen muscles an d lift shoulders of the floor a couple of inches. Make sure that the lower back is not raised, and take care not to strain the neck. Repeat about ten times. Exercise Ball Crunches: Abdomen exercises using stability ball training equipmen t is very useful to train muscles better without straining the back. Sit on the ball and gradually raise both your legs up in the air and pretend to walk. (Swin g feet in the air) Once you are comfortably seated on the ball, place your feet firmly on the ground. They should be shoulder length apart. Raise both hands up to shoulder length and contract abdomen, buttock and thigh muscles. Hold the pos ition for a couple of seconds, then slowly lower the shoulders and the upper bod y back to lie on the ball. Stay in the position for a minute, and slowly raise y ourself. Repeat about eight times, with a 30 second interval between each set. Bicycle Exercise: The bicycle exercise is rated as one of the best abdomen exerc ises for women, as it works the areas around the rectus abdominis and the waist.

Lie flat on the floor and with hands placed under the head. Fold the legs and r aise the knee towards the chest. Slightly lift the shoulders off the ground and perform a pedaling motion with both legs. While performing this exercise, bring the right elbow towards the left knee and left elbow towards the right knee alte rnatively. Continue the cycling motion for 15 to 20 times in each set. Arm Crunches: Lie flat on the back and raise the hands straight up and behind th e head. Clasp the hands together. Keep the arms straight and close to the ears. Lift the shoulder off the floor and contract the abdomen muscles. Make sure the arms don't bend. Release the hand, keep one in the air and place the other below the head and hold that position for 30 seconds. Repeat the same process with th e other hand. Repeat as many as times you want to, without feeling a strain on t he neck. Pelvic Tilt: Lie flat on the back, with legs stretched out straight. Raise and f old the knees with feet flat on the floor. Place hands on the side and contract the stomach muscles. Push the arch of the back towards the floor. Squeeze bottom tight while doing it. Hold the position till the count of five, relax and repea t six times. Abdominal exercises for women must be done under professional guidance as there are many factors (age or health related issues) that go in deciding which type o f exercise would be best suited and result oriented. Abdominal exercises reduce chances of back pain by strengthening the back as well as stomach muscles. Besid es the exercise, diet and dedication are equally important in developing a flat abdomen.

Exercises to Lose Weight Fast Looking for exercises to lose weight fast? The article gives you seven different exercises that can help you in losing weight quickly. Try them out. Preparing for your wedding? Or planning to go on a vacation near a beach? "Weigh t loss" must certainly be on your mind. Do you know, in order to lose one pound of body weight, you need to burn 3,500 calories. According to experts, working o ut continuously for one hour burns only about 330 calories. This means, even if your daily consumption of calories is kept aside, you will have to exercise at l east for half a month to reduce your body weight by one pound. But you will have to do something to lose weight. Do not be scared of exercising. Instead, think of some ways that actually help you to lose weight fast. Weight loss is impossib le without exercises. An ideal option for you will be to select those exercises that keep you interested and give you fast results. Here are some examples of in teresting exercises to lose weight fast.

Running: You might not find running that interesting, but running through a beau tiful garden or landscape can be eye-soothing as well as refreshing. Running and jogging are the best cardiovascular exercises. They help you burn calories pret ty fast. In addition to this, they involve almost every body part. This means yo u lose weight from all over your body. Running also helps in shaping and toning your body. Therefore, look for some place which you would love to visit and run for at least 30 minutes every day. This way, you will lose 110 calories daily. Aerobic Exercises: Aerobic exercises also come in the category of cardiovascular exercises. They are just wonderful to perform when done in a group. It will be best if you join aerobic classes. This way, not only will you get a chance to le arn different types of aerobic exercises, but will also be bound to a routine fo r at least some days in a week. Cycling: When was the last time you went cycling? Don't remember. Don't worry an d make a fresh start. Pursue this healthy hobby once again. Take out your cycle and roam around to discover new places while riding a cycle. You will find yours elf back in shape even before you realize that you have worked towards losing we ight. This is the best part of cycling. Walking: Walking continuously for half an hour makes you burn 96 calories. What else could be a more comfortable way of losing weight fast. If you an early rise r, go for a morning walk. It will be better if you take your family members or f riends along with you. This will keep you motivated and inspired for long. In ca se you don't like the idea of a morning walk, walking at any time of the day, wi ll give you equally good results. Make it a point that you walk for at least one hour everyday. You can complete the exercise by either taking a walk for 5 minu tes in an interval of two hours or you can walk continuously. Dancing: How about dancing? Mostly, people dance for fun. You can dance both for fun and weight loss. Join a dance class and learn your most cherished dance for m. You can do it even at your home, either with friends or alone. Dancing will n ot only help you in losing weight but will also inculcate a fresh and positive o utlook towards life. This attitude will definitely help you in achieving your go al of a slim and slender figure. Dancing is one of the best exercises to help lo se weight. Therefore, you can just dance to look gorgeous. Swimming: Swimming is an excellent physical exercise. Alike running, it also inv olves your entire body. You lose weight fast and from all over your body. Start going to a swimming pool, and learn all the possible strokes of swimming. Adept yourself to swimming and climb the rungs of the fitness ladder. Skipping: Skipping or jumping rope benefits are numerous. The most important one being the positive affect it has on your lower body. When you jump a rope, you continuously move your hips, buttocks and thighs. These are the areas of a woman 's body that gain and store fat very fast. For sure, you won't like to look as s omeone in their thirties when you are still in your twenties. Thus, involve skip ping in your daily routine to get a perfect body size. All the above mentioned exercises to lose weight fast are interesting to perform , still they are quite exerting and tiring for your body. Start doing them at a moderate pace, and gradually increase the intensity and time-length. If you expe rience muscle cramps, take a break for 2-3 days. But do get back to these exerci ses. You can avoid muscle cramps by following a proper exercise routine. An idea l exercise routine goes through three phases - warming-up, strenuous exercising, and cooling-down. See exercise routines for women. Apart from exercising, you will have to follow a well balanced diet. You cannot lose weight by eating burgers, pizzas, butter etc. You will have to follow a con trolled diet for weight control. The exercises to lose weight fast would bring q

uick and the best possible results only when you stay away from fattening food s tuffs. Therefore, follow a balanced diet and perform all the above mentioned exe rcises to lose weight quickly. See perfect female body: ideal measurements for w omen for a brief idea about the same. All the very best with your weight loss en deavor!

Lose 15 Pounds Fast The best way to lose 15 pounds fast is having a strong will to do it. The point lies in wanting it with pure honesty. If you manage to learn that, then there's no looking back. If you want to lose 15 pounds fast, read on... The need to lose 15 pounds fast may vary. Whether it's your wedding day, school reunion, post-pregnancy fat or meeting your fiance, what matters more than losin g the pounds is how you lose them. There are plenty of diet programs which recom mend diet pills and other supplements for losing weight. Unfortunately, one cann ot live on pills for a lifetime, and neither is it an ideal plan. Be honestly to yourself and answer: How many times have you made a diet plan for yourself? Innumerable times! Diets have crashed and all your efforts were in vain. Never m ind, make a fresh start to an endeavor that's going to give you lasting results. As you begin implementing the plan for losing 15 pounds, make sure your mind is ready for it. The moment you cease your attempt to the assiduous cravings, the plan will take a toll on your health. Here's how you can lose weight fast. Befor e you begin, remember that no task boomerangs, unless you want it to. These tips will help you lose 15 pounds fast, in just a month! Week One Jump start your day with a an exercise regime. Those who love going to the gym, pull up your socks and hit the machines. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise t oo. It indirectly helps in losing weight. It first increases energy levels, whic h in turn makes a positive impact on the metabolism, helping you lose weight. Re place your morning tea with Green or herbal tea, as it serves the purpose and is an effective antioxidant too. Have a fruit too. For lunch, have whole wheat pre parations and preferably avoid rice and fried items. Let the tea time be only te a time. Make your dinner the simplest, again go in for whole wheat and items tha t are easy to digest. End your day with a bowl full of fruits of your choice. Week Two Well done for making it to week two! Continue with the exercise routine. Let you r breakfast remain the same. Make a change in the lunch, eat in smaller portions , that is, divide your lunch in smaller portions and have a bowl of rice on alte rnate days. The week one saw herbal teas in the mornings, make it in the evening s too. Keep the dinner same or you can alternate it with some boiled meat portio ns.

Week Three Wow! Definitely your body is feeling lighter and more energetic than ever. Sudde nly, you can work more than ever and without getting tired too. Surely, even you r sleeping patterns have improved. Great! This is not a miracle, but a result of your efforts. Exercising is mandatory again, so continue. Morning dietary intak e remains the same again. For lunch, eat only whole wheat items and preferably e liminate rice and other item high in starch content. Have only a cup of herbal t ea or if you are bored with the taste, replace it with any fruit juice, minus th e sugar. Dinner time has to be simple again. Stick to a vegetarian diet. So eat pulses, boiled veggies and whole wheat items. Add fruits as well for refreshing taste. Week Four Finally, congrats for making it here! Your dedication, hard work and commitment is surely commendable. By now, exercise must have become an indispensable part o f your life. For starters that's a healthy change. Your eating habits must have seen a radical change. Maybe the taste is not all that great, but its effect is a desired one. Continue with the same meal plan as in the previous weeks. At the end of the month watch the 15 pounds disappear on the weighing machine! These tips were all about how to lose 15 pounds fast. Ways to lose 15 pounds fas t are millions, but deciding which one is meant for you is difficult. The diffic ulty lies not in picking up the plan, but seeing it through. The reason for the pitfall is nothing but a psychological block of fear and inability of doing. Whi le you are on this weight loss plan, if you feel at any point that it's not mean t for you, don't get disheartened. The discovery would just mean that you've fou nd one more way that wouldn't work for you out of a million weight loss plans ou t there!

Lose 90 Pounds In 45 Days - A Previously Unrevealed Weight Loss Secret In this article I will be sharing ways to lose 90 pounds in 45 days. I will also be showing you a total weight loss program, which is actually a previously unre vealed weight loss secret, that will allow you to lose weight, get healthy, and cure disease! All over the world, people in general are getting fatter. Children and adults ar e becoming more obese. Risk of heart disease is at an all time high. We need to change our lives if we stand any chance of losing weight and being healthy. In t his article I will be sharing some ways to lose 90 pounds in 45 days. I will als o be sharing with you a previously unrevealed weight loss secret, which will hel p you lose weight, get healthy, and cure disease! Ways to lose 90 pounds in 45 days are: 1) Eat something with protein in the morning, like eggs and a piece of toast.

2) Eat smaller portions and serving sizes. Try to eat something every 2 to 3 hou rs. 3) Don't eat any sweets and anything with sugar. 4) Eat whole grain foods, breads and cereals. 5) Eat a lot of vegetables, beans, fish, lean meats, low fat cheeses and dairy. 6) Drink plenty of water. Drink 8 or more glasses per day. This will make you fe el full and properly hydrated. 7) Don't diet. It starves your body and your body will go into starvation mode a nd actually will store fat instead of burning fat. 8) Do exercise. You will need to do a lot of cardio exercises. Make sure to do 3 0 minutes or more everyday. If you can fit it in, do 30 minutes of exercise as s oon as you wake up. There is a weight loss program that was discovered by a woman doctor, Dr. Suzann e Gudakunst. This program, which she calls a previously unrevealed weight loss s ecret, is a program that allows people to lose a lot of weight and get healthy a gain. The real reason we are overweight and can't lose weight is because we have harmful parasites living inside us. We need to get rid of these un-welcomed gue sts right now, before they kill us! In this article I shared with you some ways to lose 90 pounds in 45 days. I also discussed a weight loss secret that will definitely let you lose as much weight as you need! Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be healthy, vibrant and full of energ y? Learn how to lose weight and cleanse yourself of parasites by receiving a tot al treatment for parasites by going to, lose 90 pounds in 45 days.

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