By Amber McElroy CJ 210 Criminal Investigations January 25th , 2010

It is sometimes the most important part of the trial. It can put the accused away or give them back their freedom.

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1Physical evidence-is something that helps to find the facts in a case 2Trace evidence-small items such as; DNA and fibers 3Direct evidence-shows proof of the fact all by itself 4Prima facie evidence-is what is evidence by law 5Circumstantial evidence- helps to incriminate someone

Exculpatory evidence-it is physical evidence that clears the convicted name  Associative evidence-connects the suspect to the charges  Corpus delicti-is when someone died do to a crime

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1Standard comparison of an object is done to find out if both pieces of evidence are from the same source. 2Each item is marked with date, case number, and initials. 3Notes are taken or a log book may be used to track the evidence. 4The evidence is packed separately in an air tight container. This helps to protect the evidence over time.

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1If you are testing fibers you can tell where they’re from, what color they are, and what they are made of. 2If it is hair you may find slight amounts of blood, tissue, or semen on it. 3Fingerprints could possible be in the data base. 4DNA could also be in a data base at the station.

1If the evidence is not stored properly then it can be destroyed.  2Many different things can cause this; weather, oil from skin, chemicals, and more.  3Sometimes evidence can be misplaced.  4When BIO hazardous material such as blood and semen are being transported it is very important it is kept cool and air tight.

1Blood and bodily fluids  2Bite marks  3Shoe and tire prints  4Tools and tool markings  5Weapons  6Documents and many more.

1What is evidence,  2Police: Criminal Investigations- Sources Of Information And Evidence In Criminal Investigations  3Title:  Criminal Investigation : Method For Reconstructing the Past, 5th Edition                   Author:  James W. Osterburg and Richard H. Ward            ISBN:  9781593454296                                  Publisher:  Lexis/Nexus         

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