You know we're just like little kids children on a playground laughing pure and innocent, light and thin as we fall between the cracks on oceanic paths, extensions of shores our positives become our doubts and our doubts become our burdens you know someone's left the fence open and it's time to bring the herd back home You know you're just like me too deep to be touched by angels our paradox leaving us wet and hurting there's nothing a man-child yearns more than that one true lover's burning mystery... but can you hear that? She's turning from a moon into a sun and back again The archetypal woman, such perfection what does she mean, where does she reside we could write a million poems and still never really know why You know they're just like the stars in our sky throw another crazy diamond down the well just so we can look up and see the heavenly beauty again adoration, Mi Amor, her life still pervades my every skin but all my lovers have been the reason for my recovery crash landed, broken spaceships, and inner mythologies she's the reason behind hidden meanings when I'm all alone moving through my desires, my love emerges from below and all I've seen has always been a Houdini in motion, a picture isn't still because it's always like an alchemical potion anew, anew, anew - sacred, sacred, sacred "Everything is going to be okay - no matter what - I promise" -Divine Will

June 6, 2010 ~ M.D. Powers