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Manual of Secretariat Instructions-final

Manual of Secretariat Instructions-final


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Published by: Humayoun Ahmad Farooqi on Jun 06, 2010
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1.1Short Title and Commencement

These instructions are issued in accordance with the provision
of Rule 10(I) of the Punjab Government Rules of Business, 1974,
and shall be called the Manual of Secretariat Instructions, 1988.

i.They shall come into force at once and shall supersede all
existing instructions and orders relating to office
procedures not consistent with the provisions of this
ii.If there be any inconsistency between these instructions on
the one hand and the Rules of Business or other statutory
provisions on the other, the latter shall prevail.

1.2 Definitions

In these instructions, unless the context requires otherwise:-
i.‘Additional Secretary’ means an officer in-charge of a
Department or Wing or Wings in a Department.
ii.‘Branch’ means a primary unit of a Department headed by
a Superintendent.
iii.‘Deputy Secretary’ means an officer in charge of a Wing in
a Department.
iv.‘Diary’ means the register in which all papers received are
v.‘File Register’ means a register in which all files opened in
one calendar year are entered.
vi.‘Index Card’ means a document showing the subject and
number of a file used for the purpose of tracing and linking
references on the subject.

vii.‘Rules of Business’ mean the Punjab Government Rules of
Business, 1974.
viii.‘Section Officer’ means an officer in charge of a Section
including a branch headed by a Superintendent.


a.The term ‘Section Officer’ shall include the
nomenclature of ‘Under Secretary’, wherever it
occurs in this Manual.
b.All other words and phrases used in this Manual but
not defined here, shall have the same meaning as
given in the Punjab Government Rules of Business,
c.‘Subordinate Office’ means an office of Government
of the Punjab other than a Department, Attached
Department or a Regional/Divisional office.
d.‘Superintendent’ means an officer in charge of a
e.‘Wing’ means a working unit of a department
consisting of a number of Sections/Branches when
referred to collectively.

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