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Bible in a Year 30 OT I Kings 3 to 15

Bible in a Year 30 OT I Kings 3 to 15

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Published by Jay Winters
Bible in a Year Guide for week 30, in the Old Testament
Bible in a Year Guide for week 30, in the Old Testament

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Published by: Jay Winters on Jun 06, 2010
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The Bible in a Year

New Testament

I Kings 3 to 15
Read this coming week:
Jun 6 1 Kgs 3‐4, Ps 125, Titus 1‐3 Jun 7 1 Kgs 5‐6, Ps 126, Philem Jun 8 1 Kgs 7, Ps 127, Heb 1‐3 Jun 9 1 Kgs 8, Ps 128, Heb 4‐6 Jun 10 1 Kgs 9‐10, Ps 129, Heb 7‐8 Jun 11 1 Kgs 11, Ps 130, Heb 9 Jun 12 1 Kgs 12‐13, Ps 131, Heb 10 Jun 13 1 Kgs 14‐15, Ps 132, Heb 11

Reading Questions

For next week you’re reading I Kings 3 to 15. Answer the following: • How is Solomon’s wisdom first shown (3)? • Who is the first to hear from Solomon that he is planning to build a temple (5)? • Which is the bigger, the temple or Solomon’s palace (6/7)? • How much is sacrificed on the day of the temple’s dedication (8)? • Why does the Queen of Sheba visit Solomon (10)? • Why does Solomon turn away from the Lord (11)?

• •

The Worship of …Solomon?

Who rules the northern kingdom after Solomon? Who rules the Southern (12)? What is the name used for the Northern Kingdom? The Southern?

Solomon, the Bible tells us, was the wisest man that ever lived. Unfortunately, his wisdom wasn’t enduring, because at the end of his life – he may have died without faith in God. His case is tragic, but what may be even more tragic is the number of cults that have sprung up using Solomon as a prophet/deity. These cults often place too much emphasis on Solomon’s status as the last ruler of the united kingdom of Israel. They make Solomon out to be a great teacher, messiah, or link their current leader as a reincarnation of Solomon. A few examples include Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism that claims to have its origins in Solomon’s thought; Freemasonry, a secretive society that bases its quasi-religious teachings on a connection with Solomon and the building of the temple; and Rastafarianism, the famous Haile Sellassie worshiping cult that explains that Haile Sellassie is the messiah because he ruled the nation of Ethiopia, which they believed to be Solomon’s promised land. All of these are examples of exactly what Solomon allowed to happen in His own life, which was to replace the worship of the true God with things and people that are lesser.

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