Five songs and a poem from the stories of my four novels and screenplays.

Dear friends, Radyomejicano will broadcast my five songs and a poem for two days!!! Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 June, from 12 AM to 5 PM - (Mexico time), if you like you can listen to my six songs on Radyomejicano, written from my stories and scripts: “The Witch Queen of Orient Sun” “Lhundrup Dhechen”(Great Blessing) "In the Tunnel of Death, the Labyrinth of Life" "The Common Artisans of Love"
Link of Radyomejicano:

Thank you so much, Elisabetta Errani Emaldi

4 Loglines of the novels and screenplays by
Elizabeth Errani Emaldi

Logline of the screenplay "The Witch Queen of the Orient Sun" The odyssey of a cruise ship and her crew, with the “Witch Queen of the Orient Sun” ’s premonitions. In contact with the mysterious Eastern world, between Singapore and Jakarta, threatened by racism, mutiny, hurricanes, fires and toxic smoke, which doesn’t allow to sail.

Logline of the screenplay

“Lhundrup Dhechen”(Great Blessing)
The experience of three friends exploring Kathmandu and its charming temples, In contact with mysterious Tibetan monks and paranormal events, in the monastery of Kopan on the hill of the sun, they seek Enlightenment. When Dharma transforms itself into a diamont sword able to open the hearts and transmit light.

Logline of the screenplay "In the Tunnel of Death, the Labyrinth of Life" Premonition of a meeting and telepathic contacts with a passionate young man, who is afraid of his past life. When destiny leads us toward an experience that will help our inner growth.

Logline of the screenplay "The Common Artisans of Love" The strange meetings of two women, two friends, who enter in contact with martial arts of some kind of secret agents full of passion, and the psychic powers of one of the two, who discovers their secrets. When attraction or repulsion never happens by chance, but in order to lead us through the path of inner evolution.

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