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Black Rose, Dying

Black Rose, Dying

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Published by Edward Val
Black Rose, Dying is a eloquent, four-season-spanning, tour-de-force collection of poems, that joins the honored ranks of war-haunted poets who include Britain's Sir Walter Raleigh, Wilfred Owen, and Siegfried Sassoon, and America's Stephen Crane and James Dickey.
Black Rose, Dying is a eloquent, four-season-spanning, tour-de-force collection of poems, that joins the honored ranks of war-haunted poets who include Britain's Sir Walter Raleigh, Wilfred Owen, and Siegfried Sassoon, and America's Stephen Crane and James Dickey.

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Published by: Edward Val on Jun 06, 2010
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  • Empty Pot
  • Fork in the Road
  • House of Cards
  • Me and You
  • Metamorphosis
  • Precious Forever
  • Reflection
  • Slaves of Them
  • Angel Fallen
  • As I Live
  • Attraction
  • Cause and Effect
  • Complexity
  • Disposed
  • Fall of an Age
  • Haiku 2
  • I Dare Not
  • Illusion
  • In His Name

Black Rose, Dying

A collection of poetry

Edward Val
With introduction by award-winning poet and author Mark Orrin

Eloquent Books
Durham, Connecticut

Copyright © 2010 Edward Val. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, typing, or by any information storage retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the publisher.

Eloquent Books An imprint of Strategic Book Group P.O. Box 333 Durham CT 06422 www.StrategicBookGroup.com ISBN: 978-1-60911-414-5 Book Design: Bruce Salender Printed in the United States of America

Dedication This book is dedicated to all the world’s Lost Souls trying to make their ways. . In this darkness may you one day find light and meaning.


In memory of… May this book evoke the memory of the many soldiers who have died serving their country during these bleak times. In Memory of Nikkiana Seals Jones August 13. Strive for a brighter future. As the Hammer Falls: As the hammer falls. 1981—July 24. another innocent soul lies dead. Kneel and pray. A victim of random violence Frequent in our world today So pause and give silence For the life thread. battle the passionless feelings and gray. that so tragically flew away. but never forget the loss On that bitter July day. spraying searing lead. 2009 . Another innocent soul lies wounded.


by Mark Orrin. 1 A Flicker in the Dark 3 A Silhouette of Beauty 4 Art 4 Beside Me 5 Canvas 5 Concrete Rose 6 Dear Lord 7 Dear Wife 8 Eternity 9 Haiku 1 9 I’m Sorry 10 Life Defined 11 My Love 11 Senryu 1 12 Smile 12 The Message: Part One 13 True Beauty 14 Virtues of a Noble Man 15 Warrior of the Light 16 Part Two: Summer. 17 Alas 19 Confused 20 .Contents Introduction. i Part One: Spring.

Empty Pot 21 Fork in the Road 22 Horse and the Fly 23 House of Cards 24 Life’s a Revolving Door 25 Maiden to Her Warrior: (Part One) 26 Warrior to His Maiden: (Part One) 26 Me and You 27 Metamorphosis 28 Precious Forever 29 Reflection 29 Searching for Answers 30 Slaves of Them 31 Truth 32 Whispered Warning: (Part One) 33 Words 34 Part Three: Fall. 35 Angel Fallen 37 As I Live 38 Attraction 39 Blind 40 Cause and Effect 41 Complexity 42 Disposed 43 Fall of an Age 43 Fate 44 From Myself to Myself 44 Haiku 2 44 I Dare Not 45 Illusion 46 Image 47 In a Fallen World 48 In His Name 49 .

Inside Me 50 Life/Death 50 Love Is… 51 Oh. a Soldier 69 In Remembrance 69 Let Me Go. Silent Plead 55 Silently 56 The Message: Part Two 57 Unanswered 57 We’re Through 58 Part Four: Winter. 59 A Soldier’s Tears 61 After a Bride’s Death 61 Bedside Farewell 62 Broken Stones 62 Children’s Nightmare Rhyme 63 Damaged 63 Death 64 Death Is… 64 Downward Spiral 65 Empty and Bitter 66 Haiku 3 67 Haiku 4 67 I tried 68 In Memory of T. I’m Tired 70 Man 71 Our Red.J.. White and Blue 71 Struggle 72 Today 73 . Heart of Mine 52 One Last Question 53 Paper Tears 53 Rant 54 Silent Pain.

True Love 74 Unsaved 75 Vampire 76 War 76 Where I Walk 77 .

By Mark Orrin, M.A. Award-Winning Author/Poet With Black Rose, Dying, his eloquent, four-seasonspanning, tour-de-force collection of poems, young Edward Val (E’Val) joins the honored ranks of war-haunted poets who include Britain’s Sir Walter Raleigh, Wilfred Owen, and Siegfried Sassoon, and America’s Stephen Crane and James Dickey. E’Val comes by his warrior status authentically and gravely: Born in Camden, N.J., in early 1983, E’Val has completed three Army deployments in Iraq; wounded in combat, he’s received a Purple Heart and lost many friends to battles’ ravages. As a wordsmith, he’s published a previous poetry collection, Enlightened Heart/Darkened Soul; at this moment he’s working on a third book of poems and a novel to be titled Of Tooth and Nail. Personally, E’Val is a husband, father and a man of art and passion who wishes to create in all facets of his life and effect change in his world by his words – which he wields in startling variety. E’Val’s poetry in Black Rose, Dying ranges widely in forms and themes, from free to rhyming and off-rhyming verse to Haiku to several brief prose poems, rendered with terse wit, irony and probing clarity. “Truth” is suffused with a wry brevity that indeed reminds one of Stephen Crane. “Haiku 2” distills Dickey’s observation (in his “Firebombing”) that death can spread in bleak beauty. “A Soldier’s Tears” shares the poet’s wrenching regret for the unavoidable yet tragic “collateral damage” a soldier deals in the “line of duty.” “Me and You” reflects the ambiguity of pain in parting from a loved one to go and make war. “Rant” assails a love-

Edward Val

betrayer in stark imagery. “True Love” – does this poem deconstruct a myth… or depict a reality one irresistibly pursues, though finding it impossible to reach? “Metamorphosis” relates how love melts a bitterness of soul; “Fall of an Age” cries the protest of a “pawn” in the deadly game played by “masters of war”; “Complexity” shares the poet’s conflicted relationship with God in the face of war and other of the world’s evils; “Children’s Nightmare Rhyme” and “Today” are ironic portraits of evil that will chill adults’ blood; E’Val’s “Concrete Rose” encourages by showing the tough yearnings of gentle yet indomitable love. Matters neither little nor great escape the intense yet fervent eye Edward Val casts, with strong tenderness, on our times and the human condition. Prepare as you read to hurt, to weep, to laugh, and superseding all emotion, to think, of the forever in now, with this young man of ancient heart.


Part One: Spring .


remembering my own moments in hell. recalling the torment. 3 . wondering how I’ve remained sane. calling me home. toward something so wonderful and rare: on toward the arms of that one who cares. and my hope comes alive all the quicker because I now know you were there. of a glorious kind.Black Rose. I stand alone apart from another and stare into the darkness I know so well. the brief distant flicker. So I step forward. reliving the pain. Dying A Flicker in the Dark I walk in the darkness and I know no peace though I feel the Lord’s love with each heartbeat. Then I remember the light. So I seek guidance and hope to find love one day. my heart no longer alone. But today is a day like any other.

she’s the image of a perfect rose in your hand. a goddess in my eyes. A silhouette of beauty. so all praise this angel of beauty who can never die. She’s a sight to behold and a treasure to be had. she’s like a marble statue. an angel upon the sand. an angel on the sand. She’s a sight to behold and a treasure to be had. She longs for adventure. dreaming of distant lands. for things to capture her mind. She’s smart and funny. a sweetest song.Edward Val A Silhouette of Beauty A silhouette of beauty. Art Artists create joy: Romantics praise love and life to sway the darkness. her mind’s lost in wonder. she’s a masterpiece painted. so all praise this angel of beauty who can never die. 4 . She’s smart and funny. she dreams of far-off places and different times. so curses on those who’d ever make her sad. a goddess in my eyes. so curses on those who’d ever make her sad. crafted perfectly and strong.

and there you were beside me. looking for myself. You see her rubyred lips. He comes to the woman and caresses her face. You see in his eyes an endless sea of blue. and there you were beside me. as I walk blindfolded across this tightrope I can see without looking. Dying Beside Me I walked the deadliest road I could find. The world fades around them and disappears as if melting off a canvas. I flew from earth’s one end to the other. and there you were beside me. then see a man approach on a night-black horse. Locked in an embrace long forgotten. her blue dress fluttering in the breeze. white satin ribbons tied in tiny braids in her hair. her long brown hair blowing across her face. they are lost in each other’s eyes. In the distance to the left. and there you were beside me. you see a castle. I swam across the rampant oceans. To the right. And now. her hand in his hand. since I know you’re here beside me. 5 . pale-green eyes. Waves crashing on the cliffs. Canvas Beautiful: Endless blue sky overlooking the ocean. you hear. A woman stands near the edge of the cliff. The man climbs down from his night-black horse. his hand on her cheek.Black Rose. I climbed the steepest-cragged mountain.

For I’m the rarest piece of creation. and I shall prevail. I can’t be broken. beautiful. nor depression to take hold. You pass by me every day. Your eyes never linger long enough to glimpse me. a winner at the odds. Nothing can make me give up. I will make it. silently hidden in shadow. 6 . my determination strong.Edward Val Concrete Rose To you I still remain unseen. yet I am still here. you’d surely be amazed. struggling to survive. Long years I have spent here. Hopelessness I won’t allow to touch me. I’ll never fold. yet never take the time to look – only if you would stop. not by mortal or by GOD. my will unwavering. for I’m the rose that grew from concrete.

nothing for me to find but a heart full of emptiness and punishment for all time. so I’ll continue to walk forward into the vast unknown. Where to go from this junction? Not the slightest hint I’m shown. Dying Dear Lord Dear Lord. nor the slightest remorse? You gave me your warnings. but I stayed my destructive course.Black Rose. 7 . I really don’t know. so full of deceit and lies. and turned friend into foe. always searching for a way back toward your eternal throne. How can I say I’m your child when I hold no regret inside. Look at the web I’ve woven. but I made friends of my enemies. and at the end there was nothing. Why I didn’t listen.

with you beside me I’m surely not destined to wilt like a rose. Now at the end. so I thank you. my very simple views: The black and whites I’ve always seen are now violets. You changed my aspect.Edward Val Dear Wife Dear Wife. forever into the future drawn from wondrous memories of our past. my very approach. reds and blues. the sorrow that once filled my heart diminished – in its stead now is hope – then you helped guide me down a far different path from the one I previously chose. 8 . You’ve changed my world. and may our love always last.

a bond between spirits. as true and beautiful as the sky. endless as the ocean. not just hearts. your mind and heart joined with mine. 9 . true love and more? On your knees that night you promised your soul would love me forever. the little things. overlooking the ocean. Dying Eternity Remember the time I kissed your lips upon a cliff with grass true green? The ocean crashed beside us. I still remember the castle by the cliffs. sun painting the sky. Haiku 1 Today slowly fades as tomorrow begins to open its eyes. orange and red clouds faded to purple. promises of eternity. love no other for all time and beyond. I never forgot. mauve and blue… Remember all the things we said. You kissed my hands and asked me to live for you alone.Black Rose. Love – everlasting like the castle. Now and for all eternity. and the sun set into the sea.

I’m sorry you hardly see me. I hope you know it’s true – but no matter how many sorries. “I’ve go to run. I’m sorry you must take care of our son on your own. I’m sorry we’re so far apart. our only connection. I’m sorry it doesn’t always seem like I love you. I’m sorry for everything I cannot share with. I’m sorry I can’t be there.Edward Val I’m Sorry I’m sorry I can’t be there to hold you when you cry. or protect you from. remember I’ll always love you. that I’m rarely ever home. it seems. I’m sorry that so many times I say. 10 . right now by your side.” I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry the distance makes it so hard. the stars.

Black Rose, Dying

Life Defined
You were born from the earth as all things are, and one day you will dissolve much like the stars. Nothing can stop these motions in place; all one can do is patiently wait; for the cord has been cut, its length though unknown; minutes pass as sure as we die alone. So strive for nothing but happiness, love and peace, and do the best you can before you cease. There’s only so much time in a day, and each day quickly flowers, then fades away into a vast expanse of ever-flowing time, and nothing can make it stop on a dime. So with all simplicity take what you’re given, make the best of each moment and get on with living, for truly our lives are but a flicker in flame, of hopes, of dreams, of trials and pain.

My Love
My love, you are the snow of my winter, the flower of my spring, the sun of my summer, the leaf of my fall. Simply put you’re my everything and all: I love you.


a perfect piece of sunshine. Smile Your smile melts the world.Edward Val Senryu 1 Newspaper said storm. that brightens the hearts of all and our souls within. uplifting and pure. 12 . severe thunder and lightning: I see cats and dogs. too.

for history gives us many chances. I’m a shining star among so few. I’m the cold touch of death that’s only felt by those like you. So as my essence lingers and I fall victim to a bitter romance. and this remains our hope and blessing. 13 . So open your eyes to the world and learn from each precious lesson. listen for my voice and your chance. and I’d hate to see you fall tragically like generations before and mine.Black Rose. Dying The Message: Part One I am lost but not forgotten. because beyond these doors lie secrets trapped in a constant flow of time. lend an ear to the darkness.

You are the love of my summer. you don’t just want a piece of the pie. Alone and cold inside I felt. 14 . you are my heart’s content that can never die. so there’s no surprise why we long for each other from homeland to foreign shore. you are my salvation from the darkness that called. you want the man. but now the ice has begun to melt because you give me understanding. spring. and I thank you.Edward Val True Beauty True beauty has finally beset my eyes. You are true beauty’s definition. You understand my trials and tribulations just as I understand yours. You take me for who I am. just when I almost gave up and let my heart die. an angel with deep brown eyes. winter and fall.

In a world of indifference. I am a beacon. I am peace. In a world of evil men. I am understanding. In a world of misguidance. In a world of war. In a world of disease. In a world of pain. I am a cure. I am the hero. I am love. In a world of questions. I am direction. 15 .Black Rose. I am change. In a world of hopelessness. Dying Virtues of a Noble Man In a world of conformity. I am the answers.

my lungs feel so compressed… I’m tired of fighting all these battles.Edward Val Warrior of the Light I feel as though I’m breathing underwater. searching for salvation. each day I meet the test. I desperately need rest. I can feel my strength seeping into a slow. yet constant drain. Yet what can I do but fight until all my power is gone? Who would I be if I did not struggle from night to early morn? 16 . unwavering in my quest. battling the demons of dark as I walk the path of gods. And nothing seems to get easier… every day’s full of agonizing pain. carrying the many burdens. Every day I fight to hold my own against the odds.

Part Two: Summer .


But it’s all for nothing. knowing I could never win. you’ll never be mine: An old copper penny can’t court a new dime. Dying Alas Long I have fought. though I remain hopeful. tainted with too much passion and sin. 19 .Black Rose. heart always true. living in daydreams of me and you.

So as I walk away. but the gates stayed unopened. I was not let through. forgotten and misplaced. willing to pay my dues. tried to cleanse all my sin. though I carry many burdens. confused by it all. 20 .Edward Val Confused I stand outside the gates – won’t someone let me in? I’ve asked for forgiveness. still closed is the gate – no admittance for one such as me – the answers to such questions remain a mystery. What am I to think? What am I to do? I wander back to where I started. yet. seeking another route… confused. but without you to guide me I’m destined to fall. remember that I came seeking forgiveness. none among them is hate. For I’ve been dropped and shattered. through the forest of darkness with its ever-biting cold. down the only path I know. so out here I wonder.

I am alone. void and hollow. if not. because without that I’m gone: Never again will you see me. So please give me something. nothing fills me. I might as well crack and die. I am useless and serve no purpose on my own. I need something to sustain me. I am useless and serve no purpose on my own. nothing fills me. I am but an empty pot. 21 . I am alone. Dying Empty Pot I am but an empty pot. a reason to be. void and hollow. And like an empty pot. And like an empty pot. something to nurture me inside.Black Rose.

giving me two completely different selections.Edward Val Fork in the Road As I stand upon this road I only ask: Why? Why? Must this fork divide. when I know that after choosing one path I’m never to know the other’s directions? 22 .

with lies seeming ever so clean. that’s why I see things this way. longing for love and some I might call friend. and that’s the difference between the horse and the fly. I’m far from pure. I’d burn for all time before I’d give my soul away. Though I remain faithful. Yet I keep a spark of hope. I’ll admit to each of my mortal sins. but I’ll never sell my soul (that which is I). Dying Horse and the Fly I have walked these roads again and again. but the paths set before me are hard to endure. So here I stand overlooking a world of death and decay. I’ll be damned before I give into the night. all beauty has faded. I’ve walked through brimstone and fire and still travel burnt shores. because I’ll never give in. Yes. always searching for light. And nothing will change my view because of what I’ve seen: Darkness engulfs us. 23 . Though the struggle’s difficult (and harder by the day).Black Rose.

and it’s worth standing solo for this. With nowhere to go and no place to be. I live each day free. Everything that’s possible and life could ever offer. each single moment of bliss – I live each day by the moment.Edward Val House of Cards The fragile house of cards has fallen. 24 . standing with my back exposed to the world. now I’m all alone. truly on my own. though puzzled by the many choices I try so hard to keep my eyes open to see.

Black Rose, Dying

Life’s a Revolving Door
Every day’s the same, nothing ever changes, just repeats, again and again, a continuous, repeating circle that comes and goes, comes and goes. Like playing follow-the-leader, marching to the beat of the same drum, twenty-four/seven, there’s no exit ramp to freedom, just bumper-to-bumper traffic we must follow always, much as the hands of a clock make one complete round after another; we’re stuck in the constant round and round, like the earth we rotate on our axis, the sun and moon rise and fall, up and down, up and down… Every day’s the same, nothing ever changes, just repeats, again and again…


a dagger up your sleeve. fights on with you. pure as gold. you say of endless feats. still. If I but could. your weary horse. stop your fighting! No longer search the lands! Come be my love. still weighted with armor. A quest you now ride for. then our love can never truly be. and there’s one more troubled soul I must free. far into the night of battles long gone. So I beg you to wait. Warrior. what do you still fight for? Your enemies are long gone. please bide your time. safe inside my arms! Let me end your quest – be my love. love me. 26 . that one day our true love may shine and breach the darkness that will torment my heart once I finish freeing my soul. your sword stays by your side. you long for love. I would surely stay by your side forever. noble and strong. a gentle touch. if not. for eternity! Warrior to His Maiden: (Part One) Sweet love. to calm your misery. stay by my side. as I love you. brought down by your hand.Edward Val Maiden to Her Warrior: (Part One) Warrior. But the task at hand is not yet finished. sadly I cannot venture from my path.

soon I’ll be home to you.Black Rose. I only have a few more things to do. you fill my every thought. yet know that I love you. always. So don’t fret or worry. true. But alas. and I hate to bring you pain. 27 . I can’t remain. me and you. my heart you’ve bought. till the end of all time. Dying Me and You I leave with a heavy heart: Every time I say goodbye it saddens me to see the tears behind your eyes. then I’m yours forever. my love. everlasting. I must go.

Edward Val

I live within a darkness unknown to the light. I find comfort in the land of nightmare and fright. I’m a creature of destruction; evil is all I know. My heart is cold and barren; I’ve always been alone. So what do you expect by beating down my door? Love is as much a mystery to me as white sandy shores. I don’t know how to act in the presence of your grace; all I know is darkness; all I breathe is hate. But I’m starting to feel different, a slow, steady change within: My anger is settling, my heart begins to beat again…


her lips. her eyes closed. 29 . her face so sweet.Black Rose. But her face in memory shall stay precious forever. a song carried by the wind. an ocean of endless blue. no sea of blue. distressed by many reactions… but the past can’t be changed. a soft silky peach. no longer shall we see the dance of unheard beauty. Dying Precious Forever Her voice. no more do we hear her song. always a dance. her graceful walk. Reflection Lost in thought. pondering all the choices made. lost eternally. her eyes. un-kissed her lips of true love. so precious… But all this is long gone.

still I’ve not found what I’ve been searching for to make everything so clear. yet on I continue without stopping. and sailed plentiful seas. And this land I travel is far different from my own. ‘cause I know they’re so near. I haven’t found the answers to all my questions. And though I search. because to stop would mean failure. 30 .Edward Val Searching for Answers I’m a world away from where I started. unpleasant death. I’ve lost and I’ve gained along the way when enemies turned friends. it’s barren and desolate as I move forward alone searching for something I couldn’t find where I started. though I’ll never give up. without even pausing for breath. though I’ve crossed many deserts. to which I feel bound. and my journey’s yet to end. So I continue on the path set before me with no idea where it may lead. I still haven’t found the thing I desire most. in the land of the living who’ve yet departed.

quick to make an example of anyone who steps a fraction outside their bounds. 31 . speech is still “free.Black Rose. No longer is free thought welcome. Yes. not justice rules here. and thus our world becomes damned. our Mark Twains grow fewer as our rights fly away. we’re drones until the grave. computers rule today. iron-gloved and vile. but slaves of them. caught up in self-loathing. no longer free men are we. No one’s willing to take a stand. Dying Slaves of Them The era of the abacus is over. Injustice.” but “freedom” is also chained. The masses begin to crumble. A hundred frowns replace one smile as our society descends.

we don’t learn. Memories stay just so long. Time ticks. roads are gone. 32 . Secrets gone but from eyes. hearts burn.Edward Val Truth Truth hides. Truth evades all who chase. Passion’s flown. People sway. Essence dwindles. thoughts erase. lies we find.

give it your best before our candle dwindles to nothing. just a glimpse of an unforgiving tomorrow. So do what you can now before we drown in joyless sorrow. burnt out like the rest. Dying Whispered Warning: (Part One) Why are we falling. 33 . the world is bleeding – feel its pain in your chest? So I beg you keep fighting. fading further away? We've lost sight of our roots.Black Rose. and today's not today. because life is descending into darkness without depth. the ground’s now all paved.

Many words leave those with youth enough to forever speak. My words echo in darkness. heard by but a few because my words are complex – if you only knew… 34 .Edward Val Words Few words escape those who’ve already said so much. loving words escape those who seek. wise words come from those who are not far from dust.

Part Three: Fall .


Black Rose, Dying

Angel Fallen
I’m everything and nothing; I’m his lost and treasured son; I’m the begotten and the lonely; I’m the last and single one. No words can describe my sorrow or the pain I’ve been dealt, and no soul on earth shall ever know the anguish I’ve felt. For the path chosen was mine alone: “Prophet of the ages,” though my hopes and dreams are now set in stone, and I’ve not yet learned a way to set them free, even with the knowledge he so graciously gave me. Yet on I continue, trying to find a way, though the weight I shoulder grows heavier each day.


and walk peacefully on death’s lane. where emptiness crowds my plate. smiling always. no need for tears. This is the course I’ve chosen. my friend. time for goodbyes. where infinite paths wait. with each breath I fade farther away. So as each minute passes. Yet I long for the peace I’ll find there. counting closer to my demise.Edward Val As I Live Even as I live. the complete silence of the tomb – something I’ve missed since long before the womb. because this world I’m not meant for with its full degrees of pain. so unlike living. know that I’ve lived deeply – but now. that’s why I’m not afraid to die. longing to embrace the end: Death holds such possibilities. I’m dying. 38 . each step carries me closer to the eternal grave.

39 . too afraid of the answers. for these things I just cannot show. perhaps even wrong. so I’ll sit here and wonder how deeply you feel about love’s attraction. But how I feel deep inside. these feelings I have for you are that strong. you may never know. I can’t ask you to tell me if you feel the same. Dying Attraction The pains I feel. Though it may seem crazy. with heartache too real. yet unclear.Black Rose. I can’t explain why I feel as I do. I can only say there’s something about you that strikes me and holds me so near – it’s like stained glass: clear. my self-doubt’s to blame. the cruelty I see all go away when you’re close to me.

Some will steal things of much value to you – much more than money or expensive shoes: For some will take everything. So to faces like these I hope you remain blind and continue to walk where the sun always shines… forever blind. kick you when you’re down just to get their fix. and some things in the world’s darkness I hope you never find: Lies by the millions. heartbreak and deceit. nor care if you die. then act innocent next week. 40 . drain your well dry.Edward Val Blind To many faces of the world you remain blind. make you feel sick. people who stab in the back. Some will use you.

So here I stand. you blurred my vision. heart grief-filled. destroyed all I knew. pondering thoughts not my own. lost for awhile. Now I’m nothing… because of you. 41 . left me confused. now I feel used. Dying Cause and Effect You walked over me.Black Rose. unable to smile because you used me. seeking salvation all alone.

I’m calling on you. when. Because I’m too weak. war has yet to cease? Or are we just too simple-minded in the complexity of it all? Are we not more beasts than men. and I fear for the rest as I wonder if there’s a point behind this madness as bullets fired.Edward Val Complexity Not far now. bless me. please help me be saved from this world so full of sin before my destruction begins. please O Lord. and all I do now seems so wrong. end in pain: War begets war. will it ever change? Or shall we remain deranged. I’ve seen so many of my brothers fall. no longer strong. Lord. designing our own downfall? So I ask for an answer to the questions I seek – or are we doomed to sow always that which we must reap? 42 . after all the battles ever fought. hold me to your chest. thinking war will bring about peace. just a few steps away.

waiting to be stepped on and crushed to tiny bits. these meant nothing to one heartless as you. But when the rooks and knights forever rest the pendulum begins its downward swing. you sit and ponder what you’ve done as the alarm bells ring. tossed to the floor. I meant each syllable. heart’s been torn away. constant and vowel. 43 . I loved you. when the bishop tragically falls and mortality begins to sing. all because you broke me beyond any fix. Fall of an Age It’s easy to send pawns to war when you’re sitting on high as king. sound. Then. Dying Disposed The candle that was is nevermore. and that’s why I’m now merely disposed of after use. You pull your queen beside you and helplessly cling as the death-blow comes nearer… checkmate for the king.Black Rose.

I struggle every day. So until the end of days. you hold none inside. Haiku 2 Rose petals falling. I fear to see myself and all I’ve become. You’re everything I hate. So is this that great thing they call Fate? From Myself to Myself I cry real tears. we’ll battle for control. I run from fears. 44 . I’m one you wish would die. you long to say goodbye. while your eyes are dry. you show no remorse for what you’ve done. bittersweet song sung: death has come calling. I’m all you despise.Edward Val Fate I was born to this world and one day will be erased. But one of us without the other would be only half a whole. You’re one I can’t stand.

and never shall we be. so I will not. I dare not hint toward a meaning for all the things I do. for fear of rejection and its sad appeal. I dare not. 45 . I dare not shed light on my emotions. for rejection is a vast and lonely ocean.Black Rose. Dying I Dare Not I dare not put into words the way you make me feel. because I might risk losing you.

lost somewhere between love and hate. You’re hiding some dark secret. a particle in air. I don’t really care. 46 . then in a blink it all changed: We went from laughter and love to hatred and pain. yet I can see the truth behind your eyes. I don’t quite understand our situation. and I’m unable to digest what’s been thrown on my plate. And you say it’s my fault. Because yesterday everything was fine. But does it really matter? Truth be told. because I realize now that I always loved you. but you were never really there: Our love was but a figment of imagination.Edward Val Illusion Standing beside myself. but I could always tell when you lied.

only his dreams comfort him. 47 . subconsciously seeking the person who once slept beside him without luck. As his feelings tear at him so. his hand stretched out. heartbroken and alone he prefers to live in his dreams rather than face reality with all its anguish. He tries not to wake. Dying Image Lying in bed. He’d rather give up and forget life than deal with the pain… of having lost her. as he fights off the world because the truth is too much to bear.Black Rose. the memories of better days and what used to be.

Edward Val In a Fallen World I live in a world of devastation where death always circles so near. or is it just another lie? I live in a world of chaos. So where in this world does hope live – or has it already died? Where in this world is there peace. answers are always in demand. or is it just another lie? I live in a world that’s fading faster with each breath. I live in a world of seduction that takes from god’s great plan. pain is always close at hand. I live in a world of destruction where the truth remains unclear. or is it just another lie? I live in a world of sadness that drains the soul of man. 48 . So where in this world does hope live – or has it already died? Where in this world is there peace. I live in a world of confusion. I live in a world that’s fallen close to living death. So where in this world does hope live – or has it already died? Where in this world is there peace.

So now my every thought is sinister. You turned the once beautiful world I saw passionless and gray. for I am he who has come to punish all who against me stand: with sword and cleansing fire I will craft and reshape the land. molding a new paradise from the ashes so none shall ever again feel alone. bridging gaps that need much mending on this earth we once called home. You took away my very innocence the moment you covered my hands in blood. 49 . took what once made me whole.Black Rose. and destruction follows in my wake. Dying In His Name You’re the master of manipulation. Now you wonder why I’m this demon. a monster even you can’t control? It’s because you destroyed me. you made me feel things that were never there. turned me against those I loved. You destroyed my youthful spirit. You unraveled my coils and just let me fray. You turned what could have been love into something untruthful and unfair. Feel the wrath of your creation as the world starts to violently shake.

by it I abide. Enjoyable. it hurts me and rules me. slowly destroy me. always to my regret. I face it alone. It tells me to do things.Edward Val Inside Me I feel it. this thing deep inside. Living. it’s there every day inside me. slowly eating away… Life/Death Life: New. to make me forget. slowly eating away. Breathing. it’s there every day inside me. 50 . so I do as it says. Loving. Fresh. Wonderful. Painful. Ending. Dead. Dying. Gone: Death. with no one to turn to. It cuts like a knife through my flesh to my bone. Unpleasant. I feel it. Suffering. I cannot describe it. A slice here. a burn there – no one will see this thing that’s inside.

Black Rose, Dying

Love Is…
Love is a gateway to destruction, a pathway to a broken heart. Love is a road of sacrifice, a way that can tear you apart. Love is pain in many forms, a question you can’t answer. Love is never-ending torment, a plague like cancer. Love is vile and crude, and love is often untrue, But… Love is also a door to passion, a cure for the emptiness inside. Love is a wonderful union, linking two souls side by side. Love is blissful existence, powerful and wondrous romance. Love is sharing feelings in a long exquisite trance. Love is caring and love is kind, and true love is always there to find.


and all I’m holding onto is about to break. heart of mine. secured with chain. Numb to the world I am. and I can’t handle another quake. one all too familiar and unpleasantly cold – or has it just selected for me another rotten apple in my never-ending battle for a key to my heart? Truth be told. heart of mine – I beg you: Lock yourself away. 52 . I’m tired of trying and always getting the same. and my world’s already falling apart. bar it shut. So. This is it. it’s over. The noose is drawn up. close your broken gate.Edward Val Oh. I’m tired of playing. oh. oh. keep out the pain before it’s too late. I can’t take it any longer. So please I beg you. my lonely heart’s hung. this is it. I’m done. for my world’s crumbling. Heart of Mine Has my heart yet again led me down a broken road.

no reaction. head held high. The world I once knew is falling apart. every letter. never fallen on one who’ll ever know? 53 . hidden elsewhere. sharp pieces of glass now litter the ground. as I sit here confused. But through the door in his Sanctuary true emotions you can read with every line. why not a voice to be heard except on paper. paper tears. no feelings to show. Why is he the mime. Why did you have to leave and turn my life so black? Why did you have to walk away and never come back? Didn’t I give you everything? I sacrificed in every way. One last question: Must I have lost everything when I lost you? Paper Tears The hurt in his eyes isn’t easy to read: Walks on. each unspoken word. no defense. just a solemn face. stands tall. What made you so unhappy? Why’d you go away? I still don’t understand it. Dying One Last Question Everything has been broken. the walls are coming down.Black Rose.

But don’t fret. and you’re coming with me ‘cause you brought on this disaster. I need to get away. let me bleed out. maybe I’ll meet you in the afterlife. ’cause life gives me no comfort. So please. everything seems to be spinning. 54 . So as the brimstone rains and your world dissolves in fire. I’m knocking on the door: Please. I hope you can find happiness… walking barefoot on barbed wire. I long for happiness.Edward Val Rant Razor blades slice through skin like paper. and suicide seems faster. I don’t know how much longer I can survive looking at all the memories in our old room. let it all be over soon. I beg. I beg. no smiles nor joys. and hope he lives in pain. I blame the one who stole you. So all I see is a river red. but it’s always on the other side of a bottomless void. let me be dead. I’m going to hell. it’s not solely you I blame.

clawed at the haunted walls year after years.Black Rose. 55 . Dying Silent Pain. the moment she chose to close that door. Silent Plead The silent pain took her. But she begged and pleaded with the Lord. as it had so many before. nothing could change the fact that he’d passed. but only in her eyes because she chose to live in lies. Though she wept many tears. until at last he granted her wish and gave her release: She saw her husband once again and knew true peace. You couldn’t see it.

silently waiting for it to be my turn. for long ago I fell. but this fate I’ve chosen. silently searching for what I need. selfish thoughts all my own. vacant of light. silently hoping you’ve not forsaken me. though knowing I deserve no forgiveness. no one else to blame.Edward Val Silently Standing on the brink of damnation. silently hating the fact I couldn’t change. 56 . all my bridges burned. awaiting the decree. silently remembering. not the slightest reprieve. long I have stood here frozen in place. understanding that nothing can be done. silently missing each and everyone. thus I became misguided. all the times of hate. so here I stand in judgment. silently needing something to believe. consumed by desire and greed. silently seeking a way through the night. silently traveling into the vast unknown with no slightest direction.

rise up and make a change before it’s too late. rise together and make a stand – strength is found in numbers. like birds in flight. Unanswered I walk all alone on the darkest of nights. you cannot make it. to show me the way. and the world drowns in its own ignorance and pain. so I ask for the answers. so take solace in all you’ve been given. Alone in this world. like wet paper you’ll easily break. so form a chain. the question so clear. Show me the path to the light of the sun! Yet my questions aren’t answered – is this how it shall stay as fear and much sorrow take my life away? 57 . I plead for just one. but rise together. for which I’ll eternally pay. hand in hand.Black Rose. I search for the light. through seas of confusion with no answers near and with no one to guide me. Dying The Message: Part Two Stop the hating. I search on for hours. I look for the answers. so throw away your guns and knives! Use your voice to make a difference. put your differences aside – too much violence plagues the world. You’re clueless as the earth begins to shake. Every step’s a mistake.

and I’m tired of being a tool in your kit. just an end to a means. or anything you do – we’re over my darling. My thoughts are always on the future. we’re through. because I don’t need this. I can’t remember when last I smiled. yours are like an immature child’s.Edward Val We’re Through I can’t walk on eggshells in a world you love and I despise. I’ll remain unseen. You care nothing for others. uncared for but always used. 58 . You make me so miserable. that’s right. when you try to control my tongue? Gasping for air. so how am I supposed to enjoy my freedom when I get none from you? I feel like a breath of air. So from this day forth. somehow it’s always about you. And how can I tell the truth when all you give me are lies? And how can I speak my mind. you simply use. I feel as though I’m slowly being hung.

Part Four: Winter .


Black Rose. After a Bride’s Death Staring out the window. remembering what was: The shower of flowers and the woman he loves. for to him that was the most tragic of days. it seems I’ve ran out of places to run. His home’s dark and forbidding. He doesn’t dare think of when she was taken away. those times he misses the most. as his tears fall with thoughts of what could have been. to abolish my fears. lost in memories. So with a weakening grasp I turn to face my fate. he cares only for the past and his bottle of rum. and sadly. hurt and pain can’t easily be undone. His thoughts fix on the days when he held her close. Old pictures hang on the walls. He stares out the window. He looks not forward to old age or the days to come. I’ve tried all my days to avoid this ending. Dying A Soldier’s Tears Perplexing thoughts still linger as I hang onto but a thread. and to ask forgiveness for all I’ve done over the years as I cry a soldier’s tears. 61 . no one gives much comfort to one such as he. and nothing said seems to fix the great damage done. it’s long since he’s let another in. but couldn’t prevent being doom-led.

I long to repair our broken home. so when you grow lonely. you took it all. stone by stone. But sadly. 62 . I’ve loved you always. my love. to eternal darkness I fall. so grant me the pleasure. You were my everything. of just one more kiss. For I love you in so many different ways – if only I could hold you once again in the sun’s warm rays. I am fading. but for now let us enjoy this dark. look up. But you destroyed everything. thoughts all my own. I’ll be twinkling afar… always there to love you. Then walk away – I couldn’t bear to see the tears you’d cry. distant though you are. faster then I wish. know that because I had you I’ll be happy as I rest. splendid night. so with one last slice. I’ll love you even after I die So as I slip away from this world into the next. Broken Stones Lying here bleeding.Edward Val Bedside Farewell Dead I shall be come the morning light. my bright evening star.

63 . Damaged Destroyed beyond repair. my work is quickly done. I come late at night – beware when you’re alone.Black Rose. Dying Children’s Nightmare Rhyme I walk in stealth and shadow. asymmetrically formed. cunning beyond my years. in my wake flow tears. annihilation complete. grotesque in appearance. I can strip flesh from bone. None know my true name. I cause nothing but fear. silent as a falling feather. I am death’s champion. My blade is always sharp. I’m deadly as a viper. my passing goes unknown. but their whispers I hear. monstrous now to behold. estranged from all others… damaged for good. my skill is world renowned.

Death is the eternal night. everywhere. there. another death I hold under my breath. Death is here. cold. final.Edward Val Death Another day. for I and this world just don't care. Death is a tunnel bare of light. 64 . one last chance to gasp for air. Death Is… Death is hard. Death is despair. Death is darkness. Death is a poison. Death is eternal beauty.

to depths untouched by even the night. until nothing remains except for a void: This road we have followed till all’s been destroyed. circling round and round. Dying Downward Spiral Circling. sinking further down and down deep into darkness empty of light.Black Rose. 65 . its true. pealing back the pure shell that sheltered us two. deeper we fall into nothing. shock scars faces of all who find it their turn. as death takes his hold and the world starts to burn.

if you like. but all I ever do is lose. resistance fights me pound for pound. rather than be torn apart by the love of lovers. this one of bitterness and sorrow. a rite of passage. am I not to drown? Or is this supposed to be some test. so how. all ups and downs. Life is so complicated. though I’d rather give up and take my rest. I’m tired of seeing smiles while I can only frown. come tomorrow? 66 . where answers will be given that I’ve sought all my life – or am I to find the same emptiness I’ve always found in this world of man. I know I have no choice but to live. Nothing ever seems to go my way. So how can I believe your divine words today. when they’ll only bring me heartbreak tomorrow? Is it not better to live in the world I know.Edward Val Empty and Bitter Empty and bitter. I’ve always aimed to win. with no hallowed ground? I say I can’t take it if what I guess is true: You see. I dare not move a step. concrete-shoed.

slowly turning red to brown: Petals on the ground. falling down.Black Rose. 67 . Dying Haiku 3 Great gaps divide us even to this very day: Your touch forgotten. Haiku 4 Drooping.

They never made it to your home and the water they needed. 68 . I tried to give you a better life. all thanks to me. not you. but I tripped and all the roses fell. so their surviving strength depleted.Edward Val I tried The roses are dead now. And now your once bright red roses turn black as I die. now black as hell’s depths. Once bright red roses.

a Soldier Sadly another star has fallen. his memory will always remain even as his coffin’s draped in red. He was brave. So he’ll not be forgotten. for sacrifice never to outweigh the loss. because with pride and honor he protected his home. and pray that god takes him with open arms… and know he’s in a better place now.Black Rose. Think only to remember one once like you. fighting troops. one more soldier set under stone. a soldier. a brother. far from harms. 69 . In Remembrance Thousands of lives lost: The ultimate cost paid in full by the most valiant groups. He’ll always be remembered. He was a man. laid to rest. his life he gave defending a cause.. life taken. white.J. blue and your pain. a friend who would stand beside you until the end. ever fearless. the young. Dying In Memory of T.

torment and lies. and find somewhere understanding. I’m the black star hidden in the night sky. I’m a secret kept yet carried on wind. I just want to go away. I’m the silent shadow that lurks by. I don’t fit in. to escape this place. and nowhere along the path are my boot-prints absent from the sand. empty of hate.Edward Val Let Me Go. I’m like rust on a throne of bone. I serve no further purpose. I don’t belong.” Why must you insist on my survival? Don’t give me. So why not just let me go. “You’re in denial. yet so alone. tired of being a stain. let me fade away. I’m tired of the deceit the lies behind your eyes. I’m Tired So full of love. nor does he hold my hand. In truth. I’m the one chosen to both live and die. So I ask again: Why must I remain? Just let me go. 70 . and I’m tired of being “saved. I’m the one who can’t shed tears while others cry. Weary of all the pain.” for I know who I am: Long ago I was banished to this distant land.

high though the price to pay. you’ve betrayed allies and broken bread with enemies. whose spirits have gone away. So never forget those who’ve fallen. remember those who fought the battle but didn’t survive the fray: They’re the ones who ensure our freedom. women and children murdered.Black Rose. Dying Man You’re the most destructive force on earth. knowing all along it might be their last day. Our Red. You’re a living plague upon the land. You’ve conquered lands and vanquished kings. you’ve brought about the death of millions. depressing gray. white and blue turn deep. You are man. You’ve mastered the art of killing and do it for sport. for if not for their sacrifice our freedom might stray and our red. you’ve razed cities until they were all but forgotten. you’ve laughed and joked about their cries of pain. You’ve raped and pillaged. lied and stolen. 71 . They’re the ones who walk through hell. you’re the greatest power the world has ever known. White and Blue As day transcends to night and night to day. You’ve watched men.

why alone I stand: why you’re still a boy. it says goodbye and fades forever away. All I see is brimstone and fire. I’d rather burn for all time than give in to your will.Edward Val Struggle Have I been captured and severely tortured. the strong prevail. and that’s what sets me apart. but my body has nothing to say. destroying the weak. 72 . Damnation I feel is rising as the world turns black and gray. the sun’s no longer smiling. and I’m already a man. trapped and locked away? My inner voice is screaming. lies are all they speak. a shell of what used to be. yet I know that despite the chaos and havoc I still won’t let you consume me or have your fill. nothing can change our plight. So misfortune alone now guides us.

fear me.Black Rose. and yours is at its end. but from the fires I shall rise to strike fear into the world and set it afire – I’m a thief in the night. I am death by many names. you’ll never see them again: I’m a destroyer of worlds. a soul collector and liar. So pray all you want. for you should: I’m the executioner the great taker of lives and sadly. it’ll do you little good. So say farewell to those you love. 73 . Cower before me. raised to hate the light. a demon in disguise. today is the day you die. I’ve fallen from above. you’re my enemy to fight. I was born from total darkness. Dying Today I’m the shell of a man.

Edward Val True Love True love is a myth with no form of conception. True love’s a lie. 74 . a whisper on wind. impossible to find. It’s the endless battle to win a broken heart. True love’s painful to pursue. Most evil of things. a pointless journey better not to embark. the unreachable summit from whom all will fall. true love is a deception that rends and tears apart. True love is a trick that cannot exist. nonexistent. It’s the dead cold of winter with no thaw in sight. as deadly as dark. bitter to all. yielding only pain to find. an unlearnable lesson. like digging for treasure above a land mine. with no place in our world. it’s the path to a heart absent of all light. rotten. true love is a fairy tale for little boys and girls. it’s devoid of feeling.

Dying Unsaved The struggle within has me baffled as disillusioned dreams become my only friends in this world of madness without ends. watching each card cautiously played. but I hold no regrets because I stayed. So on my own I survive day by day. though the world shifts from light to darkness and my soul remains unsaved. I know I should have left long ago. 75 .Black Rose. and it’s in this world of madness I’ve chosen to roam ‘cause no peace could I find where I once used to call home. careful every moment.

Each heartbeat brings you closer to being drained. Absolutely traumatic. I don’t know how long I can withstand the pain or hold back the frightful change. Again. So run while I still remember your name. I hear your blood calling. I hear your blood calling. pumping through your veins. run to keep us both sane. calling out my name.Edward Val Vampire Pulsing. Repentance a must 76 . calling out my name War Wondrously wicked.

hoists a toast in your favor. my companion at odds. do not fall or you’ll risk losing all: He.Black Rose. striking fear into the hearts of men. Only those who doubt not life shall survive till the greater end. Dying Where I Walk Where I walk death follows. to your slumbering nods. 77 . the dark specter. So I beg you.

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