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He's Back chapter 19: Revenge

He's Back chapter 19: Revenge


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Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.
Sequel to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith is still a problem for Bella, and what will happen when Alice makes Edward and Bella go out? Human, OOC,fanfiction, R&R.

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Published by: RF on Jun 06, 2010
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Chapter 19: Revenge BPOV My blood froze to ice as I stared wide eyed at the red eyed beast.

He made a teeth baring grimace, hissing in the progress, and scratched one nail on the glass, making it screech. The moonlight shone brightly outside, and it helped me seeing some details of his beautiful yet terrifying face. He looked young, not many years older than me. His sandy blond hair was shortly cut and his ghost pale skin made his brightly red eyes clearly visible. Two things I knew in this moment were: one, this vampire wasn’t Smith, and two, he definitely wanted to kill me. 5 seconds had passed since I had spotted the bloodthirsty vampire in my window, but it had felt like an eternity. Suddenly, my cell phone began to ring, the cheerful melody making me flinch in surprise. The vampire glared at me, and the nail he had on the window began to press harder against it, creating cracks in the old glass window. I was too scared to move an inch, and the staring game continued between me and the angry vampire outside. Eventually, the phone stopped ringing, but a few seconds later it started again. The vampire boy that hung outside growled, and then smashed my window, the cracks he had created exploding into tiny pieces. In very fast movements he proceeded to haul himself through the broken window, flinging his body over the edge of broken glass with perfect grace, and landed with both of his feet inside my room. My tense muscles refused to move as I sat there in my bed, too frightened to even shout for help. The phone kept ringing like mad in the background, but it was already forgotten by both of us. A cruel smile began to creep on his lips, and shivers of pure fear went down my spine. I knew it now; I was going to die. “Boss said I wasn’t supposed to kill you yet but…” The boy suddenly spoke in a dark tone, trailing off as he took a deep breath through his nose. “You smell really good.” He said, and then began to walk closer with me with small steps. I swallowed hard, and took a deep breath. “W-why me?” I asked, finally finding the strength to speak. He stopped dead in his tracks, and studied me gravely with his now dark eyes. “He... he speaks of revenge. Why you are the one he wants to kill, I don’t know.” He said, frowning deeply. I took another deep breath, tears developing in my eyes. “Who? Who wants to kill me?” I asked, wondering if those words would be my final ones. He took one step closer, making him so close that if I stretched out my hand, I would be able to touch him. “His name is-“just before he could answer my question, he was being yanked backwards, flying out of the window and crushing the last remaining glass that was whole on his way out. Another shadow entered the room, and I could vaguely see the outline of another man. The other shadow neared me fast in inhuman

speed, and caressed my cheek gently. His strange actions surprised me, and when I heard his voice, I understood them completely. “Are you hurt in any way?” Smith asked, desperately, and it took a few seconds for me to respond. “I-I’m fine.” I gasped. Several questions lingered in my head, and confusion and fear filled my system at the moment. Smith glanced at the still ringing phone on my desk, and in a movement too fast for human eyes to see, grabbed it and tossed over to me, making it land right next to me on the bed. “You should probably answer that. I have to get after him and make sure he doesn’t get away.” With those words, he escaped through the window as well, and left me alone in my dark and almost complete quiet room. With shaky hands, I began to reach for my phone. My sight was blurry by all the tears, and I felt how some of them escaped their place and ran down my cheeks. I grabbed the phone and answered, and the second I had, I instantly moved it away from my ear. On the other end, someone was sobbing and screaming very loudly, and it took a while for me to realize that the voice was Alice’s and that she was calling my name. “Bella! Bella, are you alright?! I-I wake up and I had this vision about you being killed by this vampire and, and…” she trailed off, and began to bawl again. I frowned since her words made very little sense to me at the moment (well to be honest, anything sounded confusing to me at the time), and then I heard how someone grabbed the phone from her and a new voice greeted me. “Bella, this is Edward. Are you alright?!” he exclaimed in worry, which made my heart warm up and my tense muscles relax. Hearing his voice was the antidote to absolute any “I-I’m fine.” I said, my voice cracking. Truth to be told, I was everything but fine. I honestly thought I was going to die. If it wasn’t because of Smith… I shivered of the thought, and took a deep breath. “I’m coming over.” Edward said. My first reaction to his words was happiness and relief, but then it hit me; they could still come back. What if another vampire came? My house was the least safe place at the moment, and having Edward here would make me anything but calm. “No, absolutely not!” I exclaimed. If Edward came here and got hurt, I would never be able to forgive myself. “Bella, there is no negotiating to this; I’m coming over.” He said in a firm voice, and my panic started to grow. “But…but no! You can’t come here. I’ll come to you, but there’s no way in hell that you’re coming here, not now.” I told him in a voice as firm as his had been, and I heard a short silence on the other line.

“Bella I-“ he was just about to throw himself into the argument when I heard a gasp from the doorway, and I shrieked in surprise. In the doorway, my dad stood and looked at the crushed window with wide eyes. “Bella! Is it another vampire?”Edward asked worriedly, and my dad’s glaring eyes met mine. I knew I had to answer Edward or he’d come rushing over here, but I couldn’t go and say ‘no Edward, it’s not a vampire, just my dad’, not with Charlie here anyways. “Dad, what are you doing here?” I asked, hoping I had eased Edward’s worry at least a little bit. Charlie turned the lights in, which made me groan and narrowed my eyes in discomfort. “Bella.” Was all he said, and after a few seconds when my eyes had adjusted to the bright light, I could see the color of his face. It had turned to a bright red shade, and the veins in his forehead were clearly visibly. His hands were shaking in anger and just looking at him made me wary. Fear that had left my system since I heard Edward’s glorious voice returned, and I began to think that the vampires weren’t the only deadly threat tonight. “What happened here?” he said in a low and dangerous voice that trembled in the end of his sentence. Sweat began to develop on my forehead, and I instantly began to look after excuses in my head, but only bad ones were found. “I…eh…some kid threw a stone through the window so it broke.” I lied badly, and I heard how Edward sighed on the other line. Charlie raised one eyebrow at me skeptically. “Really? In that case, where’s the stone?” I swallowed and answered the first thing that hit my mind. “I threw it back out.” I told him, and immediately regretted it. He sighed and shook his head, and then began to walk over to the window. “The whole window is destroyed; a rock could’ve never made this much damage.” He concluded as he watched the broken window, and then turned back to me. “I have no-“his scolding was interrupted by loudly knocking on the door. Fear filled me, and Charlie frowned. “Who could that be, at such a time…?” he asked, and then began to walk out of my room. “Wait dad, don’t go!” I yelled after him, and he stopped in my threshold and turned around.”What?” I had no idea what to answer him; the only thing I wanted was for him to stay and not open the door. It could be a vampire out there, and if he went down there, he would get killed. I was just about to answer him when I heard some murmuring on the other line on the phone, and then Edward began to speak swiftly to me. “You don’t need to worry, it’s not another vampire; it’s just the twins.” His information surprised me. The twins were outside? Why were they here?

“Bells, what’s wrong?” Dad asked, and I instantly remembered I had to answer him. “I-eh…I’ll come with you downstairs.” I said, and jumped up from my seat and walked over to my father’s side. Together we walked downstairs to the door and the visitor, who was still knocking like crazy on the wooden door. Charlie opened it, and as Edward had said, there they were. Both of them looked rather stressed; their eyes were big and panicky and their expressions were serious and troubled. As soon as they spotted me in the threshold, still holding the cell phone to my ear, they both seemed to relax. “Who are you and what are you doing here? Do you know what time it is?!” Charlie grumbled to the two twins. They answered Charlie without looking away from me. “I’m Rick,” One of them said who claimed to be Rick and his brother continued for him. “And I’m Mick. We’re Bella’s classmates.” Mick said, and I frowned at them in confusion. Why were they here? Did Alice contact them or was it something else? “What are you doing here?” I asked, and as I did, I heard some mumbling from Alice in the background on the other line on the phone. “You have to come quick; it’s Julie.” Rick said, and more worry hit me. Julie? Had the vampires come to their house too? And if so, how badly was she hurt? “Julie?” I asked, and he shook his head. “We don’t have time, the more we wait, the more she’ll worsen. I’ll tell you on the way. She’s asking for you.” Mick exclaimed, and I looked at my father. His face was rather pale in the bright moonlight, and I placed my only free hand on his shoulder. “Dad, I have to go. Don’t worry about me okay? I’ll call you tomorrow.” I said, and he nodded. I guess he thought I was visiting some sick friend of something. “Alright honey, take care.” He said, and I quickly put on my shoes and took a small jacket from one of the hangers and put it on. As I began to walk to the car Edward began to speak again. “They’ll take you to their house, I’ll meet you there.” His information was brief, and then he hung up. I frowned, but decided not to question it. The twins house was way safer than mine. We jumped ito the car and drove off into the night. “What happened to Julie?” I asked, wondering how bad condition she was in. Rick scoffed. “She’ll live.” I frowned at his rudeness. “You didn’t answer my question; what happened to her?”

Mick sighed. “About half an hour ago she got a phone call from the little psychic pixie that you were going to get attacked by vampires and die. She freaked out naturally and woke us up and demanded that we had to drive over to you in the middle of the night.” “Which brings us to you.”Rick said. “Are you okay?? Did he bite you? Were you hurt physically in any way?” I could hear the clear concern he held for me, and I sighed in relief now that I knew that no one was hurt. “Yeah I’m fine, he didn’t even touch me. If Smith hadn’t arrived at the time he did…” I trailed off, and flinched at the thought. Silence hung in the air, and after a while, I heard how Rick sighed. “We’re glad you’re okay. You have no idea how much we worried on our way over.” He said and then speeded up a little bit more. “Where did Smith go?” Mick asked. “He ran after the other vampire in hope that he would catch him before he got away.” I answered him, and then took a deep breath. Even though their luxurious car was heated up, my skin was feeling cold all over. My hands were shaking violently, and I had to concentrate not to hyperventilate right there. Mick glanced back at me from his seat and frowned. “Are you sure you’re okay? I know what vampire attacks can do to you.” Mick said in a soft voice. I swallowed before I answered him. “I…I think I’m fine.” I knew that I wasn’t fine, but telling those two wouldn’t get the situation any better. “Rick and I have had our fair share of vampire squabbles so we know what it’s like. We were pretty young when we first got into one of those deadly situations, but I remember that it wasn’t pretty. Both of us dreamed nightmares weeks after that.” He told me, and I stared into his blue eyes. “You make it sound like you two have been through a lot of those happenings.” I responded, and took several deep breaths. My racing heart slowed down by the minute, and I felt how the panic slipped away. They both laughed at this and then Rick parked the car in their drive way. “If you only knew…” was their only response, and then we all got out of the car. Their house was shining brightly from the lights inside, and all three of us hurried inside. Once we were inside, we were met by a devastated Julie. Her eyes were red from all the crying, and the second she saw me she rushed over to me and hugged me to her. “Oh Bella! Mon chéri! I was so worried! Are you alright?!”She gushed, and I didn’t have much of a chance to respond back. “Oh mon dieu! You’re shaking! Boys, get her to the living room to the others. I’ll ask Sarah to start the fire in the fireplace.” She said, and then disappeared into the kitchen. Rick and Mick began

to lead me to the living room as their mother had asked them, and I frowned at her words. “The…others? What others?” I asked, and both of them shrugged. “I have no idea.” Both of them said in unison, and as we entered the living room, I instantly understood who she had meant. In the sofa sat Alice, Edward and Smith, and as we entered all of them seemed to look a little bit calmer. “Bella!” Alice exclaimed, and rushed over to me before anyone could say anything else. She hugged me tightly to herself, and then led me to the sofa. I got a blanket to put around myself, and when I was just about to disagree and tell them it wasn’t necessary, Alice shot me a glare which silenced me before I could utter a word. She hugged my arm to herself tightly and her behavior somewhat reminded me of how she had acted the last time we were at the twins house. Edward had taken my other hand and squeezed it softly and kissed me on the top of my head. “Are you alright?” he whispered into my ear, and I nodded. I was still a little bit freaked, but as long as I had him by my side, I would be okay. Julie soon entered the room as well, and in her hand she held a cup of hot coco. She gave it to me with a warm smile and I thanked her quietly. Smith sat in a chair a bit further away from us, and he watched me silently. Julie sat down in the same sofa as the twins with a slightly troubled expression on her face. “Bella, I need you to tell me what happened this night.” She said, and I took a deep breath. Edward squeezed my hand a little harder in support and I squeezed back. “Well…” I began, unsure where to begin.”I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw a strange shadow from the window. When I looked, I saw the vampire. He was rather young, about my age and had short cut sandy blond hair. He hissed at me, and he looked extremely hungry.” I told them, remembering as he hung outside my window and hisses at me in anger. “He crushed the window with his finger and then entered my room. He said his boss was going to be angry with him killing me, but he was too hungry to care.” I said, remembering what he had said. “I-“I stopped talking and tensed in my seat as I remembered his next words. Smith frowned. “What did he say? Tell us.” He said, and I felt their gazes on me. Julie looked at me with sad eyes, and shook her head. “Bella, you don’t need to tell us, it’s alright. We’ll wait for you to be ready.” She said and tied her long, dark hair into a ponytail. The twins looked at me with sympathetic eyes too, and I shook my head back at her. I had to do this. “It’s alright.” I said, and then I sighed. “He told me why the vampires are here in Forks.” I said.

“Why then?” Julie pressed and I took a deep breath before answering. “They seek revenge, and they’ll get it by killing me.”

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