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Bach flower remedies are remedies developed by English homeopath and physician Edward Bach in 1930s, that target mainly emotional and spiritual
problems. They are used all over the world by people seeking relief from today's stressful life and that want to rebalance their energy and emotional
state. Original Bach Flower Remedies consist of 38 flower essences that target very specific emotional and spiritual states, ranging from, anxiety,
fear, depression to inability to learn from own mistakes. The prescription and use of Bach Flower Remedies is very easy and intuitive process.
Indications for every remedy create an unmistakable picture of emotional state that can be usually summarized in couple of words. Based on this
remedy picture, it is very easy to decide, which remedy is useful for a specific situation.

Holistic approach
The Bach Flower Remedy System is based on the holistic approach to the patient. Unlike modern medicine, it acknowledges the importance of
treating the patient as a whole, rather than focusing on a condition of an organ or a tissue. Every patient is considered to be an unique human being
with rich mental, emotional and spiritual life that simply cannot be reduced to an organ or a tissue. When a modern physician sees a patient with
kidney problems, he tries to treat the kidney and not the patient. Patient as a person is not considered to be important.
The holistic approach to the patient casts a different light on the disease and the role of the patient and the physician. The disease is not taken out of
context of being only a fraction of the whole picture. The focus is still on the patient as an unique and complex being that is not reduced to his
physical body, but experiences emotional, mental and spiritual realities. These experiences cannot be considered insignificant and unrelated to the
condition of the patient. The disease of a physical body is not seen as a origin of the problem, but as a consequence.
When a patient suffers for a long time emotionally, the whole emotional trauma is not contained in the realm of emotions only. He starts to change.
At first we can observe that he is unhappy and that he does not find joy in his life. The way how he experiences the reality is filtered through the his
suffering. Nothing brings joy anymore and his whole emotional world gets after a while centered around the suffering. This can after a while bring a
change in mental sphere. He may become pessimistic and he assumes a new range of belief systems. This will condition the way how he sees
solutions to problems and how he relates to people and to the world. The initial emotional problem has entered the mental sphere, and it changes
patients thinking and rationalizing. After a while the patient assumes a different appearance. He seems troubled, his shoulders are stooped, his face
seems different. He might look pale and worried and he his sleep might be disturbed. He does not eat or drink, because he might get lethargic and
apathetic. The suffering has changed his habits and the way how he relates to his physical body. After a longer time of disturbed sleeping, changes in
diet and constant suffering, he starts changing on the physical level. The signs of his problem are obvious, because they have entered the realm of
physicality. It is imaginable, that his physical immune system will get weaker and the first signs of disease on the physical level will emerge.
From this example, that is indeed very real and can be seen in every day life, we can conclude, that the emotional, mental and physical worlds are
interconnected. When a problem occurs on an emotional level, if unsolved will eventually transcend to the mental and finally to the physical level.

Now, let's say that we would recognize the problem and that we could treat it in the phase when it was still in the realm of emotional suffering. We
could solve the problem in the beginning and none of the mental and physical consequences would manifest. But it also means, that when a patient
has already manifested a physical disease, it is our duty to find the real cause of his condition. If the patient is sleepless and cannot concentrate, we
have to keep looking for a cause of his sleeplessness. The sleeplessness is seen as a consequence and not as a cause of the problem.
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Bach Flower Remedies Therapy
The therapeutic system by using Bach Flower Remedies is designed to tackle the original emotional and spiritual problems before they manifest into
a physical disease. This does not mean, that Bach Flower Remedies can only be used to treat emotional and spiritual problems. It means, that instead
of focusing on the physical disease, they try to solve the original problem of the disease and to bring a change and opening on spiritual, emotional
and mental level.

The system of Bach Flower Remedies consists originally of 38 flower essences developed and used by Dr. Edward Bach. Each flower essence is
unique and is used to treat a different problem. Dr. Edward Bach has put a lot of effort into making the remedy pictures as clear and as
understandable as possible, to make this system useful for practitioners and patients alike. Truly, the system of Bach Flower Remedies makes it easy
for patients to help themselves by analyzing their problem and by finding the matching flower essence.

Prescribing Remedies
The process of prescribing remedies is based on an idea of holistic approach to the patient. The practitioner tries to understand the problem behind
patient's current situation. The whole process is done by means of an interview. The practitioner asks questions about the patient, about how he feels,
how his life looks like, how he relates to the people and tries to determine the cause of the problem. The process of asking the right questions is
highly intuitive and depends on the individuality of the practitioner and also on the individual patient. Some patients require a different approach than
others and the whole process depends on the intuitive know how of the practitioner. He must feel what the patients tries to tell him, how he feels and
what is really hiding behind his words.

A perfect example for this need to intuitively feel the patient can be seen in the remedy Agrimony. Agrimony patients try to hide their problems
behind a mask of happiness and the practitioner must be able to feel the suffering behind this mask and not to be swayed aside by the appearance.

What usually helps is asking for a reason, why the patient has come to see the practitioner and from there to try to discern the real problem hidden
behind the appearance. The usual areas that you might want to approach are the problems in personal life, career, interpersonal relationships, to find
out what is missing in patients life and what are his needs that are not met.

Agrimony - emotional torture behind a cheerful mask Gentian - discouragement after a setback
Aspen - fear of the unknown Gorse - despair and hopelessness
Beech - intolerance Heather - self-concern, self-centeredness
Centaury - inability to say 'no' Holly - jealousy, hatred, envy
Cerato - lack of trust in one's own decisions Honeysuckle - living in the past memories
Cherry Plum - fear of losing control Hornbeam - tiredness at the thought of doing something
Chestnut Bud - failure to learn from own mistakes Impatiens - impatience
Chicory - selfish, possessive love Larch - lack of confidence
Clematis - dreaming of the future without being present right now Mimulus - fear of specific things
Crab Apple - cleansing remedy Mustard - deep gloom without a reason
Elm - overwhelmed by responsibility Oak - hard-worker who keeps going past the point of exhaustion
Gentian - discouragement after a setback Olive - exhaustion after mental or physical effort
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Pine - feelings of guilt Vervain - over-enthusiasm
Red Chestnut - over-concerned for the welfare of loved ones Vine - inflexibility and dominance
Rescue Remedy - sudden state of shock or grief Walnut - protection from changes and influences
Rock Rose - intense terror and fright Water Violet – pride
Rock Water - rigidity, self-denial and self-repression White Chestnut - unwanted thoughts and mental arguments
Scleranthus - inability to choose Wild Oat - uncertainty over the life direction
Star of Bethlehem - state of shock Wild Rose - apathy, resignation
Sweet Chestnut - extreme mental anguish, everything has been tried and there is nothing left Willow - resentment and self-pity

Taking Remedies
The Bach Flower Remedies are made from a tincture of flower essences that is usually diluted in a high quality brandy, to preserve them. Since the
alcohol content of the remedy is quite high and the taste of the alcohol might be unpleasant to some, the usual method of taking remedies consists of
diluting the remedy in a glass of water and drinking it couple of times per day.

Your Questions
How fast do the remedies work? It is purely individual, for some the effect can be instantenious, for some more time is needed. Remember, every
person is unique and also his emotional and spiritual problems are unique and it cannot be predicted, how fast does the remedy work in a person.
Can the remedies be taken when pregnant? Although the amounts of alcohol taken with a remedy are very small and it should not affect the
pregnancy, the best thing to do is to talk about it to your doctor or a midwife.
Do the diluted remedies work slower? No, there is no difference is swiftness of action between diluted and concentrated remedies. The
concentrated remedies are just as strong and effective as remedies diluted in water. The alcohol found in concentrated remedies can because of
stronger taste give an impression of stronger effect, but it remains, that the efectiveness is the same.
Is it true that remedies can be mixed together? For more comples cases, it is possible to mix couple of remedies and to take the mixture rather
than taking one remedy at a time. However, no more than 7 remedies should be mixed at once. If you feel that you need more remedies than 7 at
once, try to carefully think about your problems and pinpoint the top 6 remedies that seem to be the most predominant in your case.
Why is there alcohol in Bach Flower Remedies? Alcohol is added to preserve the remedy. The remedy is prepared from flowers soaked in water
and it can contain microbial contamination. After adding high quality alcohol, such as brandy, the possible microbial contamination is neutralized.
The strength of the remedy is not determined by the amount of alcohol it contains and the diluted remedy has the same effect as the remedy taken
straight from the bottle.
How do you take them? The usual way is to dilute a couple of drops of the remedy in a bottle of water and to sip from it as often as you feel like,
but at least four times per day for longer term problems. It is also possible to take the remedy without diluting it directly, but the strong taste of
brandy can be unpleasant for some.
When should I stop taking the remedy? You should stop taking the remedy after the problem has disappeared. There is no need to take the
remedies out of fear that the problem might come back or to take them prophylactically.
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Positive outcome - self-assurance, confidence and perseverance
Negative state - lack of confidence, low self-esteem

Remedy Negative aspects of personality Behavioural symptoms Positive Outcome
Scleranthus Indecisive, uncertain, hesitant, Quite. Erratic conversations. Postural '"I don't know..." Poised, balanced, quick to
procrastinates, changeable, erratic. imbalances. Poor balance. Travel "I can't decide take action. Confident, self-
Unstable, restless. Inability to decide sickness. Changeable symptoms, between the two..." assured. Calmness and
between two options.Bares difficulties unsteady gait, ambidextrous. For loss of "It makes me dizzy determination. Clear-headed.
alone. Lacks concentration. Scattered limb or organ. General nausea, vertigo, thinking about it." Self-reliant in decision
energy. Not able to cope with pressure or dizziness, concussion. making, knowing the choice
extremes of mood (joy, sadness, laughing, Chemical/hormonal imbalances. Manic will be the right one.
crying). Lack of balance and poise. depression. Use after shock therapy.

Wild Oat Uncertainty and indecision as to which Restless, random movements, illnesses 'A jack of all trades Decisive of direction in life,
path or career to follow as there are too with constantly shifting pains. and master of none'. definite ideas and ambitions
many options. Spread self in too many Good managers and and prevent anything
directions, feel dissatisfied and frustrated coordinators, often interfering with that decision.
because of unchannelled talent. Start working in confident, happy, useful.
something and not finish it. Fear of 'alternative lifestyle'
commitment. Can put things together for positions.
others but not for self. Despondent,
bored, drifter. Often very clever with
good learning ability.

Gentian Doubt, pessimism, easily discouraged. Glum face - looks gloomy and sad. Large ""I've let the side Self-realisation. Gives
Negative attitude. Uncertainty and lack of stature. Folded arms or clasped hands. down" confidence and conviction,
faith causes depression. Sceptical. Shoulders raised and rounded. "I give up" perseverance and optimism.
Depression caused by temporary setback For children who Remedy gives 'heart', the
in progress. Almost enjoy being greet with open arms realisation that as long as you
melancholy. Afraid of rejection. and are rejected. do your best, there is no
Uncertainty in giving to others in failure. No obstacle is too
relationships. great to be overcome.

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Positive outcome - self-assurance, confidence and perseverance
Negative state - lack of confidence, low self-esteem

Cerato Lacks confidence, so repeatedly seeks advice of others. Changeable physical symptoms. "What do you Trust in self to act regardless
Doubts own ability and easily led by others. Non-specific illnesses. Insomnia. think?" of the advice of others. Ability
Misguided, gullible, foolish, indecisive. Vacillating, Constantly moving around. Uses cliches. to choose action, to be decisive
distrusts self to be intuitive and original, imitates Raises voice at end of sentence. Talkative, asks a and intuitive. Confidence,
others. Need for self-reinforcement, lacks sense of lot of questions, quite assurance in self.
identity. Unstable changeable, uncertain, unreliable. drains others.

Larch Feels inferior. Anticipation and fear of failure, so does Thumb sucking. Feet turned in. "What's the Steadfastness. Willing to try
not try. Admires others. Feels doubt and despondent Children holding tightly to point of trying?" and not be discouraged by the
about self. Can disguise by appearing overconfident. mother's hand. Sits with "I know I won't results.Determined, confident,
Evade responsibilities by indulging in feelings of hunched shoulders and arms be able to do it, persevering. Ability to take
inadequacy. Hesitant, cowardice. Dislikes being alone - folded. Needs physical support. so why try." risks, have new adventures,
likes company of a stronger person. No clear ego Agoraphobia. Impotence. "I can't..." feel enthusiasm about life.
image, can't handle change easily. The class bully Know that if they fail, it
type (a cover wasn't because they didn't try.

Centaury Over anxious to please. Weak-willed. Easily exploited. Easily tired. Lacks vitality. Often A 'yes man', Personal strength. Still quite
Docile, timid, quite, conventional, submissive. Lacks pale and languid. Dark rings always in and gentle, but maintains
individuality, follows others advice. Easily dominated. under eyes. Shoulder and back agreement. individuality, knowing when
Good natured. Taken for granted. Serves willingly. problems. May manifest 'Doormats' to give and when to say no.
Look for strong personalities in others, rather then in illnesses to avoid having to say Looks like a Confident, quite
themselves. "no". victim, head determination. Not hindered
bowed, eyes cast or exploited by others. Serves
down. others quietly and wisely.

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Positive outcome - self-assurance, confidence and perseverance
Negative state - lack of confidence, low self-esteem

Pine Headaches "I'm sorry!" Realisation of self-worth.

Tiredness "No, it's my fault!" Perseverance, self-
Guilt, self-reproach. Blames self, feels unworthy. Cringing "I'm stupid, aren't I" assurance. Ability to take
Condemns, critical and constantly apologising. Eyes downcast "If only I'd..." responsibility and help
Over-conscientious - set high standards for Hand covering mouth "I feel worthless" others if called upon to do
themselves. Undermined by negative self concept. Suicidal "I could have done better" so. Genuine humility. Do
Feel undeserving of love. Despondent. Unsure of not dwell on past mistakes.
taking responsibility. Take blame for mistakes of
others. Apologise for own existence. Need
tremendous verbal reassurance.

Elm Strong and fast. Broad For those in positions of Confident, self-assured,
back and upright posture. importance who have others capable. Able to take on
Temporary feelings of inadequacy, of being Solemn, serious, looks dependent on their decisions. great responsibility,
overwhelmed by responsibility. Despondency confident. May suffer eg. heads of schools, knowing help will always
from constant attempts to reach perfection. chronic stress and extreme parliamentarians, health be there when needed.
Capable, efficient and intuitive, become exhaustion. Folic acid and practitioners. Direct their greatest
indispensable in work, but tire temporarily from anaemia. capabilities towards
being overburdened. Occasional feelings of not helping others.
being able to cope or continue. Dedicated and
generally happy to take responsibility.

Oak Incessant effort, plodding on, struggling and Strong. Rigid in body. "I must be strong" Courage, able to fight
persevering against all odds. Not giving in, but Head held high, chest "I won't give in" against the odds without
despondency and despair through lack of raised. Tight lips. Heart "I must keep going at all loosing hope or despairing.
progress. Reliable, dependable and dutiful. problems, nervous costs" Persevering, reliable and
Overwork - others lay their burdens and breakdowns, collapse. strong. Stable.
responsibilities on them. Discontented if anything
interferes with their duty. Brave without loss of
hope. Shattered when their strength suddenly
goes. Uncomplaining.

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Positive outcome - attentiveness, involvement in life
Negative state - to be inattentive, pre-occupied, obsessive
Remedy Negative aspects of personality Behavioural symptoms Positive Outcome
Honeysuckle Lives in the past and holds on to it. Homesickness, Bedwetting. Retarded children. "When I was young..." Move forward. Break bonds
nostalgia, full of regrets, of lost ambitions or Over-dependant children. Low "If only I'd..." with the past. Ability to
friendships, past loves. Glorifying the past. vitality, static. Senility. The good/bad old move on (progress) and to
Dreamy. Lack of observance and interest in the days. retain the wisdom of past
present. Escapes into a romanticised view of the experiences while letting go
past. Absorbed with memories. of that experience itself.

Chestnut Bud Repeats the same mistakes again and again. Slow Careless, clumsy. Accident "I seem to make the Learn life's lessons. Ability
to learn life's lessons. Lack of the observation of prone. Slow learners. Retarded same mistakes time and to watch and learn to be
life. Failure to improve on previous experiences. children. Recurring illnesses. time again." readily observant of what
Careless, often impatient. Desire to rush into the It can't be happening to goes on around you. To be
next situation. Inattentive. me and I don't believe attentive of the present.
it if it is.: Learn from every
experience, see yourself as
others do.

Walnut Oversensitive to strong outside influences. For any Lose energy quickly. Hunched "I wish he/she would Breaks old links. Can follow
major physical of emotional changes in life back - rigid heaviness on let me be." own beliefs with
(teething, puberty, changing jobs or houses). shoulders. Inherited illnesses. "I want to let go and perseverance and
Protection against psychic or cosmic influences - Problems with teething, move on, but it is so determinations, free from
feels insecure. For deep-seated negative patterns or puberty, menopause. hard to give up old the influences of others and
habits, or for breaking family ties. ties." unaffected by adverse
environmental conditions.

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Positive outcome - attentiveness, involvement in life
Negative state - to be inattentive, pre-occupied, obsessive

White Mental confusion. Tortured by persistent Insomnia - thinking interferes with "Thoughts go round and Clarity of thought. Can be
Chestnut and unwanted thoughts where the mind sleep. Headaches - sensation of round in my head." attentive to daily activities.
cannot rest. Worries, mental arguments, fullness in the head. Inability to "I'm always having Peace and calmness
thoughts go round and round in head, 'switch off' after studying.. mental arguments and mentally. Undisturbed by
unresolved - causes, inattention, confusion, Constant movement - pacing, conversations with outside influences - can
fatigue, lack of concentration, pre- tossing and turning, Tense, jittery, myself." control own thoughts and
occupation, unproductive thinking. Mentally frowning. use them constructively. At
overstimulated. May result in depression. peace with oneself.

Crab Apple Sense of contamination. The 'cleanser' for Washing frequently. Constantly "Yuk!" Regain perspective. Ability
those who feel mentally or physically tidying up. Dislike touch. Dislike "I look awful!" to control own thoughts and
unclean. Self-dislike, self-disgust. breast feeding. Skin conditions, For one who has a 'bee in develop an objective view of
Despondency, depressed by self. Obsessed pimples, thrush, herpes. Also his bonnet'. life. Broad-mindedness.
with detail, with own appearance. Trivial dandruff, sty's, blood poisoning, Restores the sense of
thoughts, fussy, finicky. Overly houseproud. septic wounds. proportion. Able to get on
Minor problems become out of all with enjoying life
proportions. Pre-occupation with trivia, self, unhindered and follow one's
cleanliness. For internal or external true pathway.

Clematis Daydreaming, indifferent, vague, Drowsy. Heavy sleeping. Fainting. For those not 'with it', Attentive, very interested in
inattentive, pre-occupied, absent-minded. Unconsciousness. Coma. Pallid who need bringing 'down life, in the present. Involved,
Avoids unpleasantness by escaping into complexion. Numbness, poor to earth'. For those who full of zest, artistic, sensitive
fantasy. Lack of vitality. Prefers to be alone. circulation. Cannot concentrate. make suicide pacts. For to inspiration. Can control
Impractical, idealistic, dreaming of a better Sensitive to noise. Vacant, far away bright and imaginative and master own thoughts
future but no motivation in the present. look. Poor memory. For bad drug children who can't or and use these with great
Withdraws into a world of illusion and 'trips' and those involved with won't concentrate. capability because he can
unreality. Imaginative. Lack of aggression, drugs. now see a purpose to life.
absence of fear. For unconsciousness. Realisation of true potential.

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Positive outcome - attentiveness, involvement in life
Negative state - to be inattentive, pre-occupied, obsessive

Wild Rose Apathy, resignation, gloom, lack of ambition, of vitality, Weakness, weariness, dull. "It's inevitable" Involvement, vitality and a
interest and effort. Weary, flat, lack of emotional energy, Pale and passive. "Well, it's bound to lively interest in life, both in
vitality, effort. Cannot be bothered. Drains others of Accepting smile on face. happen" one's own circumstances and
energy. Loss of will to fight back - don't try. Unhappy, Monotonous voice. "Well, that's life" those of others. Enjoyment of
resist change, doesn't want to make any effort to improve. Slumped shoulders. Early "What's the point - friends. Happy, involved and
Willingly give up struggle. Inner collapse. senility - chronic invalid it will never be any enjoys making an effort.
pattern. different"
"I can't be

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Positive outcome - faith, optimism, joy, strength
Negative state - deep depression, despair, fatigue

Remedy Negative aspects of personality Behavioural symptoms Positive Outcome
Mustard Black depression from an unknown cause which Feelings of suffocation. "It feels like a black cloud Joy and peace. An
comes and goes for no apparent reason. Gloom, Sighing, palpitations. has descended over me." unshakeable inner serenity.
hopelessness, misery, melancholy, deep Endogenous or post partum "There seems to be no Stability and optimism which
introversion, despair, utter sadness, loss of or pre-menstrual depression. cause for this depression, enables a person to readily
interest, guilt. A 'blanket' of severe depression. Manic depression. and nothing helps to overcome any depression.
Pessimism while the depression lasts. Hormonal imbalance. cheer me up."
Headaches. Slow laboured

Gorse Utter hopelessness. Great despair. Belief that no Incurable, terminal or "What's the point?" Hope after a long series of
change is possible, resigned. Loss of will to genetic illnesses. Dark "What's the use?" failures or setbacks. Faith and
improve the situation. Lack of ambition, of around eyes. Sallow "I know it will do no certainty in overcoming
interest. Give up and wait for outside help. Soul complexion. Hopeless good so there's no point difficulties. Gives fight,
depression. May try to please others but thinks it expression. Just sits, head in in trying." strength and hope. Lifts the
futile. Feels an inherited condition means suffering hands. Often beyond tears or soul.
all of life. expressing grief.

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Positive outcome - faith, optimism, joy, strength
Negative state - deep depression, despair, fatigue

Sweet Extreme anguish and despair. Mental torment, A trance-like state. Sitting still with "I feel utterly Faith in spite of unbearable
Chestnut desolation, intense hopelessness. Inner suffering, 'switched off' eyes. Deep-set eyes, dark empty" anguish, to ask for help.
reaching the limits of endurance. A sense of loss, around eyes. Exhaustion. Comas, "There's Strength, resourcefulness.
of emptiness. A void, feels absolutely alone. No epilepsy. Deafness, autism, hearing nothing left for From experience of anguish
hope, no peace. A confrontation with self. difficulties. me" you find the understanding
Generally keep great distress to him or herself. Bad drug trips. Prolonged use of heavy "I have no and desire to help others in
The soul is suffering deeply, after loss or great drugs. hope" distress.
sadness. "I am so alone"

Hornbeam Weariness, a temporary state of tiredness. Mental Yawning, sighing, sleepy, bored. Desire "I'm so tired" Energy, certainty and
or physical fatigue. Doubts own strength to cope. to lie in bed in the morning. Acute fever "I've no strength. Fortifies mentally
'Monday morning' feeling. A 'morning after' with temporary exhaustion. For energy" and physically. Encourages
remedy. General lassitude. Wakes feeling tired. convalescents who feel unable to return "I'm too tired effort. Use if a big workload is
Everyday tasks are tiring, although this may pass to work although fit to do so. to think coming up. Belief in own
when he or she becomes interested in an activity. properly" ability and strength even if
the task may appear

Olive Exhaustion after long-term stress and suffering. Need a lot of sleep. Crying, sitting, "I feel utterly Strengthening with peace of
Total fatigue - mind and body drained of sighing. In a lot of pain - anguish shows exhausted" mind, calmness. Pours oil on
strength. Mental fatigue, weakness, lack of on face. Facial and shoulder tension. "I'm so troubled waters. Become
interest. Unhappiness. No pleasure in life. Too Cry and collapse after a major effort. exhausted I interested in life. Vital and
tired to eat, to sleep. Vitality completely sapped. Exhaustion after fasting. Over-react to can't carry on strong. Trust life and give
For those who have no time for relaxation. pain. Convalescence and long-term or another strength to sustain and help
terminal illnesses. minute." overcome difficulties.

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Positive outcome - tolerance, understanding, love, sympathy
Negative state - to be inflexible, impatient, intolerant, self-centred

Behavioural Characteristic
Remedy Negative aspects of personality Positive Outcome
symptoms expressions
Rock Water Self-denial, self repression. Rigid, tight, righteous. Like Rock-like formations in Those referred to as Flexibility, Tolerance.
to set an example. Self martyrdom. Strict aesthetic way body. "upright citizens", Idealists, but will listen with
of life. Inflexible, fanatical - ruled by theories and values. Tight muscles and joints. "a good example to open minds and if necessary
attempt to be perfect. Don't interfere with others. Rarely smiles. all". change their earlier beliefs.
Spritual pride. Strong defence mechanisms. Clench teeth. Square Ability to enjoy life in a relaxed
jaw. Knee problems. way. Experience joy and peace
Food fetishes. in their lives, and this inspires

Water Violet Proud, upright, reserved, aloof. Enjoy being alone - need Stiffness and tension, "I don't want to be Great gentleness, peaceful,
lots of personal space and solitude. Feel superior. slow, deliberate and involved." show dignity and grace.
Disdainful, condescending. Quite, averse to company, confident movements. Those "like a castle Sympathy and understanding.
independent. Polite, controlled, self-contained. Suffer in Austere, aesthetic with moat around". Wise counsellors, showing
silence. Dislike interference by others. features. Large noses. The hermit type. great empathy when serving
Generally silent and others. Very capable, practical,
uncommunicative. intuitive and observant.

Vervain Over-enthusiasm causing strain and tension. Forceful, Tense, fidgety. Can't "My mind is often a Calmness, wisdom and
dogmatic, overbearing. Fixed ideas and principles. Live relax. Headaches, few steps ahead of my tolerance. Realisation that
on nervous energy. Overload selves with work. Incensed eyestrain. Thin build, body". others have a right to their
by injustices. Desire to convert others to their point of quick in speech and "Now listen" own opinions - can listen to
view. Argumentative, fanatical, must complete things. movement. "I know I am right" others and be open-minded.
Impatient, highly strung. Strangle creativity of others. Physical exhaustion Self-appointed Flexible. In control of self.
through over-effort. leaders, reformers. Serenity of mind.
Dislike being touched. Perfectionists.
Over acidity.

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Positive outcome - tolerance, understanding, love, sympathy
Negative state - to be inflexible, impatient, intolerant, self-centred

Impatiens Impatient, independent, hastly and quick both mantally and Muscular tention. "Hurry up" Understanding and tolerance
physically. Irritable, dislikes interference, impetuous. Quick movements. "I'm bored" of others. Sympathy and
Intelligent and intuituve yet intolerant and frustrated with Sudden pains, cramps. "I feel so tense" gentleness. Calm, capable,
those slower then they. Demanding, bored without direction. Indigestion. Gulp food. Those who decisive, clever, intuitive.
Short outbursts of temper. Ulcers. Nail biting. finish another's
Hyperactive children sentences - poor
who become bored. listeners.
Body may lean forward.
Tap feet.

Beech Intolerant, critical, arrogant, judgemental, dissatisfied, Jaws, arms and hands "I can't Tolerance, true understanding
irritable, fault-finding. Easily annoyed by another's habits. clenched and tense. bear/stand the and recognition of another's
Lack humility. See only the negative aspects. Short-tempered. Sarcastic voice. way he does so plight. Humility. Ability to
Compulsion to find minor faults. Want accuracy of small Upper chest problems. and so" forgive. See good and beauty
details, demand order and discipline. Alcoholism. "I demand in everything around them.

Vine Dominating, inflexible, demanding, tyrranical. Set Large stature, heavy "Do it because I Sympathy, a wise and
impossible tasks. Very competitive and ambitious. chest. Strong arms say so" sympathetic leader/teacher
Authoritarian leaders, capable and sure of their own ability. folded. Determined look. "I expect you to who lovingly guides others
Confident. Demand others do it their way, demand Back and shoulder do so and so" and inspires others with his
unquestioning obedience. Bossy. Greedy for power, have to problems. For those who strength and certainty. Cool
win. Cannot tolerate weakness. Cruel streak play on Stiffness and tention of "lay down the and collected in an emergency.
weaknesses of others. body. law"
High blood pressure,
hardening of arteries.

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Positive outcome - tolerance, understanding, love, sympathy
Negative state - to be inflexible, impatient, intolerant, self-centred

Chicory Possessive, self-centres. Self love, egocentric. Craves Whining, self-righteous "I want ..." Generosity. To give to others
attention. Direct others lives. Criticises and corrects voice. "Nobody loves me" without expecting anything
others. Uses emotional blackmail. The fretful child Pained look on face. "After all I've done for in return. To care selflessly
who wants to be carried, always wants others near. Migraines, backache. you" for others. Loving,
Bossy, demanding attention. Easily hurt, feel rejected. Toxic congestoin of system. "You owe me ..." understanding others have
Behaviour may stem from guilt feelings from religion May create illnesses to their own lives to lead with
or childhood. get own way. interference.
Clingy children.
The mothering type.

Holly Lack of love for others. Jealousy, hate, envy, distrust, Hard, set face. Darting eyes, "I hate ..." Loving, happy, tolerant and
suspicion. For any strongly negative state opposed to flared nostrils. Teeth bared. "I dare you to ..." giving, not expecting
love. Fault-finding, angry, argumentative, violent Active people always on the anything in return. Happy for
temperament, wanting revenge. Aggressive, go. Stamping feet, sideways others. Gain understanding of
intolerant, irritable. Over sensitive to insults, real or stance. Aggressive what the real problem is
imagined. movements. behind the anger.

Heather Conceit - overconcern with self. Rapid and incessant Stand close and make strong Those who "make Selfless - willing to help
talkers, always conversing about themselves and eye contact. Talk quickly - mountains out of others, put own worries aside
giving irrelevant and boring detail. Dislike being hard for listener to get a mole hills" to give full attention to
alone. Greedy for attention. Selfish, self-centred, full of work in. Weep easily. Hypochrondriacs. another's problems.
self pity. Lack of interest for others - sap others Talk continually Sympathetic, understanding.
energy. about themselves.

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Positive outcome - tolerance, understanding, love, sympathy
Negative state - to be inflexible, impatient, intolerant, self-centred

Willow Resentment. Bitterness, self-pitying. Feel victims of Frowning, tense, chin thrust toward. "It's not fair!" Optimism. Understanding
fate. Focus on negative side. Complaining. Eyes narrowing. Grinding teeth at "It's not my and recognition of own
Unresolved suffering, leading to bitterness. night. Migraines, eye problems. fault!" responsibilities. Cease
Despondent, irritable, sulky, petulant. Smouldering Backache, gallbladder problems. "Why me, blaming others - take
anger, difficult to resolve. Loss of interest in life. Difficult patients, reluctant to admit why is this responsibility for own fate.
Blame others - refuse to accept own responsibility. improvement. happening to Selfless with renewed faith in
Self-centred, self-justifying. me?" life.
Wet blankets.

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Positive outcome - calmness, courage
Negative state - anxiety, fear, shock

Remedy Negative aspects of personality Behavioural symptoms Positive Outcome
Agrimony Anxiety and mental torment hidden behind a Insomnia, restlessness, muscular Whistling, humming Calmness and clarity, can see
cheerful face. Superficially carefree, concealing tension. May resort to alcohol or "I'll be right!" own problems in a lighter vein
deep mental torture. Jovial, maked light of own drugs. Eat to satisfy emotions. The "life of the party" and can genuinely laugh at the
troubles. Uncomplaining. Seeks stimulation to Find it hard to touch others or to with a stockpile of insignificance of these worries.
escape problems. Restless. Worries about future. be touched. jokes. True optimist and peacemaker.
Inner peace and free from

Red Chestnut Over-concern for others, worry, anxiety, Feeling another's pain or anguish, "Take care ..." Encouragement. Ability to
overprotective. Anticipated the worst. Projects as in the so-called 'pregnant "Be careful.." remain calm, courageous and
anxiety, negative imagination. Self sacrifice - take farther' or 'everybody's mum'. "Are you sure you've helpful in an emergency.
on the problems of others. done so and so ..."
"But what if such and
such should happen

Mimulus Fears from a known origin, specific fears - fear Stammering, stuttering, toung- Frozen on the spot. Courage and understanding.
of the outside world, e.g. of height, of death, of tied, blushing, thumb sucking. Overcome with Ability to face problems in a
spiders etc., phobias. Shyness, timidity, Overtalkative to hide fear. stagefright. calm and steady manner.
introversion, strong feeling of insecurity. Remains very still when sick. Composure.
Sinus trouble, shallow breathing,

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Positive outcome - calmness, courage
Negative state - anxiety, fear, shock

Aspen Fears of an unknown origin, inexplicable, vague Trembling, sweating, "I feel somthing's Fearlessness, faith to be
fears. Anxiety, sudden apprehension. Agitation, sleepwalking/talking, "goose very wrong, but I adventurous and to experience
imagination runs wild. Fears of the mind, often bumps", palpitations, sudden don't know what!" life unafraid. Joy and love of
associated with death or religion. Fear of going to faintness. life.
sleep at night, of bad dreams. Hair stands on end.

Rock Rose Terror, extreme fear, fright, panic for self. Habitual Trembling, sweating, choking, To 'fall to pieces' Heroic bravery, courage,
panickers. Hysteria, runaway fear. For emergencies coldness, inability to speak or from panic. selflessness, great fearlessness
and accidents, for horror of those involved and move. Run away in - willing to risk own life for
those observing. Can't get enough breath. terror. others.
Nightmares, sleepwalking.

Cherry Plum Fear of losing control, desperate fear of mind Nervous talking. On verge of "It's crazy ..." Inner peace and calmness,
giving way, of doing somthing dreadful. Fear of nervous breakdown. "I'm going out of courage. Ability to endure
insanity. Hysteria. Greatly distressed and desolate. Suicidal thoughts. Great agitation. my mind ..." great mental or physical stress
Obsessive fears. Delusions. Deeply depressed. and still remain calm.

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Positive outcome - calmness, courage
Negative state - anxiety, fear, shock

Star of After effects of trauma, shock, sorrow or grief. Use before and after surgery. For the accident or Re-integration. Calmness and
Bethlehem Numbness, sadness, despondency, withdrawal. Shaky coldness. Concussion, shock victim who clarity. Ability to 'move on'
Severe fright. Refuses to be consoled. For dialed pupils. Sudden fall in blood says "I'm alright" without being affected by the
delayed psychological shock, past or present, pressure. Haemorrhage, rigidity of then falls apart soon distress of the past - picking
including birth trauma. For al accidents. Also body, miscarriage. Overdose of afterwards. up the pieces.
for those who like to shock others. drugs.

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Tame Your Anger

Willow − feeling of resentment and self pity Vine − anger from inner inflexibility and from being
too dominant

Impatiens − impatience, everything is too slow

Beech − intolerance, others are not good enough Oak − inner tension caused by too many
responsibilities, anger because tasks take too long
to finish

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Face Your Fears

Aspen − fear of unknown things Mimulus − general remedy for fear of known things

Elm − fear of being not good enough to fulfill your


Red Chestnut − fear about the well-being of loved Rock Rose − feeling of intense fright and terror Crab Apple − fear of disease

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Face Your Fears

Star of Bethlehem − shock after fear

Cherry Plum − fear of losing mind or self-control

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Find Joy in Your Life

Honeysuckle − unhappiness about the present, Agrimony − hides his unhappiness behind a mask of Gorse − feelings of hopelessness and despair
"good old times" happiness

Mustard − depression without an apparent reason Sweet Chestnut − dead-end situations, there is no Wild Rose − apathy, resignation

Star of Bethlehem − aftereffects of shock Crab Apple − feelings of self-hatred

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Find new Hope

Sweet Chestnut − there is nothing left Mustard − depression without a solution

Wild Rose − hopelessness and apathy

Star of Bethlehem − find new direction after shock

Gorse − despair

Gentian − lack of hope after a failure

Calm Down

Willow − resentment and self-pity

Impatiens − inner tension and impatience

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Trust Your Decisions

Cerato − indecisiveness, no trust in owns decisions Scleranthus − inability to choose

Larch − lack of self-esteem and confidence

Wild Oat − uncertainty about your direction in life Gentian − discouragement after a setback

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Find Your Energy

Hornbeam − no energy to even think about work Olive − exhaustion from mental or physical effort Centaury − no energy, because you cannot deny
helping others

Live in the Present

Honeysuckle − lives in the past

Mustard − feelings of depression with drifting into

the past

Clematis − dreams of future, but does not engage Chestnut Bud − failure to learn from past mistakes

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Vervain Walnut Heather

Holly Chicory Rock Water

White Chestnut

Pine Water Violet

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